Day 07: Name tags, cinema; Dean, Sam, Jo

Tags: Alternative Universe

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Dean stuffed another load of popcorn into his mouth. He was annoyed. That wasn't so much because of the film they were watching – which he picked for Jo because it had just a bit too much kissing and not enough explosions in it. He was annoyed because of Sammy.

Why, oh why, had Sam been so persistent to accompany them? Why had Mom let him go with them?

It wasn't that he planned this as a date. If he ever thought about taking Jo on a date – which obviously he never did – he'd surely not do something as lame as watching a movie. Or eating ice cream… only a douche would do that. He'd go do something awesome with her. With any girl he'd go on a date with, naturally.

Even though this wasn't a date, there really was no reason for Sam to constantly talk to Jo. He had her full attention, while she only ever turned to Dean to grab another handful of popcorn. They talked in hushed voices that didn't become audible no matter how much Dean strained his ears.

That was why Dean was annoyed.


The movie was over and the lights came back on. The popcorn bag was empty, and Dean's mood hadn't improved much because they were still talking with each other. Neither of the other two paid him any attention.

Dean's patience snapped. He got up, grabbed his backpack and turned to leave.

"Dean?", Sam called after him, but Dean just ignored him and headed for the exit. No way he was gonna stop to hear his ten year old brother explain why he'd spent the entirety of the movie talking to his – talking to Jo.

Breathing heavily with anger and something that felt surprisingly much like jealousy, Dean reached the exit.

"Wait for me!"

Dean groaned and stopped. It was Jo calling after him this time, and he couldn't keep his feet from stopping. He even turned around to face her.

"Where do you think you're going?", she asked, an angry line forming on her forehead, making her look very much like her mother when she was angry withthem.

"Nowhere", he grumbled, then, more honestly, "I'm going home."


"Oh, no idea… Maybe because you don't want me here? I'm sure Sam could take you for some ice cream. Or ice skating, or whatever it is you kids do nowadays."

It was important for him to use the word 'kids'.

"What?", she asked, taken back by his anger.

Dean didn't care very much if she was hurt and turned back to leave.

Jo was faster. She jogged around him and stopped him by grabbing his arm: "I don't understand what you're getting so worked up over! We were just talking!"

"The whole movie long?"

Jo sighed: "Look, Dean, I'm not really into romance movies. I like it when things go up in flames and people shoot at each other. I understand that we went into this movie because of Sam's age, but not even he liked it. So we started to talk… We talked about Christmas presents and name tags and family traditions, dammit! There was nothing to it!"

Dean snorted: "It's not like I'm jealous or anything."

"And why would you be", Jo hissed between clenched teeth, "since Sammy is just a kid."

Dean shrugged.

They looked at each other, standing close together with Jo's hand still on Dean's arm. Dean swallowed, then worked up his courage: "ince Sam's just a kid and I'm… I don't know, older I guess… would you like to… God, I don't know, go eat some ice cream with me?"

When Jo's face lit up like a Christmas tree, Dean realized that eating ice cream might be quite alright for a first date as long as it was eating ice cream with Jo.


The End