Sekirei: Meetings of Fate

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Chapter 1: Chance Encounter

Shinto Teito

Morning, Azule Apartments

2nd Floor, Room 201

Kazu Hitagaya woke up to the blinding rays of the sun that peeked through the curtains of his bedroom. Rubbing his eyes in an attempt to get use to the light that went through from the breeze left by the window being open for the entire night to deal with the sweltering heat.

"Should have figured that it wasn't enough time to sleep'' thought Hitagaya as first thing in the morning in his half-sleep state.

Hitagaya slowly got out of bed as it made creaking noises as a result of the old springs underneath the bed. Putting on his indoor shoes that were left right next to the bed last night towards the door and down the hall on his left towards the bathroom to wash up and get ready for the day. Turning on the light and looking in the mirror Hitagaya winds up seeing what he sees every day.

"Why does the back of my hair stick up every single time!?'' said Hitagaya angrily as he looks in the mirror to see his hair sticking up as a result a bedhead.

For as long as Kazu can remember when he goes to sleep he wakes up the next morning with the same bedhead and even hair gel can't keep it down which lead to having his hair standing up like a pencil.

Turning the handle, water comes out and Hitagaya starts washing his face to remove any drowsiness he still has and any specks left near his eyelids before looking back in the mirror. With black hair and eyes that look like they could suck you in if you stare too long. His face is a bit oval but not too much with a small scar on the left side of his neck obtained from an argument with an old acquaintance. Despite having a slender build being at 170 cm and weighing 61 kg his arms have some muscles but still struggles to carry large and heavy objects.

Recently though he has bought some weights of various sizes at the fitness stores in the city along with some magazines with easy to follow workouts because of his slight lack of physical upper body strength. He hopes to strengthen himself more in order to have more energy and complete everyday tasks at a quicker pace.

After washing off and turning off the faucet he heads for the shower in order to wash off the accumulated sweat from last night.

"I should make something simple, don't want to end up making my stomach upset before the exam'' said Hitagaya after taking a shower and drying himself off, went back to his room and changing into a blue t-shirt with matching pants headed back through the small hall into the kitchen.

His home was a small one bedroom apartment complete with bathroom, personal kitchen, dining room combined with living room making it look bigger than it appears. The stove and fridge were included as well since the previous tenant didn't want them

Also included is a small balcony with the door wide open to let the air in with an attached screen protector to keep the bugs out and a beautiful view of Shinto Teito.

Walking over the balcony and standing outside for a bit Hitagaya thought "Clear sky's as far as the eye can see, doesn't seem to be getting hot unlike yesterday so it should be fine to wear a light jacket as well, better check the weather first just in case".

Hitagaya walked back in closing the door behind him and turned on the television in the living room with the remote and changed channels towards the news waiting for the weather report to start.

Opening the cupboard above the stove Hitagaya pulled out a bowl and cereal from one of the side cabinets laying them on the dining room table. Returning to the kitchen and grabbing milk from the fridge he started pouring and eating his breakfast in peace and quiet. Then Hitagaya heard the news reporting on Minaka Hiroto and the status of MBI and decided to sit at the couch and listen to what they say:

"So far MBI, the multi-billion yen global conglomerate has recently purchased over 80% of Shinto Teito stocks and continues to expand with some estimates of buying all of it in a matter of weeks. Whether or not this could be a possible power grab to seize control of Teito's market president Minaka Hiroto has issued this statement earlier today'' said the slightly handsome reporter.

Then the screen switches to a bespectacled man in white clothes from head to toe, with tall, spiky hair and a cape fluttering in the wind in front of the main entrance to Teito Tower.

`` We are soon approaching a new age of the gods and this shall be our standing ground on which to prove ourselves to push mankind to even greater heights. This is what they have shown me and MBI's destiny for our future'' said Minaka adjusting his glasses and returning with his cape accidentally slapping him and returning to MBI headquarters while being surrounded by bodyguards.

`` President Minaka has not released any further statements in regards to the continued purchases of Teito stocks, further updates as it becomes available and now to the weather forecast'' said the reporter as it switched to the weather segment.

`` A company that's capable of buying out the entire capital city, who would have thought that something like that could be possible?'' said Hitagaya while thinking `` If someone is that successful than passing the entrance exam shouldn't be an issue'' though Hitagaya as he attempted to psyche himself up.

Hitagaya has failed the entrance exam once already which didn't help considering the fact that he failed because of a simple mistake last year. Moving to the capital alone in order to pursue higher education Hitagaya had huge dreams of moving to the big city and build for himself a better life and make it easier on his family financially.

That came crashing down hard when he studied for a year in preparation only to wind up failing for putting his answer to the first question on the second. Which in turn caused all his following answers on the sheet to be shifted by one as a result.

Once he found out he was immediately outraged at the fact that he made such an amateur mistake and didn't leave his apartment for a week. His family is of course supportive and tried to make him feel better by saying everyone makes mistakes and others reason as well.

Now determined to not make the same mistake again he is confident that he won't run into any problems with his nerves like before.

Quickly finishing the rest of his breakfast, washing his plates in the sink and putting on a light grey jacket taken out from his closet. Hitagaya opens the door to his apartment to face the early morning breeze once again and locks the door behind him.

Going down the stairs to the first floor he greets the old landlady at the front of the building, takes out his cellphone and begins to check the time.

``It's 8:55 right now and the entrance exam starts at 10:00 sharp.'' said Hitagaya as he plans out his big day `` If I take the train now and hopefully it's not too crowded I should make it there with time to spare''.

Making sure that he has his wallet, ID number and other essentials with him in his bag he starts making way towards the train station.

Who could have thought this seemingly, ordinary day would bring a major changes to Kazu Hitagaya's life and the future of Shinto Teito.


On the streets of Teito

````Come look at our special offers'''' said two young women at the same time while handing out fliers to nearby pedestrians.

They were both dressed in beautiful French maid outfits with one being dark blue and the other in dark red.

Both women appeared to be twins since they both looked nearly identical to one another. From their hazel colored eyes to their long black hair tied into two ponytails on both sides and both equally beautiful. If there was one difference between them both would be that the twin in blue had a significantly larger bust than her sister's.

`` Okay you two it's time for a little break, you got 10 minutes'' said a man in a butler outfit who should be the manager coming out from the nearby café. After getting a good look at the twins and a small smirk he went back inside.

`` Pervert, this is why I didn't want to take this job Hibiki'' said the blue clad maid to her sister whose name is Hibiki.

`` We don't have a choice Hikari onee-san, we were lucky to even find a place to work given our circumstances'' said Hibiki to her sis.

`` DAMN IT, why the hell do we have to go through this, we should have found Seo already, this city isn't that big so finding him shouldn't be this much trouble'' she said angrily before her face contorted into one of anger and annoyance.

`` We wouldn't have to work ourselves to the bone like this if MBI just gave us our unlimited cash cards when we left, WHY didn't they give it to us in the first place when we left?'' said Hikari still vexed as for the reason the sisters didn't receive it when they left MBI.

`` Calm down onee-sama, once we find Seo and wing ourselves to him I'm sure they'll realize their mistake and give it to us'' said Hibiki who seems more composed but slightly exhausted at dealing with her short tempered sister.

`` Aahhhhh… better hope so'' said Hikari reluctantly after sighing

`` Okay you two, break time's over, get back to work'' said the manager after slightly opening the door with a bigger smirk on his face letting the girls know.

```` Yes manager'''' said Hikari and Hibiki at the same time before the manager returned to the café.

Both twins stared into each other's eyes before Hibiki says `` When we quit this job let's make sure to teach the manager a lesson he won't ever forget'' says Hibiki giving a slightly sadistic smile.

``Agreed'' the other twin says returning an equally satanic look.

Little did both of them know that at the end of the street were 2 woman giving a small laugh while watching them both?

"Found you''

-Scene Change-

Train Station

"Dammit, it was crowded after all, more so than usual'' said Kazu softly after getting off at the station.

Hitagaya hoped that there weren't as many people on the train considering the student rush was over, though clearly he underestimated the amount of college examinees heading toward the same station on the train. Which caused him to be squished to the corner of the train, barely able to breathe, and nearly missing his stop.

"I thought today was going to be good considering the weather, can cross that hope off the list'' was what he was thinking at the moment. Not exactly the best way to start off after leaving his apartment.

Checking the time again it was 9:35… screaming Hitagaya says "OH CRAP, how did it get so late? I won't make if I don't hurry'' as he speeds down the crowded streets heading to the exam site.

Luckily the number of people dwindled as he ran by which made his trip faster and at his current pace he'll make it with a few minutes to spare.

" Come try our new dishes and specials offers'''' Hitagaya heard from the corner of his ear which stopped him in his tracks.

It wasn't for some reason like he was tired or curious about what they offered at this café you could find practically anywhere in the city.

Even Hitagaya himself wondered why he would stop to hear those voices despite being in a hurry, but no matter how much he thought he couldn't find the reason why.

Slowly turning his head to the source of the voice he saw a pair of women wearing maid outfits while passing handouts with their café's bestselling dishes.

Both of them appeared to be twins since they looked exactly the same except for one having a smaller chest than the other but that was the only difference you could see.

He felt something resonate deep inside himself that couldn't be explained as he continued looking at them. Not with eyes full of greed or lust but something more beautiful than that. Almost like they sensed someone watching them they both turned to face Hitagaya seemingly frozen in place the moment they saw him as well.

There was only one word to describe this moment when Hitagaya saw them both and said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world…


Nothing more needed to be said.

As the twins heard him say that and for some reason their face flushed deep red yet despite that they didn't want to look away fearing he might be gone if they turn around.

This was how Kazu Hitagaya first met the sisters and soon became involved in more than he could have ever imagined.

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