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Jack and Mr. McPhee paced back and forth in panic. One minute Andie was breathing and the next she wasn't. Jack felt trapped in a horrific nightmare. He couldn't imagine a life without his baby sister. His head was spinning.

Doctors had been working on Andie for the past ten minutes. Time slipped by slowly and the McPhees were in an emotional uproar.

"Why haven't we heard anything?!" shouted Mr. McPhee to a nurse.

"I don't know Mr. McPhee. They're still working on her, which is actually a good sign." replied the nurse before walking away.

Jack felt like he was outside his body and observing everything from a far. He imagined a dead Andie and the doctors trying to resuscitate her. I think I'm gonna be sick, he thought.


Pacey scowled as he headed for the Witter-wagoneer. He had been suspended because of his fight in the cafeteria. Pacey didn't care. Matt Caulfield deserved every punch that made contact. In fact, Pacey felt a billion times better when he realized that Caulfield had taken a beating and was suspended as well. Pacey smiled to himself as he pulled his keys from his pocket. Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to him as he unlocked the station wagon.

"Well, if it isn't Rocky Bal'Witter?" said Joey sarcastically.

"Don't start with me Potter. I'm in no mood." replied Pacey, turning around to face her.

"Are you crazy? Starting a fight in the cafeteria? Why not just ask Principal Green for your expulsion papers? It would be a lot quicker."

"I said I'm not in the mood."

"So what happened in Principal Green's office?" asked Joey, changing the subject while trying to feed her curiosity.

"I told him my part of the story and Caulfield told him his. Green figured we were both in the wrong so he suspended us both."

"So you weren't expelled." sighed Joey in relief.

"Naw, I'm still have some pull with Drill Sergeant Green." replied Pacey, with a cocky grin.

Joey returned the grin but quickly went straight faced. Her powerful eyes looked condescendingly on Pacey.

"Next time, think twice before initiating a title fight. Colleges tend to frown on the lack of a high school diploma. Think about your future."

Pacey shook his head in aggravation. He couldn't win with Joey. She always had some snide remark about his academic status. It had become far more than a mild annoyance.

"I swear Joey, you are worse than my parents. I can take care of myself."

Joey stepped closer to Pacey and he quickly stopped talking. Her close proximity to him sent chills down his spine. Pacey swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.

"I just want you to discover your potential Pace. I care about you." stated Joey, placing her hand on his chest.

Pacey stepped back and looked at her angrily.

"You care about me? Well you could have fooled me Potter. We haven't spoken in five days. Do you realize how much that sucks?"

"I'm sorry Pacey. I'm was confused. I needed time to think."

"Yeah? I gathered that from our last conversation. So tell me Joe, what miraculous solutions came to you while you thought?"

"I really don't have any. All I could think about was you?"

"Me?" asked Pacey with a hint of pride.

"And Dawson." admitted Joey.

"Oh", said Pacey, "Story of my life."

"I would be lying if I said I didn't care about him Pace but it's strictly as friends. You're the one I want. I just don't want Dawson to be hurt, that's all."

"I understand Joe, I really do, but you have to make a choice. You can give up on us to spare Dawson's feelings, or you can be with me and let Dawson worry about Dawson."

"It's not that simple."

"Yes it is and you know it. If Dawson really cared about you, he'd only want for you to be happy."

Joey shook her head lightly. She was still struggling with the pain of it all. She hated to choose. Pacey took Joey by the shoulder with one hand and lifted her chin with the other.

"Hey, you don't have to choose. We can stay in limbo as long as you want but it only makes things worse. Personally, I could wait forever. You're worth it and besides, I kinda sorta like you." stated Pacey with a genuine smile.

Joey locked eyes with Pacey and returned his smile.

"You don't have to wait for me to decide Pace because I already have. I choose you." said Joey, bringing her lips to his.

Pacey quickly wrapped her up in his arms and embraced her kiss. They held together for several seconds and slowly broke apart. Pacey smiled and kissed Joey on the forehead.

"I love you Potter." he said.

"I love you too Witter." replied Joey, resting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.


Jenn, Henry, Grams, and Mister and Misses Leery stood with Jack and his father. The doctors had finished with Andie and the final verdict was the Andie was still in fact alive. However, she was still in a state of a coma. Everyone came to support the McPhees in their time of need.

"I've been praying for you Jack. Every morning and every night." informed Grams, hugging Jack tight.

"Thanks Grams, I appreciate it." he replied.

"Dawson couldn't be here honey but he sends his regards." stated Gale as Jack pulled away from Grams' hug.

Jack nodded to Misses Leery and went to sit down. Jenn and Henry followed. The adults all went to the hospital cafeteria to get some coffee.

"How you holding up champ?" asked Jenn.

"Not so good actually. I feel terrible." replied Jack.

"For what it's worth Jack, I'm really sorry." said Henry sadly.

"Thanks Henry. That means a lot," said Jack, "so how is Dawson doing? Is he still hurt from the crash?"

Jenn shrugged.

"Who really knows? I spoke with him earlier today and he gave me the cold shoulder. I don't think he's doing too well right now either. The Joey and Pacey thing really did a number on him."

Jack nodded but quickly stopped. Standing behind Jenn was Dawson, who was holding a bouquet of flowers. Jack shook his head and smiled.

"Dawson? I didn't think you were coming." said Jack, rising from his seat.

"Neither did I but I took time away from my pity party to be with my friend."

Dawson gave Jack the flowers and hugged him.

"The flowers are for Andie."

"Thanks Dawson, I know she'll love them." replied Jack, tears in his eyes.

"I knew you'd come to your senses." said Jenn, patted Dawson on the arm.

Dawson nodded.

"Yeah, I realized I was acting selfish. I was more worried about myself than any thing else. I should have considered the severity of Andie's situation. I'm sorry for how I acted with you earlier Jenn. I was rude and I hope you can forgive me."

"No problem Dawson, I was never angry at you." replied Jenn, hugging Dawson close.


It was late and everyone went home. Jack was once again at his post next to Andie's bed. Meanwhile, Mr. McPhee was a sleep in a soft chair.

Jack looked at the flowers that Dawson had brought and was grateful. Of all of his friends, Dawson was the only one, until recently who hadn't shown up to visit. He was glad that Dawson had finally stopped by because Jack would have been really hurt if he hadn't. He needed the support of all his friend to get through this ordeal.

Jack sighed and looked out the hospital room window. In the distance he could see a bright star and it was really beautiful. Jack felt a little silly but he made a wish on the star. He didn't know who he was wishing to really, but he didn't care. It didn't matter if it was God or the "Fates". Jack just hoped that someone out there heard his plea. Please bring Andie back to me, he wished.

Jack sighed, turned to Andie, and suddenly smiled. He wasn't ready to give up on his baby sister. He had to keep hope alive.

"Everyone says hey, and that they love you, and desperately want you to wake up." informed Jack.

Jack's words entered Andie's ears and reverberated into her mind. The hazing dream that clouded Andie's brain slowly began to fade, and a familiar voice echoed into her brain. It was her brother Jack. Andie opened her eyes.

"Jack? Where am I?" asked Andie, still a little confused.

Jack stood from his chair and gasped in shock.

"Oh my God, Andie. You're awake!!"

Jack's shouts woke up Mr. McPhee. His thoughts were a little jumbled at first but reality quickly took a hold of him. Andie's eyes were open and Jack was kissing her mercilessly.

"My baby's awake? Thank you God, my baby's awake!!" shouted Mr. McPhee as a nurse rushed into the room.

Jack tried to be gentle with Andie but with little success. She moaned softly and Jack pulled away.

"I love you Andie. Thank God you're alright." cried Jack.

"Could you quiet down Jack? You're giving me a headache." replied Andie in a moan.

Jack just laughed and it was the happiest laugh anyone had ever heard. Andie was going to be just fine.


Back To A Time When Things Felt Wrong

Dawson awoke and found himself on the cool grass of his backyard. He had went into a day dream and fallen asleep. He sat up and looked at the creek. It continued to flow and reminded him that unlike the creek, everything else changed. Dawson sighed sadly and rubbed his forehead. I should get to bed, he thought.

That was when he saw Joey, rowing her boat down the creek. She steered the boat to the dock, got out, and tied it to the post. Joey then put her hair behind her ear and walked toward Dawson. Meanwhile, Dawson stood up and wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey Dawson, what are you doing outside?"

"I fell asleep. What are you doing here?" asked Dawson coldly.

"I came to talk."

"Well you're wasting your breath. I don't want to talk."

"Quit being a butthead Dawson! Grow up!"

"Where do you get off Joey? Coming to my house and insulting me? Go back home!"

"No, not until I'm through saying what I have to say." declared Joey.

"Fine, say what you have to say and then get out of here!"

"I care about Pacey and like or not, you're just going to have to accept it. But, I still want US to be friends. Just because we're not together doesn't mean we still can't have a friendship. I know we can work something out but you do what you feel is right. I love you Dawson. I don't want to lose you."

"I don't want to lose you either Joey but things are different now. I feel betrayed."

"We never meant to hurt you. Things just happened and I'm sorry, but don't give up on twelve years of friendship. The Dawson I know, would never turn his back on me."

"What makes you think I'm still the same Dawson?"

"Because, you're my soul mate. That will never change." informed Joey with a smile.

Dawson smiled in spite of himself. Whether or not he and Joey ever got back together, it didn't really matter because their paths were forever intertwined. They were soul mates and nothing could change that. Their souls were bonded together...forever.

Joey went to Dawson and hugged him close. He returned the hug and started to cry. Tears rolled down his cheek.

"You're crying." said Joey, wiping a tear away.

"Yeah but not for the reason you think." sniffed Dawson.

"Then why?"

"The stone you gave me when we were kids, I threw it into the creek." informed Dawson.

Joey thought about his last statement for a moment and smiled.

"That's ok, I'll find you a new one, a better one. We'll start fresh." replied Joey, hugging her closest friend tightly.

Dawson returned the hug but the tears continued to fall. He wanted Joey but it wasn't their time. Perhaps one day in the distant future, they might have a second chance because one thing was for certain, every thing changes with the wind.

The End