A chill wracked his tall frame as a strong gust of wind blew by, creating a flurry of snow. Kise watched the snow flakes settle and continue falling gently. He turned to the shorter girl next to him, studying her for a moment. Kise smiled softly. "Yasuhirocchi, you got a snow flake on your eyelash." The blond stated, as a small grin of amusement took over his face.

Kuroi paused and faced Kise. "What? Where?" She asked as she touched her face. She closed her purple eyes and was about to rub at them, but the taller male stopped her. Kuroi furrowed her eyebrows in confused as she slowly opened her eyes. "Hm?"

"I'll get it, Yasuhirocchi." Kise offered before he leaned down towards the girl. The blond cupped one side of her face and used his other hand to reach up. He gently brushed at the snow flake stuck on her eyelashes. His movements caused Kuroi's eyes to flutter closed from the contact.

She giggled quietly. "That tickled, you idiot." Kuroi murmured, her giggles dying down slowly. She held her smile as she peered up at Kise. "Thanks, I guess." Kuroi said.

Kise shrugged as he turned his head away. "It's fine, Yasuhirocchi." He whispered, his face suddenly hot. He reached up and felt his cheeks. His icy fingers felt nice against the heat from his face and he sighed. "Let's just hurry up and get to school, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah." Kuroi laughed. "Since when are you eager to get to school on time, anyway?"

"I- I just want to." Kise pouted. "Is that so wrong?"

Kuroi shrugged, "Kinda."

"Ehhh," Kise whined. "Yasuhirocchi, don't be mean to me!" The tall blond haired male huffed. He slowed down his walking pace and glanced down at Kuroi again, studying her once more. Kise vaguely wondered just when it was that he began to find his best friend attractive.

Maybe it was during their first year, or perhaps it started when they became second years. When Kuroi was forced to stop her dangerous game of pretending to be a male, only to play the sport she loved. Either way, her short hair grew a few inches over the break and it curled cutely at her neck. It was as she went through some odd transformation before the beginning of their second year of high school.

A minor transformation but large enough for Kise to notice every small thing. He was sure he was the only one to notice out of their friends, being that he was Kuroi's best friend. But Kise was happy that he could be the only one to see Kuroi's beauty. The blond scratched his cheek and noticed that its high temperature went down, which meant he was not blushing anymore. The golden eyed teen chuckled.

Kuroi gave him a quizzical look. "What?" She asked as she stopped walking altogether.

Kise stopped and turned around, facing his best friend. "It's nothing, Yasuhirocchi." He said. "I was just thinking of stuff." He half-admitted. His cheeks flushed once more and Kuroi sighed.

"You look really cold. Maybe you should of dressed warmer, you idiot." She stuck her tongue out. Kuroi reached up and unwrapped her scarf. She swung it over the blond's head and lightly placed it around his neck. She tucked it into his winter blazer and took a step back. "There. Now you'll be warm." Kuroi stated.

Kise sputtered. "Wha- Ya- Yasuhirocchi, it's supposed to be the guy who gives the girl his scarf!" He whined, his flushed cheeks darkening.

Kuroi raised her eyebrow. "Fine then, I'll take it back." She held out her hand.

"No..." Kise whispered, a pout on his face. "I'll wear it." He grinned. "But next time I'm going to be the one to give Yasuhirocchi my scarf!"

"Yeah, if you even remember it." Kuroi scoffed.

Kise whined.