Ficlet Title: Alone in the Night

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Alone In The Night

Draco sat at his table with the Slytherin's, frustrated and upset. He had had a large fight with his so-called boyfriend. Of course, no one knew that he was his boyfriend. Draco Malfoy and Gryffindor wonder boy Harry.

He was seething, Harry had shouted at him, as he wanted him to stay all night.

Didn't he understand Draco had a reputation to keep up?

He looked across the Hall and noted with some satisfaction that Harry seemed as dejected and upset about the whole business of the fight the night before.

A brown school owl flew down and dropped a letter to Draco. He looked at it and in Harry's handwriting it said, "Do not open at table"

Draco stood, wanting to see what his lover or, ex lover, had to say.

He made his way to his 6th year prefect dorm and opened the letter.


I wish that I could explain to you in person but I really can never find the words without getting tongue-tied in your presence and I chicken out of saying them for fear you don't feel the same and reject me.

So, I wrote this for you, to see if you feel the same.

'I wake in the night

Alone in the room

You no longer lay there

You leave me so soon

I see the sun rise

Upon the empty bed

I feel my heart

Empty at the sight

When you are with me

I want you to know

But as you see

The words elude me so

I say to you

My love of the night

I need your heart

To make it right

I love you now

Are you ashamed?

Cos that's what it feels like

It makes me feel pain

When I awake

Alone in the night

And I look round the room

And you're nowhere in sight'

I know its corny and I know you don't love me and must be ashamed to be seen with me, so, if you don't feel the same please tell me and I will leave you alone.

All I want is the truth.

Yours Always


Draco stared at the parchment, feeling ashamed that he had made his lover feel such a way when he left him. He had no idea it affected him this way. He was afraid in a way but he knew in his heart he loved the man and so he set out to show Harry that no, he wasn't ashamed.

He knew Harry hadn't told Hermione and Ron or anyone for that matter and that it was solely between Harry and himself.

He went into the great hall and Harry was on his way out flanked by Hermione and Ron. Harry looked at Draco and saw he had something to say he looked, for once in his life, as though all his barriers were down.

Harry had seen this before, but only ever in private.

Harry and the school stopped to watch the exchange, the school expecting a confrontation and Harry expecting to be laughed at for the poem.

Neither happened.

In front of the whole school and all the teachers Draco grabbed Harry by his tie, Ron and Hermione made a move to stop it until Draco leant forwards and kissed the man in front of him.

The school was too shocked to do anything and merely watched.

Draco came out of the kiss and prodded Harry in the chest.

"I, am not ashamed of you Harry, I am sorry I made you feel that way."

Harry looked stunned. He watched Draco who looked genuinely sorry and he kissed him lightly again. "Its alright…"

"I love you, I do Harry, now, lover, lets go to potions."

Harry nodded and followed Draco down to potions with the rest of the school leaving a trail of open-mouthed students and teachers alike.

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