Transformers (Bay Movies)

Yandere Optimus prime x Yandere Megatron x OC Sabina Rose

Chapter 14.

"Sabina really didn't move much since the incident with optimus, he stayed a little more often than normal and treat Sabina's cuts. She was more terrified of Optimus even when he constantly apologized to her, it lasted for a week when Sabina's wounds healed though they were now permanently scared with optimus's name on her in his language. Sabina did ask Optimus for her to be alone for a little while, of course optimus knew why she wanted to be alone and he respected her wishes. Before leaving he did place a kiss on her lips though she didn't kiss back which annoyed him a little without showing it to her, once he left Sabina was relieved that she could be alone. After optimus had cut engraved his name on her and marking her like property her thoughts on him changed she was more afraid of him than Megatron, Sabina wished that someone would find her and take her away from optimus and be with Hiro and the others again where she felt safe. During the time optimus stayed round longer he ended up showing her where the motion detector where whenever she felt like roaming around when she was better, it had stopped snowing but it was still cold so she wore her winter attire. Being outside in the in the cold help her just as much as walking around the wilderness not far from the facility, she stopped in her place since it was the point of her not crossing due to one of the motion detectors. Sabina wanted so badly to run away from the place she was captive in, she then dropped to the ground on her knees looking at that snow that started to seep into the ground. At the moment she came to her senses when she felt a present right in front of her with concern and curiosity, it made her look up to see a person just feet from her wearing winter hunting attire and a he removed his hunting mask and goggles to have a better look at her and he was very surprised to see her as he took one step to her

"You're Sabina Rose?"

"DON'T MOVE!" Sabina quickly yelled that to the man making him stop moving as she continued to speak to him

"Listen do you have a vehicle with you?" After she ask that the man answered her

"Yes I have a pick up truck I was deer hunting." She saw his aura colors where telling the truth and that he wouldn't hurt her either which made her relieved and she spoke

"How far is it?"

"It'll take me an hour to get to it can you wait that long?" He said that when he was walking backwards and Sabina nods yes to him once which he then turned around and quickly started running off, Sabina then started to cry with tears of joy as she went back to the facility to get her engagement ring from her room which she placed on her ring finger and kissed the stone on it. She then went back outside and waiting at the same stop where she met that man, despite optimus hurting her he was still a leader and swore to protect the planet along with his allies so she wont mention where she was to protect Optimus's private facility location and lie. As much as she wanted too she couldn't bring the art pieces she did, after waiting the man returning driving in his pickup truck and stopped at the same spot where he found her. There was hesitation when Sabina took one step forward, then it disappeared when she say the passenger door open from the inside of the truck. See that made her run to the truck triggering the motion detector when she went past it, within less than a minute Sabina got in the truck and the man that was driving it quickly took off.

"Listen carefully if you don't want to die, you need to follow my instructions one mistake and we're both in serious trouble." When Sabina said that she saw the man's color change to fear while he was focusing on his driving, though she did question him

"Are you married?"

"Yes I am" Was the answer she got from him and she continued to speak to him in a serious tone

"Dispose your phone, your calls will be traced. Get rid of the license plate on this vehicle get rid of it as fast as you can." Upon saying that it caught he attention and he questioned her

"You want me to get rid of my truck?"

"If you want to live and nothing happening to you both yes, you'll be rewarded so you'll get enough to buy a new truck and more." After Sabina said that she saw the man's colors start to calm down which made her relieved, at the speed they were going it didn't take long to get to the main road. Sabina had taken the man's hat switching out her own along with the scarf covering the bottom haft of her face and she also took his sun glasses, during the drive Sabina had taken the man's phone and threw it out the window causing it to break to pieces. The man told Sabina his name and about his wife work schedule which meant they had a short amount of time to dispose of the truck, it took about an hour and a haft to reach the town he lived and his place of living. The man gave Sabina a screw driver before she got out of the truck and knew what to do with it, when she got out she took off both of the license plates while the man was cleaning out the things he needed that took a little over five minutes. Once he got everything out he unlocked his house and let Sabina in before shutting it behind her, the first thing she did was make sure all the curtains and blinds where closed. Since it was a one story home it wasn't hard for her to find the windows, upon closing all the blinds and curtains she was able to remove the hat, scarf and winter coat she wore and putting them on the counter table. After she freshened up with the bathroom she found she couldn't help but look at the permeate scar optimus left on her stomach after she looked at her neck seeing the bruises that where healing.

"I still can't believe he actually did this to me?" When she said that a small amount of tears fell down her face before she pulled her shirt back down and left the bathroom, the second she sat on the couch she heard the door unlock and the man that helped her coming through the door and closing it before he locked it.

"Alright Sabina did what you said." When he said that Sabina stood up and questioned him

"How did you do it?"

"Drove it in a lake, there was no one around and if they find it no one will know it's mine." Was his answer to her and she smiled to him

"Thank you Mr. Walker, you have no one what I've been through recently."

"Would you like something hot to drink?" He asked her that when he walked over to his kitchen and she answered him

"Yes please that would be nice." After she said that she looked at her engagement ring that was still on her finger and kissed it

"What do we do next?" Hearing that question she answered him

"Luckily me and Toshiro came prepared in case I was kidnapped and escaped also if someone found me. I'll give you his number and write down what you need to say, use a payphone for the call. Do you have anything I can write and also I need paper to draw on there's a good chance you might see my kidnapper." Not long after that she first drew Optimus's holo form and what she drew next was his vehicle mode on the same page that had enough space, Mr. Walker then complimented her art work and thank him for it once she was done. Sabina then started writing on the back of the paper she drew.

"Please listen, you need to follow these steps. Use every work and answer these question as I write them. And be VERY careful on what you say no doubt that call will be traced you even mention my name once and we're both domed." After she said that she finished writing on the page and handed it to him while she still spoke

"We can't wait till tomorrow either. It needs to be as fast as possible and during the day while there's still sunlight out. And I can't go out, can't be to certain." Sabina's certainty was correct the second she ran past the motion detector it set off the alarm to Optimus, during that time he was doing patrol for Decepticon activity. Once he got to the facility he turned on the hidden camera that was station at the motion sensor that went off, what he saw was Sabina running to a pickup truck with the passenger door open. Once she got in the truck drove off, Optimus then looked at the license plate number. He told her about sensors but not of the cameras. The license plate was all the information he needed to find the human the aided her escape, though from that time Sabina was brushing her hair several times before she re braided it. Once she was done she put the previous attire back on her with only the hat and scarf for the hat she tucked in her hair more making it easy to disguise herself, then she put the scarf on her and the jacket would go on last once Mr. Walker returned for her. After what seemed like ten minutes went by Mr. Walker had returned for her she saw the worry in the color of his aura that worried her, Sabina quickly put on her jacket while she was running out of the door with Mr. Walker. Since they had disposed of the pickup truck, they had to walk on foot for a little while until the two of them had reached a hotel that was highly populated. Once the two where in there hotel room Mr. Walker had told Sabina that Toshiro would send a car for the two of them once he arrived in town, saying that made Sabina so happy that she started to cry tears of joy. Mr. Walker left the hotel room when he saw that she wanted to be alone, little did he know was something he shouldn't had done. Not long after he left the hotel someone strong had grabbed and dragged him to a dark alley where he nor his captor could be seen, Mr. Walker had struggled to get free from the man's grip that was on his neck and his back pressed against the wall. When he opened his eyes he saw who was attacking him and he recognized him from the drawing Sabina had given him, it was Optimus using his holo form. His eyes showed anger and they were glowing the same blue as his real eyes that surprised Mr. Walker the most.

"You're a hard human to track, it was clever to dispose of your vehicle." Mr. Walker started to get terrified at the tone of anger Optimus was giving him and even more when he start to tighten his grip on him

"Where did you hid her?" Upon asking that question he loosened his grip so that he could get his answer which he did

"Go to hell, after what she told me what you did. I don't think I can live with myself if I told you." That answer wasn't the one Optimus wanted to hear, upon hearing that he did something he'd ever done and vowed to ever do. He had killed him by breaking his neck with a great amount of force, though when that happened something happened to Sabina. When she was about to grab her water the glass on it cracked just before she touched it, seeing that terrified her she knew what that meant and she feared for her life like she did before and the scar on her stomach left like they were started to burn up.

"The scars there burning. HE'S nearby and thinking about me." She held her stomach while she fell on the ground on her knees and tears started to come down her face, she thought of what he would do to her when he found her. From all the stories and information she got on Yandere's, Sabina thought he would break her legs so she would escape or drain the life out of until she was soulless doll. Or worse he would killed her fiancé that she loved more than anything and meant the world to her, Sabina couldn't step foot outside the hotel and she knew that Mr. Walker wouldn't tell Optimus which hotel she was in. She left safe for the time being since the area she was in had a lot hotels around for tourist, though what worried her was the time until Toshiro would land that was seven hours. Until she had a call from the front desk she was going to need to stay in her hotel room and order room service, to help make time go by a little faster and the thing she missed was watching really tv and go on the movie channel. Though she ended up sleeping in the middle of her second movie. Sabina was woken up by the room's phone and she answered it.


"Hi ma'am, there's someone by the name of Toshiro here claiming that he is your ride." Hearing the employee say that made Sabina stand up from off her bed

"Yes that's correct he'll pay for the stay, I'll be right there."