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Two centuries had passed since he first arrived to this world. Nazarick had prospered quite nicely, and his small nation stood tall and proud among the realm, with a reputation to accept and accommodate all races in complete harmony.

Harry was sitting behind his desk, receiving the bi-weekly report from his faithful servants. Some reports he received in documents, but others were still too delicate to be written, so they would come to him personally.

The NPCs in front of him were presenting their updates. Albedo, Shalltear, Demiurge, Aura, and Mare spoke in turns or when specifically addressed. Although normally each would have a separate audience, their duties were interlaced with this specific work, so they all needed to be present.

Behind him stood Sebas and Solution. Sebas was fulfilling his role as butler, so he always followed whenever Harry was inside Nazarick's domains. Solution was a special case in this instance, since Harry had asked her to follow him for the day instead of one of the regular maids. He needed her expertise in stealth for what would come after this meeting ended.

Everything was going on as normal until the temperature in the room seemed to drop, fueled with an overdose of magic. Not too long after, a magical circle appeared at Harry's feet, a familiar mix of runes crackling with power. He recognized the feeling of a summoning; it was as if his ribs had been securely tied by a rope and he was about to be yanked away.

As expected, the NPCs reacted immediately. Albedo jumped forwards, her thin arms embracing him as she tried to get him out of range of the magical circle at his feet, while Mare used his divine item to try to dispel the magic. The others were using everything they had to try to find the location of the invisible foe, believing they were under attack.

"It's no use, that's summoning magic." Harry said, cursing softly under his breath. As if following his words, the magical circle that was at the other side of the room simply moved to follow him, linked to Harry's soul as the being that was about to be summoned.

"No no no that can't-!" Albedo started to chant, carrying him around the room with the magical circle following closely behind them. It would be a funny scene if not for the gravity of the situation, since Nazarick and the country were going to be left without a leader.

"Get out of it, you'll be pulled with me otherwise!" Harry shouted at the same time he took the contingency manual he had made from the inventory, throwing it towards his desk, the book falling over it with a thud. This was the wrong thing to say however, since several things happened all at once.

The circle caught up with them, easily following the ridiculous speed of Albedo, and the light got brighter as if happy it had gotten its prey. Harry got out of Albedo's arms, and was ready to push her away, but the other NPCs in the room moved so fast that they seemed to have teleported inside the summoning circle. Harry could practically hear the unsaid 'Then we'll be your shields!' go through their minds as they accepted the summoning with steel determination.

Bloody bunch of idiots! Harry didn't get the chance to say so out loud though, since the magic finally activated around them, their surroundings disappearing as they were replaced by sheer pure magic.

It was over in an instant, the magic dispersing to reveal their new surroundings. The room was dark, only illuminated by a few candles and torches, which gave a blueish tilt to the walls made of stone. At his feet was the summoning circle, the runes had been carved in the floor made of wood, and surrounding it were 5 objects made to contain magic. The jars were large enough that filling a single one of them would take at least a year for an average wizard, and that was if they donated half of the magic they had available each day.

The only occupant of the room other than him and the NPCs was at his feet. Knelt in front of him was a single male, looking at them with both, relief and desperation. Harry was glad the young man was on his knees; otherwise the subjects surrounding him would have killed him instantly.

"P-please, I beg you, Master of Death!" he said lowering his head until his front touched the floor with a soft thud. The male probably didn't know which one to address, so he had decided not to look at anyone in particular, gaze fixed on the ground "Please, finish the remnants of the Death Eaters! Don't let another war start!" Harry could feel as the magic buzzed in preparation to recognize the request, which would bind him to this world until it was either completed or the requester died.

Death Eaters? Could this be his old world…? Harry didn't dare hope, but limited himself to raise a hand to stop his subjects from lashing out at the man that was clearly the source of the unwanted summoning. He observed more closely the items in the room, actually recognizing most of them from his first life.

Harry didn't know how old he was anymore, nor did he particularly care. With his status as Master of Death, he wouldn't really "die" until the day came of the very final apocalypse, when each and every universe have collapsed, and there was no more life out there… only then would he pass on. It had been hard to accept at first, but since the inevitable end of his original world, he had lived in numerous universes, each with their own set of particular rules, and his body and magic always adapted to the changes.

"You may raise your head. Which year is this? Which war are you speaking of?" Harry addresses the man calmly as he steps forward, even if Albedo and Sebas immediately moved to flank each side, ready to act at a moment's notice. The man does as told, grey eyes focused on him as he answered. If this was really his old world (and it seemed to be) this year would be his fourth in Hogwarts.

"You've requested to stop the next war. What exactly does that entail?"

"They think You-Know-Who is dead, but I'm not so stupid" the young man says, frustration laced in his words as he frowned "I know he's there somewhere, waiting for the right moment to strike back. After what they did to my family, I just can't…" the phrase remains unfinished, but Harry gets the undertones of a thirst for revenge in the young voice.

Harry nods once at him before asking "In that case, you want me to eliminate each and every wizard loyal to Voldemort, including the man himself, correct?" he didn't want to mess around with the magical creatures, their support was due to the racist wizarding laws so the magical community was practically asking for it.

The young man doesn't seem to notice Harry's careful wording, since he answers positively without an ounce of hesitation before stating "I'm aware everything comes with a price, I'll give anything and everything you ask from me"

Stupid child, you're a reckless Gryffindor aren't you? Nevertheless, he felt as the magic around the room settled, sealing the request, along his dimension-traveling restriction. Harry wasn't mad about it though, if this was really his old world, lending a hand was not a problem in the slightest.

"And your name is?"

"Rionach McKinnon" Hmm, the last name sounded like he knew it somewhere, but he couldn't quite remember right now. It was normal really, considering just how much time it had passed since his first life ended.

"Very well, McKinnon. My condition for accepting your request is for you to leave the country"

This way you won't die, and I'll be able to stay here to avoid the second war was the unvoiced thought as he placed his own request.

"W-what? You're not going to kill me?" the young man, no older than 19 really, sounded genuinely surprised. Harry sighed mentally as he thought Please don't give my subjects any ideas, stupid child but surprisingly enough, the NPCs didn't react at all to his words. How odd.

"Since you wish to save this wizarding community, my price is you don't return to it. In other words, you won't be able to enjoy the peace you have wished for" he tried to sound serious as he answered, thinking that would be believable enough for the summoner. In reality, the price to pay was only the huge amount of magic needed to perform the ritual, but since the child had giving him the idea so nicely, he would use it to protect the reckless youth.

"I-I see… that makes sense" McKinnon nodded to himself, trusting Harry's words completely "You have my gratitude! I will leave this country at the soonest!" he said earnestly before standing up, leaving the room hastily as he showed his unprotected back to them.

The moral idiot had to be a Gryffindor, there is no doubt of that now Harry thought as he saw the man leave without a care for his own safety.

"Calm down, everything is under control" he said to the servants behind him, turning around to address them. They only gave confusing looks at him though, before Demiurge bent as if apologizing

"Please forgive our ignorance Hadrian-sama, your servants cannot understand your orders" the demon said tensely in Japanese. Ah, that's right, the world where Nazarick was located had a translation spell on it, so the difference in language hadn't mattered when speaking, and only had an impact in the written documents.

"Please rise, it was my fault for forgetting the difference between worlds" Harry answered in Japanese, before he started to explain just exactly what had happened and the pros and cons of his title as the Master of Death. He only left out the part where he wasn't obligated to fulfill the request, since the NPCs would surely kill the summoner otherwise.

Once that was done he summoned his wand to cast [Homenum revelio]. Verifying McKinnon had vacated the property, he went outside accompanied by Albedo as his guard, and proceeded to cast protective wards around it, Fidelio included as it would be their hiding base temporarily until they investigated more on the situation.

Unknown to him, the moment he summoned the Elder Wand, the copy that existed in this world disappeared from Albus Dumbledore's hands.


Hi everyone!

Surprised Dumbledore's group wasn't the one to summon Harry? I've seen them do it on so many fanfics that I decided I wanted to write a different beginning. The McKinnon family was originally extinguished in the first war, all the members killed off by Voldemort's group, so the only change I made was that I left a survivor.

You will find no bashing in this story. It's not like I have anything against it, but it's not my point of view so I won't write it, simple as that.

This is a plot-bunny that is somewhat linked to my first story "The Master of Death in Nazarick" but you don't have to read that one to understand this one. If anything, the only link would be the explanation about the manual, and the race Harry choose to be when playing Yggdrasil but I'll mention that on the next chapter or so.

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