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. . .

It gets better, after that.

Hazel relays her story. She's from the forties; after her mother died at the hands of Gaea's hunters for having gris-gris powers, Gaea took her into her army, and made her work to create her son again.

Nico finishes his school year. He grieves for Bianca. But he knows he couldn't have done anything to stop her. Bianca was always like that — when she set her mind to something, she didn't stop until she accomplished it.

He learns to accept it, and find new family.

Nico convinces Will and Hazel to join the Agency. They bring Frank, Cecil, Lou Ellen, Austin, and Kayla with them.

"We all have powers — well, except Cecil, but he's a tactician," Will tells him.

"What he means is, I'm useful in the way that I'm good at screwing things up," explains Cecil.

And there's a family in his old one: Jason and Piper and Leo and Percy and Annabeth. They're all here with each other. There's something about that that makes Nico's heart go all fuzzy inside.

He finds a little more family than expected in Hazel. Her father turns out to be a man with powers like hers, Hades' twin — apparently there'd been a mix-up at birth. Pluto had turned out alright but had divorced Marie Levesque very early into their marriage.

There's still the rest of it, though.

The killing: that had been a split-of-the-moment decision. And Nico regrets it. He regrets taking the lives of those two kids now that he thinks back on it. Who's he to decide who lives and who doesn't?

Will helps him out of the worst of it, but there are some parts he has to let go of himself.

But Will is that light that never goes out. It can dim, but it stays on; it can flicker but eventually it will light again.

And maybe that's why Nico decides to do it.

Will and Nico have been dating for a long time when he proposes. It's been years since that dance, but there's a flower in Will's item locker that day, and he's smiling all the way until lunch. That's when Nico gives him another flower, a red rose — there's a ring inside it, of course — and asks, "William Solace — will you marry me?"

"You're so corny, Nico." Will laughs, but there are happy tears in his eyes. "Yes, you dork. Of course, yes."

. . .

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