Chapter 4- Highs and Lows... Mostly Lows

And finally, here we are, where things finally start kicking up! According to the timing, it's one month away from the boys showing up at Bobby's. Give or take a few days anyhow.

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Plunking her bag down in the doorway of Bobby's study, Sonya did a quick mental check of everything she packed and nodded to herself in satisfaction before moving to join Garth at the desk where Bobby stood waiting.

"Got everything?"

Holding back a sick, Sonya nodded absently at the older hunter's question.




Patting the small of her back where the pistol he had gotten her rested comfortably, she nodded again. "Check."




"Figured I'd make new ones on the way there."

Narrowing his eyes at her sarcastic quip, Bobby continued. "Lighter?"

"Gonna rub some sticks together."


Reaching back, she patted her back pocket where her wallet rested." Right here."

"Other ID?"

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Sonya reached up and pulled a freshly made square of plastic out of the pocket of her open button down. "Got it."

"Killing a vampire means..."

"Cutting off it's head."

A beat, then- "You-"

"Salt and burn the remains. If you're feeling froggy, do a little tribal dance around the fire."

Hearing Garth try to cover a laugh up with an unconvincing cough, Sonya pressed her lips together to keep from smiling.

"Don't swallow any-"

"Vampire blood, I know, Bobby." she said with some exasperation. Fixing him with an earnest stare, she held her hands out slightly. "I've been reading up on all things monster for the better half of a year."

Huffing lightly under his breath, Bobby sat down in his chair, relenting a bit. "then git goin'. Don't need you in my hair anymore."

Sonya snorted at that, eyebrows raising slightly. "What hair?"

"Get out."

With a huff of laughter, Sonya sent Bobby a wry smile and spun around on her heel, heading back towards where her bag laid. "Call you when we get there." She tossed over her shoulder, waiting long enough to hear Bobby's usual grunt of acknowledgement before stepping outside and closing the door behind her.

With a small sigh, she shook off the feeling of forgetting something and moved to join Garth beside his truck where he stood waiting. Giving her an easy grin, he slapped the top with his hand and opened the door. "Ready to go?"

"Apparently." With a slight grin of her own, Sonya tossed her bag in behind the passenger seat and slid inside. Looking through the windshield at the house, she stared at it as Garth started the monster of a vehicle and turned around to drive away.

Turning her attention to the side mirror, she watched the house disappear in a cloud of dust before vanishing entirely from her field of view when the truck turned onto the main road.

"And I'll fly up into the sky!"

Sonya beat on the dash in front of her, mimicking the drums blaring from the stereo.

"Then i'll fall.. To the burning Earth below!" She bellowed out with Garth, her voice cracking a bit with the volume. Tipping her head back, she slapped her hands harder against the dash.

"Into the skyyyy!" Garth's off-key voice made her grin wildly and join in for the finish.

"And down... To... Earth!" They shouted together, neither one caring if they were in tune or not. With a resounding thud of her hands on the dash, the song finished.

Four hours of driving west had given the two of them an opportunity to learn something new about each other. Like the fact they both liked obscure bands barely anyone knew. It was a preference, Garth claimed, one you either picked up and loved, or hated it outright, there was no in-between. Leaning her arm out the open window, she let out a whoop of laughter as Garth tipped his head back and attempted to what she thought was a yodel.

Spotting a road sign up ahead, she reached over and turned the beginning base to another song down and pointed it out. "Looks like we're a few minutes out."

Nodding his head in agreement, Garth tapped his thumbs against the steering wheel in thought as they drove by the sign declaring they were entering Douglas Wyoming. "What did the reports say again?"

Leaning over the back of her seat, Sonya dug out the papers she tucked into her bag and shook them out. Scanning a couple of statements printed neatly on the first page, she cleared her throat and began reading out loud. "The first victim, Mary Stephen, 28, was found near North Platte river, throat torn open." Turning the page over, she grimaced slightly at the photo of a young woman with long brown hair laying near the edge of the water, limbs splayed out as if she had just been tossed aside.

"The second victim, Joshua Northon, 16, was found three days later in the same place. Marks on his wrists and ankles indicating he had been restrained before death." Flipping it over, she eyed the picture of a classic football star, complete with a Letterman jacket. Squinting slightly, she studied the close-up picture of the boy's neck, eyeing the obvious marks left behind by a feeding vampire. "Why was he restrained but the woman wasn't?" Garth's voice cut through her thoughts, making Sonya pursed her lips slightly and looked over at him in thought.

"She was probably attacked outright and he was kept as a sort of... Doggie Bag." She curled her lip slightly at the thought and shook her head, letting the papers fall onto her lap. "Either way, it has Vampire stink all over it."

Nodding his head enthusiastically, he turned onto the main road, pausing at a stoplight before turning right onto a less busy road. "Right on, lets find us a place to stay and something to eat then, amigo."

Grinning slightly at his exuberance for hunting all things monster, Sonya agreed with a low hum. "Two rooms though, we may be friends, Garth, but I don't ever want to find your underwear hanging over the side of the bathtub again."

"That was one time!"

"One time too many, my friend."

Stopping in the open doorway of her motel room, Sonya grimaced at the less-than-idea decor and kicked the door shut behind her. After paying for their neighboring rooms, the both of them agreed to a couple of hours to settle in and clean up from the ride over before going out to find something to eat. Tossing her bag onto the bed, she turned in a small circle to eye the area critically.

A single twin bed sitting in the middle with the headboard settled against cracked and peeling green wallpaper. It wasn't even a nice color of green, something closer to pea soup if she had to put a name to it. Turning around, she eyed the bathroom door with some trepidation before moving to push it open with a single finger, bracing herself for whatever lay beyond it.

Squinting open one eye, she felt a small rush of relief when she spied a relatively clean room, white tile, standing shower tucked into a corner and a toilet that looked like it had been bleached within an inch of it's life on the other side of the open door.

Nodding her head a bit, she breathed out a small sigh of relief and turned to face the room once again. At least the bathroom looked clean, she didn't think she'd catch anything from the toilet if she used it anyway.

With her inspection done, Sonya moved back towards the bed and opened her bag to dig around a moment to find the canister of salt. Straightening back up, she started pouring a thick line across the windowsill and across the threshold of the door. Thankfully it opened outward, all she had to worry about was not breaking the line when she entered or exited. Precautions finished, she moved back towards her bed and pulled out an old, unused journal she found a few months prior while digging around in Bobby's attic out of pure boredom.

Untying the string, she flipped it open and scanned over the first few pages she had filled with idle ramblings about thee show she remembered watching before showing up there. Various things underlined from time to time, names mostly, of people or cities. Vague recollections of the story line, something about the apocalypse and then a good character turned bad? It was all very fuzzy and hard to focus on, much like a piece of dust stuck to your eye, it's there, you see it in the corner of your eye, but if you try to look at it the damn thing moves away.

One set of names stuck out the most, so much so she had written them at the top of the first page in bold and underlined them several times. Sam and Dean, no recollection of what they looked like, or even gender, but those names were prominent. With a shrug, she flipped to a new page and clicked the pen in her hand, beginning to write about her first official hunt, even if it was with another hunter.

Pausing in her writing, she looked up at the window, watching the curtains stir slightly in the breeze from the overhead fan. Not that she was a hunter herself, not really. Sure, she knew what to do, how to kill monsters and even track them down. But until now, she didn't do much about it other than help Bobby when other Hunters called or stopped by for help.

After this though, she'd have the right to consider herself one, even if no one else agreed. It was just the first of what she hoped to be many hunts, first of many cases. A small smile hovered around her lips at the thought. Sure it was dangerous, but something deep inside crowed in excitement at the thought of finally doing something real to help people other than sitting off to the side with her head buried in a book.

Looking back down at the page, she doodled in the top corner idly, tracing the outline of an eight while she continued to think to herself about the current case they were on.

From the looks of things, it couldn't be very many vampires according to Garth. Maybe three or four at the most. She wrinkled her nose slightly at the idea of more than just one or two, her fingers twitching slightly in a sharp downward stroke of the pen, putting a line through the eight she drew from top to bottom.

But she really couldn't complain, Sonya shrugged, watching without really seeing as she drew a line off to the side, connected at the end to the first line through the eight so it tipped up just a bit. It was a case that Bobby himself handed to her willingly, if that didn't say he thought she was ready for this, than nothing would.

With a small huff, she stuck her tongue out slightly between her lips, watching as she completed the doodle with an arched line going up then another one straight down, looking a lot like the number four.

A knock on the door drew her out of whatever daze she was in. Blinking a bit, she shook her head and looked through the window to see Garth standing there, hands in his pockets as he waited for her to answer.

Not bothering to look at the journal anymore, or even finish her entry, she slapped it shut and tied the pieces of leather in a quick knot before reaching over to open the door and push it open. "Mind the salt."

Looking down, Garth carefully stepped over the line she made and shut the door behind him with a curious hum. "Bobby taught you well."

"Yeah, well, considering the kind of thing that tends to come around when a hunter stops by the house, you generally learn to keep a salt line at the door just in case." Shrugging slightly, she stuffed the journal into her bag and stood up, stretching her arms over her head with a low groan. "Ready to get something to eat?"

"Absolutely, talked to one of the housekeeping girls working the rooms and she mentioned a little restaurant that made the best homemade fries this side of the state." He rubbed his hands together eagerly with a lick to his lips. "Said we gotta try some while we're in town."

"Absolutely." Grinning at him, Sonya waved to the door so he'd open it and step out, following behind him as she shut and locked it behind her. "Lead the way, comrade."

"Ah, German!"

"Russian, Garth."


After one of the best meals she had in about a year, Sonya and Garth moved farther into town, tracking down the first lead they wanted to follow. Mary's sister, Lily, lived just down the block from the older woman, and was the last one to see her before she showed up dead the next morning.

Parking the truck alongside the curb, Garth looked over at her curiously as she pulled out her fake ID with a curious expression. Bobby had given it to her before she went upstairs to pack her things, not even an explanation, not that she needed one, it wasn't the first fake he had given to her.

But now she had the chance, she studied the plastic idly, taking in the picture he put on it then moving to the credentials listed below.

"Apparently I'm a private detective." She finally announced, turning to show Garth as he shuffled through the center console a moment before pulling out his own piece of plastic. "And I'm..." He squinted at it a moment and turned it to face her with a grin. "State police. You helping us with the case then?"

"Probably, but I'm having strong flashbacks of a show called Psych." Sonya muttered, rolling the sleeves of her button up down and buttoning it up about halfway to make herself seem more presentable. "Psych?"

"Never mind, some tv show I used to watch, not important." Waving a hand at him, she opened the door and stepped out, her gaze drifting up to the small apartment building in front of them.

Maybe four apartments at the most, all of them with their own balcony that faced towards the street. Turning to look at Garth, she eyed his hastily made tie and mussed hair with a sigh. "Wait, hold still." Moving in front of him, she rolled her eyes and undid the knot he made, carefully fixing and adjusting the tie so it sat a little more professionally before reaching up and fixing his hair so it didn't look like he just got into a fight with a hair dryer.

"There, much better." With a grin, she stepped back and admired her work, one hand reaching out to slap his away when it came up to loosen the tie. "Don't ruin my work."

"I hate ties." He wined, making her snicker lightly and link her arm with his while they walked towards the apartments. "Then you should have thought about it before picking your ID."

"I'll be the private detective next time." He grumbled in a very un-Garth way as she reached out and pressed the buzzer for Lily's apartment with an amused grin. "Sure thing."

Looking at him from the corner of her eye, Sonya pursed her lips thoughtfully and looked forward again. "You know, you should keep your hair that way, looks good on you."

Garth glanced over at her and reached up to touch his hair lightly with a thoughtful expression. "Ya think?"


A crackle from the speaker in front of them cut their conversation short as a young woman's voice came through. "Yes?"

Clearing his throat, Garth moved forward so she could hear him better on her end. "Hello, I'm with the state police here investigating your sister's death?"

The crackle and hiss coming from the speaker sounded for a moment before she spoke again. "Sissy's death was ruled an animal attack, why are the police looking into it?"

This time, Sonya stepped forward, putting a hand on Garth's shoulder to move him to the side. "There was new information that came up recently that brought some curious eyes towards it." She explained smoothly, silently thanking her lucky stars for her affinity for reading so many mystery books in her high school years.

A small pause then a buzzer sounded, indicating the door being unlocked. Sharing a look with Garth, they both shrugged and pulled it open to step inside, one of the doors at the top of the stairs opened, a brown head of hair sticking out to look down at them. Offering the young woman a smile, she walked up the stairs with Garth following behind. "You must be Lily."

"Yes..." The young woman hedged, obviously still nervous as she eyed the two of them when they came to a stop in front of her door. "Do you have ID?"

Reaching into her shirt pocket, Sonya pulled out her ID and handed it over to Lily, watching with some amusement as she stared at it closely then slowly handed it back to her so she could take Garth's next. Bobby had pointed out early on when she brought up the topic of fake IDs used in cases like this that generally the public knows little to nothing about what an official ID looks like other than police badges and the like. It was the ones that worked in law you had to watch out for.

Taking the card back, she tucked it away and stuffed her hands into her pockets, waiting for the woman to finish her inspection and hand Garth's ID back. "Why is a private detective working with the police anyway?"

"I generally lend a hand when the police run out of leads. A fresh pair of eyes." She shrugged lightly and offered Lily a small smile, one that spoke of stories she could tell if they had the time to. Visibly relaxing, Lily smiled back and moved away from the doorway, waving the both of them in with one of her hands. "Come in then."

Nodding at her in thanks, she and Garth stepped into the entry way, pausing at the edge of the linoleum square in front of the door to keep the carpet from getting damp should any shoes be wet when they come in. Stepping past them, Lily moved to the left where a small living room set up was, a love seat and a reclining chair along with a small coffee table set in the middle.

Sitting down on the edge of the recliner, Lily waved at the love seat for them to sit on. "Thank you Ma'am." Garth smiled winningly at her and settled down in the seat along with Sonya, both of them grunting a bit in surprise at how far the cushions sank down.

"Oh! Sorry, I should have mentioned the springs were broken..." Lily jumped up, ready to help them to their feet only to stop when Sonya laughed and waved her off. "No, it's fine, fine. Not the first broken couch I've sat in." Hesitating a bit, Lily slowly sat back down, watching the two of them with a small, worried frown tugging at her lips.

Garth grinned and slung his arms along the back of the couch, long limbs stretching from end to end as he relaxed back fully against the seat. Rolling her eyes at his unprofessional-ism, Sonya sent Lily an apologetic look. "Sorry, he's new to the force. Still a little... Rough around the edges."

Giving them a tight smile, Lily nodded her head slightly and tapped her fingers on her knees as Sonya pulled the packet of paper from inside her button up- she refused to carry anything resembling a purse- and flipped through the pages before finding the report on Mary. "Now it says here you were with Mary the night before she was found?"

Lily nodded and fiddled with her hands, fingers spinning a ring on the first finger idly while she spoke. "Sissy was here for dinner, we usually have dinner together on Friday nights after she gets off work." She bit her lip, eyes welling up with tears as she looked down at the floor. "I should have made her stay, she kept saying she didn't drink that much, but she was stumbling down the stairs."

Reaching out, Sonya laid her hand on top of Lily's getting her attention and stopping her from fiddling with her ring anymore. Idly she noticed they were cold and wet, probably was washing them before they buzzed the door. Shaking off the random thought, she focused on the woman's face, a gentle smile on her own. "Lily, it isn't your fault, you have to know that. No woman, no matter how old, don't do anything if they really don't want to."

Lily offered her a weak smile and nodded her head. "You're right, of course." A small sniffle prompted Garth to lean forward and grab the small box of tissues sitting on the table, offering them to her with a little smile of his own.

Taking one with a grateful look at him, Lily wiped her eyes and nose before taking a slow breath. "Then, she called me from her car, said something about almost being home before the call cut off. I think her phone died, she never really did keep it charged properly."

Sonya shared a look with Garth, they didn't have a lot of things to go by, the bare minimum of evidence that Bobby was able to get from the basic sources. If they wanted to get their hands on anything from the scene or even the coroners report, they would have to test their skills against the police department.

"That's- That's all." Lily shrugged slightly, her hands twisting on her lap again as she looked up at them. "Next day I got a call from the police department saying they found my phone number in her Emergency contacts."

Nodding slightly, Sonya heaved herself out of the trap of a couch and offered the young woman her hand to shake as she stood up too. "Thank you, it's one thing to read what happened and another to hear the information for yourself." Looking over at Garth, Sonya bit back a laugh as he struggled to his feet to join them. "Look, I don't think there's anymore you can tell us right now, but-" She reached into the pocket of his jacket and snagged one of the cards with his cellphone number on it and held it out to her with a smile. "If you can think of anything else, anything at all, please call this number and let us know?"

Lily took the card from her and nodded, staring down at the number scribbled across it with some measure of confusion. "It's my personal number, much easier to get a hold of me with that." Garth offered when she looked up at them in question. Her eyebrows smoothed out when she understood and nodded. "Of course. Absolutely."

Shaking her hand, Garth turned to wave Sonya towards the door. "We'll be on our way then. Please, don't hesitate to call if anything comes up, even if you don't remember." Garth paused beside the open door, sending Lily a serious look. "There's no telling if whoever did this knows where you are."

"Uh... Yes, right." Lily's eyes widened a fraction as he shut the door and lead the way down the stairs. Once outside, Sonya slapped him on the shoulder making the taller hunter flinch and look down at her in surprise. "Ow!"

"What the hell was that? Are you trying to scare her? She's already upset over her sister dying but now you got her paranoid someone's gonna come looking for her!"

"I just wanted her to be careful!" Garth complained, dodging away from Sonya when she went to slap his arm again, quickly moving around to the other side of his truck out of her reach. "And you know I'm right anyhow!"

"It doesn't mean you have to scare her!" Sonya snorted, opening the door with a jerk and slipping into the seat with a scowl as he clambered in as well, starting the engine while tossing her cautious looks the entire time, waiting for her to try and hit him again. "Alright, alright, i'm sorry." He groaned when she didn't say anything when he pulled away from the curb and back onto the road. "I shouldn't have said it."

Looking over at him, Sonya pursed her lips and slumped slightly in the seat. "You're right though, if the vamps find out about her, she could end up their next meal."

Tightening his grip on the wheel with one hand, Garth reached up and loosened the tie so it hung around his neck. "I know, that's why we gotta find them before they do." Shooting her a small grin, he nodded towards the papers still in her hands. "Anything else in there?"

"Not really." Sonya hummed, flipping through the papers, scanning them a moment then tossing them into the back seat. "You'll have to go to the police station to get your hands on the official reports."

"You don't wanna come with me?" He glanced over at her with a raised eyebrow, surprised she wasn't already suggesting they head over there to begin with. Sonya shook her head and sent him a wry smile, one hand reaching up to pat her pocket where the ID sat. "I don't really wanna chance this right now, first case and all, it wouldn't do to get arrested right away."

"Fair point, wanna go back to the motel?"

Looking out her window, Sonya spied a small shop among the others lining the street and smiled lightly. "No actually, let me out here would you? I wanna look around a bit."

"Right-o." turning the wheel, he pulled up along the curb and stopped, watching as she hopped out onto the side walk. "Shouldn't take long, wanna meet here or at the diner?" He nodded down towards the corner where the restaurant sat. Glancing over towards it, Sonya nodded. "Yea, meet you there." Patting the side of the truck, she backed up a step and watched him pull out and drive away.

Turning, she tucked her hands into her pockets and wandered down the sidewalk to stop in front of the small store she spotted earlier, a wistful smile tugging at her lips as she studied the crystals and trinkets hanging in the window. It had been so long since she had seen a Wicca shop, even longer since she visited one.

In her old life, as she had started calling it, she regularly visited one a few towns away, the woman running it a bonified wiccan that helped way more than a string of psychiatrists ever could. Glancing back in the direction she saw Garth drive in, she opened the shop door and ducked inside. She may be fairly open with him and Bobby, but something like this she decided it would be in her best interests to keep to herself until she knew they would accept it easier.

An hour later found Sonya sitting in the back with a young woman, maybe a couple years younger than her, drinking a cup of green tea and laughing at some stories the shop owner shared.

"She really said, 'you're the reason my husband cheated!'?" Sonya managed to wheeze out between bouts of laughter. The owner, Sam, which she thought was ironic considering her fascination with that name along with Dean, nodded her head with a wry smile. "Not in so many words but it's basically what she was saying."

"Oh my." Sonya snickered and took a sip of tea, letting it's warmth seep into her body with a satisfied hum. Looking over at Sam, she offered her a wry smile and set the cup down. "You know, when I came in here, I wasn't sure if you were the real deal or not."

Sam shook her head and smiled herself, leaning back in her seat as she studied Sonya with a small tip of her head. "It was apparent the moment you walked in why you were here you know."

Sonya grimaced slightly and lifted a shoulder. "Is it that obvious?"

"Hon, your soul is shining brighter than a disco ball." Sam raised an eyebrow and tipped her head towards her chest, like she was staring at her soul. "It's like a beacon almost. I'm surprised none of the creepy crawlies spotted you yet."

"Well, this is my first time out and about... Around here anyway." Sonya hedged, not sure how much she should say to this woman. Sam closed her eyes in thought and nodded suddenly, standing up, she waved at Sonya to follow her. "Come here, I want to show you something."

Getting up, Sonya frowned and followed Sam farther back into the shop, ducking past a curtain with several protective spells woven into it. Stepping into the smaller room, she watched Sam run her fingers along the spines of several books in a large shelf before stopping on the thinnest one and pulled it out. Turning to face Sonya, she held it out with a small smile. "Take this, read it then call me." Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a card and placed it on top of the book Sonya now held, her name and number printed clearly on the white card.

"It will help."

Looking up at her, Sonya wasn't sure if she should hug her or break down crying because for the first time in a year, she felt some semblance of normalcy again. Even if it was as simple as talking to someone who under stood.

"I don't know-"

"Don't worry about it." Sam shook her head and waved a hand towards the door. "Go on now, I think that friend of yours is probably waiting. Didn't you say you were meeting him at the restaurant?"

"Oh! Yeah, shoot, I forgot all about him." Eyes wide, Sonya spun around and quickly made her way back towards the front door. "I'll call you, thank you again!" Stepping outside in the bright sun, she shielded her eyes against the sudden glare and looked around, feeling the tense muscles in her back loosen slightly as relief once again washed over her.

Looking down at the book in her hands, she turned it over curiously looking for a title or something but it was blank. Besides the design stamped in silver along the spine, it wasn't marked by anything.

Flipping open the cover, she paged through it until she came to one with writing on it. In an elegant script, obviously handwritten, were the words 'Touched by God'.

Furrowing her brow, Sonya frowned at the words and looked over her shoulder at the shop in confusion. This wasn't exactly what she had in mind, she wasn't exactly religious and with Sam being Wiccan, she didn't think she was christian or anything else either.

Looking back down at it, she let out a small sigh and shut the book, tucking it into one of the large cargo pockets of her pants before heading down the sidewalk towards the diner. She was the real deal though, so if she thought it could help her in the long run, then maybe there was something in there after all.