31 Days of AoKasa

Day One: Holding Hands

Aomine wants to work up the courage to hold Kasamatsu's hand but can't.

Aomine listened to the crunch in the snow cause by their footsteps. They walked almost in-sync, if not for Aomine's longer legs and height advantage. The tall, tanned teenager glanced at the shorter male next to him. He eyed him for a few seconds until said male looked up at him.

The royal blue eyed male hastily turned his head away and pretended to be interested in the falling snow around them. His friends squeezed into tight fists as he cursed his nerves. 'I'm Aomine Daiki,' he thought, 'I should be above such a simple thing as hand holding.'

Aomine bit his lip as he chanced another peek at the one walking next to him. 'We're almost at the train station, you're going to lose your chance.' He told himself. His blue eyes darted to the teen's bare hand before turning his gaze to the fast-approaching train station. He scowled.

'Just man up and grab Kasamatsu's hand. You managed to get him to go on two dates with you so far; holding his hand shouldn't be a problem.' Aomine thought, idly wondering if his hands were clammy from his nerves or not.

"Are you okay?" Kasamatsu asked suddenly, causing Aomine to nearly trip over his own two feet.

Aomine faltered, "I- I'm fine." He answered.

His smaller boyfriend gave him a look but did not press the issue. Aomine was grateful until he realized they fell into another period of silence. The blue eyed male was just glad that it was not an awkward silence. Like their first date.

Aomine scratched his head irritably and peered down at Kasamatsu. He studied the third year, watching as a snow flake landed on his dark eyelashes. The older teen stopped to wipe at his eye but Aomine already beat him to it. He gently wiped the small snow flake from his boyfriend's lashes.

Kasamatsu blinked, momentarily surprised. A second later his cheeks bloomed red and suddenly Aomine was embarrassed. "Sorry," Aomine uttered, rubbing the back of his head.

The older teen hurriedly looked away from him, his cheeks still red. "It's fine." He whispered, rubbing his nose as he sniffled from the chilly weather.

Aomine kept his eyes glued to the snow-covered ground. He soon noticed that they were already at the train station. Aomine peered up the stairs before he turned to Kasamatsu. 'I failed my mission.'

"You know what time the next train comes at?" The dark skinned first year asked as the pair began to ascend the steps up to the station. Kasamatsu shook his head, "No."

"Oh." Aomine said, nodding from the straightforward answer. He scratched his cheek awkwardly, not knowing what else to say. The royal blue eyed male watched Kasamatsu from the corner of his eyes until they came to a stop. Aomine looked at where they stopped and noticed a few posters and a garbage can a few feet away. Due to how late at night it was, there was hardly anyone around.

Aomine swallowed hard and glanced down at Kasamatsu. His fingers twitched because all he wanted to do was hold his boyfriend's hand. It was beginning to feel as if he was getting stressed out because of all this. The taller male could not see what would be so bad about it. Would Kasamatsu freak out on him? Would he be able to feel his clammy hand, despite the winter air?

The blue eyed teen resisted the urge to groan in his own annoyance. He was about to give up on the idea altogether until he felt cold fingers graze against his own. Aomine's mind went blank for a mere few seconds. His head snapped in Kasamatsu's direction, immediately taking notice of the older teens flushed cheeks. Aomine's own cheeks burned as he linked his fingers properly with his boyfriends.

Kasamatsu mumbled something but the sound of his own heart beating in a frenzy made Aomine miss the words completely. "W- What?" He asked stupidly.

His boyfriends blush darkened as he repeated himself. "I- I said it took you long enough. Idiot." Kasamatsu gave his hand a squeeze.

Aomine's heart fluttered but he smirked suddenly. "Maybe I was just waiting for you to make the first move." He replied with his own soft squeeze.

Kasamatsu scoffed, "Oh, please." His sharp, steel-blue orbs locked onto Aomine's royal blue eyes. "I've been watching you eye my hand for a while now."

Aomine felt his cheeks burn even more at hearing Kasamatsu say that he had known his plan all along. Not wanting to admit anything, Aomine turned his head away, "Hmph."

I realize when I started 31 Days of AoKasa in 2015, it was during August, for Aomine's birthday (and mine). I never ended up doing it last year, but I wanted to do it against this year :D But I moved to a really small town where my bff lives and we never had internet for a while... But we did end up writing 31 Days of AoKasa in August, we just could never post it sadly TuT But alas! We have internet now and luckily December has 31 days, so this works out. Be sure to check out PumpkinDreamer's 31 Days of Aokasa! Support the AoKasa! Hooray! Okay, I'll go now...

P.S. If you read Hidden Beauty, then you'll know my fav OC Yasuhiro Kuroi. Also during December, i'll be doing 25 Days of Kuroi'smas. (I know I need better names for these things OTL) Anyway, it's just Kuroi paired with characters other than her beloved Kasamatsu. First day is with Kise. Check it out if you want~