The Adventures of Teenage Dreams

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going inside their head? Questioning the ideal of the human brain and how it's suppose to work. One way or another, humans are very strange.The irony in that is remarkable,since I am human as well. As time goes by,our brains begin to expand with worldly knowledge.

OH! Excuse my formal rambling, my name has not be exposed yet. I am Xander E. Lee. You may call me XL for short, normal beings have trouble pronouncing my name. Oddly. I want to change my name to something more like me. After all, a name is a gift given by parental units. I want to be more human like, although that is a hard concept to grasp. Indeed, challenge accepted.

Life was unique for little Xander, a quaint image created their way. If only it lasted a little while longer. Soon, things will change for the worse. It's all for Xander, lets not forget that. The smell of cleaning supplies and sterile items was a familiar smell to them. Perhaps, the only smell they know.

"Turn off I.I.M, they had enough for today."