Sekirei: Meetings of Fate

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Chapter 6: Double Trouble Part 2

Hikari and Hibiki had been mostly on the defensive, the entire street was covered with shards of ice littering the neighborhood. There were also various craters littering the area where their lightning bolts landed while trying to hit Akitsu.

For most of the battle they could clearly tell that their opponent was way off the scale in terms of power, as evidence by Hikari and Hibiki exhausted looks Akitsu on the other hand appeared to not have broken a sweat this whole time.

"Damn what is this chick's problem, she shouldn't be this strong" as a tinge of nervousness was laced in Hikari's voice.

"She said she was former #8, she's a discarded number... but still has this much strength despite not being able to emerge, it's almost unreal" as Hibiki was more impressed than she was worried and could also tell this battle won't end without one side falling.

"Are you finished?" as Akitsu spoke the air turned even colder as new shards of ice began to form.

"My turn" before launching them straight for the girls.

Both girls clicked their tongues before gathering lightning in their hands and firing straight at the ice shards, creating an explosion of mist in the middle.

Though it was far from over as more and more just keep on coming, it looked like war was breaking out right in the heart of Shinto Teito.

Hikari sped forward trying to get in close but was stopped by numerous ice pillars appearing out of the ground from which she had no choice but to dodge them, fortunately Hibiki provided cover for her to retreat.

"Dammit, we can't even get close to her" as Hikari stomped her foot in frustration, though she finally had the chance to pay her back for last time she can't even land a scratch on her.

"I had to admit this onee-san but I think we better retreat, remember what Master said" as Hibiki grabbed her sisters' hand to stop her from rushing in again.


"Remember if you feel as if you can't win then leave at the first chance you get" Hitagaya sternly warns them not to get into any danger.

"… I suppose so, the both of us are just simply not a match for her…"

"Then maybe I can give you two a hand?" as a cheery voice echoed in the area while Akitsu furrowed her brows a figure dropped down from the sky.

It was of course Uzume

She landed right next to the twins but if you looked closely her clothes were a little roughed up.

"What took you so long?" Hikari sounded annoyed but a faint smile could be seen on her face

"Uzume, glad to see your alright" Hibiki on the other hand was more honest as she was worried about her even during their fight.

"Yup, though to be honest it took longer than I expected it to" as she returned to a more serious tone.

"… what happened to Mitsuha? Tell me" as Akitsu asked the temperature around her dropped again.

Uzume didn't seemed fazed however and answered while placing a hand on her hip "we fought, she lost, simple as that"

Akitsu's eyes narrowed at this realization.

"Now then, are we going to fight or not?" as she wrapped her veils around her in preparation, Hikari and Hibiki held each other's hands in preparation for the second round.

Akitsu didn't say another word, her actions showed her intentions. As she condensed a ton of ice shards from the air and hurled them all at the girls.

"Get behind me you two" as Uzume ordered them both girls stood behind her. As she quickly brought them together and started spinning them in front of her.

It was like creating a shield that moved at high speeds to deflect any attacks at it, though even that had its limits.





As soon as it started the sound of the veil tearing under the constant assault of ice shards, she knew if this keeps up it will be torn to shreds before long.

"We've got this" as both twins jumped from behind Uzume and launched a series of lightning bolts at her, forcing Akitsu to stop her attacks and dodge, giving them a little bit of breathing room.

"Take this" yelled Hibiki as she launched another lightning strike immediately after she dodged, since she was already in the middle of dodging. Akitsu realized that it was too late could merely put her arms in front of her before being sent crashing against a car. As she tried to get up Uzume wrapped her veils around her.

"I've got her" as she pulled on her veils Hikari and Hibiki held each other's hand, a huge amount of lightning formed between them, they stood still for a moment before extending their hands out. Though it isn't their Norito it's about as close as you can get to their strongest attack together without using the incantation.

"Goodbye" says Hikari while smiling like the devil

"It was fun while it lasted" followed Hibiki with a smirk of her own

As they finished they both launched their strikes at once.


As it landed it created a huge explosion, leaving a huge dust cloud in its wake.

"Did you get her?" as Uzume asked she brought her hand in front of her face to cover her eyes from the dust.

As the dust settled they could see that Akitsu had several new tears on her outfit and one of her breasts were showing.

"How the hell is she still not out yet?" Hibiki yelled out in disbelief.

"This bitch is tougher than we thought, we keep underestimating her" Hikari says as she realized that fighting her may not have been their brightest choice, despite being the one who originally wanted to fight them.

"Well, no use complaining" as Uzume retrieved her veils and wrapped herself around once more, though you could tell that their were tears in certain parts.

Thanks to Uzume joining the fight both sides are now even in terms of power, though because they were equal one side wasn't able to force the other to surrender.

As ice, lightning, and veils covered the entire area it soon looked more like a war zone, they both had been fighting for the past ten minutes straight, with the scale of destruction being beyond what one could ever imagine.

Soon both sides were panting in exhaustion, Hikari and Hibiki had it the worst though as beads of sweat dripped down from their faces and both were breathing heavily.

Uzume was faring better than the rest despite having battled Mitsuha beforehand, though you could tell she was starting to look worn out.

As for Akitsu there were still a few ice shards surrounding her, though her face looked the same as sweat started to form around her forehead and her breathing was obviously heavier, fighting three Sekirei's at once was most likely too much even for someone of her caliber.




Suddenly the sound of a phone ringing broke the serious atmosphere, as both sides looked at one another.

"Do you mind?" as she asked Akitsu didn't respond, but she took her silence as a yes.

As Hikari zipped down her top, showing a bit more of her snow-white skin. She pulled out her cellphone which she bought using the MBI card from in-between her massive breasts which also prevented it from being damaged in their fight and answered.

"Yes Master?" as she asked and listened before nodding.

"Understood" as she hanged up, placed her phone back inside and announced to the others "we're leaving you two, Master's orders"

"Right" as Uzume nodded

"Of course, till next time" replied Hibiki

"In the end I guess we've got no choice, but don't think this is over Ice Queen!" as both girls stood next to Uzume and fired bolts of lightning straight at Akitsu, who raised a wall of ice to protect her.

As the explosion resulted in an icy mist blinding Akitsu, by the time the smoke cleared the three of them were already gone.

As Akitsu looked around she saw that they had already run away "their Ashikabi is smart" as she also knew that had the fight gone on any longer... one of them would have certainly lost.

As she thought about it she decided it would be best not to pursue them, they already lost one Sekirei to them, no point in risking it, as she turned around and started walking away back to her own Master.

A Few Blocks Away

Nearby Rooftop

Hitagaya was waiting for them to arrive, he knew the girls could handle themselves in a fight but decided to put the fight on a timer, if time ran out and they still hadn't returned he'd call and even order them back if necessary, though he honestly didn't like that having to use that option.

Soon though his worries were relieved as he saw three figures approaching him, though he could already tell it was them.

As they landed in front of them they soon found themselves wrapped in a hug by their Ashikabi, though they were initially surprised they quickly adjusted and hugged him back in response.

"Glad to see your all okay" as Hitagaya looked at them, other than a few scratches and minor cuts it seemed nothing major happened.

"Yeah, to be honest she was stronger than we expected" as Hibiki told her Ashikabi how the fight went down.

"I see, well then in the future we should avoid her at all costs, this isn't up for discussion girls. It took all three of you to be equal with her which isn't a good thing for us" Hikari seemed displeased by this but didn't voice her opinion.

As he turned around he picked up a plastic bag off the floor, he rummaged through it for a moment before he passed a bottle of iced tea to each one of them, there was also a gym bag next to it with some of their regular clothes to change later once they rested up.

They immediately opened it and gulped it down until half the bottle was empty. They each gave their thanks before continuing to down nearly the whole thing.

"Now then, we'll rest for a little while longer, then we'll probably have to spend the rest of the night at Uzume's place, I hope your landlady's okay with that Uzume?" asked Hitagaya.

"I'm sure it'll be fine, don't worry about it so much Kazu" as she patted his back and tried to not make him feel worried

"Right, let's go ahead and rest for a bit" as he went through the door on the roof and the rest followed him.

Unknown Location

As a young man was drinking tea served by someone in a maid outfit.

"Mitsuha's presence just disappeared, useless girl" as he bit his thumb in irritation before calming down and resumed drinking his tea.

"Something happen Mikogami?" asked a tall man with messy silver hair

"Nothing you need to worry about Mutsu" as the boy named Mikogami replied before taking another sip of his tea, seeing the look on the boy's face the man named Mutsu seemed to be in thought for a moment before closing his eyes once more.

"If I'm not mistaken Mitsuha went out with Akitsu, whoever could do that should make this game more interesting" as he smiled to himself for the time when he meets this person.


Streets of Teito

Hitagaya and the rest of the girls were walking down the streets after resting from their battle with Akitsu. Hitagaya looked around the area and saw that it was more suburban like compared to the rest of the city. The houses didn't reach higher than three stories and it kind of reminded him of the house he used to live in when he was a kid.

"Maybe I should give my parents a call soon" as he thought about them a smile appeared on his face. He hadn't been able to call them for the past two weeks since he was focusing on the entrance exam, plus with the whole Sekirei Plan going on, he also can't very well leave the city either because of MBI...

"What are you so happy about Kazu?" as Uzume popped in behind him and latched herself onto his back, while pressing her huge chest against him.

The girls had all changed into their regular clothes from this morning as they can't very well walk the streets in their torn up outfits, that would just be giving the perverts of the world what they want, though it didn't matter earlier since they were going by rooftops.

"Just thinking about giving my family a call later, I haven't spoken with them for a while and I don't want to worry them for too long" as he blushed but struggled to keep focus despite feeling Uzume's breasts on his back.

"Your family huh? I suppose it would be right to introduce myself, I am your wife after all"




"Huh?" was all he could say as his mind blanketed out.

"Hold it! We became his wives first, we should be the one to meet his parents!" as Hikari came forward and latched herself to Hitagaya's arm.

"Yeah, stop fooling around Uzume, we're meeting Master's parents first" as Hibiki argued and latched herself to Hitagaya's remaining arm.







"Huhhh?" as he muttered again in shock, he's not even affected by the feeling of their soft, plump breasts on him.


A moment later his mind just barely recovered from their statement earlier.

Soon Hitagaya's mind shifted gears as he thought about their idea.

"Meeting my parents? I suppose I'll have to at some point. How they'll react however…" as he shivered at the thought.

He panicked in fright about how he'll have to explain to his folks how he left home and came back with not one... but three unbelievably gorgeous girls as his wives.

"Mom's probably gonna flip when she finds out, whether it's good or bad I don't know for sure"

"Master? Is something wrong? You seem troubled" says Hibiki as she looked up at him with concern on her face.

As he didn't want her to worry he shook those thoughts out of his head for now "No, I'm fine, sorry to worry you, just wondering how much farther till we get there. Uzume, how much longer?" as he looked at her and changed the subject, making Hibiki pout in response but said nothing else and just clinged to him tightly, as she saw him blush a shade redder seemed to have appeased her.

"Were actually here already, look" as she still clung to his back she lifted her finger and pointed straight ahead.

"Can you guys get off of me, it's kind of hard to walk here" as he complained in his mind but didn't vocally voice his opinion, worried he might hurt their feelings.

As he looked ahead Hikari and Hibiki did the same, in front of them was a classic two-level Japanese house. It looked pretty normal from what Hitagaya could tell, on the side of the fence surrounding the building there was a sign.

"Room for Rent—Maison Izumo. Two meals a day included, rent is fifty thousand Yen a month!" as Hitagaya read he thought it was a reasonable price.

"Yeah, for a place like this is pretty good, if it weren't for us covering our massive food expenses we could have lived here" as they thought back to their life before their Ashikabi a look of sadness appeared on their face.


"Don't dwell on the past, focus on the future, it's a whole light brighter now that were together don't you think?" as he patted the twin's shoulders and smiled at them all before walking on ahead to knock.

As all three of them looked at their Ashikabi's back.

"Don't dwell on the past…" muttered Uzume

"Focus on the future…" Hikari continued

"Together" concluded Hibiki

As they all looked at him they could feel their painful past wash away, replaced instead with a fresh start for them… for happy, long lives together with the one they love.

As they imagined it... a truly sincere and happy smile formed on each of their faces which probably only being with their Ashikabi could bring out. As they looked at each other and nodded before breaking out into a run to catch up to him.

""Master!"" called out the twins in joy

"Kazu!" as Uzume yelled in happiness.



As all three Sekirei jumped him, as he didn't count on being dogpiled he collapsed to the floor with all three of them on top of Hitagaya.

"Owwww!" as Hitagaya mumbled in pain

"Oh my" as he tried to get out from under the pile of beauties he heard the voice of an unfamiliar women.

Though they all thought one thing...

"I feel cold" as they inexplicably feel a chill going down their spines.

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