It was suppose to be his day off. How did he always get pulled into these kinds of messes.

Heck, he technically wasn't even a Spirit Detective anymore. Yet here he was in the forest, dealing with some small-fry demon that wanted him dead for one reason or another.

Even though demon world and human world were at peace, there were still a few individuals -both demon and human- that had some kind of grudge about the wall coming down. Of course Yusuke was usually the target due to his previous title.

He dodged to the left.

This demon wasn't strong enough to pose a threat. He was becoming more of an annoyance really. What was really starting to tick off Yusuke was the fact that he was have a tough time catching the quick little bugger.

This should have been over in a few seconds, but the slippery little imp kept popping up and disappearing on him. He wasn't as fast as Hiei, but he was just fast enough to stay out of Yusuke's reach.

A fist connected with Yusuke's cheek with a light POP.

Yusuke launched a punch, but his fist met with only air.

He had vanished again.

"When I catch you, you're DEAD!"

Frustration was building up to his breaking point. He wouldn't have minded so much if the fight had been just a tiny bit fun. But this. This was just plain annoying.

After scanning the clearing once again, he growled under his breath.

Once he caught this demon, he wouldn't kill him, but boy would he beat him within an inch of his miserable life.

A foot whizzed past his face just barely missing.


He grabbed for the offending leg. Fabric slid across his fingertips just out of his grasp. He was alone once more.

"Oh you m-"

Rustling brush caught his attention.

Spirit gun locked on target and ready to fire.

"Urameshi! Gah-! Don't shoot!"

"Oh it's just you." He lowered his arm, index finger loosing its glow.

Kuwabara stepped out from the leaves and branches into the clearing.

"Hey, what's taking you so long? We're suppose to pick up the girls in twenty minutes."

Yusuke glared while searching the treeline.

"This little creep wanted a fight but he keeps disappearing on me."

"Geez, you must be loosing your touch." Kuwabara started to snicker.

"I'd like to see you do any better Kuwabara!"

"Pfft, you know I can do better-"

Suddenly Yusuke felt a force slam into him from behind knocking him forward.


It was as if the world beneath him started to spin as his vision faded to black. Muffled shouts and footsteps met his ears just before he hit the ground.


Yusuke slowly blinked his eyes open.

What happened?

His body tingled and his head felt like he had been out drinking the night before. The last thing he remembered was fighting a demon. But here he is now, face down in the grass.

As he stood up, he felt a prickling sensation across his back.

"Oh yeah." He stretched and rolled his shoulders.

"How the hell did he manage to knock me out? That didn't even hurt."

Yusuke looked around to find his assailant. This was going to be one ass beating that the demon would never forget.

However he soon noticed that he was the only one left in the area.



"Demon guy?"

No response. He couldn't even feel any spirit energy close by.

"Hey! Where'd you guys go?!"

The forest stood silent. He was truly alone.

"I swear if they just left me laying here, I'm gonna kick both their asses."

Once he found them, he was going to give them a piece of his mind. He didn't like being left behind, especially after someone managed to get the drop on him.

After a few minutes of waiting and no reappearing demon or Kuwabara, Yusuke stomped off in the direction of town.

Note: So this is my first story with actual chapters! Whoo!