Title: When I Fall

Rating: PG-13

Sequel to TogetherSummary: The end of School, what was in the vault? And another meeting…

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When I Fall…

The weeks and months passed. The summer holidays closed in on Harry and Draco and life all in all was good. The love they had grew in any time they spent together and it was plain to all that they would never be apart. As sixth year drew to a close the Head boy and girl were announced.

Draco and Hermione.

Draco was over the moon. Hermione was indeed very proud of herself and she was thrown a small party in the Gryffindor common room. School finished and Draco had spoken with the headmaster of the school who thought it wise if Draco spent his summer at the Leaky Cauldron.

School ended and Draco and Harry had the train ride together, prefect duties be damned. They spent every moment locked in an embrace unwilling to let the other go. The train stopped and they stood on the platform kissing and embracing and Hermione eventually had to part them, though she loathed doing it.

Privet Drive was even lonelier for Harry this year, he cared not what his relatives did or thought of him, voluntarily stayed in his room for a fortnight and then wondered if he would be allowed to go and join Draco at the Leaky Cauldron. He had been back to the house and now he could go away, being almost seventeen he had the right to decide where he wanted to live.

Sending a letter to Dumbledore asking permission and if he had permission not to inform Draco. Dumbledore didn't see why Harry couldn't spend the rest of summer at the Leaky Cauldron so he gave his blessing and a portkey in the letter that would activate at 4pm the next day.


He arrived in Draco's room at the Leaky Cauldron and placed his things at the bottom of the four-poster bed. He moved round the room and sat himself on the plush red couch sitting facing away from the fire.

The door opened and Draco walked in closed the door and set a book on the bedside table and then turned and yelped when he saw Harry.

"Harry!" he flew to him and embraced him and kissed him over and over. "How long are you here for?" Harry motioned to his belongings and Draco smiled, "staying then? Does Tom know?" Harry nodded, "Dumbledore informed him."

"You asked Dumbledore and he said yes!?"

Harry again nodded and hugged Draco tightly. "I missed you."

"I missed you too love. Let's catch up," he said and locked the door…


Many, many hours later Draco and Harry slept soundlessly in bed. Draco with a plan forming unconsciously in his mind. He still hadn't been to see what was in the vault at Gringotts. He would take Harry there tomorrow and after that they would see what came their way.

Harry, who was also asleep, was more content than he had ever been. Looks like the muggle saying was right.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."


The summer sun shone down on Diagon Alley and Harry and Draco walked hand in hand down the street. They got a few stares, one or two disgusted looks but the majority smiled and nodded as they passed.

They got to the bank and Draco explained about the key and he called over the head goblin Norrik. They went down the mine like cart and tunnels and came to a stop outside a large room.

"Mr Lucius Malfoy told us you would wish a while in this vault, so please don't feel you have to rush on my account."

Draco nodded and handed the goblin the key who opened the door and let them inside.

The vault was like a room, and it was filled with gold. Draco's mouth hung open. He looked round the room and almost fainted "This… this must be about a quarter of the gold the Malfoy's own!" Harry almost fainted "Only a quarter!?" Draco nodded and then saw in the centre of the room a small desk with a box on it and a letter. He went over to the letter and opened it.

"Draco, and I assume Harry,

This is yours Draco to keep you in the same stead until Voldemort is gone, there is a key in the box along with some other things. Open the box and you'll see.-"

Draco opened the box that held an array of items.

"The key is the Malfoy summer home in Scotland, you know the one, near Ben Nevis swimming pool, remote, beautiful, safe. It, like Hogwarts has more protections on it than any other building. Narcissa is its secret keeper and so no one will ever find it.

The dragon pendant is a tradition of the family, a symbol of the name we own, you have seen the small rune pendant I wear? I was given it by Augustus, my own father. Wear it, it'll protect you.

Now, the rings.

Passed down from generation to generation, only people with soul bonds can wear them, your mother and I have no such bond and so we cannot. I don't know if you and Harry have the bond, but I suspect you do.

The locket holds a picture of your mother and me. I know you always liked it and so you can have it.

I don't know when I will see you again, Draco… but I will certainly try to see you soon.

Take care,

Lucius Malfoy"

Draco had read the letter aloud, had tears in his eyes and was chocking up. Harry put an arm round the blonde. "Drake…" Draco leant into Harry "God, look at the state i'm in, I really am the stereotypical gay emotional man aren't I?" Harry sniggered. "No, you're bloody not."

Draco smiled. "I'll take some money, so I can shop, get new clothes and stuff…" Harry nodded, "Yeah, lets go."


After taking a considerable amount of money from the vault they made their way around Diagon Alley. Draco bought things here and there, new robes, some books, a Quaffle signed by the Chudley Cannons he thought Ron would like.

They got back to their room and saw Lucius standing conversing with Tom. Tom was shaking his head and then Lucius looked round and saw the two boys.

"A word please Draco?" He said coldly and menacingly as the filled room looked. Draco nodded and he and Harry went upstairs followed by Lucius.


"Are you two alright? No repercussions about your relationship?"

"No father, most people are alright with it, just find it odd that it's me and Harry."

Lucius nodded and went to the window and looked out. "I'm meeting MacNair here this afternoon. I suggest you not be here. Go to the summer house tonight or Voldemort will find out through him where you two are."

Harry and Draco nodded, "Okay father, we'll go. Take the Knight bus?"

Lucius nodded.

"Right. Okay, let's go."

As they left Lucius Malfoy let out a cruel smile and gave a dry laugh and muttered.



The summer home in Scotland was a relatively new building when compared to Malfoy Manor, it had an indoor swimming pool, several bedrooms, three bathrooms, a Jacuzzi (that they fully intended upon putting to good use) and a stable with three horses.

They stood in the hall and Draco wrapped his arms around Harry.

"You have a nice house here Draco."

"No I don't."

Harry looked at him questioningly.

"We have a nice home here."

Harry smiled and kissed Draco and walked with him through the house. The clock chimed 6pm and they turned and went looking for the house elf Grullo. They got back to the hall and Harry stood.

Something didn't feel quite right.

Draco looked at Harry questioningly, "Harry?"

Darkness enveloped the room and Harry's scar burst into life. He hollered and put a hand to his head. Draco stood with him and Harry stood upright to be faced with that he had feared.

Lord Voldemort.

"Good evening gentlemen how are you?"

He walked forward as a circle of Death Eaters encircled them. Voldemort looked round the room and nodded "Nice house… just a pity that Narcissa knew of it. She is not very keen on you, Mr Potter."

"Mother told you?"

"Yes I did," came Narcissa's voice from Draco's left. "And the polyjuice potion was perfect to get you to come here as I know you trust your father."

"Where is my father?" asked Draco, a note of panic in his voice.

"Lucius is alive, well and free…at the moment. He will pay for this, this treachery. You, my dear Narcissa will be rewarded for your efforts."

Harry looked round the assembled group of Death Eaters and realised there were far more than the last time he had saw them all together. He looked at Voldemort who stared him down.

"You don't fear me… it is interesting as you should have more cause than most to fear me."

Harry smirked, "I'm a Gryffindorm what can I say?"

"Indeed. I'm going to kill you now, Mr Potter, you have thwarted my plans for the last time and Draco will feel your death, as I believe you have a soul bond. Then when he is drowning in his own misery I'll kill him too."

"But… my lord you said only Potter would be killed…" came the scared voice of Narcissa.

"Narcissa, they are both a threat."

He pointed his wand at Harry and smirked, "AVADA-"

"CRUCIO!" Came a voice and a spell from the balcony overlooking the stairs. Voldemort flew backwards into two death eaters who flew back also from the force of the spell. Two men jumped down and had wands trained on the death eaters and then Narcissa joined them.

"Lucius, you fool. And you, Severus, I am surprised at you, I thought you hated the boy!"

"Not enough to want to see him dead!"

Lucius handed Draco a small, non-working snitch and Draco got the idea and had Harry also hold onto it.

Voldemort pointed at the group and Narcissa stood in the way of his wand fire and Lucius and Severus also held onto the snitch and the portkey whisked into action.


"What the!"


"DON'T!" Severus took down his hood and stood in the centre of the kitchen in the Burrow. He inhaled deeply and helped Lucius up and then Harry and Draco.

Sirius walked into the room. "What the fuck… Harry!?"

Draco and Harry looked at each other and looked shocked that they had survived. Draco moved to Harry and held him and Harry shuddered as his scar again prickled.

He knew Narcissa was now dead.

They held onto each other, having almost lost and died. Lucius inhaled deeply. He patted Draco's shoulder and Molly Weasley offered him a seat but he declined. Sirius looked at the two boys who were clinging together whispering words of much needed comfort to each other.

If anyone in the room had ever had any doubts that their relationship wouldn't last and was only lust, not love. The illusion was dispelled in this moment. They held each other like nothing else mattered, ignoring the rest of the room.

Indeed it didn't matter much.

Lucius and Sirius looked at each other, each knowing they had a duty to fulfil to one of each of the boys. Lucius walked forward and placed a hand on Draco's shoulder and Sirius placed a hand on Harry's. They both looked round the room as if to say 'this is between us' and then guided Harry and Draco into the sitting room of the Burrow closing the door behind them.


Draco and Harry sat on one of the couches, Lucius sat to the left of the boys on the same large couch and Sirius sat on a chair looking at them both. Draco pulled out the soul rings from his pocket and placed it on his wedding finger, he gave one to Harry who did the same.

Both guardians of the young men watched in amazement as the rings stayed on and changed colour to match. They had a red love. More passionate than any ever could be.

"I'm going to fall Draco," said Harry softly while looking at Draco who was holding him.

"And I will catch you."


When I Fall

When I will fall

You would catch me

When I cry

You keep me

When i'm alone

We are together

When i'm gone

You're with me

When our hearts are torn and battered

We shall mend each other's pains

When times are hard and battle weary

You're there to keep me sane

I will fall

You will save me

When I hurt

You will mend me

When I conquer

You will be there

And life can begin



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