Author's Note: Everything is currently under revision so please be patient. I've had some writers block, but I've been inspired so I'll be editing soon. 3-6-2018

Thursday, November 30th

This was stupid.

No, stupid wasn't quite the word for it. This was ridiculous. Ludicrous. Absurd. Preposterous. Outrageous. It was - well at this point a whole new word needed to be invented to describe it. Perhaps – fuckedupcalifragilisticexpialoutrageous.

Yeah, that was good. He should trademark that.

Well, that's what this was… fuckedupcalifragilisticexpialoutrageous.

This sucked.

He was quite happy with everything he had. He was running a small diner in Lawrence Kansas, volunteered at the local animal shelter, and had just bought his first home – a moderately sized country home two miles away from his diner.

So, things were looking up. Well –

-until he got the call from his oldest brother Michael via 'Angel Radio' and discovered that he had exactly 31 days left on earth.

It was a simple albeit very flawed system in Castiel's opinion.

Most angels had the ability to reside comfortably both in Heaven and on Earth – usually higher-ranking angels. Some angels who had adapted to human life had chosen to stay on earth and mated with humans thus resulting in an interesting array of offspring – such as pure angel offspring, pure human offspring or Nephilim – a combination of both. And some chose to avoid earth all together. Castiel however fit into none of those categories. He was a soldier who desired to step outside his ranks and study human culture. It was unheard of for a mere foot soldier of heaven so Castiel was forced into an unorthodox way of reaching Earth. Michael had found a woman – who had mated with an angel – carrying twins. However only one of the twins was destined to survive the birth. The archangel took the opportunity to put Castiel's grace into the soulless infant and he was forced to grow up as normal as any human – with the added benefit of eons and eons of wisdom and angel powers which of course resulted in an abnormal way of growing up.

So, because of his unique way of reaching Earth Castiel was forced into the flawed system. To reside on earth and maintain his grace he had to marry a human. Otherwise, it was back to heaven and back to a mindless robot foot soldier.

Of course, marriage held a double meaning in this context.

Part one was getting married in the human definition of marriage. Ceremony. Vows. Rings.

Part two… Well, that was marriage in angel definition. That is - his grace would merge with a human soul thus giving him the ability to live on earth and maintain his angel power. Without the union of grace and a soul Castiel would either be forced back to heaven never to return to earth or become fully human. And as much as Castiel loved humanity, he wasn't ready to give up his wings. Again, a simple albeit flawed system.

Which was stupid – well fuckedupcalifragilisticexpialoutrageous.

So Castiel made a plan – complete part one and ask for Michael to give him more time for part two. Hopefully, with that extra time, Castiel could make a decision.

Now to find someone to marry him within the next 31 days… well that was simple. Whenever Castiel needed a solution to his problem he turned to Gabriel for advice.

Which meant copious amounts of alcohol.

Castiel clutched his head and groaned. He could feel the beginnings of a hangover and a very strong one at that. Which was a little impressive given the fact that it took nearly an entire liquor store to get the angel so drunk that he blacked out.

Had he blacked out? Castiel scrunched his eyes tighter and grimaced at the headache it caused. Well he couldn't remember much about the night before. They started at a loud and annoying club… He closed his eyes tighter. Ended up at a dive bar… and the rest passed by in a blur.

Wait a minute.

There may have been a moose. He furrowed his eyebrows.

Why would there have been a moose?

And then… unbelievably green eyes.

He briefly wondered how long he had been sleeping. Contrary to popular assumptions, the longer angels resided on earth the more they required the basic human necessities.

But December was just a day away. And in Kansas, December always meant, cold. Or wait – yesterday was still November so today – today was December. Aha! Too cold to leave bed.

He rolled to his side and pulled the blanket even tighter over his shoulder and shimmied deeper into the mattress. He pulled his legs to his stomach and felt a dull ache in his lower regions. He must have slept in an uncomfortable position. He shifted slightly trying to move his useless Jell-O legs. He nuzzled his head deeper into the pillow beside him…

It was soft, warm… there was a fresh spring scent mixed in with the scent of two day worn cologne. He inhaled deeply enjoying the comfortable scent.

"Stop moving." He could feel the vibrations coming from his pillow.

He instantly stilled. "I'm sorry." His lips brushed against warm skin-


He shot up out of the bed crying out at the stranger lying on his stomach beside him. He tried to fly away with a brief flap of his wings managing only to appear in the air beside the bed, landing unceremoniously on his ass which he now realized was the main cause of his discomfort. He groaned, and a head appeared over the edge of the bed. "Shit dude, are you okay?"

He rubbed his lower back and sat up straight trying to stretch his tense muscles. "I'm fine…" More than anything he was embarrassed. He looked up to apologize again and froze.

Green eyes…

His stranger was staring down at him, a bemused smile on a set of the most perfect white teeth Castiel had ever seen. His eyes were a piercing forest green, a bunch of sun-kissed freckles danced across his nose and his cheeks…. And his soul…

Castiel let in a sharp intake of breath. It was the most beautiful soul he'd ever seen. A mess of white, black, purple and blue… almost an entire galaxy into one human being… a complex mess of emotions and thoughts. He realized he was staring and shook his head instead focusing on his lap grateful that the sheets were bunched over his naked legs-

Oh Father! His legs were naked. He looked up at his stranger with wide eyes. "Did we-," He gestured uncertainly between the two of them.

The guy threw his head back and laughed. "Yeah man, we did." He disappeared and Castiel heard him flop back onto his bed. He clutched the sheets around his waist and stood to his feet shakily. Well… that explained the leg problem. He stumbled back onto the bed careful to make sure he was completely covered before he chanced another look at the guy beside him. He had his hands behind his head, eyes were closed, laying comfortably on his back. Castiel traced his eyes down his perfect pectorals and over the chiseled abdomen and stopped at blanket pooled at his waist.

Castiel squeaked slightly and pouted at the offending blanket blocking his view from-

Down, Castiel. Focus. You have a stranger in your bed.

"Like what you see, Sweetheart?"

Castiel spluttered with an incoherent response. His stranger had one eye opened and was eyeing him smugly. Castiel huffed and sat back against the head board running his left hand through his hair. He dropped it to his lap and fiddled absentmindedly with the ring on his finger-

Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic…

His bed guest sat up, stretching his arms out and Castiel instantly noticed the ring on his finger as well. He felt his heart racing. He was going to have a human heart attack… or what was the other thing… panic attack! Human panic attack!

His stranger glanced at the clock on the bedside table. "Alright, Cas. What do you say we eat some breakfast?"

Castiel tilted his head curiously. "Cas?"

He noticed his cheeks pink slightly. " 'M sorry man, I can't remember your full name. It's a mouthful."

"It's Castiel." The stranger nodded. "But I like Cas too." He rubbed his lips together. "No one's ever called me that before."

The man chuckled and slipped out of bed. "Call it special husband privileges then, Sweetheart!" He waved a hand in the air and stood to his feet letting the blanket fall to the floor. His back was turned to Castiel and he couldn't help but notice his perfect muscled – he shook his head. Stop it. You don't even know his name. "I'm gonna take a shower Cas, and then see what you got for breakfast." He stopped at the door and turned his body slightly. Castiel couldn't help but notice that if he'd just turn a little more he'd be able to peek at –

"Oh and Cas," He forced his eyes up to meet the naked guy's. "Check above your right hip bone." And he shut the door behind him.

Casitel ripped the sheets off instantly and looked down noticing first a big love bite next to a mildly irritated tattoo that read –

Property of Dean Winchester.