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"So, what'll it be?"

I look around nervously, taking in my limited space, and my limited time. What am I suppose to do here? Run? Perhaps go out on a whim and pray the janitor left his keys in the closet by the entrance? And even if I did that, I would be leaving my friends to fight this guy again. They've already fought enough. They've already gotten beaten up enough. There really is only one option, in the end.

"Ferb..." I whisper as quietly as I can without the guy hearing.

"Yeah?" He whispers back.

"I'm gonna-" "Hey, I hear that. Stop it. Decide now, or I will decide for you,"

I tense up. What am I suppose to do now? I have to let them know! I can't let them think I'm that self centered. I know it'd definitely at least effect Buford.

I figure there's nothing else. So, as sudden as I can, I turn around and sprint for the doors. Immediately, the man starts chasing me.

"Phineas, no!" Ferb yells, presumably thinking I'm just running, not minding the shade.

I turn sharp and pull the doors open, getting through the two sets of doors. I swing open the janitor's closet, swiping a wooden mop and shoving it through the door handles just as the man rams into it. Surprised that worked, I run back to the janitor's closet. I find the keys, sighing heavily in relief, as a loud crack comes from the door. I run to them and try to lock them before he could ram again and completely snap the mop in half.

And luckily, I succeed. He rams again, but the doors just don't budge. That's when he goes for the glass of the doors. Luckily for me, I had put in bulletproof glass on every door and every window because not too long ago there was a bad thunderstorm. Hail had broken the windows, and while trying to get the plans worked out, I suggested we used stronger glass so it wouldn't happen again.

Smiling to myself, I reminisce those happy moments when we'd wake up, eat breakfast, and then I'd say, "Hey Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!" and everything would turn out okay. Because we were kids. We had our innocence, our ignorance, and our hopes.

That's when the guilt really settles in. My friends are out there all alone, thinking I've run away. Locked them out, to be chased by and probably captured by that guy.

I hold the key to the door tight in my grip. Now's my chance to do something for my friends. To help them. To save them.

I unlock the door and swing them open, running out into the shade where the cold air rushes at my face. And then I tense up.

I'm more scared than I realize, but I can't let fear control me. I need that same confidence as when I was inside; my friends are in trouble, hurt, and being beaten to a pulp, and I'm going to do something about it.

I shake away my thoughts and start outside, listening for the fight which was to my right. Following the sound, I make it to the opposite corner as the one I hid behind last time. On this one, the shade went past the side of the building; right next to the fight. Maybe this will be easier than I thought!

I jog a ways before stopping, taking in the situation.

Baljeet is completely out and doesn't look too good but he'll be okay. Ferbis also on the ground, and in much worse condition than Baljeet, but still somewhat awake which is good. Buford is still trying to fight the man, is obviously losing about as battered as Ferb.

I sprint towards the man and sock him in the jaw as quick as possible, before backing away again, making sure to watch my surroundings carefully. One small mistake can easily turn this fight into an even bigger disaster.

Buford is thrown off to the side, again, and the man makes his way towards me. The punch didn't even seem to phase him.

"Your friends have gone through a lot of trouble to protect you. I wonder how it'd make them feel if they lost their friend after all this. I wonder how it'd make you feel, too, wasting all of their efforts like that. Letting themselves get bruise after bruise, only in order to protect you, the boy a mere few feet from my grasp. You're a pathetic friend," He smiles a nasty smile. I look to the ground.

No, I won't give in to his words. My friends got beat up, yes. That's exactly why I'm doing this! To protect them…

"But now I really must ask. What is the point of friendship? What is the point of trust, or care, or sympathy? If those guys are really your friends, and you cared so much, why'd they get beat up in the first place? Why should they trust you, or care about you, or have any sympathy for you, when… This all happened due to your own fear? Maybe protecting your friends crossed your mind, but what are you really protecting them from at this point? Look around! Like the outcome of simply complying to my request would have been that much worse?" He pauses, as if expecting an answer, but suddenly, my throat is too tight to get any words out.

"Hm. That's what I thought," A small, disheartened sigh escapes him as he looks off to the side for only a second. His sudden change in mood confuses me as he, nearly inaudibly, repeats himself, "That's what I thought…"

I stare at my feet, lightly kicking at the dirt.

"And now, young man, there's nothing left for you to do. Your friends have been put out of commision. The moonlight will only pain you, only make you something you're not, and something you don't want to be," Something about his tone remains sad and unhappy.

"No matter what, you'll have to go with me… It's the way things are. You don't understand, but trust me… You will. I am going to be honest, kid. Neither of us want you or anybody else to be in pain, physical or emotional, as off as it may sound. Just come with me and I'll help you avoid the light,"

His tone, soft and stern at the same time, reveals more than his words alone. This man is in some sort of emotionally-set trap. This man doesn't want this. He doesn't want to hurt people or kidnap them, he's being forced to do it. But by who? Well, okay. My dad. But what's keeping this guy obedient to him?

I realize he needs some sort of reply.

"I…" I try to speak, but am not sure what words to use.

"Don't you worry, son. I'm the only one he sent out here," He tries to say reassuringly. I sigh heavily, hoping I'm making the right choice…

"Wait! Why do you have any right to take him?" Ferb butts in from off to the side. Getting up, he kind of limps over to me quickly and grabs my arm.

"Ferb," I say as I pull his hand off of me, "It's okay. If I need to go, then it's okay. I just don't want this to happen. Ever again. And if I don't go with him… I'm afraid he might have to face the consequences too."

Ferb looks at me with a pleading expression, but he knows how stubborn I can get. He should know by now that I've made up my mind. I'm gonna have to go with the man.

"No-" "Don't worry, Ferb. It's going to be alright," I give him my most reassuring smile before turning to the man.

"So how are we going to do this?"

"I have a blanket in the car. Just stay here," He walks over to his car which was parked around the corner near the other side of the school.

"Phineas, you can't go with this guy! You don't know him, and anything could happen while you're there!" He tugs on my sleeve uselessly, giving me a look close to that of a begging puppy.

"Listen Ferb, I like helping people and… this guy, he doesn't want this! Something's going on here. And besides, it's my dad! I don't want this either!"

The sound of the man closing the car door echos in the silence of the night, warning us of our upcoming departure.

"Listen Ferb, everything will be okay, I promise! I'm just going to see what's going on and see if I can do something about it. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't! Just… try to keep mom and dad as calm as possible when they find out I'm gone," I give him my own pleading expression, and thankfully he gives in to it.

Suddenly, we hear the sound of police cars coming from a distance.

"Mrs. Richards and the other students must have heard the commotion and called the authorities…" Ferb says, looking in the direction of the oncoming flashing lights.

"Let's go. Now," The man urges, and I knew why.


"I'll see you again soon, Ferb. Just don't worry! I can take care of myself," Ferb's face turns to one that clearly says, 'Are you sure about that?' But returns to sad as I pull him into a tight hug. And after our quick, but still loving hug, I turn to the man.

He holds up the large blanket and we begin walking, the man's height being a great advantage in protecting me.

"Phineas…" Ferb says, yet remaining unmoving. And, as the sirens grew nearer and Ferb grew smaller, I began to hope this wasn't all a huge mistake.

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