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Chapter 1

A Diamond in the Rough


He floated away from that beautiful voice. Into nothingness. So this was death?

"Prince Diamond." A soft voice called to him. He turned around in the world of purple, black and silver swirls.

"Who's there?!" he said alarmed. A young girl with beautiful magenta hair appeared before him.

"Prince Diamond," the girl repeated.

"What do you want? Just leave me be. I must go to where Sapphire and the others went. At least I can grieve my loss with them."

"What if I could give you a second chance at life Prince Diamond?" He stared at her.

"What do you mean?"

"You've finally learned what love is but you never go the chance to have a life with it." Diamond frowned at the girl. Taking in her features more. She had slightly wavy magenta hair that reach past her shoulders. Half of her hair was pulled up into an elegant messy bun that has purple roses woven into it. She was wearing an outfit similar to Sailor Moon though. Her bow was a hot pink color with a purple heart in the center. Her skirt was white with a purple and pink ombre towards the bottom of it. She wore heeled ballerina shoes the same color as her bow that tied with a single strap around her ankle. A small bow with a crescent moon decorated the top of tip of her shoes.

"Who are you? Are you a sailor scout as well?" She said nothing; her amethyst eyes boring into his own. She seemed wise despite how young she looked and somehow familiar. That's when Diamond noticed the earrings the girl had on, so similar to the ones he wore.

"Are you part of the Dark Moon Clan?!" A small nod was the only response he got.

Why was this girl even here? He moved to float in the direction he had been before.

"Would you take a second chance Prince Diamond?" Diamond stopped again and faced her once again.

"Yes I would. I've made so many mistakes. I would love to make a better future for my people." The girl finally smiled.

"My name is Amertine and I've come to give you the opportunity for a second chance." She walked towards him and handed him a chain necklace. The pendant was of a crescent moon and a purple gem sitting on top.

"This will allow you to go back in time to a moment where you can fix what you did wrong."

He took it and placed it around his head.

"How does it work? " He asked.

"I hope you succeed." She smiled eyes full of hope. She pulled out a pink scepter (see comments below) and made a heart shape around herself and she disappeared.

"Wait!" Diamond felt a tug around his navel and then the world turned black. He woke up on his bed back on his home planet. He got up determined, calling out for Sapphire. Sapphire appeared quickly and Diamond couldn't help himself. He ran and hugged him.

"It's so good to see you."

"You saw me yesterday brother." Diamond pulled away.

"Come we have somewhere to go."

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