As you know, the fanfiction will be a crossover of Gaia Attack 4 and Splatoon 1 and 2 characters. Full Credits to TAITO and Nintendo. The story takes place of Splatoon 2.)

Tommy=A Male GA4 Inkling Agent and possibly the rookie of The New Squidbeak Splatoon,it is unknown who has a crush on him.

"August 2007, Shielded Octotrooper sighted in urban streets."

"June 2008, Octotroopers roaming the area of octo valley"

"October 2009, Giant Octo Creature in the heart of Inkopolis."

"Worldwide reports that there was octo activity on Octo valley."

"All these incidents...are managed by a top secret agency known as..." 5 agents, two males,two females and a male inkling's hands with their weapons are only seen. "GAIA SPLATTACK 4!"

Tommy's 1st day


1340 Hours

Tommy is at Inkopolis as he has 2 luggages, held by his two hands. "Wow!" he covers his face cuz of the sunshines. "I gotta find a place for me to stay,STAT!" he looks around Inkopolis as he searches for a home to live. "Oh coooolll!" There's a empty apartment but has sinks,bathrooms but not furnitures. "Ah, my new home. Guess it's in well state then.." He opens his luggages,pulling out everything,but organized. "This goes here...that goes there..." After 1 hour passes, he finishes up decorating his new apartment. "All done!"

He sits on the couch as he watches TV but somebody knocks the door. "Huh? who's that." the same person knocks the door. "Just a minute. i'm coming." he walks up to the was P2. "Hello Tommy, it's been a while since our last 5-agent mission." Tommy remembers that mission he took with the GA4 Agents. "Ah yes, that mission. where we had to destroy something created from the junkyard?" P2 nods as he tells him he guessed it right. "It turns out time has not made you forget our mission,Tom..who knows whe-" A Emergency transmission from P.I.T is heard. "Emergency! Emergency call for the GA4! Please respond!" P2 looks at Tommy. "You ready for the assignment,Tom?" P2 and Tommy head out,they meet up with P1,P3 and P4. It was octotroopers chasing innocent inklings.

"There's trouble in Sector A7! Squid Creatures are being attacked by Octo creatures! Rescue the Squid Creatures!

-Rescue the inklings!-



"So it's them!" P2 says as the 5 of them begin to shoot their guns while on the helicopter. "Someone's stuck up there!" Tommy points out a female octoling. "Let's help!" P1 says as the 4 take out octotroopers near at the unarmed octoling. "Hey you crazy,P1?! That's a octoling!" but P1 chews out P4 "It doesn't matter! We gotta help her! We're GA4!" Tommy also provides covering fire. "Watch out!" P2 yells at Tommy,but Tommy got aware of who was shooting at him. "Inktastic! Only 10 more left!" They finish up the Octotroopers and Shielded Octotroopers.


"You are all under arrest!" Tommy looked happy as he had saved the day alongside the GA4 Agents the helicopter the GA4 and Tommy were in flies back home. "Tommy i see time has not weakened your aim!" P3 got impressed and shocked about Tommy's Accuracy. "Thanks,P3. This mission is a success." The helicopter lands on the Heli pad as the GA4 agents and Tommy get off the chopper. Tommy heads back to his apartment. The GA4 agents look for an apartment to stay. "it's been a long day for me..i gotta sleep." Tommy heads to his bed and he sleeps.