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I know it's only December 1, but… because I'm obsessed with Christmas and with Miraculous, I thought: why not combine the two!

One chapter will be posted every day for the whole of December! I basically have the story planned out, but not completely, so ideas or wishes are always appreciated!

Friday, December 1

Marinette was really excited.

She woke up pretty early and wasn't feeling sleepy at all, which meant she was at school on time. Her parents accidently made too many chocolate croissants for in the bakery, so she was allowed to bring some to school. Needless to say, she didn't decline the offer.

She actually felt really good. She liked her outfit, her makeup was on fleek, even if she said so herself, and she didn't trip or run into someone on her way to school. Chloé wasn't there to nag at her until class started and when Adrien said hello to her she didn't stammer in return and even asked how he was doing.

It was the first of December; month of lights, parties, coziness and cheerfulness. Since their class was pretty close, they decided to do Secret Santa. It wasn't very common in their country, since Christmas isn't a very big holiday in France, but when Alya said she read it online and proposed to do it with their class, no one complained. Even Chloé wanted to participate, which was a surprise to everyone. Maybe because she wasn't opposed to getting presents, and the more time she could spend with Adrien the better, she probably thought.

They would draw names in the break and the party would be in two weeks, on the fourteenth. Where it was going to be held was still a problem, but they would figure that out later.

Marinette was cheerful all morning until the break. Once she got the little piece of paper with a name on it, all cheer was pulled from her body. A frown settled on her face and her stomach felt heavy.


Okay, maybe it wasn't so bad. Chloé liked everything that was either expensive, pretty or shiny. She could find something. Of course, Chloé wasn't her favorite person and she would much rather give a present to someone else, but it was Christmas time after all. Maybe this would be a great opportunity to bury the hatchet.

"Sorry guys, I've got myself. We need to do it again,'' Kim said with a pout.

Some people grumbled when they put the little notes back in Alix' hat. The hat was passed around the group again and people secretly smiled once they read the new name. While most of them probably wished to draw the same name again, Marinette hoped for the opposite. If she had to give Chloé a gift, fine, but she had to admit she really wanted someone she wanted to give a gift.

She unfolded the note and almost passed out from reading the name.


Of course, from all people, she had to have Adrien. Don't get her wrong, she was really happy. Adrien out of all people was someone she wanted to give a present, but if she was going to give him something it needed to be perfect. She wouldn't settle for less.

She could already imagine her sleepless nights, complaining about his perfect gift that would never be perfect enough in her eyes.

Hiding both her inner happiness and stress, Marinette put the note in her backpack. Lunch was still for a few minutes before they headed back to class. The day ended swiftly after that. Alya decided to come home with Marinette, since she was going to be home alone and didn't feel like being by herself.

"So,'' Alya dragged the word out, "who did you get?'' She nudged her friend in the ribs.

"It's Secret Santa, Alya. I'm not gonna tell you, obviously.''

"Ahw, why not? I'll tell you who I have!''

"I don't need to know. I can wait for two weeks.''

"But we could go Christmas shopping together! We could give each other advice with presents and stuff,'' the bespectacled girl pleaded.

"I actually think you only want to know because you're bad at keeping secrets and just want to get yours off your chest,'' the darker-haired female said with a raised eyebrow.

"That's not true!" She huffed in protest, but eventually started to smile sheepishly. ''Okay, so maybe… but it's the reporter in me, girl! Once I know there is juicy stuff in the area, I'm right on it and I need to tell everyone.''

"Oh, I know,'' Marinette said, remembering all the times Alya appeared at Akuma attacks in not even five minutes.

"Please, Mari! I won't tell anyone, pinky swear!''

"You promise?''

"I promise! I'll even begin. Who do you think I have?''

Marinette hummed in thought. She honestly had no idea, but since Alya was so excited it could be someone she was close to. "Let me think… Nino?''

"Nope. It's- drum rolls, please.''

Marinette rolled her eyes and tapped rapidly on her thighs.



"I know, right? I'm not sure what I'm gonna get her, but I have you for that.''

''Sure,'' Marinette smiled. "I'm just glad you don't have Chloé, I had her the first round.''

''Seriously? I'm guessing you didn't get her the second time then. So, who's the lucky person?''

Marinette rubbed the back of neck and blushed, averting her gaze. For some reason saying his name was already too much for her. She settled for rummaging in her bag and fishing out the little note with his name to show her friend.

Alya wasn't surprised when she unfolded the piece of paper, already suspecting it to be the blond with her friend's reaction. "Lucky you, girl! You can totally get something awesome for him.''

Marinette groaned and buried her face in her hands. "I know, but I just don't know what. I want to give him the perfect gift. I've already thought about it during school, but nothing seems good enough.''

Alya smirked and got closer, putting an arm around her and whispering in her ear. "You know, if you don't know what to give him, just offer him a lip-lock session. I'm sure he'll thank you for it.'' At the end of her sentence, Alya cackled loudly at seeing Marinette's astounded expression.

"Alya! Of course I'm not going to do that!''

"Come on!'' She whined. "If you want the guy to like you then you need to make a move.''

"A move is one thing, but starting to make out with him is completely different!''

"A tiny kiss on the lips then?"


"On the cheek?''

"No! Well… maybe- I mean, no!''

''No, you said it! Please, M. I just want you guys to be happy. And since Mister Model is too oblivious to notice you, you are the one to make the first move. I'm just trying to help, but it's your call.''

Marinette tapped her chin thoughtfully. Alya was right, if she wanted Adrien and her to ever be more than friends, something needed to happen. She had the perfect opportunity now. Not only could she give him a nice Christmas with a good gift, but maybe she could improve their relationship in the meantime as well. A kiss on the lips would maybe go a bit too far, but on the cheek? That was seen as something friendly and innocent, right?

Even if she would do it, she would probably chicken out last second, knowing herself. But it wouldn't hurt to think about doing something else to get closer to him.

Marinette eventually sighed. ''I'll… think about it.''

I know it's short, but that's kind if the point.

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