Hey everyone D-nasty here presenting his first Reading story. Now I've read other stories that had a Reading and each one is good and make me laugh, so here I having my hand try one out. Now I talked with hussbek and he gave me the green light to do it since no one else has done a Reading of his stories yet. Which to me IS AN INJUSTICE! Anyway this is my first time doing a story like this, so give me your honest oppinions about it, but please no flames, alright. Anyway enjoy the story, and let me know what you think of it.

Reading Prologue: The Dimesional Rebirth

It was the afternoon in Equestria as Twilight Sparkle recent Alicorn princess was happily laughing and talking with her friends, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, her assistant and little brother Spike, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo in the Castle of Friendship in the kitchen eating treats.

"And then I was like wapow! in his face and told him, "You don't mess with Ponyville's dragon-boy." Just as I was about to be declared the hero, I fell out of my bed and woke up." Spike said stuffing a piece of cake in his mouth.

"Sounds like you had quite the dream Spike." Apple Bloom laughed.

"Tell me about it. Ever since he saw that action show he's been having dream about being a hero in a grand adventure." Twilight giggled.

"Ah swear, Spike has more imagination that a pig thinking of a muddy paradise." Applejack chuckled.

"Oh he's got quite the imagination all right." Rainbow Dash snickered.

"Got that right." Scootaloo snickered as well.

"Hey there is nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild." Sweetie Belle defended.

"That's right, little sister." Rarity agreed nodding her head.

"Yeah! If there wasn't any imagination, I wouldn't be able to throw lots of parties!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"It feels nice being together like this after a hard day of working." Fluttershy smiled.

"Your right about that Fluttershy." Twilight grinned.

Before they could enjoy their get-together more Spike's cheeks puffed out before belching out a scroll.

"A scroll?" Rarity said.

"What's it say, Spike?" Twilight asked.

"Hang on." Spike opened the scroll and began to read it out loud. "Twilight, something has happened in the castle, and I need you, your friends, Spike, and the Cuite Mark Crusaders to come to the throne room immediately where me and Luna await your arrival. Princess Celestia." He finished before looking at Twilight. "Sounds important."

"By why does princess Celestia want us and Spike to come?" Sweetie Belle wondered.

"Yeah. I get Rainbow Dash and the others, but us?" Scootaloo said confused.

"It dosen't seem right somehow." Apple Bloom said.

"Maybe it's a secret party!" Pinkie Pie gushed in excitement.

"I smell something fishy going on here." Applejack said suspiciously.

"Well we won't find out til we go see the princess." Fluttershy said.

"Fluttershy's right." Rainbow Dash said.

"I completely agree." Rarity said.

"Alright then everyone, let's go." Twilight said as everyone got up and left.

At Canterlot in the throne room

Princess Celestia was pacing back and forth in the room in front of the thrones as Princess Luna was sitting in hers watching her sister.

"Celestia calm down. I'm sure Twilight and her friends will be here soon." Luna assured.

"I know Luna. But I just can't help but feel unease by what's about to happen." Celestia sighed.

"Hey, I'm worried too. But pacing around in worry is going to do nothing but make your mane have grey hairs." Luna said getting off the throne and walking towards her older sister.

"I suppose your right." Celestia said trying to calm down.

"Princess Celestia." Celestia and Luna turned around to see Twilight, her friends, Spike, and the Cuite Mark Crusaders come into the room.

"Twilight, you came." Celestia said in relief.

"When we got your message we came as soon as possible." Twilight said.

"So what's the issue, princess Celestia?" Applejack asked.

"Well me and Celestia were just relaxing in the courtyard when all of a sudden a strange message appeared out in front of us." Luna explained.

"But I didn't have Spike send you a message." Twilight said.

"Yeah, I haven't send one all day." Spike added in.

"We know, but this was magically empowered." Celestia said turning her head to the throne as her horn glowed and came a gold piece of paper and presented it in front of the group. "Read what it says."

Everyone leaned in to read the letter.

Princess Celestia and princess Luna

I want you to gather Twilight and the other bearers of Harmony, along with her assistant Spike, and the Cuite Mark Crusaders to the throne room. Failure to do so... well you can find out at your own risk.


"Sounds shady." Rarity frowned.

"Yeah." Fluttershy whimpered.

"So why did this anonymous wanted us here?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yeah we're just fillies." Scootaloo said.

"And I'm not anyone important either." Spike said.

"I don't know. I fear we have to face a new evil." Celestia frowned.

"Now that's not nice. I'm no evil." A male voice said out of nowhere.

Everyone tense and huddled up looking around as the voice came from everywhere.

"Who's there?!" Luna shouted.

"You ponies need to chill." The voice chuckled.

"Show yourself!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Get behind me, Apple Bloom." Applejack said as her sister hid behind her.

"I'm scared." Apple Bloom muttered.

"Hey, I'm not scary. Little one."

"You say that, but we think differently." Twilight frowned.

"Really now?"

"Enough! Who are you?!" Celestia demanded.

"All in due time princess, but first a change of scenery."

All of a sudden there was a flash of light that blinded everyone making them close their eyes as everything bathed in light. When it stopped the throne room was empty.

Somewhere else in another location

"Ugh, my eyes." Twilight groaned rubbing her eyes as she woke up and looked around to see everybody else on the floor waking up. "Everypony alright?"

"I think so, Twilight." Celestia said getting up.

"Um sister, look." Luna said making everyone look around to see they were in a pure white fancy living room, with several golden laced red velvet couches, a large table, and a large flatscreen tv on the wall.

"Where are we?" Applejack asked.

"Oh my! Look at this room he decor here is simply divine!" Rarity exclaimed looking at the room with wonder.

"This is not the time to look at the fancy room Rarity." Rainbow Dash scoffed.

"What is going on?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"I can answer that." Everyone turned around to see a flash a light before it faded to reveal a man in a black coat-like cloak with a hood over it covering his face from them wearing black gloves and boots floating in the air with his legs and arms crossed. His sudden apperance made everyone on guard and the young dragon and filles tense. The figure waved his right hand. "Oh chill out. I ain't gonna hurt you guys. I just needed to get your attention for you all to come here. You see a someone of another universe and me felt you all needed a to read/watch about someone who will become very important in your lives. Whether is entertainment or teach you something, I don't know. I just have to make sure you ponies read/watch this universe." He said moving his hand behind and pulled out a thick white covered book labeled "Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja" before tossing it in front of Celestia.

"If you just wanted us to read some book then why do you threaten us?" Celestia asked.

"Cause I knew if I made it sound like a threat you would get Twilight and the other to come running here." The cloaked man said.

"So why did you have her bring my sister, her friends, and Spike here?" Applejack asked him.

"I figured they could use a good read/watch too." He shrugged.

"Well I say we don't do it and leave out of here!" Spike shouted.

"Ohhh, fiesty little guy aren't you." The cloaked man chuckled waving his hand making blue energy surround it as the same kind enveloped around Spike before he floated toward him making the young dragon shout in surprise. "I like that."

"Spike!" Sweetie Belle shouted.

"Put him down!" Twilight demanded as her horn along with Rarity, Celestia, and Luna's glowed preparing to attack him.

"Not so fast!" The cloaked man waved his other hand that glowed blue enveloping the three Alicorns and Unicorn in the same energy making Twilight, Rarity, Celestia, and Luna feel cut off from their magic as their horns stopped glowing.

"Sister I can't feel my magic!" Luna shouted.

"What did you do?!" Celestia said.

"I removed your magic so you don't try anything funny." The cloaked man said. "And for extra measures." He snapped his fingers as the same glow covered the two Earth ponies, and two Pegasi making them feel cut off too. "There now either of you can fly or use your strength."

"Oh yeah!" Rainbow Dash challenged jumping up and flapped her wings.

Only to fall face first into the ground.

"Told you." The cloaked man snickered.

"Hey no fair!" Pinkie Pie whinned.

"You better let us go or you'll be sorry!" Spike shouted trying to get out.

"Watcha gonna do about it dragon-boy?" The cloaked man said scratching underneath Spike's chin with his finger.

Only for him to bite said finger.

All was quite and no one said a word.

"Ouch." The cloaked man simply said pulling his finger out of Spike's mouth before he looked at him as his eyes glowed red scaring him and everyone else. "You dare bite me while I haven't done anything to you?"

"I-I-I" Spike shuddered.

"Now I guess I have to give you something to make you behave." He said putting his hand slowly behind him and pull something out.

"Leave him alone!" Scootaloo shouted.

Everyone's breath hitched feeling helpless as the cloaked man pulled what he got out.

Only to facefault when they saw it was a large cream colored gem.

"A gem?!" Rainbow Dash yelled.

"That's right." The cloaked man nodded before presenting it to Spike. "If you behave I'll give you this." He offered.

"Ha! You can't bribe me with gems!" Spike scoffed crossing his arms turning his head to the side.

"It cheesecake flavored." The cloaked man said.

"Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!" Spike drooled putting his hands out in a grabbing motion.

"Good boy!" The cloaked man soothed patting Spike on the head before giving him the gem as he started nibbling on it.

"Spike! Where's your self-respect?!" Twilight yelled.

"It's a cheesecake flavored gem, Twilight, c'mon!" Spike whinned as he continued to eat it.

"Yeah, relax nobody's hurt." The cloaked man backflipped in the air.

"I think we can trust him." Fluttershy said speaking for the first time.

"What makes you say that, Fluttershy?" Rarity asked.

"Well think about it. He hasn't attacked us once, he's hasn't been giving off an evil vibe, he even treated Spike a gem when he bit which he shouldn't have." Fluttershy explained.

"Aww, thanks Fluttershy! No wonder you are the sweetest pony there is!" The cloaked man gushed making Fluttershy blush in embarassment.

"Hey! I'm sweet too!" Pinkie Pie pouted.

"True." The cloaked man nodded.

"So I think we should all calm down and work this out." Fluttershy said as everyone eased up. She then turned to the cloaked man. "Excuse me, but could we know your name as well as see your face, please?"

"Well since you asked so nicely." The cloaked man pulled his hood down showing his tan skinned face having spiky black hair like Cloud's from Final Fantasy and golden brown eyes that shinned with warmth.

"A human..." Celestia muttered.

"Human? What's that?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Creatures who lived in Equestria, but don't anymore." Luna answered.

"That's right I'm a human. As for my mine... well... promise not to laugh." He said blushing looking to the side.

"Why?" Applejack asked.

"It's kinda embarassing..." The man muttered.

"We won't laugh." Fluttershy said.

"Yeah. It can't be that bad." Pinkie Pie said waving her left hoof.

"Alright... my name... is D-nasty." He said.

Everyone was silent.


Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo puffed out their cheeks trying not to laugh as well as everyone else.

"See! You're gonna laugh!" D-nasty shouted.

That set everyone off as they rolled on the floor laughed their butts off.

"W-W-What kind of name is D-nasty?!" Twilight laughed.

"That sounds too funny!" Applejack giggled.

"I will skin you alive!" D-nasty threatend.

But that only made them laugh harder.

"I knew I shouldn't have let my sister name me." D-nasty growled with his eyebrow twitching.

After a few minutes

"Are you done now?" D-nasty asked with his eyes closed arms crossed and a tick mark on his head as everybody was sitting down on the couches with him sitting in a rocking chair between the couches.

"I apologize for laughing." Celestia coughed trying not to laugh anymore.

"I'm sorry too, D-nasty." Fluttershy said ashamed.

"We're sorry." The Cutie Mark Crusaders said nodding their heads.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say we didn't mean to laugh at your name." Twilight said.

It's alright." D-nasty sighed before looking at the group. "So you all ready to read/watch this bitch?" Twilight cleared her throat pointing to the kids. "Right kids, sorry. Are you ready to read/watch this sucker?"

"Much better." Twilight nodded. "So what's this book about?"

"It's about Naruto's life in your world, Equestria." D-nasty said.

"Who's Naruto?" Spike asked.

"Naruto is a ninja from another reality." D-nasty said.

"Oohh, we're going to be reading about a ninja? Will we see him wearing black having smokebombs, ninja stars, and attack in the night?" Pinkie Pie asked excitedly.

"Well he will do ninja stuff, just not like you expect." D-nasty chuckled. "Now as you read the story the events will show up on the giant tv in front of you, and sometimes there will be a button that will appear on the table that will play a certain song during a specific scene. Food and drinks will be provided for you so don't worry about that and there are bedrooms where you can sleep. You don't have to worry about the outside world since I have stopped time while all of you are in here reading the story." He explained getting nods from them. "Now then who wants to read first?" D-nasty asked.

"I will." Twilight said raised her left hoof.

"I knew you would." D-nasty said making the book float toward Twilight who opened it. "You may begin."

"Alright then." Twilight said reading the book. "Prologue: The Dimensional Rebirth."

On a stormy day, at a waterfall with two tall statues facing each other at opposite ends. Two boys face off at both ends of the waterfall.

On the left was Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha and wielder of the Sharingan. His clan was killed by his elder brother and swore to avenge his clan by killing his brother. He was a member of squad 7 in the Hidden Leaf Village until he defected from the village to join Orochimaru, a rogue ninja in order to gain power upon receiving the curse mark. But is currently obstructed by his teammate.

"Wait hold up, someone's brother killed his entire family?!" Applejack shouted in shock.

"How horrible." Luna gasped.

"That's not even the worst part." D-nasty said.

Twilight decided to continue reading.

On the right was Naruto Uzumaki, the pariah of the village and the jinchurriki of the nine tailed fox. The fourth hokage sealed the nine tailed fox in him when it attacked the village, since then people saw him as the fox reincarnate and mistreated him. Hence Naruto decided to become hokage so as to gain recognition from the villagers. He was also member of squad seven and is currently attempting to stop Sasuke from abandoning the village.

"Nine tailed fox? What's that?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"The nine tailed fox is a demonic chakra that means energy from their world being in the form of a large village sized fox with nine tails that can cause earthquakes and tsunamis." D-nasty said.

"That's sounds scary." Sweetie Belle whimpered.

"What's a hokage?" Spike asked.

"A hokage is like the leader of the village, like how Celestia and Luna are rulers of Equestria." D-nasty said.

"So this Naruto guy had a nine tailed demon fox sealed inside of him by this fourth hokage and has only been seen as the fox in a village that hates him?" Rarity asked.

"Yep. The fourth hokage died sealing the fox inside Naruto. Pretty messed up huh?" D-nasty.

"Try outrageous. How can they hate a child for something he had no control over?" Celestia let out and angry huff.

"If only the leaf villagers were as smart as you." D-nasty chuckled as Twilight continued to read.

"There is no way you are going to beat me Dobe! I will get the power to kill my brother and you are not going to stop me!" shouted Sasuke in his cursed state level two while preparing his chidori.

"I won't let you got to Orochimaru Sasuke! Even if I have to drag you back to the village beaten to an inch of your life. I will keep my promise to Sakura-chan no matter what believe it! Shouted Naruto in his tailed beast cloak channeling chakra to his right hand to form a Rasengan.

The tv showed the scene and everyone except D-nasty was surprised by what they saw.

"They're pratically children." Fluttershy gasped.

"Yeah with cool powers." Scootaloo grinned.

"Yeah in this world children trained to be warriors and killers at age 5." D-nasty said shocking the mares, fillies, and young dragon.

"That's barbaric!" Rarity shouted.

"How can they take children at the age of 5 and turn them into soilders?!" Twilight yelled.

"It's just the way things are." D-nasty shrugged.

Everyone frowned at this before Twilight started reading again.

After preparing their most powerful techniques, both boys leapt into the air and clashed their attacks. However, Sasuke's chidori grazed pass and slammed into Naruto's heart while Nartuo's Rasengan slammed into Sasuke and sent him crashing into the cliff wall and knocked him out.

As Naruto lay on the ground dying, he thought, "Looks like I won't become hokage after all but at least I kept my promise to Sakura-chan." He smiled with satisfaction before closing his eyes and his breathing stopped. It was on that day, a ninja by the name Naruto Uzumaki died in order to bring back his teammate.

"How horrible. A child dying at a young age." Luna cried.

"I would be devastated if anything happened to Apple Bloom." Applejack frowned hugging her sister who hugged back.

"As would I with Sweete Belle." Rarity said hugging her sister as well.

"Yeah nothing more important than family." D-nasty smiled.

When Naruto opened his eyes, he was in a dark sewer standing before a large gate with a paper with word written seal on it, behind the gate lay the Nine tailed fox.

"That's a big fox." Apple Bloom squeaked in fear.

"I think it's cute!" Pinkie Pie laughed.

"I agree. It looks harmless." Fluttershy nodded in agreement.

"What are we looking at?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"We're looking at Naruto's mindscape. I plane in his mind that represent his soul." D-nasty said.

"But it's a sewer." Twilight pointed out.

"Hey, Naruto's had a rough life. Whaddya expect." D-nasty said.

"Why are you here? I am supposed to be dead and you are to be gone!" said Naruto with a confused look on his face.

"I was thinking the very same thing brat, but I sense another presence coming here" said the fox who was confused as well.

"That was because I brought both of you here." a voice spoke up. Both of them turned to see a woman appear in a flash of white light. She wore a pure white kimono with white hair and glowing eyes, her presence just emitted power that dwarfs even that of the nine tailed fox and demanded no opposition.

"Wow." Spike, Sweete Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo breathed in awe as did the other mares.

"Indeed." Celestia said.

"W-who are you?" asked Naruto with a slight fear in his voice. "I am who you mortals call Kami-sama" said the goddess with a smile on her face.

"She's the god of Naruto's world fyi." D-nasty said as everyone nodded their heads in thanks.

"Why are you here? Are you here for our souls?" Naruto asked in confusion. She shook her head and said "Not exactly, I came here for something else, but first I want to know what you would want me to do with the nine tailed fox's soul?"

Naruto thought for a while before saying, "If anything I want you to send the fox back to the Makai world" this earned a surprised look from both the fox and the goddess as both thought that he would want the fox's soul to be destroyed.

"Why do you request that? I thought you hated me and want to be rid of me?" asked the fox with the goddess wondering the same thing.

"After everything he went through because of the fox I'm surprised too." Rainbow Dash said.

"Ah think he has a reason Rainbow Dash." Applejack said.

"I studied at the library and noticed that there were no records of other attacks and so I came to the conclusion that you were controlled to attack the village and that it wasn't your fault. I also found out that the fourth hokage was my father as he wouldn't sacrifice another parent's child for the sealing and I already forgave him but I couldn't find out about my mother though" said Naruto sadly.

"The fourth hokage was his dad?!" Spike shouted.

"What kind of parent would seal a demon inside their own kid!" Celestia frowned.

"He was the leader of the village at that time, and as a leader he had to make a tough choice no matter how much he didn't like it. I'm just saying I understand, but I don't agree with it. I mean you should know about making tough decisions, Celestia." D-nasty said.

"Yes, I suppose." Celestia sighed.

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki who was from the village of whirlpools" said the goddess. "Thanks for telling me" said Naruto happily.

"At least he knows who his mom is." Scootaloo smiled.

As they were talking, there was flash of bright light and when it faded, it revealed a sea blue broadsword with an outward motif for the guard and in the center is a white swirling energy hovering in the air, as Naruto looked in wonder, the sword floated towards him and began to glow as if to gesture for him to take it. When Naruto took it, he felt chakra flow through him and it felt warm within him.

"What a cool sword." Spike smiled in wonder.

"C-could that sword that be?! I thought it was only a myth!" the fox exclaimed with shock. "What do you mean?" asked Naruto with curiosity.

Kami explained, "That sword is known as the *Kosei no Ha, it is a sword that came into existence by itself and emits pure energy, no one was able to wield it including myself but it seems to accept you due to your pure heart. You truly are a phenomenon."

"Thank you for choosing me" said Naruto to which the sword glowed as if happy. Then the goddess spoke "The reason I am here is to give you a second chance but it will be in another world where you can live a new life" "I accept the offer and I promise to not disappoint you and protect my new precious people believe it!" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"Hey kit, I wish to grant a gift to you as a sign of gratitude and apology for everything" said the fox, "What kind of gift is it?" asked Naruto. "I will unlock your bloodline limit that you inherited from your mother which is the *Chakura no sosa gijutsu that is the ability to manipulate chakra into any form and I will also grant you my chakra even when I am gone"

"That a generous offer." Rarity smiled in approvement.

"How nice of him." Twilight smiled.

"I think he's just a big softie." Pinkie Pie laughed.

"I agree." Fluttershy nodded her head.

"Thanks for everything but before you leave, could you tell me your name?" asked Naruto.

Fox looked surprised before smiling and saying "My name is Kurama" "Okay Kurama, maybe one day we would meet again". Kurama nodded at Naruto before disappearing to the Makai world, leaving him with Kami.

"Well then, now I will send you off and you should know that in that dimension, you will be in a different form and there are dark forces that require you to aid others to defeat" said Kami.

"Okay, goodbye and thank you for everything" said Naruto before disappearing as well.

"I will be watching over you Naruto Uzumaki" said the goddess with a smile on her face.


Kosei no Ha = Stellar Blade

Chakura no sosa gijutsu = Chakra manipulation technique

Just in case your wondering, there's a glossary that will define some japanese words that Naruto uses to define what they mean." D-nasty said trying to help.

"Thanks for that. Well that's the prologue." Twilight said putting the book down before looking at D-nasty. "Looks like Naruto's life in his world has ended."

"And his new life in Equestria going to begin. Trust me you'll like it." D-nasty grinned.

And that's the first chapter. Hoped you like, there's more to come so stay tune.