Instantly seeing the live feed in front of her fading into nothing but a black screen feeling her lips tugging upward for a brief second reaching down slowly scrolling back a couple of minutes slowly as she watches the feed once again of the basement door opening and a figure emerging down the steps the moment she sees the figure emerge into the light in a sudden move Laurel stops the feed in front of her and zooms slowly in on the face to only have her lips break off into a grin.

" Well aren't you full of surprises."

A face that she had seen before. A face that started to make sense of a lot of things that she had come across throughout the night.

The face of her father's young partner a one Helena Bentelli. A woman with such a storied history behind her already. A history that was continuing to be written as we speak.

Hearing the sound of a click coming from the front door looking over the back of the couch and over to her side slowly as she watches Oliver emerge into the apartment making sure to lock the door behind himself raising up an eyebrow she watches him nod his head at her.

" It should do for now. From what i've gathered the church has been abandoned for years. Our gear should be safe there until we can find someplace better to use."

Nodding her head slightly gently taking her laptop in her hands as she sees him taking a seat next to her on the couch slowly she turns the screen in his direction.

" Look familiar?"

Turning his attention towards the screen as he sees a familiar face staring back towards him slowly Oliver nods his head.

" Things are starting to make more sense now. From what we've gathered This Huntress has been hunting various mob families throughout the world.

If my memory serves me right Ms Bentelli came from such a family and this Huntress hasn't stayed in the same place for long. Not as long as she was in Gotham City anyways."

Instantly as a look of realization comes across her face slowly Laurel turns her attention back towards the laptop's screen.

" Because her family lived there."

Reaching out without feeling an sort of resistance gently Oliver wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her close to his side before gently he feels her resting her head down on his shoulder.

" And we both read the file about how her fiance was killed reportly at the hands of her father. She was using Gotham City to hone her skills before setting out to find him."

" But he's not there anymore. From what i've read he hasn't called Gotham his home for years. Rumor is he is under protection from the police.

So what would she be doing here? That part just doesn't make any sense to me."

Shaking his head slightly leaning down gently planting a kiss on the top of her head before he rests his head on top of her own.

" I don't know pretty bird. All that i know is for whatever reason she has decided to stay here and she could cause us some problems."

" Maybe not."

Repositioning herself to rest comfortably against his side slowly Laurel closes her eyes as he wraps an arm around him.

" If she doesn't trust some new friends. Maybe she'll trust some new enemies."

Cracking her neck to the point a pop can be heard echoing through the air keeping her eyes locked forward ignoring the stares that she is receiving from her appearance from her fellow officers reaching out with a tug Helena brings the entrance doors flying open before without breaking her stride she continues her treck forward slowly through the station.

A station that she could hear non stop chatter through every single room. Hear from every single desk that she passes on by.

The same chatter that has been on full display ever since their arrival back here. The chatter of The Green Arrow and Black Canary.

The two masked vigilantes that had appeared in the city after a year long absence. Two masked vigilantes that were quickly becoming legends.

Legends that couldn't be caught despite how many officers were used. Despite whatever traps would be laid out for them.

Legends that couldn't be bested in combat. Combat so far that has seen so many officers and thugs laying dead at their feet with the use of only their bare hands and some simple steel.

The very same steel that she had waged battle against. The same steel that she knew she would come across once again very soon.

The same steel she couldn't wait to cross paths with again. Especially her. Especially The Black Canary.

A woman that she had seen so much fire in her eyes as they fought. A woman that seemed to be getting stronger and stronger with every single strike she was sending her way with her staff.

A woman in which she had only come across once before. Only this woman was different. She wasn't an amazon born with amazing strength. She wasn't some kind of god.

No she was different. She could bleed. She could be beaten. But would she?

Would she allow herself to be beaten? Would she allow herself to be defeated? That was something she didn't think was the case.

This woman would not allow herself to admit defeat. This woman would not go down and stay down. This woman was dangerous. Maybe even more so than her partner in crime was.

That was the question that remained to be seen. Who out of them was the weak link? Who out of them was the one she would have to take out first before focusing on the other?

She had caught him surprise this time. Something she knew would never happen again. She would never surprise him again.

She would never have the advantage against him again. He would be prepared for her next time. He would be ready to possibly kill her the night time they met. Just like his partner.

She would have to be prepared. She would have to prepare herself for they're next upcoming encounter.

An encounter that could be her very last if she wasn't careful. Especially after everything that she has learned on this day.

They were intelligent. Intelligent enough to find the tracker she had placed on them. They were smart enough to establish some kind of security system around their base of operations.

They had resources. Enough resources to be able to get a hold of explosives. Had enough resources to create a surveillance system around the grounds which told her that they had money.

Money that could cause them to never be traced if they were smart. Allow them to get whatever they wanted whenever they wanted making them even more dangerous.

Even more dangerous than she had thought they were the previous night. Now she knew they couldn't be taken lightly for even a single second. That second could cost her life.

Suppressing the urge to snort at the endless conversations she keeps on hearing about the two masked vigilantes making her way across the room towards her desk as she finds Quentin waiting already at her desk for her with a look of irritation across his face releasing a calming breathe without looking up towards his face slowly she moves around him to take a seat down at her desk.

" Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you for hours."

Gently rubbing her tired eyes letting out a sigh slowly Helena shakes her head as she leans forward in her seat to rest her elbow down on her desk.

" I've been out doing errands."

" Oh? Just like how you were doing the same last night, I presume?"

In a sudden move retracting her hand away from her face instantly Helena glares over at Quentin seeing him taken back slightly at her action.

" What i do with my free time is none of your business. Now is there something that i can help you with boss?"

Taken back at her tone that he has heard for the very first time quickly taking in her appearance seeing her jacket and jeans covered in mud stains with faint outlines of mud still in her hair raising up an eyebrow slowly he locks eyes with her.

" Rough night, I see?"

" I've had worst. Now is there something that you need? I need to get to work."

Turning her attention towards her desk to swipe an case file from the top of the stack flipping open the folder skimming to the top slowly as she listens to Quentin's breathing getting quieter and quieter after a couple of seconds glancing up as she finds him still standing in front of her desk with a shocked look across his face just as she opens her mouth sudden movement coming from behind him instantly catches her eye in the form of a mail carrier making his way over with a yellow envelope in his hand.

" I'm sorry to interrupt but are you Ms Helena Bentelli? I have a delivery for you."

Maneuvering around the older gentleman in front of him reaching out the carrier extends the yellow envelope over towards Helena seeing her glancing towards the envelope with a suspicious look.

" What's this?"

" Don't know mam. I was only told to give this to you at earliest convenience. He sounded urgent."

Feeling her curiosity getting the better of her with a slight nod reaching out gently Helena takes the envelope out of the carrier's hand earning her a nod before slowly as she watches him turn to leave Helena suppresses a groan when she sees a grin across Quentin's face.

" Ahh, I see now. Does your free time have a name?"

Making sure the message is loud and clear with a glare earning her the result she wanted in the form of Quentin raising up his hands in mock surrender and turn to leave to his own desk turning her attention down towards the envelope reaching down slowly she tears open the envelope before slowly she pulls out the first piece of paper she sees laying on top of a small stack.

We know who you are.

Instantly feeling her eyes going slightly wide for a split second quickly masking her shock glancing around seeing each of her co worker paying her no mind at all turning her attention back towards the paper in her hands quickly tracing her fingers over the newspaper cut out letters staring up towards her tucking the paper back into the envelope gripping the rest of the papers slowly she pulls them out only for her eyes to once again widen at what she sees.

Picture after picture of her staring up towards a camera with a familiar looking scene in the background. The scene of the basement that had once stood their hideout. Her big break in the case to only watch it be reduced to rubble.

Pictures that continue to zoom in on her face as she flips through the papers until her blood starts to boil when she gets to the last paper.

We'll keep in touch Huntress.

Gripping the papers tightly causing them to slowly crumple underneath her grip stuffing the papers back into the envelope rising up from her seat making sure to keep the envelope tucked underneath her arm under her jacket with a look of anger coming across her face slowly Helena makes her way around her desk and through the station.

" Again. Don't think about what you want to do. Just do."

Nodding her head in understanding gripping the wooden staff in her hand tightly forcing herself up to her feet gritting her teeth as she stumbles to stay upright causing her to see Oliver out of the corner of her eye start to get up from his seat on a nearby log reaching out Laurel extends her hand out towards him as her eyes remain locked on White's own.

" No, I got this. I need this."

Receiving a slight nod in response right as she sees Oliver returning back down to his seat nodding her head at White with a flick of her fingers Laurel effortlessly twirls her wooden staff around in the air and snaps into a fighting position before without any hesitation she stalks her way forward.

Remaining perfectly still from his spot on the log with his eyes constantly watching her movements only seeing her getting faster and faster with every single strike she throws in the white haired assassin's direction to only watch her dodge and counter the counter strikes being delivered in her direction unable to suppress it a slight grin forms across Oliver's face.

A grin that continues to grow as he watches these two female juggernauts clash with only the sound of wood striking wood echoing through the air.

The very same echo that continues to get louder and louder with every single thrust a blonde haired woman delivers to another's staff only causing wooden shards to fly off with every single block.

A scene that has taken place for months. These ongoing battles every single morning. Sometimes it was them going at in a training session. Sometimes it was Oliver against the white haired assassin.

Even on some mornings it was the young couple doing battle. All in all with every single session inside they knew they were achieving results. Inside they knew they were getting better.

And the results were clearly showing it. Showing in their fighting styles. Showing how faster they were in the decision making. Showing that they were using their minds and skills now to achieve victory other than just pure will power and strength.

A well versed warrior. That was what they were told they wanted to achieve anyways. Told to achieve by this mysterious woman. This woman that has stayed with them and in her words teach them to become a much more effective warriors.

And she was achieving this goal. They were becoming better warriors.

Swiping her staff up high to only feel her attack being easily blocked instantly as she sees the white haired assassin rearing her own staff back at lighting speed intending to deliver a strike to her side in a sudden move Laurel twirls around her causing the strike to miss it's mark before without breaking her momentum rearing back she kicks White's leg out from under her causing the white haired assassin to fall back first the ground with a thud before with lighting fast speed she brings her staff end to rest just underneath the woman's chin.

Feeling the end of a staff resting down just below her chin looking up as she sees her pupil looking down towards her with a look of pure intensity radiating from her eyes feeling her lips tugging upward releasing her own hold on the staff causing it to clang against the ground White nods her head up towards Laurel.

" You're learning. Good."

Rising up from his seat as he sees Laurel extending a hand down to White helping her up to her feet slowly making his way over just as he sees his wife turning in his direction dropping her staff down to the ground in the process reaching out gently Oliver wraps his arms around her waist as he feels her doing the same with the back of his neck.

" So? How did i do?"

Without any hesitation leaning forward gently Oliver presses his lips to her own only feeling her pulling his head closer to her own to deepen the kiss before after a couple of seconds as he breaks off the kiss and opens his eyes to see her smiling at him slowly he returns the smile.

" A hell of a lot better than i did."

" Aww poor baby. She only knocked out on your ass like hundred times. Try two hundred then you can come crying to me."

Letting out a chuckle leaning forward gently Oliver pecks her on the lips before he leans over to whisper into her ear.

" If that's what you want. You still owe me a trip from Nurse Lance you know."

" Oh? Do i now?"

Seeing him nodding his head leaning forward gently she rests her forehead against his own.

" I might be able to make that happen….for a price."

Just as he opens his mouth hearing a throat being cleared from behind him turning his head slightly as he sees White looking towards them with a faint of a smirk across her face suppressing a grin from hearing Laurel letting out a silent groan without letting her go slowly he turns to face the white haired assassin.

" Very good. That is enough for today."

With two pairs of eyes watching her leaning down gently White scoops up the two wooden staffs off from the ground and throws one over to Laurel seeing the younger woman catch the staff with ease before without any hesitation turning on her heels slowly she makes her way past them and back in the direction of their camp.

" You will want to hold onto that. I fear you will need it to take your frustrations out on."

Turning towards Oliver seeing the very same look of confusion in his eyes that mirror her own with her curiosity only deepening by the second reaching down to grab a hold of his hand with a slight tug slowly Laurel pulls him forward back in the direction of the camp trailing White only by a short distance before after a couple of minutes of walking in total silence stopping at the edge of the camp as she watches the white haired assassin reach into one of the bags that she brought with her to only retrieve a folder from within and extend it out in their direction as though her legs had a mind of their own slowly she makes her way over towards her.

" The answers you seek lie within."

Looking down towards the yellow folder and then back towards Oliver seeing his face masked of any emotion releasing a hold of his hand to take the outstretched folder out of White's hand with a flick of her thumb instantly Laurel opens up the folder and starts to skim through the first paper that she sees only to have her eyes widen with every passing second at what she sees.

Author's Notes: Hey everyone. It's been a while hasn't it since my last update for this story? Well just to get some things clear. This story was not,will not ever be abandoned. I had a bunch of ideas of arrow stories come flooding into my mind and took care of most of them so that i can continue on with this one.

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To sum up her character she has the personaility of Huntress however she doesn't have the skill sets. Not yet anyways. She appears in the first story of my Batman trilogy which takes place if i remember correctly about 3 years before Oliver returns home. She isn't trained by anyone but herself so her flaws are clearly shown.

She will get better as and this is a spoiler the 3rd story in this arrow saga is called Arrow: The Birds of Prey which i think speaks for itself on who the main characters of that story will be.

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