Chapter 8

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Jutsu name

"Sage Jugo Talking"

Chapter 8: The Stone Princess

"Are we there yet?"


"Oi, Pervy Sage; Are we there yet?!"


"Excuse me Jiraya-sama, but are we there yet?"

A vein popped on Jiraya forehead. "No! We are not there yet! So stop asking me! We're going to be there when we see a mountain range, okay?!"

"Like that one?" Naruto asked pointing to a mountain range that could been seen at the horizon.

Jiraya blinked a couple of times, looking at the geological formation, before grinning "Yeah, is that one. Good work brat!"

Naruto glared at the older man, not liking being called brat, Suigetsu pumped a fist into the air with a grin on his face, and Jugo smiled.

Jiraya looked at the older boys looking for a reaction. And he didn't like what he saw.

Magnetsu had a worried face while looking at the kids. Kimimaro in the other hand, was simply frowning.

"Something wrong?" Jiraya asked them, unsure what is upsetting them. The kids turned to them and got curious on why they are looking like that.

Magnetsu scratched the back of his head. "Weeell, things between Iwa and Kiri had been a little tense since the Second War, when the Kages killed each other in battle. And with the Yosuga Pass thing still kind of recent, don't help. Soooo..."

"We are worried they decide to kill us. All." Kimimaro finished for his friend.

"Pretty much. I mean, we're strong. But not strong enough to fight off a whole village." Magnetsu said.

Jiraya nodded slowly with a frown. They were right. Just like Konoha, Kiri and Iwa have a shaky relationship, but for different reasons. Kiri killed their second Tsuchikage and there were holding grudges for that. Besides, rumor says that Iwa made an operation to save bloodline users for military purposes.

And counting the Mizukage paranoia, he probably wasn't happy about it.

Jiraya looked at the kids that didn't seem to hear the conversation. They were too busy playing with each other. He looked at Kimimaro and Magnetsu, and they seem to be thinking of something to go without problem into the hostile village.

Then it hit him.

Snapping his finger, he got the attention of the group "I got it!"

"Got what pervy sage?" Naruto asked getting closer to the older man, being followed by Jugo and Suigetsu.

Jiraya grinned "My master plan to get into Iwa!"

"Why can't we get in like normal people?" Suigetsu asked.

"There are some... complications." Magnetsu said to his brother.

"What complications?" Jugo asked.

"Ones that might kill us." Kimimaro said silencing the kids. Then he turned to Jiraya "What is your plan, Jiraya-sama?"

Jiraya grin become wider "First; you two give me your headbands!" Jiraya ordered to Kimimaro and Magnetsu that nodded and took them of and gave them to Jiraya that sealed them into a scroll.

"Now, we're going to do this..."

*Iwa Gates*

"Very well sir, you and your grandsons may pass." The guard, a newly appointed chunin said to Jiraya that smiled to him.

"Thank you, good sir. Now me, and my grandsons will enter." Jiraya said politely and he plus Naruto, Kimimaro without the dots on their foreheads, and Suigetsu and Magnetsu, the latter carrying a big bag over his shoulder.

"I can't believe that it actually worked." Naruto said and Suigetsu nodded with his friend. The bag moved a little bit and make some noises, attracting the attention of some bystanders. Jiraya noticed this and guided the group to an alleyway.

Once in there Magnetsu slowly and carefully put the bag on the ground and opened it. From it, Jugo crawled out.

"That wasn't comfortable, Jiraya-Sama." Jugo complained.

"How was it then?" Suigetsu asked.

"Small, dark, shaky, and I was afraid they would check the bag." Jugo admitted and Suigetsu nodded grinning at his friend.

"fair point. Wow! Naruto; You look weird without your points on your forehead!" Suigetsu exclaimed examining closer, how his friend looked without his red dots on his forehead.

"I know." Naruto said and turned to Jiraya "Give me back my birth marks." He demanded.

Jiraya smirked and made one handed ram seal " Genjutsu Kai (Genjutsu Dissipation)" With that done, both, Kimimaro and Naruto red dots came back to their foreheads.

"You're welcome." Jiraya bowed and Naruto passed through him towards his brother.

"And now what?" Magnetsu asked to him and Jiraya waved his hand in front of him in a dismissing action.

"Don't worry. We're already in! What could happen now?"

"Capture. Tortured. Executed." Kimimaro deadpanned and Jiraya scoffed.

"Believe me Kimimaro-kun. Iwa isn't so high protected as they want people to believe. Look at me for example; I infiltrated this place countless of times. Believe me, once inside, nothing will happen-"

Before he could finish that sentence, they were surrounded by Iwa ANBU. "Jiraya of the Sannin; you, the Hozukis, the Kaguyas and the Orochimaru experiment, must come now to the Tsuchikage." One ANBU ordered.

Jiraya narrowed his eyes at the mention of Orochimaru's experiment. How the hell does Iwa even knows that.

Jiraya looked from the corner of his eye to the kids he was in charge of. Jugo was standing behind Naruto and Suigetsu, that they were in a defensive position. Kimimaro and Magnetsu were preapering also. He could see Kimimaro slowly taking off his top and Magnetsu reaching for a scroll were his sword was sealed.

Better prevent a bigger catastrophe. "Fine, we'll go with you guys. Let's make this nice and quickly."

The ANBU nodded and the kids looked at him with confusion. Jiraya winked at them and mumbled "Trust me."

Given that he put them on this situation, that isn't to calming.

*Tsuchikage Office*

"You better start explaining Jiraya, why you bring so many people into my village!" Demanded Onoki, the Sandaime Tsuchikage, a very short old man with a triangular beard and a big red nose.

"For no bad reasons, Onoki-san." Jiraya said to him while scratching the back of his head. Kimimaro and Magnetsu were behind him, while Naruto, Suigetsu and Jugo were exploring the office.

"It is Onoki-sama for you! And I want to know exactly why, you and a group of kiri bloodline users and that Orochimaru brat are- Wait, don't touch that you brat!" He started, demanding an explanation but then he stopped when he saw Naruto with the help of Suigetsu, about to destroy the second Tsuchikage picture.

"Don't call Jugo brat." Naruto warned.

"Yeah! You're even smaller than us, you old geezer!" Suigetsu backed him up.

Silence. That's how the room was right now. Suigetsu looked around trying to find why everything became so tense. He looked at Naruto that shrugged. "I don't think that what you say was too nice." Jugo said softly.

"You're damn right it wasn't!" Onoki screamed "I'm not in the mood for a couple of three brats disrespect me! Do you know who I am?! I am-"

"Graaaaamps!" Came the voice of a girl that came running through the door, ignoring everything that was happening in the office.

Onoki let out an exasperated sigh. "What now Kurotsuchi? Can't you see I'm busy'"

Kurotsuchi is a girl that seemed to be Naruto, Suigetsu and Jugo age group, she has short black hair and also have pink eyes.

She shook her head "Nop, your secretary told me you weren't so I pass. Hey you want to play?" She asked with a smile.

Onoki sighed "No. I don't and I can't play right now. Why don't you ask Akatsuchi?"

"I did! But he was busy with clan things or something." She whined.

"Look Kurotsuchi; I'm busy. So, I can't go play with you-"

"Don't be mean." Naruto cut in and Kurotsuchi saw the three kids that were around her age, holding the picture of the second Tsuchikage.

"Hey, what are you doing with that? If you break it I don't think Gramps will not be happy. I think that he loves the second Tsuchikage or something like that." She said and Jiraya snickered and Magnetsu smirked.

"I DON'T love Mu-Sama. I respect him for teaching me how to be the great leader I am today." Onoki defended himself and glared at Jiraya and Magnetsu. Jiraya rubbed the back of his neck nervously and Magnetsu stiffened up.

"And you two put that down or else..." He left that statement in the air making them imaging their really severe punishment for insulting him and Mu-Sama.

While the older in the room saw that it was a threat, the younger didn't.

"Gramps, you forgot what to say?" Asked Kurotsuchi.

"Maybe he needs his medicine?" Jugo suggested.

"Or retire." Naruto added.

"He is old, isn't he." Suigetsu said grinning seeing the older, smaller man start fuming.

"You brats... Now you made it... I will-"

"Hey, want to play with me?" Kurotsuchi asked the three kids ignoring Onoki, to add more fuel to the fire.

Naruto nodded. "It would be nice. I am Naruto Kaguya by the way."

"I'm Suigetsu Hozuki!"

"I am Jugo."

Kurotsuchi smirked "And I'm Kurotsuchi! The future Yondaime Tsuchikage!" She declared.

"DON'T IGNORE ME YOU BRATS!" Onoki screamed having enough of being ignored.

"If you want to go and play with your new friend it is okay, Right?" Jiraya asked the older brothers that shared a look.

"If it is fine with Tsuchikage-sama." Kimimaro said.

"They are just kids, they don't need to be involved into all this grownups conversation." Magnetsu backed up.

Onoki sighed to calm himself up before speaking. "Fine! You four can go! Only if you three idiots tell me why you are here."

Kurotsuchi nodded smiling "Thanks Gamps! Keep that chair warm for me when I become Kage!"


With that final scream Kurotsuchi ran out of the room followed by Naruto, Suigetsu and Jugo.

"You two sure know how to express your love." Jiraya whispered.

"What was that?" Onoki questioned.

"Nothing. Now, from where did listen that Jugo was with Orochimaru." Jiraya asked getting serious and Kimimaro and Magnetsu could feel the room grow tense.

"What is going on?" Magnetsu whispered to his friend that narrow his eyes.

"A conversation or an explosion."

"You have a good pair if you want to get answers from me, in my village, in my office. Why shouldn't I kill you on the spot? Eh?" Onoki threaten.

"Give me what I want to hear, and I'll give you something that you might want." Jiraya offered with a smug smirk.

Onoki looked at him "Anything?"

Jiraya nodded "Anything if it doesn't harm Konoha of course. And if it is something really important I'll have to ask the Hokage."

"Fine." Onoki relented "What do you know about a group called Akatsuki?"

*Stone Monument*

"And this is my favorite part of the village!" Kurotsuchi exclaimed throwing her arms into the air.

"A statue?" Suigetsu asked and Kurotsuchi glared at him.

"This is not just a statue, idiot, it is the Stone Monument!" She said thinking that it makes it all clear.

"A monument isn't the same that a statue?" Suigetsu asked and Kurotsuchi slapped his own face out of exasperation while Naruto slapped the back of Suigetsu head.

"Ow! Why you hit me?" Suigetsu asked rubbing the sore spot on his head.

"Monument is to remember something or someone important. Idiot."

Kurotsuchi nodded with a smirk "That's right! He seems to be the smart one of you. You seem to be the strong one." She pointed at Jugo that blushed. "And you the stupid." She pointed at Suigetsu that narrowed his eyes.

"I'm not the stupid! I'm the cool one!"

She waved her hand in front of her "Sure, Sure, and I am a princess."

"But you are." Naruto said and she blushed and looked at him.


"Not this again..." Suigetsu complained and Jugo got curious.

"What again?"

"This! Naruto start talking with a girl and I don't know how to fit in. Then I feel lonely."

"Then why don't you start talking with them?" Jugo suggested and Suigetsu looked at him.

"You think it will work?"

Jugo nodded with a smile "I'm positive."

"Well yeah, I am a princess. But I don't like being called like that. Or like the 'Honorary Granddaughter." Kurotsuchi said.

"Then how should I call you?" Naruto asked and Kurotsuchi smirked.

"Kurotsuchi! That's how everyone will know me! Not by my Gramps name, by my own!"

Naruto smiled "then I will call you like that Kurotsuchi-san?"

"Hey weren't we going to play something?" Asked Suigetsu, following Jugo advice to join the conversation.

"Right! Ehm, what can we play... I know!" Kurotsuchi said "Let's play Rock Push!"

"Rock..." Started Jugo.

"Push?" Finished Suigetsu.

"How do you play that?" Naruto asked and Kurotsuchi smirked.

"Follow me and I'll teach you."

*Tsuchikage Office*

"That's... a lot." Jiraya said leaning into his chair.

Onoki nodded "Yes. That's all I can tell you about them."

"So, you hire an evil, powerful, power hungry, mercenary group, that is trying to take over the power of the 9 Biju for god knows what reason and take over the world after that?" Magnetsu asked again and Onoki glared at him.

"Are you stupid or deaf, boy?"

"How do you even got this information Tsuchikage-sama?" Kimimaro asked the old kage that scoffed.

"I will never buy a product without checking what it contains first, boy. I send spies to see what they were about. Some never reported, others were found dead, only two came back to me. They gave me that information, but they never told me how they got it. There's a chance they might be lying. One of them told me about Orochimaru and some of his experiments. That's how I know about this boy, Jugo. I might know a little more, but first I want my condition completed, Jiraya."

Jiraya nodded smirking. "I know, I know. You want the newest copy of Icha Icha Paradise, right?" He moved his eyebrows in a tentative way.

"No, I'll buy it when it comes out." Magnetsu and Kimimaro sweat dropped at the bold statement "What I want is something more powerful."

Jiraya narrowed his eyes and once again the tension in the room grew "If it is important to Konoha, I'll have to consult the Hokage first."

"Then do it if it's needed. Because I want the Kaguya kid."

*Star Mountain*

"Okay this are the rules," Kurotsuchi said to the group. They were on the top of a hill called 'Star Mountain'. Next to them a boulder triples the size of them. And at the bottom of the hill, there it was a lake.

"We're going to take turns to try to push this rock to the lake. I play this game with Gramps, so look at me to learn." She boasted and went behind the boulder and started to push it but it didn't move.

After a while a tired Kurotsuchi looked at the group and laughed nervously "Well, Gramps always uses a jutsu to move the boulder that I still don't know."

"I want to go next!" Suigetsu screamed and start to push the boulder without luck. After a while he grew frustrated. "Fine! I'll use this that Nii-San tought me!" He jumped back and started to make handsigns for a Jutsu and transformed his abdomen into water.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu! (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)"

A small dragon made out of water was shoot from his stomach to Kurotsuchi and Jugo surprise and Naruto nodded liking what he saw from his friend.

The dragon collided with the boulder and it moved it one centimeter. Suigetsu stomped his foot on the ground "Dammit! I thought it was going to work."

"My turn." Naruto said and hardening the bones of his right leg, he jumped towards the boulder and kicked it with his reinforced leg, and once again it moved one centimeter. But it kind of hurt Naruto leg just a little bit.

"Jugo. You go now." Naruto told his bigger friend that looked unsure.

"But, what if I lose control?"

"I can calm you down." Naruto said.

Jugo nodded slowly "Okay. But, Suigetsu-san, Kurotsuchi-san, please go down. Just in case something goes wrong."

"What could go wrong?" Kurotsuchi questioned and Suigetsu tugged her arm.

"Let's go. Believe me. I know what could go wrong."

After they went to wait in front of the lake Jugo concentrated natural chakra into his arm. At difference at the others time he did this the seal that Jiraya put on him, is controlling the madness it comes with the transformation.

But barely.

His arm became bigger, not as big as the time he killed the Oto shinobi but bigger than normal, and it was covered in grey scales. You could see some grey scales crawling on his neck.

"RAH!" Jugo screamed as he punched the boulder making it move, slowly but safe. And in a couple of seconds it was going downhill.

Right where Suigetsu and Kurotsuchi where standing.

"Holy- Hey Kurotsuchi! Move!" Suigetsu screamed as he saw the gigantic boulder coming their way. He transformed into water and quickly got himself into the lake, but Kurotsuchi was petrified. She never had this kind of experience in her life. She never was so, so...


Jugo had passed out, because of the first time he had used his Sage Mode with the restriction seal. Naruto widen his eyes seeing that his new friend wasn't moving from the way of the boulder.

Without any time to waste, he focused chakra into his feet making him faster and he speed towards Kurotsuchi.

He managed to pass the boulder, grabbed Kurotsuchi in a bridal way and jumped towards the leg and with chakra still focusing on his feet, he jumped and stayed standing there, while the boulder sinked behind them creating some little waves.

"You saved me..." Kurotsuchi whispered but Naruto heared.

"It was nothing."

"I could had died..."

"But you didn't."

She smiled at him "Thank you. I owe you big time. Now can you put me down? This position is embarrassing." Naruto nodded and he walked towards the shore. Once there he carefully put Kurotsuchi on the ground and he seated next to her.

"At least Jugo didn't lost control." Naruto said and Kurotsuchi gave him a confused look.

"You need to explain that to me one day."

"Not today. Did you have fun?" He asked her and she smirked.

"I almost got crushed by a rock bigger than me. This was definitely the best day of my life." She said in a sarcastic tone, but Naruto didn't catch it.

"I'm glad." Kurotsuchi smirked at her naivetes or maybe it was bluntness. Or maybe he was following the flow.

It was hard to read through that bored face of his.

"Hey, by the way from where you guys are?" She asked curious from where her new friends come from.

"Suigetsu is from Kiri," She nodded "We don't know from where Jugo is,"

"Of course you doesn't." She teased but Naruto ignored it.

"And I am from Konoha."

The smirk on Kurotsuchi face disappeared and, in its place, there was a look of disbelief.

Naruto noticed that "Something wrong?"

"You're from where?"

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