Cecelia looked around her. She was in some kind of limbo area. There wasn't anyone — or thing — in sight. She wanted to move or call out, but quickly found out that she couldn't do either.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light, and a red dragon emerged from it. Cecelia was awestruck. It wasn't everyday, or rather, every night that something like this could be witnessed.


Cecelia looked confused. Did that huge dragon just say that?

She attempted to speak again, and this time, found that she had the ability to do so.

"Who are you?" she shouted.

"I am the Crimson Dragon."

Cecelia looked at the dragon's face, and saw that it was the same one from Yusei and Jack's duel. The one that charged her, and made her fall off her duel runner. Why was it in her dream? Wasn't it just a regular duel monster or something? And what happened after she wiped out? Where was her body now?

"Do not worry," said the Crimson Dragon, "I am not a duel monster. And your body is safe."

"Then what..."

"The duel last night awoke me," said the Crimson Dragon, "I have been slumbering for the last five thousand years, and have existed since the People of the Stars. And now I have found my vessel again. Although I apologize that I have injured you. I did not expect that outcome. I will do my best to fix it."

"I'm confused," said Cecelia, "A vessel? And how can you fix my injuries?"

"Yes," replied the Crimson Dragon, "You have always had a piece of me inside of you, but now I flow freely inside of you. And I'm a dragon with awesome power; just wait and see — your injuries will soon be a thing of the past. I don't have much time left; you will be waking up soon. However, what I can immediately tell you is that you will see me again, and I would stay close to those who call themselves Signers."

"What? Hey wait, you haven't explained everything! Hey!"

Cecelia woke up with a start and cringed from pain. The Crimson Dragon? What was that? Why did she see it, and why did it avoid her question?

Stupid dragon, she thought. She immediately got a headache and looked around. What was that all about?

She looked at her surroundings. She was in a white room, with bandages covering her body. She ached all over, and felt like she had been run over by a truck. She still felt nauseous, and her headache had worsened substantially. There was also a dull beeping noise in the background.

Cecelia tried to get up, but there was a pain in her stomach that made her stop. She saw a bucket next to her bed and immediately threw up in it.

What the hell happened? Did the Crimson Dragon really mess me up that badly? And I thought he was going to quickly fix my injuries.

The noise of Cecelia throwing up prompted a nurse to walk in.

"Looks like you're finally up," she said, "How do you feel?"

"Like a million bucks," said Cecelia with a slight wince, "I couldn't feel better!"

The nurse smiled.

"Ah I see," she said, "Your sarcasm means you are getting better. Well, get some rest today. I think some people will be over to see you soon."

Cecelia nodded and sighed. The nurse then left the room, leaving Cecelia to her own thoughts. Even though she felt terrible, she needed to talk to Jack about how he got to the city. And she needed to find out if he knew anything about the Crimson Dragon.

Cecelia decided to fight through the pain and get dressed. She needed to get answers no matter what. She wore her normal clothes and exited the hospital building. Cecelia got outside and then groaned. She forgot that she didn't have her duel runner with her. It was wrecked. She would have to check with Harvey later.

She would just have to walk to the King's penthouse.

After a long and painful walk, Cecelia arrived. She entered the building, and went to where Jack was. She wanted to say that she could just play the piano, but she didn't think that was going to happen.

Cecelia knocked on the door and entered. Jack looked like he had just finished getting ready, and Mikage was trailing behind him, trying to stop him from moving around.

"Jack," said Cecelia, "I need to ask you something."

"Not now," he responded, "Come back later."

"Wait, where are you going?! Hey! I have questions about last night!"

"I need to talk to Goodwin," he said, "But now that I think about it... Cecelia, come with me."

Cecelia slowly nodded and followed Jack outside.

He didn't have to be so demanding. What's his problem?

Cecelia and Jack left the room and went to see Goodwin. They needed some answers about this whole Crimson Dragon thing.

Cecelia followed Jack with a limp. He looked back behind him, and noticed the limp that she was trying extremely hard to hide. He huffed and kept walking, with Mikage shouting at them both to stop.

"Master Atlas! Cecelia!"

Jack and Cecelia walked through the door with Mikage behind them.

"I'm sorry, Director."

Jack looked at the image that was displaying his duel with Yusel.

"What is this? Why are you watching this?!"

"Please calm down," said Goodwin as he got up and walked around his desk, "This is the Public Maintenance Department. We protect the peace in Neo Domino City. It is our duty to learn about strange events that occur in the city. Information connected to the People of the Stars is especially important."

"People of the Stars?" questioned Cecelia, remembering the conversation she had with the Crimson Dragon, "You know about them?"

Jack looked between them, and Goodwin looked at Cecelia with a slightly shocked expression.

"Both of you know something!" he said, "When the Crimson Dragon appeared, I felt a pain on this mark!"

Jack then rolled up his sleeve showing off his mark. Cecelia looked at the mark.

"The wings of the Crimson Dragon," she muttered, "You're a Signer!"

All who were in the room looked at Cecelia in shock.

"And how would you know about that?" asked Goodwin.

"Signers are legendary," responded Cecelia. Plus the Crimson Dragon told me a thing or two.

Goodwin turned to Jack again.

"As Cecelia said, you are a Signer. That is what the legend says. You're a person who has the mark of the dragon."

Everyone else in the room bowed to Jack. Well, all of them except Cecelia.

I have to stay close to him, she thought, That's what the Crimson Dragon told me.

"Signer?" asked Jack.

"You are the chosen one," said Goodwin, "You are a person of the stars."

"But there isn't just one," said Cecelia, "There are more than one Signer."

"Yusei also had the mark!" said Jack, "It was linked to my mark!"

"What?" asked Goodwin, "That person from Satellite?"

"You didn't see it?" asked Jack. Cecelia got a big headache as she remembered the events of the previous night. Goodwin bowed to Jack in apology.

"Unfortunately, the visuals were cut due to the power outage.

"Both Yusei and Jack's arms were glowing during the duel," said Cecelia with a hand on her head.

"I saw it!" said Jack, "Yusei's arm also had the mark! But he didn't have it two years ago!"

Jack looked behind him.

"Stop!" he yelled, "Pause the monitor! Rewind!"

The image was rewinded until it stopped on Yusei's face. His eyes were glowing red. There was also a card next to him.

"Right here!" he said, "Enlarge the image right here."

"Of course," said Akutsu. He then zoomed in on the card.

"This is...Meteor Stream!" exclaimed Jack in shock.

"I see," said Yeager, "Meteor Stream. King, what you activated right before was..."

Before Yusei had activated the trap Meteor Stream, Jack had activated the spell End of the Storm.

"End of the Storm destroys all monsters on the field. For every destroyed monster, the player takes 300 points of damage."

"That's right!" said Jack, "That was a strategy to get Stardust back! He takes damage, and then it was supposed to return to my field after he released it! But at the very end, he was going to use Meteor Stream."

"When a released monster resurrects, that card deals 1000 points of damage," said Yeager, "That means..."

"I had 900 lifepoints," said Jack in realization, "If I took 1000 points of damage... I lost to him! I..."

Jack looked down and clenched his fists. Goodwin walked over and patted Jack's hands.

"Don't worry about it," he said, "No one knows what happened last night."

Jack pushed his hands away and shouted, "But I know! The King knows! There's no way I can forget this duel! Where is he? Where is he right now?"

Goodwin took a few steps away from him.

"It's regular policy to quarantine people who arrive from Satellite," he said, "He is no exception. He would be at the Facility by now."

"The Facility?!" exclaimed Cecelia.

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