Do Not Own Crash Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot

Prologue – N. Tropy's Plan

Doctor Nefarious Tropy, the master of time had just come up with a fantastic idea to achieve world domination. He latest plan have failed and his friend N. Trance had just been defeated and Crash was coming to him. So he had been hiding out in a secret pocket outside time and space waiting for Crash to come and fight him. However, there was no need for a fight as the idea he just had would mean Crash wouldn't exist. He would go right back before the fool Cortex had created Crash and bump the both of them off then there was nothing to stop him from hijacking Cortex's plan and taking credit for everything. Then he can release Uka Uka and get handsomely rewarded. He grinned to himself as he disappeared in the time stream taking N. Trance with him as N. Trance's hypnosis would be useful. It did not take long for Tropy and N. Trance to destroy Cortex nor to take control of Cortex Castle. It did take a while for Tropy to find the bandicoot that would become Crash and squash him before he could do any harm. All in all, Tropy's plan was a success. Tropy did not know however that Brio had not been killed but had escaped with another Bandicoot that would cause him problems in the future. Tropy and N. Trance continued with their new plans for Wumpa Islands not knowing Brio had destroyed his lives work which would stall their plans.