I wasn't planning on them having sex again but, uh, I was convinced otherwise. Have a double dose of smut.

"Hello? Hey! Hey, kid!"

Mike bolted upright, eyes wide, glancing around and realizing where he was, the wooden walls of the cabin and the soft blankets reminding him. A grin stretched across his face and he looked down, forgetting the noise that had woken him.

El was still sleeping, the blanket falling down and exposing her naked back and shoulder. He remembered he was naked too, leaning down and kissing the juncture of her neck and shoulder, brushing her tangle of hair to the side. She sighed, eyelids fluttering, and he smiled, kissing down her back as she started to wake up.

"Kid! Hey, wake up!"

Mike's heart almost jumped out of his chest as he turned toward the sounds of the Chief's voice, expecting to see the big man standing in the doorway of her room holding a rifle. But there was no one there and he frowned, confused.

"Jane. Eleven. Kid. Wake up."

There was a crackle of static and Mike realized it was the radio, not Hopper himself, almost passing out from relief. He quickly shook El, and she groaned as she rolled over, pouting in the most adorable way, eyes half-lidded and drowsy.

"El, Hopper's calling for you on the radio."

She shot upright, eyes widening, and then scrambled out of the room, swiping a blanket and wrapping it around herself as she disappeared out of the doorway. Mike looked around, considering his options, but decided to stay put, listening as she answered the call.

"S-Sorry," she sounded nervous. "I was tired."

"I figured you were out. You were okay by yourself last night?"

"Um, yeah. It was fine. I had Eggos and watched some TV."

That was technically the truth. She just hadn't been alone.

"Good. Look, we only have the perp for another twelve—What? Yeah, okay, thank you, Callahan—another eleven hours and thirty minutes but we're close. We're going to sweep the scene again for proof but I might get him to confess if I keep pushing. Will you be okay for today?"

"Yes. Um, it's Sunday so…"

"Yeah, I know. No triple decker Eggo extravaganza today. Sorry, kid."

"It's okay. You need to work."

It was quiet and then Hopper made a suggestion Mike didn't expect.

"Why don't you invite Wheeler over? Maybe he can make you something just as good. Then you don't have to be… alone."

"Mike? I can invite him here?"

"Yeah, why not. You guys had a date yesterday anyways. You can be all gross while I'm gone so when I get back it's out of your system."

Mike stifled a snicker. Little did he know.

"You kids have been together forever now. I trust you both to make good decisions." A reluctant sigh. "He's a good kid. Let him make you breakfast now and then. That's the kind of thing you deserve."

"Thank you, H—" she smiled and finished her sentence. "Thanks, Dad."

That word still wasn't quite normal, but she knew it made him smile and she was trying to get used to it. She didn't want another Papa… and she'd never have another Mama. But Dad? Hopper could be her dad.

"Yeah, whatever. Just clean up your mess and do the dishes. I'll let you know if I get done early."

"Okay. Bye."

"See you later, kid."

The radio quieted and El reappeared in the doorway, a sly grin on her lips, the blanket wrapped around her like a towel. Mike felt himself grinning too, hardly believing their luck. The conversation wasn't just a check-in between father and child, but Mike was pretty sure it was Hopper's gruff way of giving them his blessing to be responsible for themselves. He had always been protective, giving the two of them dirty looks when they were younger and shooing Mike out when they got too close for comfort. They were allowed to be affectionate, but anything steamy had been strictly not allowed.

But he had said Mike was a "good kid". That he trusted them.

The part of Mike that had always worried Hopper didn't like him was pacified, and he held a hand out to El, wanting her to crawl back into bed with him, where it was warm and comfortable and he could pretend like there weren't any responsibilities or parental figures. The sunlight coming through her window made her glow, everything feeling hazy and soft.

"Come here."

She did, letting the blanket fall to the floor and then sliding under the covers, nestling herself back against him, her feet cold from the chilly floorboards.

"Told you he likes you," she mumbled, grinning against his chest. "And now you're allowed to be here. All day."

"Good thing that robber wouldn't talk or I might be dead now."

She laughed. "He said he trusts us. I don't think he'll be murdering you anytime soon. He knows I love you. And… he said it was okay for you to come over today. You're safe, Mike."

"You always keep me safe," he sighed happily, moving down to kiss her.

The kiss deepened and he groaned softly as she shifted, wrapping her leg around his thigh and rolling half onto him. Her hand stroked his chest, then slowly moved lower and lower until she brushed his dick, never once pausing her hot kisses.

"Hey," he pulled back and opened one eye, looking down at her and smiling playfully. "What do you think you're doing?"

"He won't be back any time soon," she started to pull her hand back, thinking he didn't want to. "We don't have to—"

He grabbed her wrist before she could get very far, moving her back down and then closing his eyes again as she began to stroke him, quickly hardening in her hand. She kissed him again, more deeply, stroking his tongue with hers as she pumped him under the covers, feeling satisfied as he groaned against her mouth.

She pulled back to take a breath and he grabbed her by her hips, pulling her on top of him and bringing her hand up to his lips, kissing it gratefully.

"Wanna try something new?" he grinned and bucked up against her.

"Y-Yes," she gasped.

He reached for the drawer that was still open in her nightstand and grabbed one of the condoms, but she snatched it out of his hands before he could tear it open. Giving him a sly smirk, she opened it and then carefully scooted back, down his torso and over his boner, making his breath catch in his throat. She moved her hips slowly back and forth before sliding down to rest on the tops of his thighs. He popped back up to attention, nestled cozily between her thighs, and she looked down and carefully rolled the condom all the down.

The way she was looking at him made him squirm, her eyes slowly going up from his dick to the smooth pale skin of his chest, and then finally up to his eyes. She looked satisfied, leaning down over him to kiss his chest, flicking his nipples with her tongue and feeling him gasp. The teasing was driving him crazy and he grabbed her hips again, trying to move her forward, wanting to feel her again like he had last night, wanting some damn relief for his raging hard-on.

"El, come onnnnn," he pleaded and tugged her hips but she didn't move. "Please?"

"Only because you're cute you when you say please."

She smiled and slowly slid forward, her folds brushing across him and making him groan again, his hips bucking up automatically. His eyes were begging and she got up on her knees, reaching down to line him up, feeling the tip of him press in and sighing loudly at the feeling.

"El, El, please," he bucked again. "Fuck, please, I'm gonna—augh!"

She sat down and he gargled, his voice caught in his throat as he filled her all the way, even deeper than last night, his fingers digging into her hips. El's mouth was open but no sound came out, her eyes clamped shut as she felt herself stretch, that bit of burning back again as she readjusted to his size.

"Too big," she complained quietly, like it was his fault or something.


He was gasping, opening his eyes and looking up at her, noticing the tension that riddled her face and feeling bad despite the intense amount of pleasure that was pulsing through him. Her hands were on his chest, the fingers curled into her palms as she panted and squirmed, slowly feeling herself acclimate, her walls twitching around him. She scooted forward a bit, gasping as her clit rubbed against him, a spark of pleasure rippling through her.

Anything and everything she did felt good to Mike and he watched as she tried scooting back and then forward, her eyes widening as she realized what worked. Soon she was whimpering and keening as she rode him, feeling herself drifting higher and higher, the combination of him filling her completely and her clit rubbing against him making her reach the edge of her climax more quickly than the night before.

"Mike," she gasped, eyelashes fluttering. "Mike, it's—I'm—"

"You gonna cum for me, babe?" he grinned.

Her eyes snapped open and she stopped rather abruptly, an eyebrow raising.


"Um, yeah…" he squirmed a bit. "I mean, we've had sex, are you really going to get weirded out about nicknames now?" he was teasing. "If you think it's dumb I won't—"

"I like it."

They'd never really had pet names for each other, but now that they'd reached the ultimate boundary for intimacy, she supposed he finally was unafraid of calling her something different. It was kind of cute.

"Cool," he was smiling, reaching a hand out to bring her down to his lips. It was a soft kiss, almost lazy, and he grinned against her mouth before she sat back, jolting as she remembered they were still in a rather intimate position. He grinned again. "Ride me, babe. You look cute when you cum."

"Mike," she gasped, feeling oddly scandalized.

He didn't give her time to think about it, grabbing her hips and moving her, bucking up slightly so she gasped and whined. They quickly found the rhythm from before and he reached for her hands, resting his elbows against the bed and giving her something to hold onto as she grinded against him, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, panting heavily. Her hair was a tangled mess around her head and he watched, rather in awe, as she orgasmed on top of him, a high cry leaving her throat as her head fell back.

Her hands squeezed his tightly, her hips moving frantically fast back and forth, the lazy rhythm turned into a frantic need. She squeezed him tightly and he groaned, feeling her walls flutter and pulse, pulling him almost deeper into her as she gasped. There was a gush and her entire body tensed, her hips going still, before she collapsed onto him, gasping and panting, completely limp.

He grinned and kissed her temple and the top of her head as she tried to catch her breath. That one had been just for her, but he was still hard inside of her, wanting what she'd had. Stroking her hair, he kissed her forehead again, tilting her chin to look up at him. Her eyes were hazy and half-lidded, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath, but she smiled and he felt the waves of utter adoration coming off of her.

"Hey, babe," he grinned at how cute she was. "That good, huh?"

"Mmmm," she tucked her face against his neck. "I thought the one last night was good…"

"But that one was better?"


She was honest but he didn't mind, letting her take a minute to rest, not wanting to make her go another round before she was ready.

"New things… new things are good," she finally mumbled.

"I've got one more idea…"

"More?" her eyes widened in disbelief.

"El, I'm kind of—" he bucked his hips up, reminding her of what was still inside of her. "I mean, one for you, one for me. That's fair, right?"

She pushed back up, settling back onto him and swirling her hips a little, the tiredness dissipating as he let out a loud groan. He was more than ready and she figured it might go a little more quickly than last night, summoning the energy she needed to make him feel good.

"Fair," she agreed. "But… sit up? Please."

He did, resting against her headboard, grunting as the angle the changed, wondering if it was possible for him to be finding even deeper parts of her. She put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him messily, all tongue and teeth, nipping his bottom lip and feeling his grip on her tighten, knowing he'd wanted to try something and giving him permission silently.

His hands fell to her hips and he held them firmly, sighing as she pressed their bare chests together, silently cursing at himself for forgetting to give her boobs the attention they deserved. Oh well. They'd probably have time to fool around more later.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes," she breathed.

He bounced her.

The shriek that left her throat almost deafened him but he was too busy seeing stars to notice, not expecting it to feel that good. She widened her stance, spreading her legs to make it easier, and then they both bounced her again, matching cries leaving their throats. He was greedy now, quickly finding a pace that made him squeeze his eyes shut and grunt each time she fell back onto him, figuring that if she liked how it felt that would be a bonus. His hips thrusted up to meet her and he gripped her hips so tightly she cried out.

"Mike, Mike, please, Mike," she chanted. "Please, baby, please!"

He realized that she was going to cum again and felt a surge of pride, grinning at the pet name as he sped up even faster, their hips banging noisily, her ass slapping against him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. It was good, so good, and he groaned.

"C'mon, El, cum for me, babe," he begged. "You're so gorgeous, baby, come on."

"Mike," she gasped.

He'd noticed how she was only able to say his name when she was close and then her eyes were shut and she was clenching and screaming his name so loudly his fucking ears hurt but god damn it sounded good.

His hips didn't stop and he kept her bouncing on his dick as she rode out her orgasm, the clenching tightness finally pushing him over the edge. He pulled her all the way down as he jutted upward and she screamed again. His vision blacked out, his jaw clenched down and he growled loudly as he spurted out the proof of his love for her body.

She was boneless, falling onto him, and he barely caught her, pulling her up to meet his lips as he slithered down the headboard and back onto the mattress. They panted together and she buried her face in his neck, clinging to him tightly and whimpering, almost sounding like she was crying.

"El? Babe?" he gasped, worried. "Are you okay?"

Her eyes appeared, half-hidden by her hair, but they were wet. She smiled, the kind of smile that lit up her face and even though it looked like she was crying, she looked happier than he'd ever seen her.

"I love you, Mike. I love you so much."

He relaxed, wiping away a tear. "Then why are you crying?"

"Because you're mine. And I get to do that with you whenever I want."

"Of course," he sighed happily and kissed the last few tears off of her cheeks. "Just let me know when and I'll be there, babe." He paused allowing himself to look smug. "I didn't think you were gonna cum again."

"It's because you're so big," she huffed, eyes accusatory. "It feels too good and I can't help it."

"I like it when you say that."

He muffled her protest with a kiss and she sighed, too full of endorphins and love to be offended by his crude remarks. His hand reached down and squeezed her ass and she squeaked, looking up at him with narrowed eyes. But then she laughed and kissed him again and he decided he would never be happier than in that moment.

When she pulled back she laid her head against his throat, stroking his shoulder, running her fingers over the scabs that marred his pale skin. They looked kind of nice, but only because she'd been the one who had put them there. She didn't notice him dispose of the condom, too busy playing with his hair.

"I'm hungry, Mike. Hopper said you need to make me breakfast because I deserve it."

"Hell yeah, you do. What do you want?"


"Of course," he laughed. "Anything else? Do you guys have hashbrowns and eggs maybe? Bacon?"

"We have that. And Eggos."

"Whatever you want, El."

She rolled off of him but he snagged her waist and pulled her back for another kiss, feeling reluctant to let her go. But she was insistent and crawled out of the bed, walking over to her dresser to find some clean clothes, completely naked. Mike admired the way she glowed in the warm sunlight, her skin dewy from their rather extensive workout. Grabbing some panties, she slid them on and he sighed sadly, already missing getting to see her ass. She swiped his shirt off the floor and let if fall over her, the large size of it reaching the tops of her thighs.

"It looks better on you," he smiled. "Waaaay better."

"Breakfast, Mike. I'm gonna pee, get out of bed."

She blew him a kiss and he grinned and sat up as she disappeared. He had to pee too, throwing his legs over the side of the bed and standing up. His boxers were on the floor and he tugged them on, deciding he didn't need his pants since he couldn't wear his shirt anyways. The used condoms were on the floor too, along with the wrappers, and the picked them up and threw them into her trash. Grabbing some tissues from her desk, he crumpled them up and threw them on top. Hopper trusted them… but he still didn't need to know.

El was still in the bathroom and he moseyed into the kitchen, familiar with it enough now to grab the pan out of the cupboard and find a spatula. He was digging eggs out of the fridge when he heard the toilet flush. There were footsteps and then he felt soft arms wrap around his waist and squeeze. He felt a tickle on his shoulder blade and realized she was kissing him, her breath warm on his back.

"Feel better?"

"Yes," she sighed.

"Good, my turn."

He squeezed out of her grip and made a beeline for the toilet, almost sighing in relief. Nobody told him sex made you have to pee like a motherfucker. After washing his hands he went back out, pausing to admire her from behind. Despite demanding breakfast from him, they both knew he couldn't really cook, and she was in front of the stove, cracking eggs into the pan.

Every time she reached up to grab something else out of the cupboards, his shirt lifted and her cute panties and butt peeked out and he stood and watched, feeling that fluttery feeling in his heart again, the same one he'd had yesterday watching her swing and eat ice cream.

He copied what she had done and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist and pulling her against him, kissing the top of her head. She leaned back but didn't stop, scrambling the eggs and flipping the hashbrowns at the same time. Hopper had taught her to make breakfast years ago and she was really good at it now.

"Sorry I suck at cooking."

"You can make me Eggos," she told him. "You've always been good at that."

"Yeah, I'm the one to blame for your hopeless addiction," he sighed.

She snorted and he kissed her head one more time before letting her go and opening the freezer. It was mostly full of Eggo boxes, at least a dozen, and he decided on chocolate chip, reaching for the box. He was quick and finished before she did, putting the waffles on a plate and then setting them on the table.

"Need anything?"

"Salt. And a plate."

They worked seamlessly together. He'd always been good at understanding what she needed and soon enough they were sitting across from each other at the tiny table, chewing happily. The comfortable silence was back, the two of them just enjoying being close to each other. Her foot brushed his under the table and he rested his knee against hers.

Now that they had been as physically intimate as possible, he felt like just touching wasn't enough. He wanted to be closer, wanted to kiss her and feel her against him, the smell of her skin and the taste of her lips not anywhere near enough to satiate his thirst for her.

"You look funny," she said softly. "Like you're thinking too hard."


"What are you thinking?"

"Oh…" he didn't know how to put into words what had been turning over in his brain. "Um, I was just thinking about you. How I'm never going to be able to get enough of you."

"Get… enough?"

"Yeah, like, I'm just never going to stop wanting you," he smirked. "Wanting to touch you and kiss you and be around you… now that I've had all of you, it's all I'm going to want."

Her only response was a satisfied smile as she took a bite of eggs, like it had been her secret plan all along to make him feel crazy. It was how she felt too, but she didn't feel the need to say it out loud, figuring the way his oversize polo hung off her shoulder and how she was stroking his leg with her foot said enough.

Mike stared at her, his eyes filling with something and she watched as he blinked.

"I can't wait until I get to do this with you every day."

"Every day?" she tilted her head.

"Yeah, like, some day when, um, we live together and I get to cuddle you every night and wake up and make you Eggos every morning and not worry about your dad busting in with a shotgun—"

"He wouldn't."

"—and we can do whatever we want whenever we want. Just us."

He seemed a bit nervous, like he was worried that the idea of wanting to live with her would be overwhelming.

"That sounds nice," she agreed, setting her fork down. "I want that."

Her hand reached for his across the table and snuck into his palm, the soft touch a reassurance that she was being honest. And she was. Getting to be near him all the time? Getting to hold him and kiss him and have sex with him whenever she pleased? It sounded perfect.

He looked down at her hand, bringing it up to his lips and gently kissing her ring finger, making a silent promise to her that someday that would happen, that he would make sure they had a life together where she never had to be afraid. Where they would have each other no matter what and he would always keep her safe. Where something more permanent than a kiss would adorn her finger.

"We're going to have that someday," he promised, eyes solemn. "We'll try new things every day and you'll get to see the world, El. Everything you want."

"New things?" she smirked.

"Not just sex things, um, but I mean… plenty of those too," he grinned.


Squeezing her hand, he kissed it again, thanking every force in the universe for bringing her to him, his other half, the one who completed him, the only person who would ever love him as much as he loved her.

"I love you, babe," he murmured. "More than you'll ever know."

"And I love you, baby," she snickered but her eyes were soft and warm. "Even more than that."


I'm always hesitant about them giving each other pet names, but I think it would be the kind of thing they would say during sex. Mike would maybe call her something here and there but for the most part it's a bedroom thing. Just a personal headcanon I threw in this time.

Thanks for all the great reviews and requests and suggestions. They help motivate me a lot. This might be a it for a bit because school is getting really crazy for me the next few weeks. But you never know, when inspiration strikes I always give in.

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