As they walk towards the barnhouse they felt heavy pressure around them. Though they see no one, every step they take closer, they try to weigh the surroundings more.

Logan faced towards Storm's direction. He could see on her face inhibitions of moving in. "Storm?"

"Can you feel that? It must be what the professor felt back there with the Cerebro."

"Hnh. Yea. So what's the plan?"

Storm looks to him and gestured towards the door. Logan sniffed the air. As his nostrils enhaled the scent around him, he was convinced that no threats are present on the area however, there's a unique smell he could barely recognized.

"A bit of lavender and something I dunno."

"Excuse me?" Storm could not understand what he means.

"The scent. There must be something inside that house."

"Then let's go take a look."

They entered the house with Logan first. It was a very big barn. It seems it was used to house cows or horses as they could see the wooden fences built upon inside. Old tractors are parked on the far end just beside a big pile of haystack.

"Hello? Anybody there?"

There was no response from Storm's calling.

"I dont get it. You said there's something here but I dont see anything Logan. Not even animals. Its just a rundown barn."

"Dont be so sure Storm. My nose wont lie." With that being said, Logan extended the claws on both of his wrists. They walk towards the center in which they noticed that a shadow lurks behind the pile of hay.

This time Logan took the lead to inquire what's in there.

"I know youre in there bub, Look you better come out now or else.." Logan chcanges to his fighting stance. But before they could actually move, a strong gush of wind came out from the direction theyre facing; so strong making the barn's door flung open back and forth, all the dirt inside mixing into the air slightly blinding them. Logan switches himself to defensive stance his arms covering his face. "Storm?!"

"I can take care of this." The white haired goddess' eyes turned white as she herself controlled this unexplainable gush of wind. With her own powers, she made the winds calm just like before, the flying debris of dirt suddenly dropped on the ground. "You can open your eyes now Logan."

The feral man then stood straight as he let down of his arms and tried to look around. "What the hell was that?!" He looks to Storm as if she has any idea what had just happened. After a short while they heard a moving sound coming again from the pile. Storm moved closer then all of a sudden a person emerged from it.

Logan rushed in front of Storm put his arm in front of her as if protecting her from whoever this is. "Whoa. Stop right there kid."

"Who are you?" Storm asks the person in front of them.

A young teen stood in front of them. With dirtied-almost tattered-leathered clothes, her black hair is almost unkempt. Most of her bangs are covering the half of her face. She held her head high to face them her face with scratches and dirt. Though seems hurt, she managed to smile and speak with the two mutants in front of her.

"Finally, we meet."