*Author's Note: I wrote this when I was still in high school (I'm now getting my master's), so it may not be up to par but I thought I'd share. I'll hopefully be posting a new chapter every Monday, so be sure to follow and leave reviews!


I didn't know what was worse – the fact that everything in every horror movie or ghost story was true, or that I was tripping head over heels for a celebrity I barely knew. But as I heard him shooting inside the warehouse, I knew. I knew he was the oh-so-magical "One." I didn't know what would happen to us after this nightmare was over, but I knew I couldn't leave his side. He was my drug – I needed him to live.

Well, that was if we made it out alive, at least – and that had no guarantee.

I was hiding in Jim's car, peering above his front seat. They told me to lay low, so nobody saw me. But they should know by now that I wasn't really one for rules.

Suddenly, everything went quiet. There was no more shooting or shouting. Just pure silence. I foolishly thought everything was finally over, so I stepped out of the black car and shut the door, making a large squealing noise as it did.

Within a split second, something hard hit the back of my head with a thump and everything went black.