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That Night. . .

Rating: PG-13

*a month after the events of "Conspiracy"*

Jordan stepped off the elevator, obviously distracted.  Without even speaking to Emmy as she walked past the desk, she headed straight for the office where Bug and Nigel shared space.

Jordan. . . 

Yeah, he's in there.  Alone.  That's good.  Ok, Jordan, deep breath.


"Morning Jordan.  And how are we this fine Boston day?"

"Um. . .  Well. . .  Nigel?  We need to talk."

"We do?  About what?"

"Well, um, remember when you were being all 'I don't want to be the computer geek of the office' but you helped me out with the case I was on?"


"And you said that what happened that night would never happen again?"

"Yeah. . .?"

"Well, um, it's gotta at least be mentioned."

"It. . .  What are you saying?"

"Can we go in my office for a minute?"

"Of course.. ."  Oh dear Lord.  There's only one thing I can think of that would make her like this ~ and make her mention that night again.  That night. . .

*flashback to the events of a month earlier*

"Please evacuate the keyboard area."  And with those little words, I was back to Nigel, the computer geek of the morgue ~ at least for the moment.  So I helped Jordan out on her case a little.  It's no big deal.  Watching her struggle at the computer was too pitiful, I had to do something.

And then it happened.  We went by the Pogue so Jordan could see Max and we grabbed a couple of beers and played some pool ~ a little longer than we'd intended but necessary so that Jordan could drive home ok.  Since I'd taken the train as usual, she offered to give me a ride home, and knowing I had just missed the last T of the night, I would have to catch a cab which could take forever, I accepted.  I'm not really sure of everything that happened, but I offered to introduce her to my pet pig, Rosie, and one thing led to another without us meaning to do anything, and. . . .  Well. . .  We both agreed that it meant nothing afterwards and amazingly ~ or maybe not so ~ we were able to continue things between us just as they'd always been.  No one had a clue that, if you wanted to get technical, Jordan and Nigel were, at least for one night, more than just friends. . .

*back to the present*

They moved into Jordan's office, somehow avoiding the rest of the staff on their way there.  Jordan pulled the door closed behind them, and shut the blinds before sitting down on the couch and motioning Nigel to do the same.  Uncharacteristically, Jordan found herself fumbling for words, so Nigel picked up the conversation.

"Ok.  So, Jordan?  What are you talking about?"

"Nige, we're talking about what you think we're talking about."

"The night I helped you with your computer research?"


"You've learned how to do more than a keyword search?  Fancy that!"

"Nigel. . ."

"Ok, ok.  I just. . ."

"What happened was, well, not what either of us planned to have happen.  Ever."

"True. . ."

"But. . .  Well. . ."

"Jordan, just tell me.  What's going on."

"I'm late."

"You're. . ."

"Late.  As in. . ."

"I know what 'late' means. But have you. . ."

"No.  I think ~ no, I know I've been in denial. But I'm a week and a half late.  And I'm never late."

"Jordan. . .  I. . ."

"I've got a test in my bag.  I just haven't wanted to take it yet.  I've been. . .   Shit, Nige.  I'm scared."

"I. . .  Well, I don't know exactly how you feel.  But I know I'm pretty scared myself right now.  But whatever happens, we'll figure something out and get through this together.  I promise you."

"I didn't think you'd abandon me.  I just. . .  I'm going to go and do this thing now."

"Alright.  I'll be right here."

Jordan went down the hall, for once wishing she was the type of person who wore baggy clothes with pockets so she could hide the object in her hand better.  At least it was wrapped sort of the same so that people would just make that assumption.

Jordan. . .  If only it *was* that.  Life would be so much easier.  What had Garret said a couple of months ago?  "Jordan, I can't even see you with a goldfish," and "I think we should take care of our own issues before we have children."  Oh God, I didn't expect those to become prophetic words. 

And just when things were starting to look up with Woody.  Oh hell!  The first guy I've ever been able to admit to myself that I was falling for ~ the first one I was ok with not being in total control with, and now this happens.  I mean, yeah, Nige and I both agreed that it meant nothing ~ I mean, it happened, but we both agreed that it was a one time only mistake and wouldn't happen or be mentioned again.  So things should have been fine.  But now what was nothing ~ what was one night of stupidity ~ might mean everything. . .

Wow, I guess the hands of fate are working in my favor ~ I managed to get here without running into anyone. Ok, Jordan.  Just relax.  Take the instructions out of your pocket and take a deep breath. . .  Alright.  That's done.  All that's left to do is wait.  Should I wait here or. . . ?  No, I'm definitely staying here.  I managed to get down here without getting stopped.  I know there's no way I'd be so lucky now.  At least if I wait I'll know one way or the other and hopefully not be as jumpy.  I mean, either way it's gotta be better than not knowing.  Right?

Ok, the moment of truth.  Deep breath.  And again.  Come on Jordan.  You're 33 for Pete's sake.  It's not like you're too young.  I mean, yeah, it's not ideal, but it's not what I pictured for myself.  Ok, here we go. . .  Turn it over. . .  Shit!  A plus sign!  I knew it ~ like I told Nige, I'm never late.  Ok, I guess I'd better go and fill him in. . . .

. . .to be continued. . .