Dawson's Creek: The Winds of Change By S.A.M

This is another take on the love triangle between Dawson/Joey/and Pacey. Some of the events are the same but a lot are different. I think it's a fairly interesting view.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Dawson's Creek; I just borrow them for a little story. No harm done.

Dawson Leery gripped a dark smooth stone tightly in his hands. Wind brushed through his hair, indicating that winter was still battling with spring. The sun was setting over the horizon and a cool breeze stung at Dawson's cheeks. He shivered slightly but gave little notice to the cold air. Dawson's focus was on the creek that ran freely in his backyard. He stepped up to the flowing stream of water and sighed. The chilled water rippled down the grassy hillside and reflected the shimmer of the fading sun. Dawson stared ominously into the creek. It was a part of his childhood and he had grown to love the creek over the years. The creek was a symbol of all things constant. No matter how twisted life changed around him, it was always there. The creek was ever flowing and a banner of "non-change".

Dawson gripped the stone tighter and squeezed it so hard that it hurt his palm. Anger welled up inside him and instinctively, he reared back his arm and skipped the stone across the creek. The dark stone flecked across the water several times before finally sinking to the creek's bottom. Dawson gritted his teeth in fury. He thought about the person who had given him the smooth stone. The person was none other than Joey Potter. They had been kids when Joey had found the rock. The two of them had been playing along the creek when little Joey Potter caught of glimpse of the precious stone. She quickly scooped up the rock and admired it in the sun. Little Dawson's mouth opened in awe. He couldn't believe how lucky Joey was for discovering such a find. Suddenly Joey smiled, brushed her long dark bangs out of her eyes, and placed the smooth stone in Dawson's hand.

"I want you to have it. It's a gift for my best friend." she had said, with a loving smile.

Suddenly the anger inside Dawson Leery quickly started to breed and multiplied within seconds. He was glad he had thrown the stone in the creek. Dawson knew that when Joey found out what he had done, it would crush her. He let an evil smile tug at the corner of his lips. Dawson had to get back at Joey and hurt her the way she had hurt him. It was all Joey's fault that he felt so badly. Suddenly, another image flashed through Dawson's mind. Another one of Dawson's friendships had gone bad. Pacey Witter was once Dawson's friend but no longer. Pacey had gone behind Dawson's back and stole his soul mate. Pacey was just supposed to keep an eye on Joey but never cross the line, by making a move on her. Dawson clinched his fists as he imaged Pacey and Joey kissing passionately. The image left a sick taste in Dawson's mouth. How could they do this to me, he though in fury?

Hot tears trickled down Dawson's face as he recalled the painful events of the resent past. He plopped down on the tall grass and stared hypnotized by the creek. The sun had set and the lights of Capeside came on. Where did it all go wrong, thought Dawson as the days of old flooded back to him?


Pacey Witter finished polishing the deck of his pride and joy; a sailboat dubbed "True Love". Pacey had been feeling down the past few weeks but there was just something about his old boat that made him feel better. The boat had been a piece of junk when he had bought it but the old girl was starting to look brand new. Pacey had recently broken up with Andie McPhee, a beautiful blonde girl who had won his heart and then crushed it unexpectedly. Andie was a wonderful girl but she had emotional problems. Her father thought it best that she be put in a mental hospital. Pacey was sad to see her go but he knew it was for the best. While she was in the hospital, Andie had a sensuous love affair with one of the other patients. She confessed to Pacey and begged for forgiveness, but it was too late. The damage had been done and Pacey could not find it in his heart to forgive Andie. Now Pacey was mending his broken heart by working on his boat.

Pacey smiled brightly as his image reflected in True Love's deck. He had been polishing the boat all morning and the work was finally done. True Love looked beautiful. Pacey leaned back on the port rail and admired his work. Suddenly, a lovely young voice called from the dock.

"True Love? Wow, that sounds like a name that only a homosexual male would come up with." teased Joey Potter, as Pacey peered down at her.

"Easy Potter. I believe you are referring to my older brother Dougie. True I'm a total slacker but gay, I am not." informed Pacey with a hint of warning.

"Well, aren't you going to let me come aboard?" asked Joey, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm afraid not Joey. I can't allow ugly people on my boat. If I do, all the other ugly people will want to see the wonder that is True Love."

"Well Pacey, you know what they say. Birds of a feather! Come on, let me see the boat!"

Pacey smiled devilishly and shook his head. This forced Joey to glare angrily at him. Pacey felt a well of laughter swell up inside him. It was odd that he and Joey had started to become friends. It wasn't as if they had always been complete and utter enemies, but their relationship was nothing compared to that of Joey and Dawson's. Joey had recently gone through a heart shattering breakup as well. Pacey even admitted that Joey's separation was a lot worse.

Dawson and Joey had been best friends since they were little kids. Pacey was been a part of their childhood click but he always felt like he was on the outside looking in. It didn't bother Pacey too much. It wasn't as if he were jealous or anything. Pacey Witter always knew that one day Dawson and Joey would end up together, and he was right. The two got together late last year but their romantic relationship hadn't lasted very long. At the first sign of trouble, both Joey and Dawson decided to end things between them. Joey had regretted their break up and tried to get back together with Dawson. However, Dawson wasn't ready to try to fix things. He stilled cared dearly for Joey but Dawson wanted to go out and do his own thing. Pacey knew that Dawson was making a mistake but he kept his mouth shut on the subject. It wasn't his place to say anything.

Dawson understood that he had hurt Joey so he asked Pacey to keep an eye on her. Pacey was reluctant at first but he finally agreed to Dawson's request. Now, Pacey and Joey had been spending a lot of time together. They truly had become friends and to Pacey, something more.

"Alright Potter, don't get your panties in a twist." laughed Pacey as he lowered the True Love's ladder.

"Your choice of words amaze me Pacey. I totally understand why you have all the luck with the ladies." snapped Joey as she steadily scaled the ladder.

Joey reached the top of the ladder and extended her hand. Pacey gripped it and gently pulled Joey aboard True Love. Joey nodded in gratitude but quickly turned her attentions to the boat. She examined the entire ship, inside and out. Pacey observed Joey's actions as she admired True Love. A cool breeze brushed through Joey's long dark hair and Pacey found himself awe stricken. She truly was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Joey hadn't realized that Pacey was watching her. Her attentions were on the boat. Pacey had expected Joey to speak but no words came. She was either speechless or True Love's features weren't worth talking about, but Pacey seriously doubted that.

Joey slid her hand across the freshly polished wood and smiled. She turned to Pacey with her pearly white teeth showing.

"Pacey, she looks beautiful. You've done a great job fixing her up."

"Do you really think so?" asked Pacey as he cleaned his hands with an old rag.

"I wouldn't lie to you Pacey. The boat looks great." replied Joey, placing her hand on Pacey's shoulder.

Pacey looked down to where Joey's hand had rested. The feel of her hand on his shoulder was invigorating. Pacey tried to brush the feeling away but he couldn't. Despite his best efforts, evening know it to be wrong, Pacey Witter had fallen for Joey Potter. He couldn't believe it himself. Pacey knew that it was in his best interest to keep his distance with this girl. He didn't deserve someone like Joey. She was too perfect. Pacey realized that Joey was destined to be with someone more deserving, like Dawson Leery. Dawson and Joey had something that he and Joey could never have and it stung like hell. Dawson and Joey would end up together and Pacey would be left on the outside looking in. Pacey wasn't even sure if Joey like him but her hand on his shoulder felt like heaven. Their eyes met but Joey quickly turned away.

"So, are you going to race True Love in the Regatta? asked Joey, putting her hair behind her ear.

Pacey nodded and threw his old rag into a bucket, pretending as if he were a basketball player. Joey smirked at Pacey's attempt to be cute.

"That's my plan. I just have to find a sponsor. I was thinking of asking the Leerys to sponsor me." stated Pacey, taking a step closer to Joey.

Joey hadn't moved and they were standing very close to one another. Pacey was itching to kiss her, but suddenly a familiar voice chimed in.

"What about the Leerys?" asked Dawson as he climbed up True Love's ladder?

The tiny space between Pacey and Joey broke apart and both individuals made a huge gap between them. Pacey's heart was racing with anxiety, and he could have sworn that Joey was feeling the same thing.

"I was going to ask your parents to sponsor me in the Regatta." informed Pacey, his pulse still thumping.

"Oh I'm sure they will Pace, they love you to death." replied Dawson.

Pacey quickly realized that Dawson wasn't even looking at him. Dawson's eyes were locked on Joey which forced Pacey to swallow down a lump of jealousy.

"Hey Joey, what are you up to?" asked Dawson happily.

"Nothing really, I'm about to head back to the B and B. Bessie needs me to help get ready for the Regatta. I was just taking a break to get a look at Pacey's boat."

Pacey felt his brow furl but he quickly hid his aggravation. He was certain that Joey had come for more than just to look at his boat. She just didn't have the guts to tell Dawson. Why push it, I can't be sure she likes me, thought Pacey angrily.

Dawson continued to stare at Joey. He was smiling brightly as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"Well if you're leaving, I'll walk with you." stated Dawson.

Joey nodded instantly as if her head were about to fall off. Pacey could tell she was nervous about something. It was apparent to him that Joey desperately wanted to get off his boat.

"Ok Dawson, that would be great. I'll talk to you later Pace." informed Joey, with her eyes focused on the deck.

Pacey bit his lower lip and kept his mouth shut. He watched as Joey climbed down the ladder and jumped onto the dock. Dawson waved to Pacey and started down the ladder. He stopped half way and called back to Pacey.

"I'll let my parents know you want them to sponsor you in the Regatta. I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

"Thanks Dawson, I'd appreciate that." replied Pacey, still fighting with the heart ache.

Both Dawson and Joey headed down the dock, leaving Pacey alone on his boat. Pacey kept his eyes on Joey just hoping she'd turned to look at him, but she never did. Give it up Pacey, you'll never have her, he thought sadly.

To Be Continued...