Rating: PG-13 but will change to R later

Disclaimer: All characters are © Joss and ME.

Summary: Buffy and Spike have been best friends since like forever. Spike, a little bit of a womanizer considers Buffy as a sister he never had. While Buffy, being a bratty little sister considers Spike as her non-existent big brother whom she follows around. She even sleeps on his bed more often than she does on hers. Anyone can see that these two do belong together except them, of course.

 (A/N: This is my first fic so be kind please and try not to strangle me LOL!)


The house was almost utterly dark, lighted only by a dim table lamp in the corner of the living room, which was on the right side of the house, near the front door. Buffy entered the house quietly, but she was too tired to attempt not to make any noises. She went straight to a bedroom on the first story, on the left side of the house which was next to the office, without any problem finding it in the dark. From clockwise, the open dining room was surrounded by the bedroom, a door leading to the backyard, a stair leading to the second floor, a closed kitchen and a cabinet full of trophies and picture frames. It seemed to her the path to that room had been replayed in her mind over a million times. She opened the door leading to the room that was just simmered with moonlight.

The room wasn't quite large but it had its own bathroom. There was a built-in wardrobe on the left side of the door and a study desk on the right. A semi double bed was placed on the corner, next to the study desk and a guitar leaned against the wall by the bed's foot. A large arc-shaped window was facing the door, right in the middle of the wall. Dark green curtains draped open on each side of the window and a bench covered by the same colored fabric, just below the window. A medium-sized bathroom was located on the left corner, next to the wardrobe.

She dropped her bag and went straight to bed. A lean, muscular and topless figure had occupied the black sheet covered bed, facing her, asleep. She sighed shortly, then went towards the bed and climbed in next to him letting his arms blanket her small figure. He was stirred a little by her distraction, and lifted one blue eye heavily. A little smile crept over his features.

"Hey, pet!" he murmured.

"Hey" she replied in a whisper.

Then they both drifted off to sleep holding on to each other until the morning came.