This chapter's idea was actually inspired by a "Motivational" picture Lily sent me that stated 'When they said you couldn't, you responded, "Well now I'm just doing it to make you mad."'

Also, large time jump, the kids are in their mid teens now simply because I don't have the patience to write them growing up and since I don't get paid for this...yeah

You get the idea, enjoy!

Pendragon, Duchy of Arizona, Empire of Britannia, 2016, May 3

Princess Luluka vi Britannia strutted along the capital's premier shopping district's sidewalks like she owned them, which she practically did at this point, while being followed by her retinue and ever loyal knight.

Honestly, the only person Lelouch cared about in the group was Suzaku, the rest of the hangers-on could honestly go drown themselves in the nearest loo and she would not care in the slightest. Sadly, she was not that lucky and was thus forced into dealing with their presence, thankfully, she was not required to acknowledge their existence.

A moment after having that rather dark thought her mobile began to vibrate and Luluka raised a brow in contemplation after reading the message sent, so it was finally ready was it?

Ignoring the message for the moment she spoke in Japanese which Luluka was very well aware no one other than Suzaku could understand asking, "Do you think we could find a pub where I could get white girl wasted and pretend I did not just spend my entire day shopping for shit I am never going to wear with a bunch of empty headed bimbos that I wish had ended up in their mother's stomachs rather then their wombs?"

Suzaku snorted at that while shaking his head slowly, glancing over to her friend Luluka couldn't help but take in how well he had filled out over the years. Jade green eyes, tousled brown hair, wide shoulders, and a confidant air that made many a man wary and even more women swoon, he was the picture perfect definition of masculinity.

He was also a complete and utter jackass and her best friend, which was further proven by his reply.

"I've been with you when you were 'white girl wasted' Lulu, it wasn't pretty. Hilarious, yes, pretty, no. Also, ouch, brutal, surely they aren't that bad."

Luluka pouted at that, "Don't call me Shirley, and also fuck you."

Suzaku grinned before replying, "Not in public dear."

Switching back to English she shot him a glare while muttering, "I hate you, you're aware of that yes?"

"Yup!" Suzaku chirped out clearly amused as they finally reached their limo. The trash, as Luluka thought of their retinue went to their own vehicles while she entered the car and only grimaced a little as she bent down to take her seat.

Suzaku sat across from her and shot her a worried look, "Is your leg acting up again Lulu?"

Ah, Lulu, only her sisters, Milly, and Suzaku dared call the second most powerful woman in Britannia that anymore, even in private.

Others would take it as a diminutive and childish moniker, to her, it was one of love and endearment and took it as such at the moment.

"It's only a pang Suzu, don't worry yourself about it..."

He looked worried, but leaned back into his seat before crossing his arms and nodding slowly, "All right then..."

There was a tense silence as she ordered the driver to take them to the Ashford Academy, soon the limo began moving and eventually Luluka let out a tired sigh, "I am really ok Suzu, you don't need to worry about me."

He met her gaze evenly while his eyes narrowed in a menacing manner, "I always worry about you Lulu."

Sighing again she shuffled over to his seat and landed beside him while resting her head on his shoulder, "How am I ever going to get you to relax love?"

His fingers twitched a moment before he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "When all our enemies are dead hon...when there is nothing left to threaten you..."

Luluka sighed at that, "So never then?"

Suzaku smirked lightly while shaking his head, "Never say never, just not today. Maybe tomorrow?"

They were silent for a time before she finally responded, "I can deal with tomorrow I suppose..." As the limo came to a stop she brushed her lips against his, which drew forth a wan smile as he whispered a reply.

"And I can deal with a kiss to build a dream on..."

The pair made their way into the Ashford Academy testing facilities and after going through all the checkpoints they found themselves standing before a stark white frame trimmed in gold.

"What...what is that," Suzaku asked with wide eyes, a moment later the couple turned towards the sound of giggling and focused on the blonde woman approaching them.

"That my dear Sir Kururugi is the Z-01 Lancelot, and you're his new test pilot!"

Suzaku froze in confusion as he focused on the blonde, "Milly, what?"

Shifting about uncomfortably for a moment Luluka eventually muttered, "I had it built for you... to... you know... keep you safe... I just found out it was completed actually, what that text was about, I...I hope you like it?"

Luluka met Suzaku's gaze evenly a moment before pulled her close and hugged her, "You are such a sap you know that?"

She snorted, "You're one to talk. Take him for a spin, enjoy yourself, you deserve it after putting up with today."

He let her go while cocking his head to the side, "What about you?"

She grinned at that while waving him off, "I'm perfectly content with knowing my Knight is getting some well deserved down time. Now go forth, and blow shit up in the name of science, your Princess demands it!"

Suzaku shook a moment before he broke out laughing, he leaned down and kissed her before turning towards his new stead while muttering, "Yes, your highness."

As the Lancelot rolled out into the testing grounds below her Luluka couldn't help but think of the moment when Suzaku had made things...weird...

They had been fourteen, sitting at her dining room table going over reports from her various investments when he had dropped the papers in his hands and turned to face her evenly.

"Lulu, I think I'm falling in love with you and I don't know what to do about it." Lelouch had frozen not knowing what to say to this and thus only managed a simple response.

"Oh? What would you do about it, if given free reign to do so?"

Suzaku had taken in a deep breath before nodding slowly, "I would wish to ask permission to kiss you."

Bemused Luluka nodded, "Well, consider the permission granted."

They kissed.

They both blushed and eventually Suzaku spoke again, "Permission to become your boyfriend, your highness?"

She leaned in and kissed him again, "Permission granted."

Watching the Lancelot tear through the training grounds Luluka rested her elbow on the balcony while dropping her chin into her palm and couldn't help thinking, "What have I gotten us into this time Suzu?"

She couldn't help grinning at that, whatever happened next, it would be interesting at the very least.

Yes Suzu/Lulu is a thing, and the Lancelot was developed a year early, chaos will of course follow, mwahahahaha!