Insomnia and a random idea, what if Lelouch just kept dying over and over and over again ending up in different versions of himself? And what happens when he ends up in a reality where Suzaku is just as genre savvy as he is? Add a dash of a Milly and a sprinkle of Jeremiah and we have ourselves a ball. More a drabble than anything but what do you expect from an insomnia fic? Enjoy and review if you liked it!

"Fucking hell," she sputtered out as the men hovering around the bound girl stared at her in open surprise while she took in her surroundings with a baleful eye.

First off, Lelouch was a girl again which was annoying, primarily because he had to get used to not having a dick once again which was admittedly tedious. He felt the same way after coming off of several lifetimes as a woman and being a man again, getting used to having a dick was just as bizarre as the opposite as it ended up.

Regardless, priorities.

Sighing the girl bound to the chair let her memories roil a bit before coming to a decision on how to handle her current situation. She hadn't been raped, yet, which was a plus considering that had been one of the most horrific ways he had died in the past, tying only with getting roasted to death. Regardless she had been tortured yes, but not well, and these idiots all exhibited shame as they had beaten her small body demanding answers she didn't have.

Bloody amateurs. Thank God.

Ah, and there were the missing memories, she was the third Princess of the Holy Empire of Britannia, one Luluka vi Britannia who was the eldest daughter of Empress Marianne and her sadist of a father Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Still as pretentiously hands off in her upbringing as they had been in his first life.


Sighing Lelouch glanced at his captors and for a moment considered casting his Geass on them, but a few seconds later decided against it. It would be more entertaining to see how they reacted without it.

"Are we done yet?" The question was bored and tired, just like the girl who had asked it. As the Japanese men surrounding her began screaming at her in rage Luluka just rolled her eyes while she waited for the coming beating.

She wasn't disappointed, joke was on them though, Lelouch's pain tolerance was ridiculous at this point in his existence.

Getting thrown back into the storeroom she shared with Suzaku, Lelouch calmly reflected on how he had ended up in this situation, in this lifetime at least.

Apparently, taking a page from the book of rational thinking Princess Luluka had not stormed into the throne room while it was in full attendance of the entire nobility, demanding the Emperor come visit his injured daughter and investigate his wife's murder. No, she'd been smart, used Cornelia and Clovis as intermediaries and managed to use their influence to save the Ashford family from losing their noble status while she used her mother's guard to investigate the murder on her behalf.

This bit her in the ass so hard it wasn't even funny.

Basically, she was still elected to be a hostage to be sent out to the Japanese since she was the eldest child of the Emperor's favorite consort primarily because she had been sticking her nose where it wasn't wanted.

This meant she was sent out, alone.

This sucked, all things considered, but she was still able to make friends with Suzaku, who insisted she get involved with his martial arts training and this time around she had actually listened.

No crippled little sister to take care of as an excuse and all that.

Things went the way they had beforehand, but after the invasion she had nowhere to run, the Ashfords had not been ruined, thus hadn't been forced to uproot themselves and move to Japan after all.

Suzaku had insisted she follow him to his father's bunker which she had done since she didn't have any other options. When the pair had arrived Genbu's grin had set off every alarm in her head.

She had been dragged away, shoved into a small room, striped naked, and quickly zip tied to a chair. Then the camera had been set up and the torture began, all to try and guilt her father, who had sent her here to begin with, into stopping the invasion.

Even before Lelouch's apathetic mind had been uploaded to her own, Luluka knew full well how stupid this move was.

The Britannians began pushing harder, and showed even less mercy seeing what happened to one of their princesses left in the Japanese care, so the morons tortured her more. It was idiotic, why a certified genius like Tohdoh had followed this dumbass was anyone's guess.

Then, on the...third day? Yeah, the third day of torture, Suzaku had successfully stabbed his father in the gut in an attempt to free her.

Genbu didn't die, and his guards beat her best friend to near death before throwing him into her cell, which was where she now found herself.


Lelouch sighed as he glanced to the ceiling, hopelessly wondering when he would finally be done with all this shit and be allowed to rest.

"" Glancing over at Suzaku's bruised body she snorted as she scooted to his side before dropping her head on his stomach.

"Hell no," he let out a pained laugh before nodding shakily in return.

"Yeah, me neither...we're gonna die, aren't we?"

Lelouch didn't hesitate, "Yeah, we most likely are."

Suzaku remained silent for a time before speaking up again, "I'll kill you first, if you want me to..."

Huh, interesting.

"Why would you offer that Suzaku?"

His response took some time to formulate, but eventually he got his words together, "I know what happens to girls in these sort of situations... I...I'm not as ignorant as everyone thinks I am. I don't want that for didn't do anything don't deserve to suffer through that..."

Well holy fucking shit, did Lelouch actually end up in a reality with a pragmatic and sympathetic Suzaku?

Stop the damn presses folks, we have a miracle here.

"Suzaku, I-" she was cut off as the building shook and the lights flickered, she really couldn't help herself from snarking out as dust fell from the ceiling at the next strike, "Oh cool it gets worse!"

Shakily standing up Suzaku clasped a broken chair leg in his hands as he took position before the door, guarding the prone princess as he wavered back and forth on unsteady feet.

"What the hell are you doing Suzaku, you just offered to kill me now you're getting all over protective?"

He still swayed a bit but he shot her a smirk that caused Lelouch to pause a moment, "I offered to kill you to protect you Lulu. If someone is attacking this base it has to be your people, which means I have to keep you safe till they find you."

God. Damned. Honorable. Fool.

Hands still zip tied together she wiped the tears from her eyes while taking on her most imperious tone, "Suzaku Kururugi, will you be my knight of honor?"

Her friend, understandably blanched at that question, mostly due to confusion.


"Suzaku Kururugi, wilt thou upon this day pledge fealty to Britannia, and stand as a Knight of the Crown?"

She was delirious Lelouch realized, dying perhaps but not likely, most certainly with fever though, but, still she had to keep focus.

"Will you be a Knight of the Crown!?" She practically screamed at her terrified friend, a moment later, miraculously, he seemed to put it all together as his brow furrowed in consternation.

"Yes, your highness."

Beautiful words, the words of survival.

"Does thy wish to abandon thy self and become the sword and shield for the sake of the greater good?"

Suzaku took in a shuddering breath before whispering "Yes, your highness."

Shakily extending her bloodied hands Lelouch tapped both of Suzaku's shoulders before whimpering out, "I the Third Princess of Britannia, Luluka vi Britannia do hereby dub thee Sir Suzaku Kururugi, may your courage and devotion become a shining example to the people of the"

As she began shaking Suzaku was about to drag her into her pile of rags that served as her bed when the door swung open, not even thinking about it he snatched his broken chair leg in both hands and glared at the figures silhouetted in the doorway.

"I'll die before I let you touch My Princess you bastards!"

There was a momentary pause, before a dark haired man stepped forward as he adjusted his glasses, "Your Princess?"

Suzaku nodded once as he tightened his grip around the haft of wood, "Yes, I'm her sworn knight, I took the vows and everything..."

The man stared at him a few more moments before nodding and bowed slightly, "Sir Gilbert Guilford, Knight of Honor to Princess Cornelia li Britannia."

Suzaku stared at him in turn before nodding as well, "Sir Suzaku Kururugi, Knight of Honor to Princess Luluka vi Britannia."

Guilford smiled slightly while extending his hand, "Well met."

Suzaku hesitated a moment before taking the offered hand, "Well met. Now...can we get my Princess to a doctor or is there more posturing involved with this?"

Guilford could only laugh, "Oh I like you. Yes, transportation is underway. As an aside your father is on the run, so you'll likely be considered a person of interest, sorry to say."

As a pair of paramedics rushed into the room to secure Luluka Suzaku met Guilford's gaze evenly as a mirthless smile cut across his lips.

"That so...would you like to know where he is running to?"