Chapter 14


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The stronghold of Salem. Not many can say that they have entered the mighty palace and have left unharmed or even alive as intruders have been met with brutal and fatal force in the past.

This, however, is not the case in this scenario as the people currently entering her mansion are her valued guests, people she wants to impress.

The Arc family. The blood relatives of her true love, Jaune.

As the Arc family walked off of the ship they were transported on, wearing blindfolds so they cannot see where they are along with handcuffs to dissuade aggression, they were met by Hazel and Tyrian who led them through the halls.

"This way, Salem wants to see you," Hazel said bluntly as he brought up the rear of the group, allowing Tyrian to lead.

"Mommy… I'm scared… Are we gonna be okay?" the youngest of the Arc family, Rouge asked, terrified.

Tyrian cackled and laughed at the little girl before her mother, Julia could respond. "Oh, I don't know, but if I had my way, you would all be-" Tyrian was cut off by Hazel yelling his name, "Tyrian! Enough!"

The whole family shocked by the sudden and intense increase of the large man's voice, making them all stop. "Hmph, spoilsport," Tyrian said as he kept walking towards Salem's throne room.

Miles, Jaune's father looked back at Hazel, "Are you going to tell us where we're going and why we're here? Last I checked none of us have ever done anything to any of you," Miles said, annoyed and angered due to his current predicament.

"I can't tell you where you are or fully why you're here, but know that it involves your son, Jaune," Hazel said briefly, making Miles and Julia's eyes grow to the size of saucers.

"What is going on with my little brother?!" Violet yelled, looking back at Hazel, unaware that they had just walked into the throne room.

"I can answer that, my lovely sister-in-law," Salem said from behind Violet.

The whole Arc family froze as they stared at the white and veiny flesh of the Grimm Queen, Salem. Never before had they seen anyone even remotely similar to her, which only made them realize that this woman is not human.

"Ok, Mom, Dad? Who the hell is that?" Amethyst asked as she pointed her cuffed hands to the most bizarre woman they had ever seen before.

Salem's eyes widened at her bluntness but did not say anything, but Tyrian did, "You! You dare use such language in front of her excellency!" Tyrian yelled as he raised his fist, ready to strike Amethyst.

"Tyrian! Stand down!" Salem yelled, her eyes glowing red angrily, "But, my Queen! She must pay for her insolent tongue!" Tyrian argued back. "I said stand down! That is an order!" Salem yelled, making Tyrian back off and whimper in a corner.

"My deepest apologies for that, Tyrian is a highly unstable individual, loyal, but unstable," Salem said, trying to lighten the mood in the room, failing miserably, however, as none of the Arc's facial expressions changed to show any form of relaxing.

Salem cleared her throat slightly before looking to her compatriots, "Hazel, remove their binds and then all of you leave us. We have much to discuss," Salem said in an authoritative tone. Hazel said nothing as he walked over to the Arcs one by one and removed their restraints and soon Hazel along with a still shaken Tyrian left the room.

"Now, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Salem, Queen of the Grimm and owner of this castle, please, have a seat," Salem said as several chairs appeared behind the family suddenly. Rouge, Autumn, and Julia took a seat while the rest of the family declined, to which Salem nodded her head slightly too.

"I am sure you have plenty of questions as to why I brought you here," Salem said as she took her seat on her throne.

"You could say that," Miles said as he crossed his arms and furrowed his brows.

"Well, I have gathered you all here for one reason, concerning your son, Jaune. I have something I must ask you," Salem asked as she put her hands together across her lap. "I wish for you to grant me your son, I wish for him to be my husband. The two of us share an extremely deep and intimate connection and have for a long time now, and I feel that it is time that we seal the deal, so to speak," Salem said with a smile on her face.

The girls who were sitting down now stood up quickly and looked at Salem with shocked faces. Violet looking the angriest out of all of them. "And why would we ever give our brother to you?! He has never spoken a word about you! And by the looks of things, barely anyone knows you exist, let alone him! What proof do you have that you are as close to my brother as you claim," Violet said as she walked closer and closer to Salem, hoping to intimidate her, however, unsuccessful in her attempt.

"While I may have difficulties securing proof, I can assure you that your brother and I share a deep bond and I wish for nothing but the best for him. You are his sister and know what it is like to care for him, and I can promise you that I care for him as much if not more than you do," Salem said as she smiled and kept eye contact with Violet, trying to change her mind.

"If you care so much about him why did you kidnap his family and keep us in cuffs for so long? I don't think Jaune will like that, my twin does not like it when anyone messes with us, and you just crossed all of the lines imaginable, you would know that if you really knew my brother," Joan, Jaune's twin called out to Salem from behind Violet.

"If I knew him, hmm… if she says," Salem said as she laughed darkly. "I have been watching him for so long now and you claim to know him but was it not you who tried to stop him from doing what he wants to do with his life, a pointless inhibitor, much like a tumour on his spine," Salem said as she glared between Violet and Joan.

"I take it that you will not give us your blessings," Salem said as she looked between Violet and Joan, who both shook their heads signifying that she was right. She looked down at the ground and then to Miles and Julia. "And what of the parents…" Salem said as she looked down at them.

"We stand with our family, I'm sorry, but you cannot have Jaune," Miles said as he took Julia's hand, looking up at Salem.

Salem looked down at him, she put her head down, a small shadow covering her eyes, not showing her eyes now glowing with anger and the veins over her body glowing. Soon they all heard some quiet laughter until Salem suddenly burst out laughing with an insane look in her eyes.

"What's so funny?" Violet asked, looking at Salem with a murderous glare.

Salem's laughter died down instantly as she flipped her head up to look Violet in the eyes, scaring the crap out of her, "What's funny is that you think you can stop me from taking him!" Salem screamed as suddenly several Seer Grimm busted open the door and their tentacles shot into each of the family member's necks.

"This is something I made in the event that you don't see things my way. It'll help you see the light and help me and my Jaune come together. With your help, he'll come running to me and we'll be beautiful, we will be perfect!" Salem yelled as she watched the family writhe and scream in pain as their minds are flooded over and their once blue eyes, replaced with black and red ones, only to go back once the transformation was complete.

In moments the Arc family stood back up and looked at Salem, their eyes dead. "Kneel," Salem said softly, however, the Arcs quickly complied and even bowed their heads. "What is your bidding your grace?" They all spoke in unison, making Salem smile.

"Go to Beacon Academy and bring me my Jaune! No matter the cost!" Salem yelled as she stood up and pointed towards the door, letting the family run out towards the exit, their next destination, Vale.


A short distance from the wrecked warehouse, Raven was perched on the top of a building, looking down at the wreckage along with the salvage and investigation teams who are attempting to clean up the colossal mess.

As she looked down at the warehouse, she noticed a bird flying around the roof of the building she is on, knowing who it is she stood up and watched the bird approach her.

"You know, you could have taken the stairs, it's quite the workout," Raven said placing a hand on her hip with a smile on her face, "How are you, little brother?" Raven asked as Qrow transformed and landed on the roof.

"Skip the crap, Raven. What do you want?" Qrow said as he brought himself up to look at his sister eye to eye. Raven shrugged at his response, "Why can't I simply just catch up with my family?" Raven said as she gestured towards Qrow with a small smile on her face.

"I think you've made it perfectly clear who you consider your family, now, I'll ask again. What is it that you want, Raven?" Qrow asked as he took a swig from his flask, then crossing his arms, his drink still in hand.

"I have a proposition for Ozpin, it is something you have been looking for a long time," Raven said as she crossed her arms and walked over to the ledge of the rooftop, looking down at the wrecked remains of the warehouse.

"If you think that Ozpin will work with you to catch some petty crook or rogue huntsman, you're even dumber than I remember," Qrow said as he laughed to himself briefly, taking another swig of his flask.

"Not quite, I know where the Spring Maiden is," Raven said as she turned around and look at Qrow dead in the eyes as she walked back towards Qrow, showing that she was telling the truth.

"Alright, assuming that I believed you, I doubt you would tell me this without wanting something in return, so what is it, Raven? Your criminal status dismissed? The right to travel between borders without being shot at? Tell me," Qrow said still staring at his sister cautiously.

"I'm going to keep that to myself, for now, I will only tell Ozpin and his little circle what I want when I meet them, face-to-face," Raven said, glaring at her brother and emphasizing her last point.

Qrow laughed out loud to that, "You really think I would let you anywhere near Ozpin, or even let you onto Beacon's grounds without some form of assurance that you won't go psycho and kill everyone there? You must think I'm an absolute dumbass," Qrow said as he walked over to the edge and surveyed the wreckage as Raven did earlier.

"Let's not go into what I think of you, as if I do, we'll be here a while. Just know that to get what I want, I will need to be on Ozpin's good side along with the rest of your group of allies. Besides, you have to admit that there is no price Ozpin would not pay for a chance to recover the Spring Maiden after she ran away all that time ago," Raven said as she had a sly grin on her face, showing that she has backed him into a corner.

"How do you know we don't already know where she is and have her secured somewhere in Vale?" Qrow asked, bluffing, hoping to catch Raven off guard, failing miserably though.

"Because if you did know anything about Spring, you'd know that the girl who ran away from you is six feet under and the Maiden's powers have moved on to another host, and I know where to find her," Raven said, calling Qrow on his bluff, with a triumphant smirk.

Qrow clenched his fists in anger, knowing that she was right. It had been about 2 months after Spring ran away that Ozpin had been notified by Vale's police that they had found Spring's body. She had been brutally murdered and by the looks of her, tortured as well, he could only wonder who had control of the Maiden's powers now.

Caving in, Qrow turned back around and looked at Raven, "Alright, fine, you'll meet with Oz, but if you try anything, I will kill you before you even know what's happening," Qrow said as he walked up to Raven's face and pointed at her, while poking her throat with his index finger.

"I expect nothing less, little brother, contact me when you're ready for me to speak with Ozpin," Raven said as she waved farewell and jumped off of the roof, falling to the ground but soon transforming into a raven and flying off.

Qrow simply grumbled as he took out his scroll and dialed Ozpin's number, he got a quick response. "Oz, we've got a situation, and you're not going to like it as I already hate it," Qrow said as he sat down against the ledge of the roof and pulled out his flask.


"Ugh," Jaune groaned as he sat up, his head pounding along with his heart, "What happened?" Jaune said as he ran his hands through his hair, trying to regain his bearings. He then took a deep breath, but he stopped as he smelled a strong musk coming from around him.

As his eyes focused he looked around and saw a large mess of white liquid. Two large puddles covered the floor of the room.

"What in the actual hell," Jaune said as he looked around and covered his nose, the smell was incredibly strong and by the look of things, it had been there a long time.

Jaune did his best to remember what had happened last night, but he realized that there was a large gap in his memories. He remembered getting the scroll and passing out, and before that he remembered Neo was riding him, rather aggressively as he thought to himself. After that, however, his memories ended.

"What could have caused this?" Jaune said as his brows furrowed as the blond knight fell into deep thought before he was shaken from it as he felt two soft mounds press against his back.

It was you my love, and you were absolutely amazing, Neo said from inside Jaune's mind scaring the crap out of him, making him jump slightly.

"Neo?! Don't do that! What do you mean it was me?!" Jaune asked as his heartbeat spiked and he was desperately trying to calm himself.

I think what I said was pretty straightforward. You're the one who did this, you made this mess, and you were amazing while doing it, my love, Neo said as she leaned forward onto Jaune, shortening the gap between them, I don't know about you, but I would love what happened last night to happen again, Neo said seductively.

Just as Neo was about to kiss Jaune, he put a hand over her mouth and used his other free hand to get her off of him, separating the two. "Neo, no, not now, I want to talk to you," Jaune said, keeping eye contact with Neo, a small blush present on his face though.

Neo frowned slightly at this, she was going to ignore him and simply have her way with him, in hopes of the same result as yesterday, but as she was still sore and her ass was still recovering, she decided to listen to him. Alright then, darling, what do you want to talk about? Neo said as she sat back on the bed, crossing her legs and sitting directly across from Jaune.

"I need to know, Neo, why do you do this? I can understand that you have feelings for me, but why would you come at me like this? You have to know by now that you have made clear enemies now and they are people who have done unbelievable things to get near me. I know that we don't see eye to eye, but that doesn't mean that I don't worry about you, especially after what happened last night," Jaune said with a blush spreading across his face.

I know I've made enemies, Jaune, but that's all I've ever had, enemies, Neo said, making Jaune look back at her with a confused stare. "What do you mean?" Jaune asked, keeping eye contact as Neo simply looked down and stared at his chest.

All my life I have been surrounded by my enemies. I was abandoned as a baby, my parents apparently decided to dump me in an orphanage deep in the darker side of Vale as they didn't want anything to do with me. It was… a tough childhood, to say the least, Neo said as she looked between Jaune's eyes and his chest frequently.

"Neo…" Jaune said, beckoning for her to continue.

The orphanage was more like a camp for unwanted kids, the only thing is that they people there were more interested in using the kids as slaves, rather than raising us. Every day we were expected to be up at a certain time and we were handed off to people there more or less as merchandise to use and abuse. There were beatings, I was left for dead as I wasn't fed if I did something wrong and even if I did get food, it wasn't enough to grow off of. That's part of the reason I'm so small, malnourishment, Neo continued, gesturing to her small figure.

"What about the Vale Police? They had to have known that something like this was going on!" Jaune said, still shocked by Neo's statement.

Neo, shrugged in almost a laughing manner, They were aware, the only thing is the cops that came were bought off, so no matter what we did we were stuck. I bet that if I didn't get out of there, I would still be there today, a slave to a corrupt system, Neo said as she looked at her hands.

"How did you escape?" Jaune asked as he saw Neo begin to smile psychotically.

Easy! The moment these pieces of shit let their guard down, I tied them down to their beds and slit their throats and before any cops got there, I burned the building! I'm a bit glad the place was this old wooden piece of shit, otherwise, things might not have gone as planned! Neo laughed from her head, shocking Jaune at how brutal she was with the people, but deep down, he understood that they deserved it, even to a partial capacity.

"And the other kids?" Jaune asked, hoping they weren't dead.

Don't worry yourself, I got them out. Once I told them my plan they were all for it, making things a lot easier. Now they're all off living better lives as they got placed in better homes. If you look at it from my point of view, I'm the only bad apple in the batch, Neo said as she stared up to the roof, looking at her reflection.

Once I got out, I didn't really have anywhere to go, so the streets became my home. It wasn't the best, but I became really good at stealing and killing, which caught the attention of a lot of people, but none of them were able to catch me, Neo said with a small smirk.

It when I was about 12 that I tried to steal from this older redheaded guy, you should know him, his name is Roman Torchwick. Initially, he was mad at me for trying to rob him, but after he kept failing to kill me, he decided to take me in. With no other place to go, I really had to say yes. After that, we pulled heist after heist and we became almost unstoppable. He became rather famous for his antics, while I stayed in the shadows as it's quite hard to get a mug shot of a person who can disappear in a moment, Neo said with a smile.

Everything was really going well until this one bitch showed up. She blackmailed Roman into working with her, and as soon as that happened, I was basically demoted from his partner to his slave. The cycle repeats, but I am thankful to her a bit, because of her orders, I was able to come track you down, Neo said with a sly grin, looking at Jaune with lustful eyes.

"Wait, your boss wants me?! Why?!" Jaune asked panicked as he realized that a potential crime lord was after him.

I don't know, but it doesn't really matter, I disobeyed her pretty quickly and took you for myself. To be completely honest, darling, when I first saw your picture, I felt as though a long-dead part of me woke back up and made me want you, want to be with you, Neo said as she put a hand on his cheek, cupping it gently.

My entire life I had been denied so many things. I had been used for the pleasure and gain of others, but now, Neo said as her face turned into a hardened glare, I'm going to take what I want for once, and no one or thing will stop you and me from being together, Neo said as she pushed Jaune down onto his back, her small frame soon mounting him as her chest pressed against his, her lips mere millimeters away from his.

Before Neo could kiss Jaune, he got up, easily bringing her up with him as she was not applying any pressure to keep him down, "Neo, you don't have to do things like this. With what you just told me almost everything you've done has been caused by the Vale authorities, you can be pardoned and live a normal life," Jaune preached, hoping that Neo would be reasonable.

Darling, let me ask you, would you join the system that was responsible for so much pain throughout your life? The Vale Justice System screwed me over, Neo said as she got up and stood beside Jaune's bed, and I will do the same to them, Neo said as she looked away from Jaune.

"But, Neo, you deserve better than this, they owe it to you, let me help you!" Jaune said as he turned to look at her.

Neo simply began shaking as her hands clutched her stomach in pain from her mute laughter. Oh, this is why I love you so much, my love, you're so naïve. Darling, you can't change someone who doesn't want to change, Neo said as she turned around and put a finger to Jaune's chin, lifting it up to look at her directly in the eyes.

She soon let Jaune's head fall back as she turned around and walked towards the edge of the bed, I'll be sure to clean up the mess we made later, and I know you'll like how I clean it up, wait for now, my love, Neo said as she disappeared into thin air.

After she left, Jaune was forced to sit there and reconsider what he knew about the Vale Justice System. He wasn't sure if he was even on the right side anymore, or if he could change things even if he wanted to. He pondered many things as he laid back down and let sleep take him as he was extremely tired all of a sudden.


"Absolutely not!" James Ironwood yelled from in front of Ozpin, showing his anger at what Qrow had suggested, "James, calm down," Ozpin said as his hands were together on the top of his desks.

"Calm down? Calm down?! Qrow is suggesting we allow a known criminal and murderer into this room with minimal security!" Ironwood continued, still high on adrenaline after receiving Qrows proposal.

"I wouldn't define 4 trained and nearly unmatched huntsmen 'minimal security', James," Glynda said as she crossed her arms with a scowl on her face. "Yeah, and she and I are evenly matched, so if she does try anything she will be too busy trying to keep up with me to worry about you guys, giving you plenty of time to take her down," Qrow said as he put a hand on the weapon on his back.

"Alright then, if not for her dangers as a person, then what of the nature of what she claims to know. How do we know that she is telling the truth? We can't just do whatever she wants and then have her intel turn out to be useless!" Ironwood continues as he walks towards Qrow, almost fuming.

"Take it from someone who has been with her since she was barely able to use a sword. She's telling the truth, making this too big of an opportunity to simply pass by," Qrow said as he pushed past Ironwood and looked towards Ozpin.

"Indeed, I'm sorry, James, the stakes are too high to simply let this chance pass us. We will meet with Ms. Branwen. Qrow, tell her that we are ready to meet with her now," Ozpin said as he gestured towards Qrow who pulled out his scroll and told Raven that they were ready for her.

In a moment a black and red vortex appeared inside the office and through it, emerged Raven wearing a small smile. "Ozpin, it's been a long time," she said as she continued to walk towards Ozpin's desk, however, she stopped a few feet before it as she turned around and saw those behind her.

"Little brother, Glynda… James," Raven said warmly to the first two, however, was much colder to the last name. "Branwen," Ironwood said as he fixed her a murderous glare as if he was ready to draw his weapon in an instant.

Raven looked around for a few moments before turning her head and looking back at Ozpin, "I see that Lionheart is absent, forever the coward I see," Raven said with a scoff.

"Headmaster Lionheart was unable to join us today, but you have all of our undivided attention, Ms. Branwen, now, please, tell us what you promised you would," Ozpin said as he joined his hands on his desk, propping them up with his elbows.

"Not just yet, Ozpin, we haven't even discussed my fee for this information," Raven said with a small smile, putting her hands on Ozpin's desk while looking down at him.

"Ha! Your payment should be the fact we don't simply kill you where you stand! You're a wanted criminal through all of Remnant!" Ironwood yelled, making Raven frown as he saw him form fists and his neck begin to tense.

"While I am sure that was definitely an option, you're the only one with such a corrupted sense of integrity to formulate or support such a plan," Raven said as she looked over her shoulder to make partial eye contact with Ironwood before turning it back around.

Raven took a hand and cupped her chin and spoke once again, "Which reminds me, how was the search for me going? Last I checked you didn't have many leads did you," Raven said while smirking, making Ironwood even angrier.

"Enough, Ms. Branwen, what is it that you want?" Ozpin said as he stood up, becoming impatient with Raven.

"I want to be able to come to Beacon and Vale as I please without being treated as a hostile threat," Raven said, crossing her arms and leaning back on her left leg.

Qrow chuckled slightly, "To be completely honest, sis, that is basically what you are in a nutshell," the gray-haired man said while leaning against a pillar. "While I cannot deny my strength in comparison to others, I can say that I do control when I do or do not use said strength," Raven said turning towards Qrow.

"Yeah, because trigger-happy is something you're totally known for being the complete opposite of," Qrow said rolling his eyes, "What is it that you really want, Raven?" Qrow asked as he pushed off from the wall and made his way over to his sister. "Wherever you go, fights usually break out and things never go well for civilians, so why should we agree to your terms?" Qrow asked as he was now standing directly in front of Raven, both of them wearing deep scowls.

"Are you sure you can talk about chaos and safety, Mr. Bad Luck Charm?" Raven said, leaning forward, the foreheads of the two adults almost touching. "Besides, it's either that or I walk and you're right back to where you started in your hunt for the Spring Maiden, with a rotten corpse confirming the powers transferring," Raven said as she leaned back, crossing her arms with a triumphant smile on her face.

The stare between the two siblings was broken when they heard Ozpin sigh from their side and saw him taking a deep breath before looking back at Raven, "Very well, Raven, I accept your terms, you will be free to enter and leave Vale uninhibited, on one condition however," Ozpin said, making Raven raise an eyebrow.

"If you are found to be committing atrocities or causing unjustified violence, there will be no hesitation from our huntsman, huntresses and Valeian police forces to either apprehend you or terminate you in the attempt. Am I clear?" Ozpin asked.

Raven looked back at Ozpin with a smile on her face and stretched her hand, "Crystal," Raven said as Ozpin reached out a hand and shook hers, showing the agreement.

"Ozpin, you cannot be serious!" Ironwood said, about to intervene, before Glynda appeared and stopped him. "Of all people, James, you should know how crucial this information could be to defeating Salem, we need this intel. Raven gave a perfectly logical argument, without her intel, we are back at square one, with nothing," Glynda said, effectively calming Ironwood down.

"Are you sure you're not still feeling your injuries, Glynda? You've been back for only a few hours," Ironwood looked back at Glynda, making her glare at him. Raven chuckled slightly, before returning back to the topic at hand.

"Yes, James, you need me and my intel more than you realize," Raven said smirking at the annoyed General.

"Speaking of said information, it is due time that you share it, Ms. Branwen," Ozpin said as he walked behind his desk and sat down, his hands interlocked and elbows placed on the surface of his desk, anxiously waiting for Raven's statement.

"Of course, the new Spring Maiden is currently residing in Anima, she has black hair and darker skin. She is a part of one of the tribes in Anima, however, due to the increasing number of them, it is impossible to tell which," Raven said as she was about to turn to leave, however, she was stopped by Ironwood.

"That isn't enough, we will not uphold the arrangement with such a small piece of information. Give us more or the deal is off," Ironwood said as he stared down at Raven angrily, making the woman sigh in an annoyed manner.

"James, that is quite enough. Ms. Branwen has upheld her part of the arrangement, now we must uphold ours. Anima may be a large piece of land, but with her description of the girl, the task of finding the new Spring Maiden will be much easier. Raven, how powerful would you say this girl has become?" Ozpin asked as he stood up once again, making Raven turn around from the elevator that had just arrived.

"From what I've seen her do, you're going to need an extremely compelling reason to make her come with you once you find her. She is extremely powerful and somewhat ruthless from what I've seen her do," Raven said as she boarded the elevator and rode down to the ground floor.

"Ozpin, you're not really going to allow her to do this, are you? Even after everything she has done?" Ironwood asked as he walked towards Ozpin. "I am, James, however, whenever she is in Vale she will be closely monitored and will be allowed to linger for as long as her business keeps her here. Not one moment more," Ozpin said his gaze sharpening.


Over in the infirmary, RWBY, Coco and Velvet were all lying on their beds, mostly in silence as it had been slightly awkward for the group. Team RWBY had returned from a mission gone horribly, horribly wrong and Coco and Velvet had been on the receiving end of horrid torture at the hands of their roommates, unknown to them.

Eventually, Coco decided to speak up since she was tired of the tension in the room due to the silence.

"It's interesting…" Coco started, making everyone look at here, asking what she means from the looks on their faces. "Velv and I go off all high and mighty about how we can protect Jaune better than Pyrrha can against that group of masked crazies, but yet here we are, worse off then when she came into contact with them.

"So, that's what happened to all of you? I assumed that the two of you got into a fight with some of the seniors and were not ready for it," Blake said as she put down her book and looked at the two injured members of CFVY.

"If only it were that simple," Velvet said as she gripped her sheets. "We severely underestimated how ruthless they were and paid the price for it. Now I just feel like a fool," Velvet said as she looked down towards her bed.

"We sure did pay the price, and we have the scars to prove it," Coco said rubbing her stomach slightly, above the bandaged and burned flesh that read 'whore', making her wince slightly as the wound still gave her great pain, while Velvet did the same.

"Despite that, however, we won't give up on our goal. This is only a temporary setback," Velvet said as she looked at Coco.

"And what goal would that be?" Weiss asked, already knowing what their goal was, however.

"Not telling," Coco said with a smirk, striking a vein in all of the girls, save Velvet.

"That's what happened to us, but why are you guys here? You've been here a while but haven't said much, what's going on?" Velvet asked, looking at team RWBY who all soon looked saddened.

"Jaune was taken by some stubby brown and pink-haired girl, we went on a rescue mission, but it turned out to be a trap and we got our asses handed to us," Yang said as she hit the side of her bed with the bottom of her fist repeatedly, not enough to break the bed, but just enough to make a constant thumping sound.

Worry immediately flashed onto the girls of CFVY's faces.

"How did it happen?" Coco asked, looking for better clarity and a reason to calm down as history is beginning to repeat itself and thusly kicking in her overprotective instincts.

"We were going down to Vale with Jaune when this girl just appeared out of thin air. She drugged Jaune, knocking him unconscious and then disappeared before any of us could even react and we were extremely fast, not even my semblance could keep up with this girl," Ruby said as she was tired and annoyed.

"So, I'm assuming that rescue mission was based on some lead that might have given away his location," Velvet said, looking between Ruby and Weiss.

"Yes, there were several sets of possible coordinates, and now we have no way of finding him," Weiss said, leaning back into her bed, frustrated at how the situation earlier at the warehouse did not go as planned.

"Well, it might not mean much as the two of us are stuck here but, once we're back up, we'll help you find Jaune in any way we can," Coco said with a smile, Velvet nodding in agreement.

"Thanks, and we'll do our best to help you guys out with your psycho-masked-torturer problem," Ruby said with a bigger smile, despite being fully aware that they would be hunting themselves but hoped that this was simply an empty promise that they would not truly need to follow up on.

"That being said, are there any new leads on Jaune? What about the other sets of coordinates? Did anyone go to check those out?" Velvet asked, looking at Weiss.

"Sadly, no, we haven't been able to do anything since we got back and even if we could, we've been confined to school grounds for what happened at the docks," Weiss said, making the group of girls look defeated, all except Yang.

"I don't care what Ozpin says when the chance arises, we are going to go out, kick ass and get out Vomit B-" Yang was interrupted by the sudden loud ringing of Weiss' scroll.

Weiss pulled out her scroll and saw that the caller ID was that of an unknown person, "Who could be calling you, don't you need to swap numbers with each person to get their number? Who could have yours?" Ruby asked, making Weiss look at her scroll suspiciously.

"I don't know," Weiss said as she answered the call and put it on speaker, "This is Weiss Schnee, identify yourself or else I will have you prosecuted to the full extent of the law," Weiss said in a harsh tone. A brief silence followed.

A deep breath was heard.

"Hi, Weiss," a voice said from the other side of the phone.

"Jaune?!" the entire group of girls shouted in surprise.


Jaune was so conflicted right now.

He held Neo's scroll.

He had the means to call for rescue.

There was only one problem.

He did not know who to call.

He wanted to call the police, but they were ill-equipped to face Neo.

He didn't want to call RWBY because he feared to be back in their clutches but knew that they, along with other huntsman are the only ones possibly able to take Neo down and get him out of there.

He searched his mind, trying to think of Ozpin's or Glynda's or even Pyrrha's scroll contact information. He sadly could only remember one, Weiss'.

He sighed as he thinks to himself what response he will get if he calls.

However, he knows it is a call he needs to take, in order to escape.

He takes a deep breath.

Dials the number and waits.

"This is Weiss Schnee, identify yourself or else I will have you prosecuted to the full extent of the law," soon came out of the scroll, showing that Weiss picked up.

Jaune's voice hitched in his throat, he wanted to speak, but he lost his voice for a moment.

He took a deep breath and remembered what he needed to do.

"HI, Weiss," Jaune said normally into the scroll.

Jaune had to remove the scroll from his ear as the response he got nearly deafened him.

"Where are you?! How are you?! Where's Neo?! Did she hurt you?! Answer me Jaune!" Several voices all yelled at once.

"I'm fine, look, I am going to leave this line open so you can track my position, get your scroll to Winter, she should be able to help you," Jaune said quickly, making all the girls jump to attention, except Velvet and Coco, as they tried to and were met with pained grunts.

"Got it, Jaune! We'll be there soon! Sit tight!" Weiss yelled as she ran out the door with the rest of RWBY behind her.

With that, Jaune put the scroll down muting it so he can't hear them, but he accidentally put the scroll on speaker mode, letting them hear him.

"Okay, okay, okay, just sit tight, they'll be here soon enough and once they get here, this will all be over," Jaune said to himself as he tried to calm himself down and prepare for what is soon to come.

The girls kept on running as fast as they could, all the way to Winter's ship. They found her standing on the bridge, doing a scan for any sign of Neo through street cameras.

"Winter!" Weiss yelled as she and the rest of RWBY ran through the doors to the bridge. "What is it?" Winter asked, keeping her professional persona up.

"We have Jaune's location, we need you to track the number on this scroll!" Yang said as she grabbed the scroll from Weiss' hands and gave it to Winter who quickly plugged it into the panel in front of her.

A few moments later, a location was locked on to. It appeared to be a small cabin in the middle of nowhere, not too far outside of the Emerald Forest. It was a place where Grimm would not frequently appear, and when they did it was in small numbers.

"Pilot, set course for these coordinates," Winter ordered as she sent the location to the pilot of the ship.

"Yes, Ma'am, but the ship is still powered down from being off for so long, it will take a moment before we can take off again," the pilot said, making Winter scowl. "Very well, do all that you can," Winter said before she turned back around to the girls.

"The four of you go prepare for battle, you should know by now that Neo will not give up Jaune without a fight. We're going to give it to her," Winter said as the girls ran off to the armoury on the ship to prepare for the fight.

Winter turned back to her panel and called Ozpin on it.

"Ozpin, we have a position on Jaune, we need any available forces to help apprehend him. I am deploying myself in order to secure him," Winter said professionally with a stern tone.

"How did you get this information, Specialist Schnee?" Ozpin asked, suspicion in his tone.

"Jaune was able to make contact with us, we tracked his scrolls signal and are heading to those coordinates now," Winter finished.

"Very well, send me the coordinates, I will send Vale police to meet you at the scene, best of luck to you, Specialist Schnee," Ozpin said before hanging up.

Back in Ozpin's office, he pulled out the scroll he used for interacting with his students and decided to call on Pyrrha Nikos.

"Hello? Headmaster?" Pyrrha said through her end of the scroll.

"Ah, Ms. Nikos, I am just calling to inform you that we have located Mr. Arc and are currently on our way to retrieve him, he shall be back on school grounds in a short period of time," Ozpin said, hoping to bring Pyrrha's worried soul to rest, unaware he brought about something else.

"Thank you, Professor, I trust that the mission will be a success," Pyrrha replied.

"I as well, Ms. Nikos, farewell for now," Ozpin said before hanging up on her.

The moment Ozpin hung up on Pyrrha, she threw her scroll onto her bed and used her semblance to drag her weapons onto her back and sped out the door. She quickly sprinted as fast as she could to the docks and saw that Winter's ship was in the midst of taking off.

"That bitch thinks she can get to my Jaune first, well you're wrong!" Pyrrha said as she jumped for the landing gear of the ship, using her gymnastic skills to hop through a window and stows away in the engine room nearby a window, waiting for the right time to come out and get Jaune back.


Neo was checking the security monitors of the other hideout locations that she had set up, fortunately for her, since the last time she had checked, nothing had changed.

She leaned back into her chair and wondered to herself if Roman had reached out to her, as no doubt Cinder was all over him for her taking Jaune and it brought a small smile to her face. She reached into her back pocket to get her scroll.

She felt nothing.

She stood up and check the other pocket.


Did I drop it somewhere? No, I've had it the entire time, I remember having it last night. The only possible time I could have lost it was when I-, Neo's train of thought halted as she realized what had happened.

Jaune, you sly sexy devil, already learning from me, Neo thought to herself, somewhat proud of the blond's antics until she realized what he could have done with her scroll. He didn't… He wouldn't! Neo screamed in her head, scared that Jaune had used her scroll to call for help.

He wouldn't do that to me! He loves me! I love him! He wouldn't do anything to stop our love! Right? Right?! Neo kept asking herself in her head.

Out of sheer panic, she instantly teleported into Jaune's cell. Jaune was surprised to see Neo as he almost fell off the bed as Neo, as always, appeared out of thin air.

Where is it? Neo asked him as she stalked towards him, taking powerful step after step.

"Neo? What's wrong?" Jaune said as he stood up, looking down at Neo, being sure to hide the scroll as he got up in one fluid motion.

My scroll, Jaune. Where is it?! Neo's voice screamed in his head, making him stagger and fall to a knee.

"I don't know where your scroll is," Jaune said as Neo grabbed his face, making him look at her with a pained expression. You're a terrible liar, Neo said before she threw him across the room, showing her overwhelming strength.

On the other end of the phone, the girls all heard that they heard Jaune's words and the crash that soon followed.

"She's hurting him! Step on it, Winter!" Ruby said as Winter looked behind her and saw the red reaper stare at her with a fire in her eyes, "I know, we're almost there," Winter replied. Unknown to the group, Pyrrha had found her way into a vent directly above them, clearly able to hear what was happening.

That bitch is torturing my Jaune! I'm going to kill her! Pyrrha screamed in her mind as her face turned red with rage.

"Neo, please!" Jaune said as he struggled to get back up as he was still feeling tired, watching as Neo walked over to him with a deadly look in her eyes.

Why do you do this to us, my love, I feed you, I give you a place to live and I give you everything I have, and you pay me back by stabbing me in the back! Neo said as she grabbed his collar as she mounted his chest.

You pay me back by selling me out! Neo yelled as she slammed his head into the ground, making his vision go blurry.

You pay me back by rejecting my love! Neo yelled and slammed his head again.

You pay me back after I have given my heart and soul to the relationship! Neo yelled and slammed his head again.

Why won't you accept my love?! She yelled again, slamming his head repeatedly now, blood coming out from the back of his head as she has created a small crack in his head.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Neo yelled as she slammed his head, again and again, inching him closer and closer to unconsciousness.

Before Neo can deliver the final blow, the box they are in was blown apart, exposing them to the outside world and are surrounded by the wreckage of the house that surrounded the prison.

"Neopolitan! This is the Valeian Police Force! Put your hands in the air now and let the boy go or we will open fire!" the police captain yelled from the megaphone.

Oh, this should be fun, Neo said, a smile spreading across her face. Before Jaune could say anything, Neo disappeared and a second later, Jaune heard a pained shout. Neo was now behind the police line and had just impaled the police chief through the back with her sword, the pointed blade leaving a large hole in the man's chest.

The man reached for the blade in his chest, his hands shaking during their slow approach.

"Captain!" one officer yelled at his boss as Neo removed her sword from his chest, letting him fall to the ground and bleed out as she licked the tip of the blade, Not bad, but not as good as Jaune's, Neo said from inside Jaune's head, making his blood run cold.

"Kill her!" Another officer yelled as several officers pointed their revolvers at Neo and began to open fire, however, every time a bullet appeared to hit her, her form shattered and appeared somewhere else just in time for her to impale another officer.

"Neo! No! Stop it! Please!" Jaune yelled as he tried to get up, only to fall onto his chest, struggling to regain himself as the world around him was spinning. "Please…" Jaune said as his voice began to crack.

Neo's onslaught of the police continued until there were only three officers left, they were already wounded, as Neo did not hit vital organs of theirs, leaving them defenseless, however.

I was really hoping for a better fight, Neo said as she raised her sword to impale the officer beneath her, while the policewoman could do nothing but watch. Neo's sword drove down towards the vulnerable woman's neck, only for it to stop mere millimeters from contact with her, and the weapon soon flying from her hands.

Suddenly bright lights flew over the area, all of them shining directly on top of Neo. The largest ship was at the head of the group behind it, and on it was the Schnee logo. Jaune looked up to see what it was, and his eyes could barely make out that there was a person on the top of the ship before he saw movement.

"Jaune!" a voice yelled as someone jumped off of the top of the ship and landed behind where Neo was as she had moved once the person landed and slashed at her back, missing easily.

Jaune looked up felt happy for the first time in a while, "Pyrrha!" Jaune said happily as he tried to get up to hug her, only for him to stagger back onto his knees as the wound on the back of his head continues to inhibit him.

Pyrrha soon rushed over to Jaune, "Jaune! Are you alright?!" Pyrrha asked in a worried tone as she tried to comfort the blond and support him.

Neo was staring at Pyrrha, her eyes as wide as saucers at the scene in front of her. She watched as Jaune was smiling at this girl. Jaune seemed happy. Jaune never showed that face when she was with him. How dare she. How dare she!

You fucking whore! Neo screamed in her head, Jaune hearing this looked at Neo as she launched herself towards Pyrrha, aiming to stab her in the head.

"Look out!" Jaune yelled as he pushed Pyrrha off of him, getting her out of the way just in time for Neo's blade to miss her.

Adapting to this, Pyrrha went into attack mode, using her weapon in its spear mode to fight close quarters. Neo continued to stab at Pyrrha, hoping to impale her in some way. Die! Neo yelled in her head as she stabbed at Pyrrha at an even higher speed. Die! She yelled again, accelerating once again. Die! Neo screamed one last time, about to make contact with Pyrrha's shoulder before a bullet knocked her sword out of her hand, leaving her open to Pyrrha's knee to the stomach.

As Neo staggered back, she looked and saw the collective group of Team RWBY and Winter standing a few meters away from her with several Atlesian Knights behind them for additional support.

"Neopolitan! Stand down! Now!" Winter yelled as the girls all loaded their weapons.

Neo only gritted her teeth as she charged back towards them, he eyes red with anger and veins popping from her neck. You can't stop me! You won't stop us! Jaune and I will be together and you filthy, disgusting, repulsive whores will be dead at my feet! Your deaths will show Jaune, my love! Neo yelled in her head as she attacked each member at once, going as fast as possible for her, she went between fighters.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha yelled as she ran over to him and took a knee beside him. "I'm so sorry about this, this was all my fault. I should have been there to protect you from her. Coco and Velvet were right, I'm not strong enough to protect you from this," Pyrrha said as a tear fell from her eye.

Jaune grunted as he slowly stood up, he was still wobbly on his feet as his head was still heavily damaged, "It's not your fault Pyrrha, no one could prepare for what happened. If you want to do something, help me stop this fight," Jaune said as he pointed towards the still fighting Neo.

Neo landed several cuts on each individual, however, every time she got a strike in, she was met by an attack from someone else. She had been punched in the face by Yang, shot in the stomach by Blake, her aura protecting her, fortunately. Ruby swiped her off her feet with the blunt side of Crescent Rose, while the Schnee sisters took several stabs and swipes at Neo, making contact several times.

Yang sent a brutal kick to the chin of Neo, sending her flying backward and skidding to a stop amidst the rubble, leaving several cuts on her body and shattering her aura.

"Last chance, Neo! Give it up! You're outmatched!" Winter yelled as she regrouped with the RWBY girls while she looked at Jaune and saw him with Pyrrha.

The girls looked at Neo as she struggled to get up, her legs shaking, but with a fire in her eyes. Jaune knew what she was going to do. "Neo! No!" Jaune yelled as he got up and ran towards Neo, who at that point had begun to run back towards Winter and the RWBY girls.

Winter took a step back and pointed towards Neo, looking at the Knights behind her, "Open fire!" Winter yelled as 5 Knights immediately shot at Neo but were shocked when Jaune's body appeared out of nowhere and caught each of the bullets. Two bullets pierced his shoulder, one pierced his stomach on the left and the last one left a small hole on his right leg, making the blond arc yell out in pain.

"Jaune!" All the girls yelled as they watched the man they all loved get shot down.

"We need a medic out here! Now!" Winter yelled into her comm as she and the rest of the people there ran to Jaune's side, Neo included.

Darling, darling, Jaune! Why would you do that?! I was ready to take those bullets! Why would you jump in front of me like that?! Neo asked as she took Jaune's hand. "N-Neo, you said it yourself. You h-had been screwed o-over by the people of Vale your whole life. I couldn't let them take away the last thing you had," Jaune said as he coughed up blood.

"Get away from him!" the girls all yelled as they grabbed Neo and began beating her, choking her and kicking her. "You! It's your fault! It's all your fault he's like this! You will pay!" Yang yelled from on top of Neo as she choked the life out of her.

"N-no…" Jaune said weakly, "Don't k-kill Neo…" he finished with his weakened voice, but they all heard him. "Why Jaune? She kidnapped you! She hurt you! You got shot because of her! She needs to pay!" Blake said as she drew her sword, ready to stab down on Neo at a moment's notice.

"It's true, s-she has do-done terrible things, b-but she like everyone else, i-is a victim of c-circumstance. S-she is the product of all that we have d-done wrong, and she d-d-doesn't deserve to d-die for t-that…" Jaune said as he slumped back.

Hearing that Yang let Neo's neck go and let her begin to let air back into her lungs, making the short girl cough intensely, making little to no sound, however.

The girls soon turned all their attention to Jaune as a massive puddle of blood surrounded him as he continued to bleed out.

"Jaune! Stay with us! You'll be okay, just stay with us! Jaune!" Winter yelled as she took Jaune's hand almost crushing it because of how tightly she was holding it.

"P-Please, don't kill Neo, sh-she'll be my responsibility… I-I must r-right the wrongs we have made…" Jaune said before he faded into unconsciousness.

"Jaune! Jaune! No! Wake up! Please!" Ruby yelled as tears fell down her face like a river, all the surrounding girls having the same thing happening to them.

"Get out of the way!" the medics yelled from behind with a stretcher and loads of medical equipment.

"Load him up, now!" the head medic yelled at Winter, shaking her from her shocked state, making her load him onto the stretcher where they hooked him up quickly to several machines. "We've got a heartbeat! Let's move!" the head medic yelled as the group ran with the still bleeding Jaune, leaving the group with Neo.

Neo was on her knees, her eyes held a lifeless stare towards the ground, and wasn't even shaken when Yang ran over to her and picked her up by the throat. "You! You bitch!" Yang yelled as she punched Neo in the face, sending her to the ground with a now massive fissure in the side of her head.

"That's enough, Yang!" Weiss yelled as she ran up behind Yang, grabbing her from behind, "Remember what Jaune said, we need her alive for when he wakes up! He'll never forgive us without her!" Weiss said as she hugged the blonde even tighter, her words sinking into the brawler's mind, making her stand down and fall to her knees and continue crying.

"I just don't know what I'll do if he dies because of her," Yang said as she pounded her fist into the ground, leaving a small crater underneath her.

Winter walked over to Neo and slapped a pair of strengthened handcuffs on her, "Neopolitan, you are under arrest for kidnapping and holding someone against their will-" and from there, Winter read Neo her rights while Neo could only stare as Jaune was taken onto an emergency airship and flown out of Vale.

From a short distance away, Raven watched in her raven form, she watched with an unprecedented amount of anger but realized that she must remain calm as she knows things will go her way, all that she needs is time.

With that, Raven flew away.


Three days later, Jaune was finally back in Beacon's infirmary. He had gone through extensive surgery to save his life as when he got there he was holding on by threads. One thing that puzzled the doctors was that his aura did not begin to heal him until the second day he was at the hospital. They would have to wait until he was awake to ask him questions.

In the present time, Jaune lays in his bed in the infirmary, little does he know, he is surrounded by all of his friends. The RWBY girls are present along with Winter, Pyrrha, surprisingly, Coco, Velvet, even Ren, and Nora were there, even though they were currently bound to wheelchairs. They would only be in there for a short time as their aura was doing a splendid job of healing them, albeit slow.

As they all stared at his sleeping form, concerned for his wellbeing as the doctors said he was supposed to wake up 24 hours ago, Ruby went up and took his hand in hers. "How much longer is he going to be under?" Ruby asked, looking up at the group with concerned eyes.

"Well, it has been a day since the doctor said he should be up, so it should be any time now. I doubt he has fallen into a coma, but to be fair, taking all those bullets wasn't exactly good for him," Weiss said as she turned towards the window and saw Neo sitting there with a guilty look on her face.

"Weiss, let it go, remember our agreement. We're doing this for Jaune," Pyrrha said as she took Jaune's other hand, kneeling beside his bed. "He'll be up soon, all we can do is be here when he-" Pyrrha was interrupted as she heard a deep inhale and the upper body of Jaune shot upward, his eyes the size of saucers as he looked around the room.

"Jaune!" all the girls yelled as they all tackled Jaune at once, forcing him back on his back. "We were so worried!" Ruby yelled as Jaune put out a pained smile as he struggled to breathe. "Thanks, Ruby, I'd love to hug you all back, but you are currently crushing me, so if you would be so kind," Jaune said as he groaned in pain as Yang's elbow landed directly on top of one of his stitched wounds.

Hearing that all the girls leaped off of him and quickly apologized. "How are you feeling?" Pyrrha asked as she sat down beside Jaune, helping him sit up on the bed. "Better all things considered, but I doubt getting shot is healthy for anyone," Jaune said with a slight smile on his face.

I'm sorry, Jaune heard Neo's voice in his head, unaware where it came from, he looked around the room and saw Neo with tears running down her face, If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have been shot. I'm so sorry, Jaune, Neo said as more tears fell down her face.

"It's alright, Neo, I chose to take those bullets, and I would do it again if it meant keeping you safe," Jaune said with a warm smile. The girls in the room looked back and forth between the two of them shocked as they had no idea what was going on.

"Uh, Jaune? How are you talking to her?" Yang asked as she pointed back and forth between the two of them with an extremely confused look on her face.

"It's a long story, but we have a form of telepathic connection, I can hear her thoughts when she wants to project which lets us talk," Jaune said as the group stared at Neo with an annoyed look, making her smirk a bit.

As Jaune looked at Neo, he noticed that she had a rather large collar around her neck, and on a small plate on the collar was his name, confusing the blond immensely, "Uh, Neo, what's with the collar and why is my name on it?" Jaune asked pointing at the bulky piece of jewelry.

"I can answer that," Winter says as she walks up to Jaune, "What she's wearing is the compromise we made to life in jail. You said that you would take responsibility for Neo, now you are getting the chance to. That collar has tracking, drugs to put her to sleep, or shut down her motor functions, electric shocks and a semblance sealing mechanism, but not aura. With the nameplate, it should be fairly obvious, she's yours. What happened is in exchange for being put in prison for the rest of her life, she has been placed under your ownership for the crimes she has committed," Winter said as she had an angry look in her face.

"Wait… What?!" Jaune yelled as he looked at Neo, who was blushing slightly.

"Simply put, Neo has been more or less been made your personal assistant. She will not leave your side unless you order it, and she will be at your disposal. If she tries anything like escaping or violence, there is a remote that will operate the collar in any way you deem fit, however, the collar will react in specific ways if her heart rate gets too high or her adrenaline flows and will automatically neutralize her unless you allow it," Winter explained further.

"Why would anyone even consider that?!" Jaune asked with a shocked look on his face.

"It was Professor Goodwitch's idea after she got back from Neo's captivity and was made aware of the circumstances. I do think that there is some personal motivation behind this," Weiss said as she looked down at Neo.

"Oh, my Oum, alright are there any other conflicts or things I missed while I was out for… how long was I out for exactly?" Jaune asked, looking to Blake.

"Three days," Blake said bluntly, making Jaune's jaw drop.

"Three days?!" Jaune yelled in return as he cupped his face with his hands.

"Well, on the bright side, while you were gone, all of us had a very long talk with one another," Ruby said, making Jaune remove his hands from his face and look at her inquisitively. "What do you mean?" Jaune asked, looking around him.

"We all spoke and decided that we would stop trying to kill each other as watching you die showed us something," Pyrrha said as she took Jaune's hand. "And what would that be?" he asked.

"That we all care too much about you to let you be a casualty in our war over you," Pyrrha said as she put a hand to Jaune's face, "So, we all told ourselves everything, full disclosure," Pyrrha continued. This made Jaune's eyes narrow slightly and his expression hardened as he looked over at team RWBY.

"Is that true?" he said as he locked eyes with Yang. "Did you guys really give full disclosure?" Jaune asked as he looked at the team RWBY members. None of them made eye contact with him, Jaune sighed at this.

"Ren, Nora, Winter, could you three give us the room please?" They agreed quickly and left.

"Coco, Velvet, I meant to ask earlier, but why are you two in wheelchairs?" Jaune asked, looking at them with concerned faces. Coco sighed before she looked up at Jaune. "We got attacked by those masked psychos, they gave us a real beating, but we're all good," Coco said with a smile that Velvet copied.

Jaune sighed heavily and cupped his face once again, this time he leaned into his bed.

"Jaune? What's wrong?" Velvet asked, worried about Jaune's reaction.

With that, Jaune let his hands slide off his face and look back at team RWBY as they all wore guilty faces. "Which one of you wants to really tell them everything?" Jaune asked.

They all widened their eyes and began to sweat slightly, "Jaune? What are you talking about? Of course, we told them everyth-" Yang was cut off by a cold stare from Jaune. "Yang, if you lie to me, I will never speak to you again, especially about this. I will go to every possible length to avoid you and I will do nothing but loathe you for the rest of my life," Jaune said in the coldest most authoritative voice he had ever used in his life, even he was shocked by it, but he kept his own surprise hidden.

His cold message had the desired effect as it scared the crap out of all of them, making their blood run cold, and with that, the RWBY girls looked at the confused faces of Coco, Velvet, and Pyrrha. Weiss stepped forward slightly and looked at them in the eyes before saying, "Coco, Velvet, Pyrrha, we are the ones who tortured you in the past days. We were the ones who beat you all for getting close to Jaune, and we are sorry," Weiss said as she fell to her knees crying.

The rest of team RWBY followed as their foreheads were on the ground, their faces kissing the ground, fortunately, they were unable to see the reactions of their compatriots, because they were all seething.

"What?!" Pyrrha yelled as she kneeled beside them, grabbing Blake's hair and making her look her in the eyes. "You mean to tell me that the people that I held closest to me in my life… The first real friends I have ever had… Would go out of their way to attack me to secure Jaune?! How dare you!" Pyrrha yelled as she let go of Blake's hair, letting her fall back to the ground.

"While you are correct, Pyrrha, I must say that you were not much better when we first fought you," Coco said as she wheeled up to Pyrrha and the RWBY girls, Velvet not far behind. "You cannot make yourself free of guilt with that," Coco said as she took her right foot and put it on the back of Weiss' head.

"How do you expect us to forgive you for what you did to us?! Our wounds may be healing now, but you did more than just injure us physically," Coco said as she pressed down harder on the heiress' head, Pyrrha nodding in agreement. "Because I ask you to forgive them not for them, but for me," Jaune said as he bowed his head, making the girls look at him with a confused stare.

"Jaune…" Ruby said as she looked up at the man she loves along with her team. "Jaune, this isn't even remotely your fault, why would you even think about taking the blame for them?!" Velvet asks as she wheeled up to Jaune's bedside.

"Because what they did was directly linked to me. I was the deciding factor in what happened, making all this my fault. So, please, Velvet, Coco, Pyrrha, forgive them, for me, I will take responsibility for them in any way you see fit," Jaune asks as he bows his head even lower, shocking the girls in the room.

This made the RWBY girls break into tears and apologize continuously as they got up and hugged Jaune tightly, but not enough to inflict pain. Pyrrha sighed heavily before looking back at Coco and Velvet, "It's truly difficult to say no when he talks like that," Pyrrha said with a small smile on her face.

"Yeah, but its why we love him," Coco said as she got closer to Jaune, "Alright, Jaune, you win, we'll forgive them… On one condition," Coco says with a sly smirk. "Name it," Jaune says, keeping eye contact with Coco.

"Once a week you take Velvet and I out on the town and we sleep in a hotel for the night, and whatever happens there, happens," Coco said with a lustful smirk, licking her lips slightly, making Jaune blush heavily.

"What?!" the RWBY girls and Pyrrha yell in shock, while Velvet simply blushed and smiled.

After letting his heart rate steady, Jaune looked back at Coco and agreed. "Yes! Alright, Velvet and I shouldn't be in here much longer, so once we're out, we'll have our fun," Coco said seductively as she wheeled off, with Velvet following close behind.

"Those two are quite the pair," Pyrrha said as she watched them leave, "Yeah," Jaune agreed.

"I know I just woke up, but I'm getting tired again, so I'm going to get a bit of shut-eye, I'll see you guys in the morning," Jaune said as he turned onto his side and closed his eyes. "It's 2 PM," Yang said bluntly.

"I'll see you guys in the morning," Jaune retorted making the girls frown slightly and they soon exited, turning off the lights and closing the blinds.

Out in the hallway, the RWBY girls walked alongside Pyrrha towards their dorms, "Pyrrha, do you truly forgive us for what we did?" Yang asked, looking at her with a worried stare.

Pyrrha sighed at the question, "Truthfully, Yang, I don't want to forgive you, a part of me wants nothing more to resent you… but… what I said before is true, I cherish the four of you, this was a bump in the road and I did kind of lose it, so I feel as though we are on an even playing field, so I forgive you guys," Pyrrha said as she kept walking, earning smiles from the girls around her.

"Thank you… Pyrrha," Yang said as she kept on walking, the group in silence until they reached their dorms and said goodbye.


In the middle of the night, around 2 AM, Jaune was soundly asleep, his dreams were non-existent as his mind was at peace for the moment. He turned over slightly and felt something soft, under his breath he spoke, "Ugh, Yang, I swear if that's you, we are going to have a talk," Jaune said keeping his eyes closed.

"You'll have to guess again, darling," a more mature, lustful voice spoke, making Jaune's eyes open as fast as they could, revealing Cinder, her eyes glowing and a crazed smile on her face.

"C-Cinder?! What the-?!" Jaune was cut off by Cinder kissing him aggressively, forcing her tongue into his mouth, making him struggle to breathe. Her hands locking around his back, forcing him to lean into the hot kiss more. Cinder using this opportunity to suck on Jaune's tongue heavily.

Only after Cinder had to let go of Jaune to breathe did she loosen her grip on him. When she let go, Jaune began to cough as he almost choked. "I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be there to help you, my love. I was busy dealing with something, but I'm here now, and now, nothing will keep us apart!" Cinder said as she brought his chest down between her bosom, pressing him between her assets as though her life depended on it.

Jaune tried to escape from her grasp but found that she is too strong as she continued to stroke his hair, "Shh, shh, shh, darling, you're safe now. With me, you'll always be perfectly safe," Cinder said as she pressed into his neck, making him fall asleep.

"Good night, my love, I will return soon," Cinder said as she got up and kissed Jaune on his forehead before jumping out the window of the infirmary room.


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