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Amaliya sat at the desk in the corner of the 12th precinct going through the paperwork for the upcoming Policeman's Ball. She heard the ruckus that Espo and Ryan were causing, no doubt another friendly conflict with Castle. Liya laughed slightly shuffling through the contracts on her desk, initialing and signing as she went.

"Hey beautiful," the voice of Javier hit her ears, there was a smile in his greeting, then again there always was when he was close with the Princess.

"Hey Javi," she said softly but didn't look up but a grin was carved on her face nonetheless.

"Grind got you down today Li?"

She sighed looking at his mocha eyes shining bright from his smile, "A bit," she said, "I need Kate to sign off on these but she's been busy with that nasty case you all caught."

"I can get them to her," Castle stated from the doorway.

Rick grinned bigger than Javier, if that was at all possible, as he walked into the office taking the contracts from Liya. The ruggedly handsome mystery writer was always trying to win Liya's favor; he wanted to write a story about her, to him she was the most fascinating subject. Amaliya liked Rick, he was kind and made Kate happy but her story wasn't for sale, not to mention bringing more attention to everything that happened just a few short years ago wasn't something she wanted to do.

"Detective," a third voice broke into the conversation getting Javier's attention.

Liya raised her head to see someone she didn't know, he was tall, wearing a short lab coat and latex gloves. He looked like an ME but he was possibly too young.

"What's up Lucas," Javi responded.

Liya shot a look to Castle which he didn't see but a new pair of eyes stared at the Princess that she met in a quick moment as she moved from Rick to see Lucas staring at her.

"Lucas," Esposito repeated.

"Oh, right sorry," he said after being snapped back to Javier, "Henry has something for you," he said but his voice drifted off as he stared at Liya again.

"Can I help you," she said quietly, looking away from his probing eyes.

"Oh," he said again, "I'm sorry," his voice was incredibly apologetic, "but," he paused, "you're Amaliya Alexander."

"Yes," she said hesitantly hoping he wouldn't be like most people she met, cruel and unkind.

"I've seen pictures of you in the paper and your news conferences but," he paused again awestruck, "I never imagined you'd be so beautiful in person or that I'd be meeting you in person or that…"

"Lucas," his rambling was cut off by a fourth voice entering the small office, it was softer but had authority and Liya recognized it as Welsh.

The voice belonged to this stunning man in woolen suit that was exquisitely put together underneath a longer lab coat with sleeves covered in blood up to his elbows. His face was unshaven but looked soft somehow. His smile was crooked pulling at the left side of his mouth making his dark brown eyes sparkle in the fluorescent light. His right eyebrow slightly arched when he walked into the room meeting the lavender eyes of Amaliya making Henry Morgan stumble over his words just as Lucas did. He ran a hand through his curly auburn hair widening his smile.

"Aren't you popular today," Javi said quietly with a laugh turning to Liya with an amused grin on his face as he sat on the corner of her desk waiting for the new comers to regain their composure.

Henry shook his head, "Ah, Detective, just the man I wanted to see, this might not be a homicide after all," he said to Espo but kept his eyes on Amaliya.

"Great," Espo jumped off the desk, "makes my job easier right Doc?" The detective and Castle shared a slight chuckle at the two ME's almost drooling over their PR representative. "Dr. Henry Morgan, Lucas this is Amaliya Alexander, the 12th's secret weapon."

Liya let out an acerbic chuckle, "Hardly Javi," they shared a laugh, "It's nice to meet you Dr. Morgan, Lucas."

"Amaliya," Henry repeated, his accent was so smooth like the finest silk, "Russian," he asked ignoring Javier's eye roll.

"Vanir," she told him flatly turning back to her work.

"Vanaheim," he stated, the fascination in his voice gained volume.

Liya looked at him very impressed; most Midgardians had heard of Asgard due to Thor and Loki but most of them still referred to her as Asgardian no matter how many times she corrected them. It was by some miracle that a person had heard of her home realm that didn't know her.

"Yes," she said meeting his intense eyes once again, "You've heard of Vanaheim?"

He moved into the room getting close to her, "Studied it, all of Norse mythology," he looked at her again in wonder, "never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine meeting a Vanir…"

"Dr. Morgan," Javi interrupted, "the case that might not be a murder?"

"Right," he stood, "perhaps at a later date Miss Alexander," he said thoughtfully before he turned sharply, "this way Detective," he led Javier and Lucas out of the room to the elevator and down to the basement where the ME's office was located.

"Rick," Liya asked once they were gone, "Where's Laney or Dr. Perlmutter?"

"Laney had an emergency with her sister and Perlmutter is sick or something," Castle snickered a bit, "probably a bit of karma," that brought a smile to Liya's face, Dr. Perlmutter wasn't a Castle fan, "so the 11th lent us Dr. Morgan and Lucas."

"Huh," she said thoughtfully, "interesting man." She went back to filing paperwork for a moment before looking up at Castle again looking at her with raised eyebrows, "Mr. Castle?"

"Oh nothing Liya," he remarked off handedly, "it's just the last man you found interesting you ended up engaged to."

Liya cast her eyes at her empty ring finger and then to the elevator door at it rang with Kate, Javier, and Ryan before looking away once more a bit dejected, "Only for a brief time," she said quietly the sadness soaking her tone. Amaliya looked up catching Javier's eye; he said his goodbyes to his partner and Captain before heading into her office again. Rick left her office leaving the two alone for a moment.

"Hey Li," Javier asked quietly sitting in the chair next to her, "You ok babe?"

"Yeah Javi," she said with a faltering smile, she missed him.

It was more than she could bear sometimes. She and Javier had been inseparable since she was first assigned to the 12th. It was an instant spark between the Cuban and the Vanir and that spark molded into an unbreakable bond and before long they fell in love. He had proposed to her during a night out with Kevin and his wife Jenny using the song Javier had written for Liya in addition to the proposal. She excitedly accepted. It was 6 months into planning that Amaliya realized Javier, while he loved her, had feelings, deep seeded feelings that never went away, for Laney. It was an amicable break but it still hurt her. Laney and Javi were happy and he and Liya were still close, closer than most. Even though the detective and the ME had since broken up, it didn't change anything.

"If you say so Li," he gave her knee a slight squeeze, "Me and Ryan are heading down to the bar if you wanna come sit a spell."

"Thanks Jav," she told him with a stronger smile, "I got all this nonsense to deal with yet, but you never know I'll text you if I make my way down there."

"Please try," he kissed her cheek, "bye babe." Liya blushed slightly, the charm oozed out of that man it was almost unbelievable.

Javier paused at her door looking at her work away. He wished that she would come down with them even for a bit. The weight that held her shoulders down was so immense and the detective hated seeing her that way. Javi could always tell when she had cried herself to sleep, her eyes would be red and puffy even if she hid it with makeup. It was when she wasn't thinking about what other people thought of her or the truly terrible things she had been through that he couldn't even imagine that Liya was happy again. She was just so beat down and that shouldn't have happened to anyone. Javier left her office, whether she knew he had stayed for a few moments was unknown to him.

"Kev," Javier called to his partner, "Wanna ruffle some feathers tomorrow?"

"The ME," Ryan asked looking up from his report.

"Yup," Javier grinned, "should be fun," he quipped and Kevin nodded.

She turned to the paper spread out on her desk and started to pull it into a pile, signature after signature. Liya always found it funny that she couldn't recognize her signature after four or five times signing it. Once all the documents had her seal of approval she got up and stretched walking around the office. Glancing at her watch, it was past 11, she was sure the boys would have gone home by now. Liya locked her desk gathering her things as she did, putting on her coat, scarf, and hat she locked her office before stepping into the elevator. Once the lift hit the plaza she searched for her phone in the enormous purse. She wasn't watching where she was walking and was stopped by two strong hands.

"Miss Alexander," Henry's voice said with surprise and a smile holding her still.

Liya looked up to see his handsome crooked smile, "Dr. Morgan," she said relieved that it was Henry, "you're here late."

"As are you," he smiled, "on your way out?"

"Finally," Liya laughed making Henry chuckle.

"Would you care for an escort?"

Liya smiled, "Thank you very much Dr. Morgan."

Henry smiled as he hooked her arm with his, "Please call me Henry," he said kindly walking her out into the crisp New York Autumn air. "I'm rather glad that I ran into you," Henry told her.

"Oh," she said curiously.

"Indeed," he pulled her to a stop on the corner, "I had hoped to speak with you again," he smiled at her confused face, "just waiting for my roommate Abe to pick me up."

"You don't drive," she asked.

"No, never learned," he smiled, "I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me sometime."

Liya was taken back for a moment before looking at the dashing doctor thinking it over turning her eyes away from him. It had been a while since she had been on a date of any kind or even out, she kept turning down the invitation to join Javier and Kevin at the bar.

"Amaliya," he said softly he lifted her face to his, "if you're involved with Detective Esposito I understand."

"Oh," she stammered, "No, Javi and I aren't, I mean," she searched for the right words but they weren't coming to her. Liya let out a sigh composing herself before continuing, "We were involved but we aren't anymore," she tried to recover but she felt lost much to Henry's amusement which made her laugh. "What I mean to say Henry is that, yes, I'd love to have dinner with you," she looked up at him. For the first time she felt something different about him.

Curious thing, probably because she had 700 people in her tiny office that she didn't notice it at first. His energy was different, it radiated inversely to what was considered normal for Midgardians. She questioned on whether or not to read his mind but thought better of it. It could be that her feeling was off, she had been wrong before when it came to feelings. An old Seville pulled up with an elderly but spritely man behind the wheel. She assumed this was Henry's roommate.

"Can we drop you somewhere?" Henry asked invading her puzzle solving.

"Who is this stunning creature," the man said getting out of car. His voice matched his sparkling eyes.

"Amaliya Alexander," she told him, surprised that two people hadn't heard of her in one day that never happened. "No I have a car coming; I have more work to deal with before I call it a night."

A black SUV with no plates pulled up behind Abe's car and a man in a black suit got out moving over to Liya.

"Miss Alexander," Coulson said cheerfully, "New friends?"

"Phil," she turned addressing the man happily, "I'll be right there." Coulson nodded returning to the car, "Government types, they never let me have any fun," she laughed, "Abe I'm assuming," she turned to the older man who looked to be in his seventies.

"Oh yes," Henry snapped back to the present, "this is Abraham."

"Nice to meet you Amaliya," he said kissing her hand, "Henry, need a minute?"

"If you would Abe," he told him and Abe got in the car.

Liya smiled, digging into her purse again pulling out a business card with a pen scribbling her number down, "here, my mobile is on the back, best way to reach me, I look forward to speaking with you again."

"As do I, thank you Amaliya," he smiled taking the card putting it in his vest pocket.

"Please call me Liya," she told him.

Liya turned to leave, but Henry held her hand for a moment, "Until tomorrow Liya," he kissed her hand before letting her go.

Amaliya blushed slightly before heading to the SUV giving the handsome doctor one last look before getting into the back seat. There was a grin plastered on the Princess' face as she closed the door.

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