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It'd been a quiet day in the garage. Each team member working on individual projects, catching up on work. A normal, non-stress day without a case.

Scorpion rarely had any of those.

The door opened weakly, though rapidly. Had the mutual first thought not been Ralph returning from school, they all would've moved quicker.

Paige raised her head, wanting to welcome her son. Happy started to say something before catching herself.

Needless to say, it wasn't Ralph.

She reacted faster than anyone. In a single jump, she moved from behind her work bench and in front of the woman. She planted her feet, taking a firm stance. Each of her individual muscles tensed.

"Get out," she snarled.

The woman nodded it off. But she was timid. "Nice to see you again, Happy."

Never having met her, Paige and Cabe stared, confused. Sly mumbled something under his breath.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Happy," Paige began slowly, brows furrowed, "what's going on here?"

"Remember how Toby had a fiancé a couple years ago?" Sylvester intervened, sloshing his words together nervously.

Cabe brushed the border of whispering. "Son of a bitch."

In her graceful manner, Paige immediately bounded across the garage to Happy's side. She allowed the woman enough space not to feel suffocated. "Hi, Amy," she said as respectfully as she could, "I'm Paige. It's-"

Happy shot a look at Paige, then proceeded to interlock her gaze with Amy's, faster than a bullet escaped its barrel. "Don't. She doesn't deserve it, Paige."


"Look, Happy," Amy had an edge, but not nearly enough to compete with Happy's, "I'm here for Toby."

"Toby's unavailable," Cabe asserted.

Amy pursed her lips. Her heels shuffled back centimeters. "Then can you tell him I stopped by?"

Happy pounced on the opportunity to point out her mistake. "No, blondie, he means Toby's taken. A married man."


Walter and Toby emerged from the loft, the latter nearly freezing on the steps. His slow was similar enough for one to perceive it as a halt. Walter descended quicker, internally assessing the situation. He and Paige shared a look.

Amy broke into an expression that almost resembled a smile. A ghost of past smiles, one appearing in past memories, only emerging out of relief.

Face hardening, Happy focused her eyes on her husband. But he was distracted, the crease lines in his forehead shot high enough for his hat to obscure. Surprised mixed somewhere in there, too, causing his lips to form an out of place frown. He blinked.

And then he got angry.

"I've got nothing to say to you."

It was an overdue confrontation between two inhabitants of bodies once lovers. Different people were inside the shells now-far different than the ones promised to each other years ago.


Her feet attempted to tackle the dozen feet between them, but Happy made sure it was only inches. Stepping in front of the other woman, she put a hand up. The hand with her rings.

Amy's eyes flicked down. Her chin started dropping.

Happy made sure of that before responding. "He said he doesn't wanna talk."

Shaking her head, Amy steeled her glance back at Toby. Neglecting her initial jolt, she disregarded Happy. "Toby, it's me. I just-"

"You what?" Happy snapped. "Talk about how great you think your new trophy hubby is? Wanna gloat about breaking his heart? Hurt him some more? I don't think so."

Rolling her neck, Amy huffed. "Happy, please," she protested, with a sharpness that exhibited her dip into frustration. "This doesn't concern you."

Eyes widening, Paige jumped to grab her friend's wrist. Happy immediately jerked out of the grasp, not hesitating for a second thought. Walter stifled a worried grunt. "Hell yeah it concerns me. I am his wife. Something you didn't want. Hurt him bad in the process. He doesn't need a reminder. And he said he had nothing to say to you. So if you don't move your sorry ass-"

"Happy," Paige chastised.

"I know he can talk for himself," Amy retorted. But she flinched under Happy's intensity.

Uncomfortable, Toby twitched. "Happy," he coaxed, "I...I'll handle this."

Pupils shifting dangerously between him and Amy, she clenched her jaw. "Toby-"

"You don't need to fight this one for me, sweetheart. I got it."

Turning her back to Amy, Happy strode towards him. She made a point to noticeably kiss him on the cheek and squeeze his fingers before letting go. Toby flashed a twinkle in his brown eyes at her. They exchanged a wordless conversation through a language no one in the room understood.

Then Toby shifted, gesturing for Amy. She followed, catching Happy's line of sight as she passed by. Happy's expression bit like a territorial puppy. Amy's attempt to hold her own fell flat, so she glanced away.

Toby led her into the back of the garage, past the kitchen, where there was a sense of privacy. Little did Amy know, that privacy didn't exist amongst Scorpion. At least, not for long, anyways.

He put his hands on his hips. "What are you doing here?"

"I...I saw you in the newspaper." Her hands clenched the strap on her purse, diving straight into her point. "Your team saved a lot of lives."

"We do that a lot," Toby answered briskly. He reached to guide her shoulders away, done with the matter. "Is that all? Nice talking to ya, Amy."

Bending her knees, she put more weight into her heels. "No, Toby," her tone indicated she wasn't finished, prompting him to step back, "that's not all. I've been seeing you in the news a lot these past few years," she said. "The boy in the sinkhole...that woman in the tar pit...all those people in Richard Elia's tech building..."

"Well. I guess you prevented my adventurous side from its awakening," he snapped without missing a beat.

She blinked like she'd expected that, promptly continuing. "Now that side of you exists. We can-"

"You know what side doesn't exist? The one that used to love you."

Amy lowered her chin. "I figured."

Toby's lips stretched apart, brows furrowing. "Hold on. Don't tell me that's why you flashed your face after all this time."


"You can't be serious."

"I wanted to talk," she defended.

He exercised his jaw muscles. "Then you better get started."

A heavy sigh passed through her mouth. He determined the exasperation to be directed at herself, not him. "I think...I think I might've made a mistake. Breaking off the engagement."

"Your apology is a few years too late."

"But is it?" She reached for his hands, and he pulled them away. Her lips thinned at the action.

"Yes. You're with Quincy," he countered. "And I'm happily married."

Amy squinted. "Quincy and I are...going through a rough patch."

Sarcasm heavy, he replied, "Isn't that a bummer."

"Two years ago, you came after him!" Amy protested. Her voice was surprisingly calm. "You weren't over me. I still don't think you are. And now you're making money, you're stable-"

"I came after him for a case we were working," Toby shut down. "One of his colleagues was dead. I had to pretend I actually wanted that job from him."

"There was jealousy, Toby."

"Amy...in my mind you were like a prize," he disagreed. "I didn't treat you like a person. You were just someone that I used to care about, and he'd taken that away, and my bitterness about being hurt was still in my head. Not bitterness about you yourself leaving me. I was in love with Happy."

"You were furious with him." Her eyes blinked back flecks of disbelief.

She was never the smarter one.

"For taking away something I once cared about. For winning. Later that day...Happy proved she was the one for me," Toby said.

"You never stopped loving me." She deflected his reasonable responses. She was desperate, clinging to scraps for whatever she thought she could get.

"Uh...yeah...I did."

"You're a genius psychiatrist." Amy stepped closer, blonde ponytail shifting as she shook her head. "Don't lie to yourself."

"Amy, the fact that you're coming back here now means you don't love me either. You and Quincy are hitting some bumps. And you've seen that I'm the same as him now-I have a job and money and stability. But I'm changed. The guy that used to love you hit the road years back. I kinda like the one I am. He's got a good life."

Seeming not to have heard him, she stretched her toes and leaned forward. She wanted a kiss. She wanted to retain the feeling of being loved and desired, since as of recently, Quincy failed to provide it.

Toby pulled back before she even got close.

Swallowing, he looked her in the eye. Seriously. Dully. Mundanely. Far off from hitting the mark of providing evidence he was in love. Far. "A few years ago, this...this was all I wanted." For you to take me back and realize you still wanted to be with me," he admitted. "But then I got my shit together. I fell in love with the most amazing woman in the world." His ring finger jumped into view. "We're husband and wife now. And she's pregnant. I'm...happy."

Amy gulped meekly, consuming a slew of uninterrupted seconds before she answered. She stared at the floor, body visibly shrinking as the confidence deflated. "What does she have that I don't?"

Toby didn't need much time to think. He intended for his answer to sting. "She tried to give up on us...but she came back. And she hasn't given up since. She works at our relationship, Amy. She's determined not to let it fail."

"I tried for a while," she claimed.

"You cheated on me with Quincy."

Shoulders sinking against her chest, Amy sighed. The determination she possessed walking into the garage barely infused with her words. "I'm sorry."

"You're upset." Toby didn't explicitly accept the apology. "You're looking for a distraction. I would've been the perfect solution. We have a history-we're familiars. It was easy for me to be your first choice to keep your mind away from your marital spats. Seeing me in the news helped push that idea."

"But you're...happy," she stated, her train slipping off the same tracks his traveled. "I never made you happy."

He winced. "For a time you did. And then you realized our relationship was like tryna put a broken key in a lock. Didn't fit once it was ruined. It made you miserable. You made me miserable…and vice versa...I tried to hold it together. You were the last piece of stability in my crumbling world, I fixated on that instead of my feelings. But, by then, I didn't love you. And you were out the door anyway."

Amy glanced at Happy, who was obviously trying to abstain from staring at them. She was in loose conversation with Paige, slipping in additions sporadically, not often. Her stomach bump hadn't been noticeable until Toby pointed it out, but once he did, Amy couldn't unsee it.

Toby's words finally began to register. "I guess you really played your cards right, huh?"

"No. Falling in love with her wasn't luck. Just a matter of when," he contradicted. He shifted his weight. "Besides, I'm not big on gambling metaphors anymore."

Amy raised her brows. "Did you quit?"

Toby nodded. "Yeah."

She clearly wasn't sure how to react. "Toby," she sputtered. "That's amazing!"

"Don't get any ideas," he assured. "I quit for her."

Her lips fell, shoulders following their lead. Somewhere in the midst of several breaths, she said, "Wow. I can't believe you did it. You...you couldn't do that for me."

"And you couldn't love me in spite of that."

Amy shook her head slowly, voice softening. "That's why we didn't work out."

"Yeah." He paused for a minute that seemed like five. "Sorry about you and Quincy. But there's nothing I can do for you."

She put a hand on his shoulder. Dull bitterness and pity passed between them where sparks flew years ago. Sometimes sparks could lead to fires. And fires burned anyone nearby. "Congratulations...again...on your family. And...finally getting to be happy."

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