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"Summoning Speaking"

Jutsu Name

Prologue: White Hair and Red Dots

In October 10 one of the most tragic events happened in the village of Konhagure no Sato.

The Kyuubi no Yoko attacked.

It happened in midnight. No one was prepared. No one was expecting it.

And that same night, the twin kids of the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze were born.

Naruto and Natsumi were the names given to the kids. Naruto being the eldest by one minute.

But Naruto was born with a trait that neither parent had; White-snow hair and two red dots on his forehead. While in the other hand Natsumi was born with blonde hair and tan skin just like his father.

But the minute they were taken away to make the medical tests, a man in a black coat with an orange mask with a black flame pattern and a single sharingan eye at sight appeared, and took the new-borns hostage. He threatened that he would take their lives if he wasn't given the jinchuriki of the nine tails fox, Minato's wife, Kushina Uzumaki.

When Minato saved his children and put them in safety, the Kyuubi appeared. After saving Kushina, defeating the masked man, he left Kushina in a safe part of the forest, he flashed towards his kids and to the battlefield.


"We need to keep fighting until the Hokage arrives!" Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, screamed receiving cheers. Right then a yellow flash appeared in the air followed by a poof of smoke.

When the smoke dispersed, a gigantic red toad, with a blue jacket and a sword appeared and grabbed the demon. "The Yondaime arrived!" A random ninja screamed and received cheers.

Just like it appeared, Minato, the toad and the fox, all disappeared in a yellow flash. Many were cheering, saying that the fox was defeated, but Hiruzen knew better. he had an idea were they went, so he headed there.

*Konoha Forest*

Minato arrived were he left Kushina and behind him, where Gamanbunta and the Kyuubi fighting.

"Kushina I'm sorry, but I'll need to seal the Kyuubi in our kids." Minato said making Kushina tear up.

"But they will become outcast!" Kushina tried to reason with no luck.

Minato started making the handseals for the forbidden technique that he and Kushina created. "Dead Reaper Seal!" Minato exclaimed and the shinigami appeared behind him.

"I need your help to seal the Kyuubi into my two kids!" Minato told the shinigami who only nodded.

After sealing the chakra part of the fox in Natsumi, the Shinigami proceed to take the soul.

But instead of sealing the soul in Naruto like planned, the shinigami sealed it inside of Kushina, making her scream of pain and then she passed out.

"Why did you do that!" Minato demanded furious because the action the dead reaper did.

"Do not worry mortal. She will live. Just like you, for my amusement. I did not seal it in the boy because of his gift. Farewell." Then he left and Minato passed out because the exhaustion.

When Hiruzen arrived, he panicked seeing Kushina and Minato on the floor. After checking their pulses and making sure they were okay he relaxed. But he tensed up again seeing baby Naruto.

He could only say one word.


*5 days later, Council Chambers*

5 days had passed since that horrible day, Minato was briefing the situation to the elders, Civilian Council and clan heads.

"As you know, the Demon Fox was defeated five days ago and I wish to explain how it was done." Minato said and everyone nodded telling him to continue.

"The way of defeating the fox was by sealing its chakra in my daughter Narumi, and without it the fox died. My daughter will receive training from the former jinchuriki, Kushina Uzumaki, to control at perfection the chakra from the fox." Minato explained (and lied at certain point) and everyone seemed satisfied by the explanetion and some were surprised to know that they had a jinchuriki for starters.

Minato was about to dismiss everyone until Danzo Shimura say " Hokage-sama, my sources told me that your eldest son, Naruto, was born with traits of the Kaguya clan. Is this true?"

This perked the attention of the civilians and the curiosity of the shinbi and elders.

Hiruzen glared at Danzo who allowed himself to smirk 'What are you planning Danzo?'

"Kaguya clan?" A pink haired woman asked and Hiashi Hyuuga answered seriously.

"An exterminated clan from Kirigakure, known by their violence and bloodthirst."

At the explanation many civilians panicked.

Seeing the situation, that many civilians were asking to the dead or locking of his son, Minato screamed "SILENCE!" And everyone shut up.

"My son is a new-born. He is not a danger to anybody. It is just a gene that was passed from his mother to him. He is not a Kaguya. It is only his looks." Minato explained.

The clan heads were satisfied with the explanation, while the civilians still don't trust the new-born. Danzo in the other hand was still smirking while Minato and Hiruzen were glaring at him.

His plan had began.

And done! This was the prologue of Bones and tommorow there will be more. I want to say now, that I will take some elements from other Naruto Kaguya stories like 'The Ivory Curse' and 'Blood is Thicker than Bone.' Well I hope you enjoyed the prologue. And before you leave, a random question:

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