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[WARNING! Brief mentions of child abuse]

Amycus had a job to do early on in his life; it was a job that he neither desired or needed. Protecting his baby sister, Alecto. In their early years, Amycus despised Alecto; since she was always in their parents good graces. It never mattered if Amycus didn't do it; it would always be his fault.

When she was still a toddler and grabbing everything her grubby little hands could reach, he was the one who got punished. It didn't matter that he was only three years older at age five. No, Alecto was the 'golden' carrow child, she could do no wrong in their eyes.

As the years slowly passed, Alecto caught on to what her parents were doing. If she didn't eat her dinner, Amycus would go without for the next day. If she refused to do something, he would have clean with the house elves, and that was on their father's good days.

Alecto felt bad for her older brother, for she knew that he was placed in a role he did not want. He had no chance at a childhood, at gaining new friends; the only thing he had to look forward to, was if she did what she was expected.

She had tried to maintain the perfect daughter persona; she ate the desired food, made sure the elves had her room spotless, and that her clothes were always proper. Most days, it still wasn't enough.

When Alecto was old enough to understand how to really help him, she would slip into his room across the hall. She made sure she always had a basin filled with warm water, and a washcloth to wash his blood away.

She would pick up the pieces that was her brother, mending him in ways that she hoped would stick. Alecto never wanted to lose her brother. He had become her protector in their nightmare. What had once started as a job Amycus hated, was now one that he hoped would never fall on his sister.

The last year before he was to leave for Hogwarts was a pain for both siblings. Their father knew that his time was coming to an end with beating his son. Alecto just hoped that he wouldn't move onto her next.

It was every night know that Alecto would be waiting in his room, the few potions and bandages she was able to knick stuffed in a small bag. Amycus' bruises were getting worse, his cuts getting deeper.

It made Alecto furious at her parents for allowing this to happen; he was just a child, their child.

Once Amycus was cleaned up and rested, Alecto climbed into his bed with him. They held each other as they both cried; both children praying that things would get better, that Hogwarts would be their haven from their drunk muggle father.

But in the end, things would never get better. Both children would always be running from the idea of their father, from the idea of muggles and muggleborns. Because if one muggle was this way, then weren't they all the same?