Bb the normal part one

Hey everyone this is the beginning of the sequel of Bb's quest for equestria. Please read bb's quest for equestria first because of spoilers. Now that that's over with let's begin Bb the normal!

(Cue: Sofia the first theme song) {Bb the normal version}

I was a prince in a castle doin' alright

Then I became an earth pony over night

Now I got to figure out how to do it right again

So much to learn and see

Up in Ponyville with my temporary family

In a school that's just for normalty

A whole normal world is waiting for me

I'm not excited to be (Bumblebee the normal)

I'm finding out what being normal's all about again (Bumblebee the normal)

Makin' my way it's an adventure everyday (bumblebee)

I'm going to find my way back (bumblebee) until then I'm Bumblebee the normal!

It's been at least three years since Bb and the elements of creativity saved equestria from Ryker and Bb still hadn't figured out how to find the keys for the box that Celestia gave them.

Bb woke in his bed in the castle and his guards were standing over his bed. "What's wrong guards?" Bb asked.

"Who are you and what did you do to the prince?" The guards asked.

"It's me Bumblebee." Bb said.

"You are an imposter Bb is an alicorn and you are an earth pony." the guards said.

Bb looked at himself and realized he was now an earth pony.

Bb screamed and ran out the door to look for help.

Bb decided to go to Ponyville and get help from Twilight Sparkle.

Bb bought a ticket and too the train to Ponyville.

When he got there he ran to Twilight's castle and knocked on the door and Twilight opened the door and they both gasp when they saw each other because Twilight was also an earth pony.

"Twilight is that you?" Bb asked.

"Yeah it's me." Twilight said.

"What's wrong with us?" Bb asked.

"I have no idea I couldn't find an answer in any of my books." Twilight said.

"I didn't even get a chance to look in my books because my guards didn't recognize me so I had to run to get away." Bb said.

"Oh I'm so sorry." Twilight said.

"It's okay I wish I knew a way to fix this." Bb said.

"Oh I know. The gala is really near and I have an extra ticket because Rainbow Dash doesn't need one because she is a wonderbolt now so if you want the ticket is your's and at the gala you can look in the Canterlot library for answers." Twilight said.

"Thanks." Bb said and took the ticket.

"Now we need to get you a suit let's hope Rarity isn't an earth pony like us and can make you a suit." Twilight said.

"Okay." Bb said and they head to the carousel boutique.

When they get there go inside and see Rarity making some dresses but having some trouble without her horn.

"You doing okay Rarity?" Bb asked.

Rarity didn't notice them because she was too busy.

Bb tapped Rarity on the shoulder.

"You okay Rarity?" Bb asked.

Rarity finally noticed them.

"Oh sorry darling I'm just having trouble without my horn. Oh I see you have the same problem." Rarity said.

"Yeah and we were wondering if you could make a suit for me for the gala." Bb said.

"Sure these things can wait but it may take some time without my horn." Rarity said.

"We can try our best and help you." Bb said.

"Thank you darling." Rarity said.

Bb and Twilight helped Rarity make a suit for bb.

After the suit was done Bb tried it on.

"It looks amazing." Bb said.

"Yes it does thanks for helping me make it." Rarity said.

"No problem." Bb said.

Bb decided to wear it out to carry it since he didn't have his horn. "Hey Twilight I just remembered I don't have somewhere to sleep." Bb said.

"Well you are more than welcome to stay with me and Melody and Spike." Twilight said.

"Thank you." Bb said and headed to Twilight's castle and went to his temporary room and hung up his suit and explored the castle.

Bb knocked on a door and the door opened.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Who do you think is on the other side of the door? Stay tuned to the next chapter tomorrow.