Love Hina
Endless Love

By: Belldandy'sKeiichi

Note: [any text in here is a thought text]

Author's Time: This is it, the last part. Thank you everyone for reading and enjoy the epilogue! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was the start of the new day. Everyone went back to the hospital to see how Keitaro's doing. Hoping and praying that he's still alive and if he can recover.

Epilogue: Together Forever

"Boy...typical that we have to wait around again huh?" Kitsune told them as they waited in the waiting room. Haruka entered the room and took a seat. "Haruka, how's Keitaro doing?" Naru asked. "Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't get a chance to see him. The doctors wouldn't let me. But they say that they will come here to tell us on his condition." They all sat down and waited patiently until the doctor arrived.

"Doc! How's Keitaro!? Is he going to be alright?" They all said, shooting questions at him every second. "People! People! Calm down! Please, sit down." The doctor told them. They all took a seat while the doctor cleared his throat. "Well, I'll put it this way...we've got some good news...and bad news..." "Well, we heard a lot of bad news yesterday; let's hear the good news first." Naru said. "Ok, the good news it that, of course, if you want, you can take him home and he could be cared there. Of course, we have to transfer some of the vital stuff from the hospital to your home." Everyone cheered. "You hear that! Sempai's going to be alright!" Shinobu cheered. "He pulled it off! He really is immortal!" Kitsune yelled. "People, calm down, you're forgetting about the bad news..." They all stopped. "Huh? Bad news? If he can come home and recover at home, what could be bad?" Shinobu asked.

Keitaro was brought in an ambulance back to the Hinata House with all the machines that we necessary to keep him alive. As soon as he was set up, they all crowed around him, asking questions. Keitaro was happy, and so was everyone else. Naru left the room a couple of minutes after Keitaro was set up.

Naru stood alone in the balcony, looking out at the setting sun. She let out a sigh and played back what she heard the other day...

~Flash Back~

"Naru...I promise you, if I get though this...I promise we'll be together forever..." Naru looked at him with her red, puffed eyes. "Keitaro...what will happen it you don't make it? What now? What is left for me?" "Naru, don't think like that...I promise you, if I do make it, we'll get matter what...."

~End Flash Back~

Naru smiled but then remembered what the doctor said back at the hospital.

~Flash Back~

"Well, the bad news is that the damage was done. To much have happened to Keitaro to the point where he's lucky to be alive this long..." The doctor told them. "Wait, you told us that last time in the beginning, how are you sure that he's going to die now?" Kitsune asked. "Because, we checking on him in the morning. Although he looked fine, in reality, the disease has taking a lot out of him. It's just a matter of time before he dies. So far, he's been fighting, trying to say alive, but if it attacks his heart one more time, he's a goner."

~End Flash Back~

Naru went back inside and for the rest of the day; she stayed at Keitaro's bedside, tending at his every need. Everyone else took care of him, but Naru was at his side every minute.

"Naru...thank you for taking care of me..." Keitaro said to her. "Don't think nothing of'll do the same for me right?" "Yeah, your right...but you're overdoing it. What about studying?" Naru placed a warm towel on Keitaro's forehead. "Don't worry about it, I'll catch up. What matters now is that you get better." Mutsumi entered the room with a bag full of watermelons. "Hiya Kei-kun. Hi Naru. How are you feeling?" Mutsumi asked. "I'm fine...Um, Naru, can you do me a favor?" Keitaro asked her. "What is it?" "Could you leave me and Mutsumi alone for a minute?" Naru was silent for a second. "Um...ok" Naru got up and walked out of the room. "Is there something you need Keitaro?" Mutsumi asked as she walked up to him. "Yes...Mutsumi, I need you to pick up something for me..."


The next day, Keitaro Urashima died early in the moring. He was buried three days after and since then; everyone was in a terrible mood for the lost. Shinobu didn't want to cook, Motoko didn't want to train, Su didn't want to play, Mutsumi remained silent, Kitsune didn't drink, and Naru was heart broken.

One day, Naru entered the room for the landlord and took one good look at it. "Keitaro...why did you have to promised that we'll be together you're gone. There's nothing left for me to live for..." she said to herself and she sat down in the middle of the room. Naru looked around her, remembering all the moments that happened in that one room. And each moment she remembered, it brought a tear to her eye. She was about the leave when something caught her eye; an envelope that was addressed to Naru. She walked over and picked up the envelope, sat back down and opened it. Naru burst into tears when she read the name of the person that it was to.

Dearest Naru,

I'm so sorry Naru. I'm trying my best to survive, but it seems like I'm fighting a losing battle. Every minute I was getting weaker and weaker, but I remained strong to fight it off, for everyone's sake, and yours. I know that the promise I made to you was big, but now, I'm not sure if I could keep it. You mean the world to me Naru. You mean everything that made me happy. From the moment we met, up to my final minutes when you were taking care of me. I cherished those moments Naru, each and every one of them. I love you Naru, I love you so much that I don't want to leave you, ever. But now...I'm being forced to. If I had the chance to go back in time to change everything, I would, but I can't. So I'm writing this letter to you, to show you my unconditional love to you. Please don't be sad Naru. Don't do anything drastic. Live the way you want to. Don't let my death change you life. I'll always be will you, in your heart. Don't stop being yourself ok? Although I can't keep my promise of marriage, if you look in my bookshelf, there is a thick book, open it. I can't keep my promise, but I hope this will do. I love you.

Yours truly, Always and Forever,

Keitaro Urashima

Naru placed the letter back in the envelope and walked towards the bookshelf. She found the book that Keitaro was describing and took it out. She opened it to see that the book was hollowed out and inside was a small box. Naru place the book down and opened the small box. Inside, was a gold wedding ring. Inscribed inside was: To Naru, From Keitaro. And there was another letter inside.

Dearest Naru,

Let this ring symbolize our friendship, life, and love for one another. Let the shape of the ring remind you that our friendship will go on forever and will never stop. Let it symbolize our life that we will live forever in our hearts. Let it symbolize our endless love for one another that it will last forever and ever.

The End

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