Author's Note: Revised on 5/8/2018

Tuesday, December 5th

Castiel rubbed his eyes tiredly. It was now 12:35PM which meant Cas had been at work for approximately… eight and a half hours.

He groaned and ran his hands over his face. Samandriel had called off work due to being called back to Heaven which meant that Castiel had been waiting tables since four in the morning. He sighed. Having a twenty-four-hour diner was usually no problem from for an angel, however now that his powers were weakening… he found that his body needed actual rest.

His diner was a comfortable size - a counter with stools as well as booths and tables - and was run completely by Supernatural beings. His cooks consisted of an archangel, Gabriel and a vampire, Benny. His wait staff was mostly angels – Samandriel, Hannah, Meg (the only demon) and occasionally himself. And of course, two prophets Kevin and Chuck who both waited tables and cooked.

He dusted off his hands as Hannah came into the diner for her next shift. "Hello Castiel." She nodded professionally.

"Hannah." He nodded in return.

"I did not expect to see you wait tables. You hardly ever do that anymore." She was hanging her coat on the rack in the employee breakroom as Castiel was throwing his apron in the laundry pile.

"Yes, well Samandriel got called back to heaven and it is… uncertain when he'll return." He sighed heavily. "So, until he is back I will be covering for him."

"Castiel." He turned fully to face her. "You are…tired."

He frowned, the thought that his exhaustion was visible was unwelcomed. "I will be fine." He pulled his favorite trench coat off the rack and shrugged his shoulders into it. He exited swiftly, leaving the diner through the kitchens when Gabriel stopped him.

"Cassie! There you are!" He gripped his shoulder firmly. "Where are you rushing off to? I haven't had a chance to check in with you!" The younger angel threw his head back and groaned.

"Gabriel. I'm in a bit of a hurry."

The archangel chuckled. "Well slow your roll, little brother. I wanna know what happened with Dean!" Castiel's wings quivered and he blushed instantly knowing that Gabriel would see them. Being on earth for so long he constantly forgot that other angels could see in the same planes as him. His brother wiggled his eyebrows. "So very well I see…"

Castiel ran his left hand through his hair tiredly. "Gabriel-," He bit his lip. His human emotions were getting the best of him and he couldn't help himself. "Gabriel, we got married." He ran his hands over his face. "Well human married… He's gone with me to meet Jimmy and his family and he's…" He tilted his head and rubbed a rough hand over his jawline. "He's agreed to stay married to me through the holidays and in return I owe him a favor and I just -," He took a deep breath letting out a large puff of air trying to compose himself. He blinked several times and said nothing. Castiel shifted his weight from one leg to the other uncomfortably. When he spoke next, his voice was hardly above a whisper. "My power is fading Gabriel… I am uncertain how much time I will have left."

The brothers both cast their gaze down to the floor in silence. "What do you mean your powers are fading?" Gabriel whispered.

"I-I feel tired, brother. My muscles ache, my stomach growls at me when it is hungry…" He threw his hands up exasperatedly. "I feel temperatures like cold and hot… I even find myself feeling deeper human emotions." He folded his wings a little tighter around himself in a protective gesture, grateful that only Gabriel could see them.

The archangel looked up curiously. "What kind of human emotions, Cassie?"

He shrugged. "I find that I am unpleasant in the morning. I also feel… lonely when Dean is gone." His wings spanned out a little bit wider. "I-I long for his presence when he is away and the moment that he arrives home I-," His wings wiggled excitedly. "I am happy. I feel this heat in my chest and I can feel my blood coursing through my veins…" He placed a hand over his chest. "And my human heart beats faster." He rubbed his lips together. "Even my wings become… expressive." Gabriel gave him a warning look and he threw his hands up defensively. "No! Dean hasn't seen them! He already knows I'm an angel, but I've kept using my powers to a minimum and my wings a secret."

Gabriel studied his younger brother. "Castiel, I-,"

Just then a buzzing noise resounded in Cas's front trench coat pocket. He looked down at his phone noticing Dean's name flashing across the screen. He smiled, and his wings quivered enthusiastically. He swiped across the screen. "Hello Dean." He murmured.

"Hey Cas! You ready to go? I'm out front!"

Castiel perked up. "You're out front?"

"Yeah! I knew you'd be tired since you went in so early and I didn't want you walking home."

Cas smiled bashfully. "I would have been fine Dean-,"

"I know, I know. But you should really let me get you a car, Cas."

The angel lifted a hand to say goodbye to Gabriel thus ending their conversation and started for the front of the diner. "You mean steal me a car?" He teased.

His heart fluttered at Dean's laugh on the other line. "Shut up and get out here."

The phone call abruptly ended and Castiel pushed open the front doors coming in immediate contact with the Impala. The window was down, and he leaned into it resting his arms on the window sill. "Hello Dean." He never got tired of saying Dean's name.

"You ready to go get Christmas decorations, Cas?"


"I don't understand the concept of this." Castiel grunted as he held the tree up firmly while Dean screwed it into its stand. "Why would we put an evergreen in the house just to spend the next three weeks watching it die?"

Dean grumbled as he tightened up the screws. "Doesn't Jimmy get a tree for Christmas?"

Cas shrugged even though Dean couldn't see him. "He always gets a fake one."

Dean crawled out from under the tree and stood to his feet wiping his hands on his jeans. "That's because your brother Jimmy is a sadist."

"I don't think-,"

"You can let go of the tree now, Cas."

The angel obliged, and Dean opened a couple of boxes of Christmas lights. Castiel watched him plug them in and his eyes lit up when the lights flickered on. They spent the next hour stringing the lights around the nine-foot Christmas tree – which Dean insisted on – as well as the plain multi colored bulbs in greens, reds, golds and silvers. Then finally, Dean opened the biggest box which held a white star, lined with silver which he plugged in as well and handed it to Castiel. "What do I do with this?"

Dean frowned. "It's the tree topper, Cas." The angel blinked at him with those owlish eyes. "It goes on the top of the tree." He said slowly. Castiel nodded. He flew to the top, placing the star on the branch carefully and touched back to the hardwood floor. Dean blinked at the hand that had been holding the star and looked back up at the tree. "Uh – thanks." He murmured and pulled Castiel to his side. They took a couple steps back standing in the archway to the sitting room.

Dean smiled to himself. He liked this room the most. There was a large sectional gray couch, a coffee table in the middle and a fireplace against the wall that currently held a roaring fire. There were decorations on the mantle, lights strung around the windows, little snowmen and Santa figurines, wreathes and holly everywhere. "So," Dean squeezed his arm around Cas. "What do you think?"

The hunter reached over and shut off the main lights, plunging the room into warm Christmas lighting. Castiel gasped lightly. The room was comfortable and inviting in a way that his home had never been. "Dean."

The angel turned his body and gave Dean a deep, warm kiss. "Come on." He pulled Castiel to the couch laying down and drawing the angel flush against his body. He reached up and pulled a throw blanket off the side of the couch and over them. He closed his eyes lazily enjoying the feel of the angel's head pressed against his chest, and hoped to God the angel couldn't feel his uncontrollable heartbeat. He hummed thoughtfully almost hating how much he loved the way this felt. "The only thing we're missing is a Christmas movie."

Castiel looked up, curiosity brimming in his baby blue eyes. "What's a Christmas movie?"

Dean groaned playfully and threw his head back. "There's so much to teach you Cas, in so little time." He looked down at the angel warily. "Where's your TV? I'll go look for some Christmas classics tomorrow."

Cas blinked. "I don't have a TV."

Dean snorted. "Are you serious?"

The angel shrugged underneath him. "I've never had a reason for one."

"How do you not have a TV?"

"How have you not noticed until today?" Castiel raised an eyebrow challenging.

The hunter laughed. "Since when did you get so sassy?" Castiel chuckled and Dean loved the feel of the deep rumble of his throaty laugh against his chest. "Besides." The angel looked up at him. "I've been preoccupied with you at night."

Dean bent down and captured his husband in a deep kiss.