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Naomi x Laslow

(Summary: The war has come to an end. Nohr and Hoshido are now at peace with one another, and the once forgotten kingdom of Valla is known to many. To celebrate for the peace, as well as the reformation of the new Valla, a party was held at the newly formed castle in Valla. While this party was going on, three individuals weren't taking part in it.)

It was a wonderful night in New Valla. In the center of the kingdom was a large castle. And in that castle, a party was being held. A number of people attended this party, especially Corrin, her siblings, the Pokemon Trainers, and the many people who helped fought in the war. Well... all but three.

"You all have everything, right?" Laslow asked Selena and Odin.

"Like you need to ask," Selena said.

"Our time here was sweet. But alas, it is time for the great mage and his companions to leave," Odin said.

"Yeah... Xander and the others... They'll be upset with this, but a deal's a deal," Laslow muttered. "Hope you two said your final goodbyes. We might not come back here."

"That's our line to you," Selena retorted.

"... I've said my goodbyes," Laslow can only say.

The trio went silent, for they all knew they didn't really say 'goodbye' to anyone. Especially... not to the people close to them.

"We should get going," Odin said. The other two only nodded in agreement and walked away from the castle.

"Laslow!" came a shout.

The call caused the trio, especially Laslow, to stop in their tracks. They turned, and saw Naomi rushing to them.

"What's going on here?! This letter... What do you mean 'goodbye'?! Answer me, Laslow!"

Selena and Odin both looked at the flirt, who only remained silent at the demand.

"That's..." he only uttered out.

"We'll go on ahead, Laslow," Selena told him, much to the boy's shock.

"This is something not even the great mage should get involved in," Odin stated. "You should take your time, and have a proper farewell."

"Wait, Odin!" Laslow called. Unfortunately, his two friends left him. The boy turned back to Naomi, knowing full well that even if he tried to escape, she will call out a Pokemon to stop him. Even if he calls for backup of his own, it wouldn't mean anything to her.

"Laslow... What's going on? Why are you, Selena, and Odin leaving?" Naomi asked.

Laslow glanced away from her eyes. Out of everyone he didn't want to say goodbye to, Naomi was at the top of that list. "Naomi... There's something you need to know. No one, not even Xander knows this truth."


"It's just... Well..." Laslow sighed and rubbed his head. "I wonder why it's so hard to tell you. Maybe it's because we had been keeping it a secret for years that it got that hard to say to anyone. Then again, since you're kind of in the same situation as us, it should be a little easier to say."

"Say what?" Naomi asked.

"Well, Naomi... The truth is... The three of us are not from this world... Like you Pokemon trainers aren't," he admitted at last.

Naomi was confused at this. "What do you mean? Are you from a Pokemon world too? If so, why are you leaving on your own? We can all go back-"

"We're not from any Pokemon world," Laslow interrupted. "The world we're from is similar to this one, but different."

This made Naomi more confused than ever. "I... I don't understand. Then how did you...?"

"Anankos brought us to this world." To say the trainer was taken aback by this would be an understatement. "Oh, don't misunderstand. Though he was the one who brought us here, it wasn't the same Anankos we fought. It was the good, human version who brought us here. He just showed up suddenly at our world, pleading for help. We three just happened to be in the area and offered to help him. A bunch of things happened after that, but we briefly arrived in Old Valla, and the good Anankos sacrificed himself to send us to Nohr, where his child was to be. We weren't given much information of their kid; only that they were taken to that kingdom."

"'Sacrificed himself'?" Naomi repeated.

"When we got to Old Valla, we ran into one of Anankos's men. Well, she was a female, but still so strong. We tried to fight, but got brushed aside like nothing. Just as we were about to continue fighting, though, the human Anankos warped us to Nohr, where we became Lord Xander, Lady Camilla, and Lord Leo's retainers."

"So that's what happened..."

"And as you know, as much as we wanted to ask any kids if they know Anankos, if we had said anything about Valla, the curse would've taken us. But now that Old Valla is completely blocked off, now that the war is over, there's no reason for us to stay here," Laslow then said.

"So you're just going to leave? Just like that?" Naomi questioned.

"We have a home of our own to return to, just like you. We haven't seen our family for years, and really want to go back to them. Even if it means never seeing the friends we made here again."

"'Never seeing-...' Then are you saying if you three leave, no one will ever see you again?!"

"We were brought here by Anankos, who promised to have us get sent back home after this is all over. Once we cross over, there's no coming back. It's not like with you trainers, where you have a transportation method to return to this land; this is a one-time warp."

It was silent right then and there, as Naomi processed through what Laslow had said. As for the guy himself, he found the silence quite frightening. He had flirted with a bunch of girls before, even Selena at one point. And yet, why was this silence with a girl he found attractive weighing down so much pressure on him?

"... with you..."

At the mutter, Laslow tilted his head in confusion. "Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch that," he said.

"Take me with you," Naomi repeated a little louder, much to his shock. "Wherever you're going, I'm going with you. Surely there's room for one more."

"Whoa, wait a second! Do you have any idea what you're saying? I'm sorry, but I can't allow that," Laslow declined.

"Why not? I should be free to choose where to go from this point forward. And I'm choosing to go with you."

"Don't you see? If you go along with this, you may never see your family, your home, ever again. I know what it's like to be away from the people you love. I can't let you go through with this."

"Obviously you don't know enough, or I wouldn't make this sort of decision."

"You're not thinking clearly at all. I'm telling you to go back to home. You have people waiting for you. Aren't you a model? If you come with me, not only won't you see your family again, you'll also never go back to that life!"

"I'd rather that than never see you again, you stupid, hopeless flirt!"

The silence returned at those words. Laslow stood speechless with wide eyes, while Naomi placed a hand over her lips and blushed at what she had said.

"Um... What did you say?" Laslow asked in an unsure tone.

Naomi looked away from a moment, her blush deepening slightly, as she lowered her hand. "... I don't know when it happened, but lately I just... can't stop thinking about you. I find myself enraptured by your dance, and I often caught myself constantly taking glances at you when you fight, worried that you'll get more than just hurt. Whenever I see you flirt with another girl, I feel so... uncomfortable. My heart just clenches and... I just get so depressed. I wouldn't go as far as to say you're charming, especially with how easily you go for girls, but of the few times you've flirted with me, my chest feels warm, and it took everything I had to hold back my smile and tone down my expressions." Laslow could only remain speechless by what he was hearing. "It was strange. I've been flirted by plenty of guys back at home, even before I became a model. And yet, none swooned me the way you did. I talked to a few others about this, and they helped me realize. ... I... I love you, Laslow! That's why... I was planning on coming back after announcing my retirement back home, but if me going home means never seeing you again, I'd much rather go with you now."

Laslow was speechless. He didn't know what to say to this sudden confession. He may have flirted with girls, but this was another thing entirely. On one hand, he was happy a girl fell in love with him, and the very girl he loved at that. On the other, if he accepts her love, she may never see her family again, and he didn't want her to feel the homesickness he had felt during his time in this world.

"You better take her with you," came an unexpected, but familiar voice.

The pair turned and saw Xander approaching them.

"Xander/Milord!" the pair called respectively.

"At ease. I overheard your conversation. Laslow... Did you really think you three would just leave without saying a proper goodbye to the nobles you've been serving?" the new king of Nohr questioned.

"Um... Huh?" Laslow questioned.

"I'm not the only one who knew you three had been acting funny. And I'm not talking about the Pokemon incident. Camilla, Leo, and I had a feeling something like this would come one day. Surely you didn't think we wouldn't notice when our retainers had been acting funny behind our backs."

"I feel like I've heard that line somewhere before..." Laslow muttered.

"As much as I want to punish you three for hiding such a secret from us, as well as attempting to run away, today's a day of celebration, and I don't want to ruin that. I don't know what those two will do to their retainers, but as for me, I will pardon your actions, if you take Naomi with you to your home."

The former retainer was baffled at those words. "B-But milord! I can't do that. If I do, Naomi-"

"-Already made up her mind." As Xander said that, he took out a piece of paper that was folded up. He handed the paper to Laslow, who took it in his hands and unfolded it to see a familiar handwriting.

"You... You're serious?" he asked Naomi.

"Of course I am... I want to be with you, Laslow. What about you?" she asked back.

His mind now clear of doubts, Laslow folded the paper back up and handed it back to Xander. "Naomi... I want to be with you, too. Out of all the girls I've met and flirted with, you're the only one I ever want to truly be with. I thought I'd have to leave my heart behind so you can be happy returning to your world where your loved ones are, but if this is truly what you want... Then you've made me the happiest man in any world. Once we venture to my home, will you do this stupid, hopeless flirt the honor of marriage?"

Naomi blushed as tears formed in her eyes, joyful for the turn of events. "Yes. Yes, of course I will!" she eagerly replied.

A big smile formed on Laslow's face as he swept Naomi off her feet and spun around with the giggling girl.

Xander could only watch the pair with a small smile on his face. If he had kept following the fake King Garon's footsteps, he wouldn't see such joy on his retainer's face. The expression he had on now was far different from when he was chasing other girls. As Laslow's master, Xander couldn't help but feel proud of his retainer. ... Unless if he still plans on chasing other girls after this, that is.