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Chapter 1


One Year Earlier

My manager, Angela, was a few years older than me with dirty blonde hair that she always braided before coming in to work. She'd been with me since the beginning, believing in me when many thought I would fail. She tapped my shoulder while I was stocking the bar. I looked up at her and she tilted her head to the door of my establishment.

There stood an unbelievably good-looking man. He strolled in with such confidence it was almost cocky. His hair was unkempt and bronze as the lights hit it. He was wearing a blue suit jacket and pants with a white dress shirt and expensive shoes. As I watched him, I could make out the weapons he was armed with; the men with him were also armed.

He just screamed dangerous and my panties already needed changing. His eyes met mine as they roamed around the bar. His staring almost put me into a trance.

I played ignorant to his display. I didn't want to be one of those girls that just threw themselves at him.

After a couple hours he wound up with me as his bartender. "Go hálainn, can I get a Jameson and soda?"

Not saying anything, I got him his drink and ignored the fact he used my dad's native language. I slid him his drink and he grasped my hand.

"Álainn, álainn. Tá tú ag dul a screamadh mo ainm mar a thagann tú níos déanaí." His sultry voice would probably make any girl swoon, especially with his accent. But knowing what he just said to me, I am more disgusted than turned on.

I smiled and leaned in. "Scriosfaidh tú mo ainm nuair a thugann mé do bhailí leat." His eyes widened at my threat. "Not so smooth when a woman knows what you're saying, are you?" I growled, not waiting for an answer. I walked away and tended to other customers, ignoring him the rest of the night.

He wasn't taking my rejection very well, trying everything to get my attention. Dancing with other girls but keeping his eyes on me, trying to get me to serve him. I eventually got tired of the game and went to my office to do some paperwork.

I kept an eye on the security monitors set up in my office to make sure everything was still running up to my standards. I watched my bartenders smile and tend to customers. I know my employees feel safe working for me. I hired veterans for bodyguards, and I kept a shotgun behind the bar. I also paid for any of them to take self-defense classes if they wanted to.

Before I knew it, Angela knocked on my door and told me she locked everything up but the back door once closing time came.

"Thanks, Angela, see you tomorrow evening." I smiled, stacking my papers and grabbing my G42 .380 and sliding it in my side holster. I picked up the picture of me and my dad that I kept on my desk. I was no older than fourteen; my dad was smiling, looking away from the camera I had shoved in our face. He was sporting a military-style hair cut with a porn stash on his lip. "Well, Dad, today marks two years since I've opened the bar. We're doing pretty good; we're in the black, and we're getting requests for bands to play here." I kissed the picture and set it back down.

Eala is my pride and joy. It's a laid-back bar with live bands playing every Saturday night. It took me two years fighting to get the permits and to get approved to buy this location. The banks didn't think a young woman like me could run a successful business. The bar was a dream of my dad's; Charlie. He always talked about running a bar when he retired. Retire from what, I was never sure. I knew it was something dangerous, because he would leave for days at a time, putting the house on lockdown. And when he was home he was teaching me to fight, to shoot, and to survive.

I don't know anything about my mom. My dad never spoke of her, and after he was murdered I found a single picture of her and my dad and me, and she was the one holding me. On the back of the picture it said, Renée, me, and Isabella.

I sighed, closing and locking the office door. I walked into the main bar area making sure everything was clean and shut down for the night. I was doing a wipe down when I heard the back door open. I pulled my gun out of my holster, bringing it up and aiming it in the direction of the sound.

The cocky god-like creature from earlier leaned against one of the pillars near the back entrance. He put his hands up. "I'm not here to rob you, or harm you in anyway."

I lowered my gun, but kept it out. "Then why are you here?"

He pushed off the pillar and walked towards me, unbuttoning his jacket. "I just wanted to apologize for my comment I made towards you. I shouldn't have been so crass."

I barked out a humorless laugh, putting my gun back in its holster. "You're only sorry because I understood you, stud." I grabbed a bottle of Blackbush and two glasses.

He pulled a stool out and sat on it. "Maybe," he answered me with a half-smirk.

I returned a smirk of my own before I poured the whiskey and handed him one of the glasses. "Let's be honest here, you came after hours hoping that if you gave some pretend heartfelt apology you would wind up balls deep inside me." I downed my drink in a gulp, slamming the glass back down and licking my lips, savoring the taste.

He shook his head with a smile. "You can't blame a guy for trying to woo a gorgeous woman into bed." He downed his own drink in a single swallow.

I looked him over; why should I deny myself something so fine? I walked around the bar and took his jacket in a handful, pulling him close to me and kissing him hard. My other hand dove into his hair and pulled him closer. His hands found my ass and squeezed it closer to him, and I hitched my legs around his waist. I could feel his erection pressed against my core and his piece against my thigh.

We finally came up for air. "How is the owner going to feel about you getting fucked in their bar?" His breathing was ragged as he kissed down my jaw.

I lifted my chin, exposing my neck for him. "Good thing you're about to fuck the owner, then."

He continued to kiss and nip down my neck while I ground against him. "Maybe we should take this somewhere more comfortable," he growled into my skin.

"Yeah," I agreed and slid off him. "My apartment is upstairs." I walked to the back door and locked it, taking a hidden staircase in the stockroom up to my apartment. The whole time, we struggled to keep our hands off each other.

My door shut, and our clothes started to come off. We set our guns on the counter and attacked each other's mouths, our hands gripping and groping until I found myself with my legs around his waist again.

"Bedroom," he managed between kisses.

"Door on the left," I answered as I licked at his collar bone.

We crashed the door open and landed on my bed with a soft thud.

"What I am going to be screaming when I cum?" I mocked his words from earlier.

"Edward," he murmured as he kissed his way to the promise land.

"Bella," I managed to tell him before he nipped my clit. My hips bucked and I felt his hand press them back down and hold them there. My eyes were closed, just feeling him play me like an instrument, and a tightening sensation deep in my core came over me quickly.

"Yes, yes!" I chanted as the organism ripped through me.

Before I could really ride the tidal wave, he slammed into me. "God, you feel so good, leanbh." He thrust hard, hitting me deep, making me moan louder than I had ever done before. He kept pace, hitting my spot over and over and building me up again. "Touch yourself, I'm not going to last much longer," he grit out through his teeth.

I reached down to my overly sensitive nub and began to rub back and forth, intensifying the feeling in my lower abdomen. "Oh, god, Edward!" I yelled out as the orgasm rocked through me so hard that I saw colors.

"Bella!" was all he managed as he fell on top of me. I could feel him twitch inside me. It took him a full minute to move, not that it bothered me. I was in a state of bliss and didn't care.

Edward finally rolled off and I missed the warmth; I felt empty yet sated. I hummed in contentment. I began to climb out of bed to find something to throw on when I felt a strong hand grab me, pulling me back on the bed.

"I'm not done with you, Bella, I've had all night to think about the things I want to do with you."


The sun was blinding me, and I felt a wonderful ache all over my body.

He left just before dawn, saying thanks for a good time. I laughed and waved him off.

I started my day with a shower and then coffee. I booted up my laptop so I could get started with payroll and bills. I remembered watching my dad doing this. He taught me to pay bills and create a budget so that I would know how to do it when I was on my own.

It's what we were doing when the alarms around the house started to go off, and he yelled for me to go hide.

I ran up the stairs into a pocket in the wall; it was impossible to spot unless you actually knew it was there. I pulled out the new gun that Dad had gotten me, readying myself.

I heard yelling. "Where is it?" a man asked my dad.

I peeked just a little to see if I could see anything. I saw my dad with his hands behind his back, two guns on him and a tall, thin-looking man with black hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"You'll never get it. It's gone." My dad laughed.

I felt tears falling but I couldn't make a sound.

One of the men hit Dad across the face with the gun.

Dad spit out blood. "You might as well kill me."

The knock on my door brings me back to the present. It's Angela.

"Hi, Bella, I noticed you forgot the deposit. I thought I should let you know I'm going to do that." I love Angela.

"Yes, thank you. I did get caught up in something. Just bring me the deposit slip when you're done."

She nodded her head, giving me a knowing smirk.

"You totally told that guy I was in, didn't you?" I raised my brow at her.

She shrugged her shoulders and walked out. I laughed and shut my door.


Go hálainn~ beautiful

Álainn, álainn. Tá tú ag dul a screamadh mo ainm mar a thagann tú níos déanaí~ Beautiful, beautiful. You are going to scream my name as you come later.

Scriosfaidh tú mo ainm nuair a thugann mé do bhailí leat.~ You will scream my name when I feed your balls to you.

Leanbh~ baby


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