Today was just like any other normal day. I was having brunch with my Hayden grandparents to which my mother wouldn't approve but what she doesn't know won't her. Yes, she raised me but I wanted to know my family for who they are not what she thought. She raised me to be an independent woman like she is which I am. I will be starting my second year at Yale and I can't wait. My mom thinks I'm majoring in journalism but I'm not, I'm trying to major in law with a minor in business. I am the secret Hayden and Gilmore heiress. During my time at Chilton I became best friends with Tristan Dugray and Paris Gellar. We are always there for each other no matter what the situation is.

I soon arrive at the Hayden mansion and park my car. I walk to the door and knock, I patiently wait for the maid to open the door but to my surprise it's my grandparents who open the door and not the maid.

"Hi grandma, grandpa , how are you ?"I say as I enter and give each a hug and kiss on the cheek

"We are good thank you for asking" Grandma Francine replies as they lead me towards the dinning room.

As we sit for brunch we talk about school and I notice that my grandfather seems a little more nervous than other times.

"Rory we would like to discuss something with you" Strobe says.

"What is it?" I ask while wondering what could be the matter.

"I would like to talk to you about being the Hayden heiress." Strobe says

"What about it? "I question back

"Well as you are about to start your second year at Yale, we would like to know if you will allow us to announce it at some point during this year if that is ok with you?" Francine asks

"Of course it's ok with me. You do know mom will have a fit right?" I say thinking about the repercussions that will come but preparing for it mentally.

"Yes we know that and we will handle it together when the situation arises." She replies.

I was thankful that I had Luke, lane, all my grandparents, Paris, Tristan, my great grandmother Lorelei and my dad supporting me. I knew that once this news was announced that hell is going to break loose in the form of Lorelei Victoria Gilmore.

After brunch was finished I walked back to my car and drove to meet up with Tristan. I soon arrived at his place and he lead me to his room where we could talk. I start by telling him everything that my grandparents had told me and how they want to buy a house with security for the three of us.

When I think back I never thought my life would be where it is today. I was always raised to be Lorelei's mini me, I was supposed to live life like she did. She always wanted me to be a foreign correspondent to see the world without being held but by society but that was never my dream. For her benefit I acted as if it was what I always wanted. Yes I'm on the Yale Daily News as a cover to maintain the facade. I also have a few friends at Yale other than Paris and Marty. They are the type of friends mom wouldn't agree with because they came from money and society. They are Finn, Stephanie, Colin and Robert. I have yet to meet Logan but from everything that Finn and Colin have told me I should steer clear. They aren't as big of playboys that everyone assume they are unlike Logan. They have dabbled in relationships unlike Logan. Out of everyone in that group I am closest to Finn than any of the others. I don't know what it is about him but he understands me and knows all about my history with dean, Jess and my family.

As I'm thinking Tris pulls me out of my deep thoughts.

"Mare you there?" Tristan asks me while waving his hand in front of my face.

"Sorry Tris just thinking about what mom's gonna say as my life is going to be very different than she what wanted for me" I say to him

Tris then looks at her with that pure love of a brother. When he first met her, he wanted to bed her but as time progressed his feeling evolved and were more akin to that of a sister than anything else. He had to admit to himself that if it wasn't for her he would have been sent away to military school during Junior year.


It was the night of the Romeo and Juliet play. She was looking everywhere for me, 10 minutes before showtime she finally see me.

"Tristan where have you been? We are on in ten and Paris is about to dress as Romeo don't subject me to that please" Rory says

"I finally pissed off my dad enough, he's sending me to military school in North Carolina." Tristan says

"Wait... what? Where is he?" Rory asks as she looks around

"Why?" Triastan asks

"Just tell me" Rory says in a huff

"He's right there" Tristan says pointing towards his dad. I've had enough I can't have him gone he's a part of my family now and I won't have stupid Duncan or Bowman ruin it for me. As I approach Marcus DuGrey I feel my anger coursing through my body. I also see Janlan standing nearby. As I approach Marcus I steel myself for a fight I get in his face and say

"How dare you send him away? What kind of father are you?"

He looks at me an tries to talk but before he does I cut him off

"You can't take him away from me he's my brother and I will fight you tooth to nail to keep him here, watch me I maybe a teen but will have my way just you mark my words" Rory says and he looks at her utterly confused by what she said, but Janlan looks utterly amused with the trademark DuGrey smirk.

Marcus asks "Who do you think you are?"

"I say I'm Lorelei Leigh Gilmore Hayden" she says and he looks at her jaw slack in utter shock .

He recovers quickly and says "Really?"

I look him square in the eyes and say "Ask your father"

He looks behind him at his father and Janlan just nods in response to the unspoken question. He looks at me nods and then walks away. I run to Tristan and hug him for dear life.

"Tris your staying" Rory says

"What? How?" Tris says

"I have my ways" Rory says she walks away an winks and says get dressed