Chapter One- Coincidences

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South Dakota

Souix Falls

Singer Salvage Yard

11:24 PM

April, 2005

A bright flash of light brought Bobby Singer from his perusal of a book on Windigos and over to the window pointed at the junkyard. Squinting through the smudged glass, he eyed the fading glow of light inside of the junkers parked off to the side, before snuffing out completely and leaving the area bathed in it's usual darkness.

Wrapping his fingers wrap around his familiar shotgun as he debated on the wisdom of going out to check. Nothing else had happened so far, but something, a voice at the back of his mind, whispering he should go check just in case.

Hesitating a moment longer, he tightened his grip on the shotgun and slipped outside onto the porch. Taking the time to manually shut the screen door so it wouldn't squeak, he shot a quick look around the area before creeping towards the car slowly.

Once he reached the back bumper, Bobby stopped, cocking his head and listened carefully before making his way around to the side and peeking through the broken window.

A sleeping form greeted his cautious glance, making one of his eyebrows raise up. "What in the hell..?" He muttered under his breath and straightened up to look at the girl laying across the back seat more clearly.

Short, black hair and slightly chubby cheeks followed by a narrow neck and wide-set shoulders. Whoever she was, she was short, about five foot five or six was his best guess considering she could almost lay flat on the seat with only a little bend o her knees.

Her size didn't indicate she wasn't dangerous though. He still remembered the midget vampire that nearly took his head of about seven or so years ago. Damn thing couldn't have been more than four feet.

Keeping his grip on the gun, he eased the door open and slipped out the silver knife he kept on his side at all times. Leaning forward slowly, he pressed the flat of the blade against her arm,, waiting for whatever it was to react.


Furrowing his brow, he Pulled away, not paying too close attention to where his arm went and ended up hitting the hilt of the blade against the metal frame beside him. Freezing, he looked up at the girl's face, watching it scrunch up slightly and her eyes flutter open slowly to stare at him in sleepy confusion before morphing into incredulity and finally fear when she spotted the shotgun and knife he still held.

"Oh my god- No! I'm not a demon or anything, don't shoot me!"

Five hours earlier

"Hey, Sonya, look!" Glancing over at her friend, Sonya pushed her Riddick goggles up on her forehead and squinted in the direction Jinx was pointing. "A Supernatural booth?" Fumbling in her pocket, she pulled out her glasses and propped them on her nose so she could see better. " 'Meet Robert Benedict and get a signed photo'." She read out loud, her eyebrows crinkling a bit in thought. "Isn't he the one that plays as Chuck?"

"I have no clue, wanna go? The Inuyasha panel doesn't start for a hour or so." Jinx glanced over at Sonya through the blue hair of her wig. "You like that show, right?"

"Well, yeah..." Sonya drawled lazily pulling the edge of her shirt up enough to reveal the demon warding tattoo she had stamped on her, in her opinion, slightly too big waist. "Either that or I'm a damn idiot for getting this for no reason."

"Shut up, you wanna go or not?" Jinx shoved her shoulder with a scoff and rolled her eyes.

Dropping her shirt, Sonya rolled her eyes too and headed in the direction of the booth, dodging around other people dressed in cosplay on the way.

Stopping beside the table, she eyed the various item for sale with a wry smile. 'Silver dagger- Real Silver!' And 'Demon's Trap stickers- Make your room a safe zone.' Making her laugh slightly before someone across from them cleared their throat to get their attention.

Dragging her eyes away from a Cold remake- '199$' Sonya looked up at a familiar face smiling lightly at her and Jinx.

"Hello there." Robert greeted them pleasantly, watching with growing amusement as the shorter girl stared at him silently for a moment before snaking herself out of whatever daze she was in. "Um, hi." She said back nervously, one hand fiddling nervously with a scarab beetle bracelet on her wrist. "I have to say, I half expected the person running the booth tell me you weren't able to make it." She laughed weakly when his smile widened slightly. "That would have been a bit awkward considering I'm the one running it." He shrugged one of his shoulders idly when she shot him a surprised look.

"I get bored and I make meeting my fans." Reaching over, he tugged a picture off of a pile and Pulled out a marker, signing it with a flourish. "What should I call you then?"

"Uhm... Sonya." She murmured, still shy despite his easy going conversation. Glancing up at her while he wrote, Robert eyed the bracelet she continued fiddling with. "Into Egyptian culture or just like the bracelet?"

Blinking in confusion, Sonya stared at him a moment before realization dawned. "Oh! Um, yeah. I like Egyptian culture, actually, I study ancient mythology from all around the world." She explained brightly, a familiar subject easing her nervousness while she spoke.

"You know." Robert grinned, looking at her with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. "Gods in multiple cultures are known to grant wishes."

"True." Sonya laughed and nudged her friend lightly. "What would you wish for?" Jinx blinked and pursed her lips in thought a moment before blushing a bit. "I'd like to take a picture with Katsuhiko Kawamoto."

Shaking her head at Jinx's predictability, Sonya spotted Robert's confused expression. "He's the voice actor from one of her favorite anime characters." She explained with a laugh, watching his expression clear and return to smiling once more.

"A modest wish when you could ask for anything." He chuckled, reaching over and offering his hand for Jinx to shake. Locking eyes with her once she gripped his hand, Robert smiled wide. "Wish granted." And winked when she laughed at his joke. The girls already knew he wasn't going to be there in the first place.

Letting go of Jinx's hand, he turned to Sonya and raised an eyebrow. "What would you wish for?" Crossing her arms, Sonya leaned against the booth in thought her lower lip sticking out for a moment. "Anything at all?"


"Hmmm..." Flicking her eyes around the place, she thought over all the things she had wished for in her life and glanced back over at Robert, a sheepish look on her face. "I honestly don't know, I mean..." She fiddled with her bracelet idly for a moment. "There's plenty of things II want, A list so long it'd make your head spin. But if I only get one wish, I'd rather it be for something I need."

"Certainly a wise thought process." Robert replied watching her closely a moment. "What would you need?"

"I don't know, I have great friends, a wonderful family and decent job." Pausing, she flashed him a sheepish smile. "Not something I imagined talking about when I came over here."

Smiling back, Robert leaned back in his chair and shrugged lightly. "Nothing wrong with a philosophical topic from time to time."

"Suppose not." Biting her lip, Sonya watched Jinx browse though the various items for sale on the table. "I suppose, if I had to pinpoint something I'd need in life, it would be adventure."

"Adventure? That sounds more like something you'd want, not need."

"Suppose it does, but I enjoy is discovering new things. I love to hike and just explore. Lately I feel like I've been stagnating and honestly it's been a bit depressing. "Glancing over at Robert, Sonya smiled wryly and shrugged a shoulder. "I know for a fact that if I did end up on an adventure, I'd probably end up dying in the first few days, but I'd feel so much better about life... I know it sounds weird, it's kinda hard to explain."

"Well.." Robert offered her a wry smile of his own. I can't promise that wish... How about a picture with me to tide you over while I decide i I can grant that?"

A wide smile split Sonya's face as she held her hand out for him to shake. "it's a deal, Chuck."

Laughing at the name, Robert stood up and shook her hand before coming around the table to stand next to her while she pulled out her phone for the picture.

Smiling down at the screen, she offered him a hug. "Thanks! My friends wouldn't believe me if I told them I met you without proof."

"Rude." He grinned and hugged her back. "Have fun with the Con." With a quick wave, she joined her friend and walked off into the crowd.

"That panel was a bust." Sonya griped, walking out of the auditorium with an equally displeased Jinx beside her. "They only had one voice actor there and it was the guy who did Jaken."

"No kidding. Talk about bad luck." Jinx groaned, looking down at the panel advertisement with a frown. Not paying attention at all until she walked smack into someone else.

"Ow! Oh crap." Falling back, she rubbed her nose with a pained grimace, glancing over at the guy across from her on the floor before freezing. "Jinx, you alright?" Crouching down beside her, Sonya eyed her friend with worry before spotting what she was staring at in shock.

Rubbing his elbow idly, Katsuhiko Kawamoto got to his feet and walked over to where Jinx still lay on the floor with a sheepish look on his face. "Apologies. I was not watching where I walked." He offered in stilted, formal English before holding out a hand for Jinx to help her up.

"Uhm... Uh, no... I wasn't watching either! I'm so sorry. You're ok? Or do I need to call an ambulance or-"

Chuckling, he held up a hand to stop her rambling. "I am ine. There is no need."

"You're my favorite voice actor!" Jinx blurted out in embarrassment, her hands waving about in her excitement much to Sonya's and Katsuhiko's amusement. "I didn't think you would be here, I mean, you aren't on any of the panels-"

Smiling slightly, Katsuhiko shook his head and laughed. I enjoy going to Comic-con often. However very few fans recognize me without my cosplay or me being in a panel."

"I uh... I really like your wok. I watch a lot of anime because I looked up what else you voiced in." Jinx explained with a light blush. Nudging her friend lightly, Sonya produced her cell phone. "Do you mind if she gets a picture with you? It would be a dream come true for her."

"Of course." He smiled and wrapped an arm around a suddenly-mute Jinx's shoulders, waiting for Sonya to snap the picture before letting go. "I have to be on my way." He offered with an apologetic smile, bowing quickly before disappearing into the crowd all before Jinx could get another word out.

Fiddling with her phone a moment, Sonya sent the picture to Jinx and glanced at her friend, a little worried with her sudden affinity for acting like a statue. Waving her hand in front of her face, Sonya frowned. Snapping her fingers lightly, she resisted the urge to shake the woman. "Yo, Earth to Jinx, you still alive in there?"

"I just got a picture taken with my favorite voice actor." She finally mumbled, making Sonya breathe a sigh of relief. "It- I... My wish actually came true." Looking over at Sonya with wide eyes. "That guy! Remember?"

"Frowning slightly, Sonya looked down at her phone where the picture of Jinx was still on display. "Holy shit, you're right."

"Do you think he knew he was here?"

"Maybe, we could go tell him you got your picture after all." Grinning at Jinx, she tipped her head in the direction of the Supernatural booth. "You wanna?"

"Yes! I gotta ask him if he knew." Grabbing Sonya's arm, Jinx drug her through the crowd, searching for the booth.

Five minutes later found the two of them staring at the much younger man standing behind the table. "Um... Hi?"

Glancing up at the two of them, the teenager sighed. "Sorry guys, Robert couldn't make it, he was invited to a panel at the Supernatural Con in San Diego."

"Uh, what? No, we talked to him like two hours ago." Sonya frowned at the kid as he looked up at them in confusion. "Sorry, I wasn't even here two hours ago, I went to get something to eat."

Pulling out her phone, Sonya scrolled through her pictures before finding the one she took of herself and Robert then showed it to the kid. "Then how do you explain that?"

Squinting at the picture, he scoffed and looked up at her. "Obviously someone that looks enough like him to make a passable cosplay. That isn't him, his beard is shaved for the off season."

"But..." Looking down at the picture herself, Sonya felt the little bubble of excitement she'd had all day slowly deflate. This was just a cosplayer? A damn good one, but still... "Alright, fine." With a small scowl, she deleted the picture with a couple of vicious jabs of her finger and stalked towards a nearby trash can so she could toss the signed photo in.

"I'm going to the hotel room, Jinx. See you later." Without looking back, she stalked out of the building, heading next door to the hotel they were staying at for the weekend.

Realizing she was overreacting a bit, Sonya let out a long sigh and slumped against the elevator wall. She shouldn't be all that surprised honestly, it had seemed to be too good to be true.

Stepping out into the hallway, she wandered down towards her room and unlocked it so she could slip inside. Turning on the light, she pulled her goggles off and flipped them onto one of the beds while walking towards the bathroom so she could wash up.

A few hours later, she was fast asleep in her bed, Jinx still at the Con and the lights off. A faint pulse of blue light briefly flashed in the corner of the room, bringing forth a vaguely familiar figure as it walked forward and stopped beside her sleeping form.

Chuck watched Sonya sleep peacefully or a moment then allowed himself a soft chuckle. "Alright then." Reaching out, he gently rested his hand on her head, pausing when she shifted slightly and settled down right away. Smiling, he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Wish granted, Sonya." A bright light filled the room and vanished along with Sonya and Chuck.

Moments later, all the things Sonya had brought with her melted from view until the only items left were Jinx's.


Cringing back into the torn apolstery, Sonya stared wide-eyed at the man standing there. Her first thought was this being an incredibly vivid dream. Her second thought being why the hell was she dreaming about Jim Beaver?

"Calm down, I haven't decided to shoot you yet." Bobby stated gruffly, putting his gun down at his side and eyed her curiously a moment. "Though you sayin' you ain't a demon raises a few questions."

"You saying 'yet' isn't exactly comforting." Sonya muttered under her breath, sitting up cautiously while still eyeing his weapons.

"Well, you apearin' in my yard in a flash of light ain't exactly comfortin' either, Sweetheart." Moving away from the door, he gestured for her to get out and took a few more steps back while she slowly slid o the seat and onto the ground with her bare feet. "Ain't you a little under dressed to be wanderin' around in the middle of the night."

"Uhm..." Glancing down at her pajama shorts and shirt, Sonya frowned. "I was sleeping."

"In a car?"

"In my hotel room, smart ass." She shot back, the stress of the situation making her temper shorter than usual.

"Take it easy now." Bobby warned, shifting the gun in his hand slightly, watching her eyes dart back down to it and her irritation melt away into cautious fear once more.

"What's your name, girl?" He asked finally, drawing her gaze back up to his face, watching her expressions closely. "Sonya. Uhm... You said something about a flash of light?"

He gestured to the car they stood beside. "Jus' a few moments ago. Came out to look and there you were, fast asleep."

"And that makes you think 'gotta grab my gun'?" Sonya asked wryly, her stance relaxing a bit when it looked like he wasn't going to be pointing it at her again anytime soon.

"Well in my life, best be safe than dead." Bobby shrugged, watching her shift foot to foot a moment then sighed. "Look, I got some coffee going and might be some food i you look hard enough..." He paused, pinning her with a sharp look. "But you gotta wait outside until I'm sure you ain't some kind of monster."

"What do you expect me to do, morph into a three headed dog?" Sonya joked faintly, seeming to shrink under his steely gaze, slowly beginning to realize her dream wasn't about the actor, but about the actual Bobby Singer she adored on the show.

"Exactly, now come on. Might have something to wear 'sides those shorts you got on." With a gesture of his gun, he lead her up to the porch and stopped at the door. "Wait here." Then disappeared inside.

Wrapping her arms around herself, Sonya looked around nervously. Due to the last few Supernatural themed dreams she'd had in the past, Sonya couldn't help but feel like something was going to jump out at her at any given moment.

The creak of the screen door brought her out of the disturbing thoughts of a vampire or ghoul grabbing her to chow down on and over to where Bobby stepped back out to join her on the porch.

Turning to ace her, Bobby studied Sonya thoughtfully a moment, then placed a couple things on the table beside him. "Just a precaution."

"Right, no, it's ok." Sonya shook her head and moved over to join him, looking down at the stuff he had brought out with him.

Picking up the flask, he held it out to her. "First things first, holy water and silver. Can't be too careful." Offering him a wry smile, Sonya took the flask and turned it around in her fingers, watching as he studied her hands then nodded to himself. "Bottoms up then." With a shrug, she unscrewed the cap and sniffed the contents curiously before taking a drink, giving it back once she swallowed. Wiping off her mouth, she shrugged. "I did say I wasn't a demon."

With a soft rumble of agreement, Bobby took the flask and picked up the next thing on the table, a long, iron chain. "Hold still."

Biting back the many, many comments she could make about the situation, Sonya stayed silent and watched him move closer and wrap the chain around her for a moment, holding it in place before grunting and taking it back off. "Well, you ain't any kind of monster I know."

"Just human." Sonya shrugged, watching him gather up his things then walk towards the door. "Come on then, makin' me feel cold seeing you dressed like that." With a quick glance around once more, Sonya followed him inside the house and stopped in the doorway, mouth dropping open as she stared wide-eyed at the stacks of books piled on every surface as well as the floor. "Oh my god, I've died." She muttered in wonder, head turning in every direction possible.

A low chuckle brought her back to Earth, looking over at Bobby, she blushed in embarrassment and shifted on her feet. "Sorry, I just really love books."

"Well, you showed up in the right place then." Putting his shotgun down against a wall, he disappeared into the kitchen with Sonya trailing along behind him. Her eyes darting from one book to the next, fingers just itching to pick one up and start reading right then and there.

Pausing in the doorway, she watched Bobby hunt through his cabinets before finally locating a coffee cup then begin searching once again. "Oughta have sugar around here somewhere."

"Um, it's alright, I don't really like sugar in my coffee." Sonya piped up, moving closer to the kitchen table and offered him a slight smile when he glance over his shoulder at her. "Well... Here's a cup. Ill just go find somethin' for you to change into..." Patting the counter awkwardly, he stared at her a moment longer then walked past her out of the kitchen and clumped up the stairs.

Watching him go, Sonya couldn't help but wonder at his easy acceptance of her suddenly arriving there the way she did. Really, would you trust someone that literally flashed into existence the way she did? No, you would not.

Stepping fully into the kitchen now, she made her way around the table and to the counter where the coffee cup sat. Picking it up, she couldn't help but smile wryly at the image of a wolf howling at a moon on it. The irony couldn't help but strike her as odd considering Bobby hunted wolves... Well werewolves anyway.

Picking up the pot of coffee, she sniffed it curiously and winced at the strong smell emanating from it. Apparently he never heard of making a new pot after a hour or so, leaving the liquid to slowly burn under constant heat. Ah well, she'd drank the hotel coffee just that morning anyway. That thought alone made her pause in the act of putting the pot back, her eyebrows furrowing slightly as she stared at the steaming cup in front of her.

This was just a dream right? It seemed so real though. Sonya could clearly remember the feeling of sharp rocks poking her bare feet earlier when she had been outside. It didn't hurt, but it was a distinct feeling that was rare in dreams. Fitting the pot back onto the burner, she reached out slowly and held her hand over the cup, letting the steam rise between her spread fingers curiously.

Pain normally woke people up in dreams, right? Not like she'd know, it was rare for her to dream in more than fragments anyway. This whole thing was new to her in terms of how long it was going on. They usually consisted of snippets of maybe five or six minutes. Long enough for something to happen, but it rarely held any basic actions in it, like this one for example.

But... She turned her head to eye the refrigerator. If this was a conscious dream, then... She should be able to control some aspects of it, right? It was all over the internet about people controlling dreams once they knew they were in one.

Abandoning the coffee cup, she wandered closer to the refrigerator, staring at it with intense focus.

"What the hell are you doing?" Bobby's voice broke through, shattering the concentration she had and making her jump just the smallest bit. "Uh, well..." She glanced at him then back at the refrigerator with a frown. "It's a dream, so, the Parmesan chicken I'm imagining should be just behind this door."

Bobby stared at her silently for a moment, then rubbed at his face. "Got a few screws loose up in your noggin' or something?"

"Nope, perfectly sane, thank you." Reaching out, Sonya grabbed the refrigerator handle and pulled the door open, staring expectantly into it only to blink at the empty shelves. Well, empty besides a few packs of beer anyway.

"Hmm... Maybe I'm thinking about it too hard."

"Or maybe you've just lost your damn mind." Bobby snorted, shutting the door on her and staring curiously at her. "What makes you think this is a dream?"

"Well, considering you aren't real in the first place..." Sonya rolled her eyes and turned away from him, moving back towards where she had left her coffee on the counter. "And the fact you didn't seem too worried or shocked that I appeared on your doorstep either." She added over her shoulder, circling her hand around the cup and staring down at the steaming liquid inside. "It doesn't add up realistically, so... Dream."

"I don't know what the hell you mean by me not being real, but I hate to break it to you, Sweetheart, this ain't a dream." Bobby snorted, slowly making his way around to the table and leaning against it while he watched her closely, starting to worry for the sanity of the girl he had just taken in.

Though she had been right on one thing: It wasn't like him to just take someone at face value and with very few questions asked. He gave her the tests and that was it, he felt like she was fine. His gut instinct was telling him she was fine. He was Bobby Singer, self-proclaimed paranoid bastard, and yet... He eyed Sonya as she continued to stare down into the coffee cup she had yet to really pick up.

What in the hell was happening here?

Before he could think of anything else to say, Sonya looked over at him and offered a bright smile. "Might as well enjoy it anyway." Picking up the mug, she lifted it to her lips and took a cautious ship, eyebrows furrowing slightly at the strong taste. "I don't get to just relax like this anymore between work and sleep."

Turning to glance around the kitchen again, she shrugged a shoulder and took another sip of slightly burnt coffee idly. "Not like there was much to do in Indiana anyway."

"That where you're from?" Settling down at the table, he fiddled with a cup of his own, watching her closely as she stared blankly at the space in front of her. "Yeah, lots of... Corn. Fun, fun times." She laughed weakly, the laugh of someone that's told that joke far too often and doesn't even find it funny anymore. "Northern Indiana, Jasper county. The only fun things to do there requires more money than you're willing to cough up for a couple hours of entertainment. Sad thing is, it's actually cheaper to buy drugs than it is to go bowling or to watch a movie. Explains a lot really."

"Sounds familiar." Bobby grunted, taking a drink of his own coffee and settling back in the chair. "Not much to do 'round here either."

"Well, at least you have your books." Sonya grinned, nodding at a haphazard stack in the corner of the counter, leaning up against a wall. "I'd never be bored living in a place like this."

"Like reading, huh?" Tipping his hat back, Bobby eyed the girl as she smiled wryly back at him, raising her cup to him in a salute. "Love it, best escape money can buy. Well, that and cable."

"Hmm." Knocking back the last of his coffee, Bobby nodded towards the bundle of clothes he brought with him when he walked into the kitchen earlier. "There's some clothes, bath's down the hall an' to the right."

"Oh, um, right... Thanks." Sonya finished her own coffee and walked over to pick up the clothes, holding them to her chest, she turned and looked at Bobby who was standing awkwardly by the table now. "I don't know why you're being so... Relaxed about all of this, but the only thing I can assume this is one weird ass dream. So, thank you, Bobby."

Turning away, she started walking out of the kitchen only to be stopped by a guarded, stern voice. "I never told you my name."

And so, here she was, hours later watching the sun rise in the window of Bobby's study while he worked away on his computer. It had taken her nearly a half hour to get him to calm down enough to listen to her so she could explain how she even knew his name.

And now he was back in the state of mind where he believed she was crazy again. It didn't help that the information she gave him about herself couldn't be found anywhere online. Anywhere meaning his access to databases most normal people didn't have gave up nothing. To put it simply, she didn't exist.

There was no Sonya Taisho born December 1991, not to mention, according to him, if she had been born in 1991, she'd only be fourteen right now. And obviously she wasn't, she may be short, but she wasn't a teenager, not by a long shot.

Rubbing her hands through her hair, Sonya let out a long, loud sigh as Bobby continued typing away on his keyboard. "I can't explain it to you any better than I already have." She finally groaned out, flopping onto the couch with an arm over her eyes. "If I had my damn wallet I'd be able to show you."

"Hate to tell ya, Sweetheart, but you don't exist." Leaning back in his chair, he looked at her from under the brim of his had, a curious frown on his face as he thought to himself. "No birth records for any Sonya Taisho for anywhere in the collective united states at any time during 1991."

Huffing out a sigh, Sonya rubbed at her face again in thought. "Well... Mom did mention naming me Amanda at some point before I was born, but decided against it after finally holding me. Something about how it didn't work."

Letting out a low hum, Bobby typed on his computer again, intense eyes focused on the screen for a few moments before clapping a hand against the edge of the desk. "There it is." Looking up from the couch, Sonya stared at him in astonishment. "You're kidding me."

Leaning back again, he gestured at the computer screen. "Right there. Amanda Taisho, Born December tenth 1991. Currently 14 years old and living in Indiana." Coming around the edge of the desk, she stared at the picture on display next to relevant information. No doubt, down to the odd looking mole on her left eyebrow, it was her as a kid. Even the goofy half smile she does whenever the camera is pointed at her.

"Holy shit..." Leaning closer, she stared at the picture closer, counting all the similarities. The small freckle at the corner of her right eye, the slight pout on her upper lip, all of it. Even the little scar she had in the center of her forehead from when she had chicken pox when she was six.

"This is... Unreal." She breathed, backing away and leaning heavily against the fireplace behind her, eyes wide as she stared between the computer screen and Bobby's face. "That's me- I mean, as a kid, but that's me!"

"You're tellin me. I'm lookin at it." Bobby raised an eyebrow and took his hat off to rub his head thoughtfully. "An' you have no idea how you got here?"

"None, I mean..." It had taken no more than a few minutes after calming Bobby down earlier for the realization to dawn this wasn't exactly a dream. Not the normal kind anyway. "I went to a Con, went back to my room and fell asleep. Next thing I know, I'm waking up to your face staring at me in the backseat of a car."

Frowning slightly Sonya chewed absently on her lower lip in thought. "Though..." The vague memory of Jinx getting her picture taken with a voice actor beginning to surface. "Never mind." Shaking her head, she let out a long sigh and rubbed her face again. "I'm exhausted."

Letting out a sigh of his own, Bobby nodded his head towards the couch. "Go ahead and sleep. Still some things I need to look at." Nodding wordlessly, Sonya slumped over towards the couch and collapsed onto it again, ignoring the way it groaned once she settled down on it and rolled onto her side facing away from the room.

Within minutes she was out light a light, soft huffing snores quietly escaping her. Bobby glanced away from his computer and over to where she slept, fingers idly tapping on the desk in thought. It was obvious she had some idea of what was happening, but refused to acknowledge it for some reason. He'd give her until the end of the week, and if she didn't say anything by then- she was gone, weather it was dangerous for her out there or not.