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Liya left the Tower and walked to the 12th, it was only a few blocks away and she needed to be outside for awhile. It wasn't the same as being in nature but it was better than being under countless fluorescent lights all the time. The sky was cloudy and the sun dim, it was chilly, the season was turning. There were several people out, some stared and others made faces either or disgust or sympathy. It was something that Liya had grown accustomed to. It didn't bother her nearly as much as it had before. No one said anything, no one had in quite some time. It was a relief in many ways but worrisome in others. Not saying anything to her, encouraging or to her detriment, it meant that those on Midgard were becoming complacent to all that went on around them.

The wind picked up blowing a few stray hairs in her face. She moved out of the way of pedestrian traffic and just enjoyed the breeze. The air was sweeter than normal; perhaps it was because of the new company she recently made or maybe it was due to her father and two older brothers visiting soon. Either way she had a smile on her face today and the thought of seeing Henry again made butterflies buzz inside of her stomach. It had been quite a few years since that had happened. Liya walked into the 12th, the usual buzz going around. The murder board was out and being utilized, they caught another case.

"Liya," the voice of Captain Beckett called through the busy precinct.

"Yes Captain," she said coming into her office only to see the pretty detective that had interrupted her and Henry that morning.

"Detective Jo Martinez," she said, her face was stoic as she extended a hand.

"Amaliya Alexander," Liya replied shaking her hand.

"Liya," Kate said after the two women had taken a seat, "it has come to my attention, thanks to Detective Martinez, that you and her ME are friendly, as she put it."

"Oh," Liya said a bit surprised feeling the slightest bit ambushed, "Yes, I met Henry yesterday, he was working a case for Javier and Kevin, we seem to have a mutual liking of each other, is there a problem?"

"I'm concerned that you will distract him from his cases," Martinez said, "he was talking about you all morning, made him miss the details that he notices before anyone else."

"Surely Detective," Kate started, "that can be overcome, Liya was in a relationship with one my detectives for years and his work never suffered."

"I'm also concerned that there will be unwanted and unnecessary press," the detective stated.

Liya looked down at the floor, they hadn't even had a formal date and already it was starting. She looked at Beckett before speaking. Kate nodded slightly before Liya began, "If I may Detective," Liya turned to Jo, "any and all press for the NYPD goes through me, I am the Public Relations liaison which includes the 11th. I can assure you that if Henry and I date or have a relationship it will be kept out of the press. My transparency doesn't include who I choose to date. My relationship with Javier never hit the papers nor did it distract him from doing his job. And adding to this fact that Henry and I haven't even been on a date yet, couldn't this all be an overreaction?"

Jo narrowed her eyes at the Princess, "Perhaps," her voice was cutting.

Kate looked at Liya before addressing Jo again, "Does this have anything to do with who Amaliya is?"

"The Princess of Destruction," Martinez said making Liya cringe slightly, "I've read all about you, can't say I believe any of it meeting you now, not that I believed it before. I just want Henry to focus on his work, he's the best ME we have." A slight smile broke on her face, "He was singing at the crime scene."

Liya smiled, "Was he now?"

"Just try to keep him focused and we won't have a problem," Jo said, she smiled for the second time, "I haven't seen him smile like that since I've known him." She turned to Kate, "Sorry for the pretense but I wanted to get a better look at her from this morning and actually talk to her."

"It was lovely meeting you Detective," Liya said, "Keep him safe if you would?"

"Of course, Captain," she nodded her head before leaving.

"That could have been much worse," Liya said her smile dimmed somewhat before turning to Kate, "I'm sorry Captain Beckett."

"Liya," Kate said softly, "You have always been a tremendous asset to this precinct, and I wouldn't have Rick back without you. You have nothing to apologize for; I wouldn't have hired you if I thought this would be a problem." Beckett smiled, "Dr. Morgan is a catch, if Espo does anything inappropriate let me know."

"Yes, Captain," Liya said before leaving the office.

The Vanir retreated to her office hoping to get the rest of the never ending contracts out of the way before the evening. She found herself day dreaming about what dinner would bring, it made a smile appear on her face but it dropped slightly. Henry did research her and her actions since the Chitauri invasion had all been very transparent she wondered if telling him why she was on still on Midgard would be wise, it was all a part of Thaddeus Ross' stance on empowered individuals. Part of the Sokovia Accords and their agreement to keep the students under 18 at the Xavier Academy from being held to them; she was their pet, their empowered on a leash, the face of their campaign for the good of humanity.

The powerful and lest we forget dangerous Princess Amaliya of Vanaheim was under the thumb of the US government, a pawn in a much larger game. She couldn't leave Midgard due to this reason. All of this would have been easier to bear if she was able to visit her home. Alek was still on Midgard because of Andy, but she missed Andrei and Arman and mostly her father. Thor was able to travel between realms but Amaliya was stuck. She let out an angry sigh which faded to desperation, she didn't know if she'd ever be able to see her home again. Liya wiped away the forming tears and went about with her busy work to keep her mind off her prison sentence.

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