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Everything was in chaos and ominous. The sky was almost pitch black as dark clouds are fully covering the skies. Heavy rains pour down all throughout the land. Violent Thunderbolts are striking here and there. Large debris flying all around targeting whoever was on the area. Destruction. It was a total mess, one cannot identify that the place they are at was once the famous New York Times Square.

She looks at her surroundings. It has totally became a battlefield. Tanks have been marching towards the center. Soldiers and sentinels fighting mutants. Mutants battling mutants. And mutants savings mutants and civilians alike. She cant help but tremble as another deadly thunderbolt struck the ground, this time targeting a large tank making it explode and kill few soldiers with it.

She saw not too distant a morlock being outnumbered by the enemy soldiers. The young mutant cries for help as her powers cannot overwhelm the forces surrounding her while at the same time trying to survive the grewsome state of the vicinity. Deep inside her she cannot fight the urge to save this morlock, despite being an enemy of their side. She cant just stand and watch as a mutant begs for its life. She cannot watch another die in the middle of this war.

Her feet nonchalantly took its courage to sprint to the helpless morlock as she tries to save her. But halfway to her spot, her own body froze as it wrings with unexplainable pain. She instantly fell, kneeling down as her left hand reaches her temples trying to dissuade the extreme pain to go away. Her right hand grabs her chest as she felt the oxygen inside her body to gradually run out. She wants to scream as loud as she can but no sound is coming out from her throat, she could feel her eardrums explode. She can no longer move as her body fell lying down on the wet ground, she tried to stretch her arms and reach to the morlock she initially wanted to help. Tears rolling down on her cheeks as the sight of death was presented right before her eyes. Useless, she thought of herself. Her senses finally succumbed. Like what happened to the mutant she'd like to save, she too would die, in the middle of this chaotic war. She thinks of what she would be missing. Her friends, her instructors, her teammates. But more importantly the parents who raised her lovingly. Memories of them come flashing on her mind before her eyes finally shut on its own.



"Geht es dir gut, Junge?" The blue Xman carefully put the young mutant on the floor as he tries to wake it up.


It took at least two minutes before the young girl finally regains her senses. She could hear a faint voice trying to call her out urgently. Her eyes slowly opened up as a vague image shows up on her.

"Nightcrawler? Ugghh. What are you--" her voice creaks out as her body is still recovering from the almost-death shock it experienced. She looked at her older teammate with curiousity as she doesnt understand what just happened.

"Sie shouldnt go far Junge. Itz danjerez." He reminds the young mutant on what transpires on their surroundings. She lets herself sit up as she looked around-- this time much closer to the chaotic war that's currently taking place.

Everything was still a disaster. Cars parked and most of the buildings are in flames. Lightning bolts are still striking the ground nonstop. Cannons bombarding the right flank killing mutants and soldiers alike.

She can see some of her fellow teammates still getting ahold inside the battlefield. While some such as Beast, Kitty and Angel comes to rescue civilians and fellow mutants, she can see some trying to defend their lines from the sentinels and mutant forces as well. On one side, Collosus was on his full battle metal mode. At least three human sized sentinels are on him sending energy blasts but he just tackles it and smashing it onto the ground. On the other side, she can see Iceman and Rogue trying to build a wall of ice shielding themselves from the enemy fires as well as protecting them from the heavy downpour that fastly becomes a blizzard. Cyclops, together with Gambit sends optic blasts to the debris on their small proximity where she's at which are all coming from Magneto.

Though it seems that their Xmen forces are trying to stand their ground in the middle of this chaotic war, its nonetheless a losing fight for them. There has already been big casualties coming from all sides; mutants and enemy soldiers. Dead bodies being washed away by the continuous flood caused by the non-ending heavy downpour. And so again, she felt tears rolling down from both of her cheeks. She cant think of anything on how to help in this bloody war they are on.

"Junge?" Iz evrything alright? Bist di immer noch verletzt?" Nightcrawler worriedly asks the young girl whether she's still hurt or not.

"I.. Im sorry if I made you worry. Im ok now." She smiled as a matter-of-factly to assure the blue man in front of her.

"Are sie zure? In any case, donz zry to go too far eh? Just stay wizin the professor's shield." And with that Nightcrawler instantly teleported away, not even waiting for the gir's reply as he needs to go help others immediately.

She took a deep breath as she let herself stand up and whilst her savior mentioned of the professor's name, she find herself looking at the man itself. Still sitting on his automatic wheelchair, Charles Xavier is undisturbly focusing to muster all the strength of his powers as the fingers of his each hands touch his temples, eyes closed. With all his might he tries to save all he could from the destructive area at the same time giving aid to his Xmen who are in the middle of their fights.

That's when she finally noticed the area she's in, appproximately at least a kilometer radius; are not suffering the brave conditions of the weather which are striking the whole of New York. Though almost invisible, she could see the shield the Professor is producing to keep those around him safe from the blizzard and all the projectiles. This occurence was very new to her as she only thought that psionic shields are all the professor could make but in this very time it seems his power has been enhanced greatly to upgrade his shield into a physical one.

She cant help but admire the Xmen's father figure. He truly is a powerful mutant after all.

She then noticed the lifeless body laying on the ground just beside the professor.

By this time, her tears came flowing nonstop as she sob at the sight of Wolverine's death.

Their so-called resident animal, their defense teacher, the youngsters' father figure. If his regenerative healing powers cant save himself from this explosive war, how can they expect to save themselves, let alone others?

Still full of tears, she looks up to see the cause of everything's destruction.

Just on the middle of the pitch black sky floats two Omega level mutants fighting each other. Both emmiting destructive force within themselves as they face each other unleashing all the powers they have to try and kill one another.

The phoenix - formerly their Jean Grey tries to envelop the air with all her telekinetic flames as she herself tries to withstand the harsh weather her foe is making. Sending all the fire-lit debris flying towards her enemy, her dark eyes keeps on struggling as she use all her powers to make the enemy fall down. But it seems even with the help of the phoenix force, her destructive powers are not enought to kill this one person. Every minute her enemy just keeps on getting stronger. She finds herself at a disadvantage as the fight keeps up. But even if she's tied on the spot, the Phoenix is still an arrogant entity to behold.

"Is this all you've got? If you have nothing more to show, then why dont you follow suit your husband down there, windrider?"

Being mocked as it is, the anger on the weather witch's face became stronger. She finds herself lost at the sudden death of his husband-- the Wolverine. Her emotions took over her body, with no control of her powers, everything around her became dark. She can no longer see, hear or feel anything. She could only picture out Logan's lifeless body on her mind. And with that, the full potential of her powers came surfacing as her mind let loose of the hurt and anger that comes inside her body. No regards for enemies or allies alike, hurricanes and lightning strikes the skies and earth. Heavy downpour becoming blizzards are covering all the land. The air and wind is being sucked away below where she flies; making everyone on the ground lose oxygen on their body, making them slowly die. She doesnt care what happens, there is only one goal etched on her mind, and that is to kill Jean Grey.

"Storm.." She cant help herself from being afraid of this goddess above her. She was their leader, their teacher and their friend. She loved them and in return they respect and love her too. She was the righteous conscience of the Xmen- if not only Professor X. Their beautiful, strong, calm and loving weather witch.

Though still striking beautiful, the Storm right now is different from the one they loved. For she is now being feared by all, by the government forces, the brotherhood, and even them-- the Xmen. But who can they blame? With all her powers launched uncontrolled, it will be the greatest miracle if even one of them can survive this deadly tempest.

"If its not for you, she wouldnt have lost it. If you havent killed him.." another set of tears come rolling down on her cheeks as she angrily looks onto Jean while clenching her fist making her ground shake. The winds pick up her silver hair as her feet slowly floats her up.

She flies away from the professor's protection as she once again joins the battlefield. She comes to Bobby and Rogue's aid as their ice wall has been rendered useless by the hail. She fire blasts away all the incoming attacks as she motioned for the two to take shelter on the professor's zone.

As she emerged on the bloody field, she cant help but feel cold as the weather took a toll on her body. But this did not stop her. She fully knows she needs to keep on fighting to defend their lines. She sets fire on a new group of sentinels that are coming towards Colossus. She flies towards him who just fairly survived from another bunch who just came around.

"Are you hurt Peter?" Just as he asks the tin man, his mutation finally went gone as he lose the strength to fight after so long staying in this harsh battlefield.

"Huuhh.. Huuhh.. Yeaah.. I just.. I just need to take a break.. i think." And with that the brute man fell on his knees while she tries to hold onto his arms.

"Sure. I'll cover for you."

Even whilst kneeling down on the floodied ground, she exerts herself to use up her own powers to protect her and his teammate. When she saw Pyro setting blaze on the wrecked car flying towards them, she immediately sent her own fire to it making it explode just mid air. Few moments later, Peter stood up getting to his tin mode again.

"Thanks kid. Im better now." He smiled as he started running towards the opposite direction attacking few soldiers on track.

Left alone, she once again scanned the surroundings. Still no changes. Everyone's still fighting. If not for themselves, but for the extinction of the other race. She looks up again feeling helpless watching the two mutants fighting above.

With deep hurt and hesitation, she speaks up to Charles Xavier on her mind.


This time the professor opened up his eyes without stopping the use of his powers.

He spoke back to the young voice who had projected him out.

"What is it, my child?"

It took her a minute to send memory flashes from her to the professor's mind to let him understand what she means to say.

"I must do this. Please help me out.." She cries once more as she silently pleads the professor.

"No. Its too dangerous!"

"But arent we all in danger right now? Look at everything. Its all in mess.

We.. we.. we are losing professor. And even after all this war, even if at the end of the day we are still alive, how can we claim ourselves victors after all the casualties here?

She.. at this rate she... she might even defeat the phoenix but what will happen after?

Once she regains back her consciousness and find out the losses that her powers caused, she will lose it again. She wont overcome the guilt and might lose control over her emotion."

"Trust in her, my child. Storm is a very strong-willed person. She will--"

"Should we wait for another Xman to fall down? I.. I dont wanna see another comrade die.. please professor.. let me."

Tears roll down on the Professor's cheeks as he felt the pain his young xman feels. Deep inside he agrees with her, knowing fully Storm inside and out, he knew that Storm would not be able to be at herself again once she knows what happened on this battlefield. He finally agrees on the request by the young mutant. Once again, he closed his eyes, focusing his powers to achieve their- now common goal. And then suddenly, a span of light explode across from the ground where she stands..

"Ororo, forgive me, my child.."

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