it's been 20 years since spyro and cynder defeated malefor and now their is peice all over the world and now spyro and cynder are now mates and cynder was covering an egg inside there home asleep while spyro was keeping watch. outside an army off what the dragons thought were hairless apes with some sort of sticks the leader obviously young came up to them and said "hello dragons give me your purple dragons egg now or i will destroy all of you."

just then a red dragon came out from behind everyone and said "my names flame the fire gardian and who do you think you are to demand things from us."

the guy then laughed evily and looked at flame "well flame i am voldemort the dark lord from earth, so will you give the egg up or do i have to kill to get it."

flame looked at voldemort and said "no you can not have the eggegg now leave." flame then started to walk away when he heard the yell something and he just fell to the ground to not live anymore.

every one screamed and started to run around in panic when the dark loerds army started to fire spells at the dragons. just then the three other gardians arrived to see dragons dead and buildings on fire when one saw flame dead and said "flame no, what kind of creacher could do this." then he turned to one of the gardiansgardians and said "terrador get spyro and cynder and there egg out of here now!"

back with spyro and cynder, cynder had just woke up when terrador runs in and looks surprised. terrador starts to calms down when he yells to them "the city is under attack, they're going to kill you and take your egg. you need to get out of here."

spyro looks at cynder and said "no i will not leave but we will send the egg to another dimension to keep him or her safe."

cynder looks at him "no we can't do that it could be dangerous for the egg." said trying to persuade him.

spyro looks at her and hugs her and said "we have to try something." he looks back at terredor and nodded to him and terrador nodded back. they walked out the doors with spyro carrying the egg when they got to two giant doors that oppened on there own.

terrador looked down at spyro and said "place the egg on the circle. good now use your convexity together to power up the portal."

spyro and cynder nodded but cynder walked up to the egg and said "i hope you can hear me cause i will always love you." after she said that she started to tear up. when she stopped she looked at spyro and said "let's do thisthis." when she said this they fired there convexity and the egg disappeared.

just then voldemort wlked in and said "no! you will pay!" and aimed his wand at spyro and yelled "avada cedavra!" and spyeo died and cynder cried out and started to charge when he shot the same spell at cynder and she died and voldemort walked away and burned the place down.

in another world called earth a woman just gave birth and named there sun harry potterpotter. 1 year later lily and james were stting down after putting harry to bed when the door opened and james walked to it and gasped and took out his wand when the guy that entered the house killed him and went to lily nd killed her and wlked upstairs and saw harry fired the killing curse but it backfired and the guy dissapeared never to be seen again.

in 4 privert drive pertuna and vernon had just woke up to someone banging on the door so they got yp and went to the door and opened to hear a motor bike in the distance but no one at the door when they looked down the saw a baby with a note so they read it and gasped and they took him in and closed the door.