When She Flies

Can You Make It To The End Challenge - Round 3 - "Write a fic about Cho Chang and Quidditch. Must be at least 500 words."

Once Upon A Time Characters Category Challenge-tition - Competition: Cinderella - "Write about escaping a bitter reality."

The Christmas Character Challenge - Mistletoe - "Write about Cho Chang."

It seemed as if Cho's only escape lately was Quidditch. It was the only time when she was able to get her mind off life and just… live in the moment.

She realized this as she soared through the air above the pitch, the stands filled with cheering Hogwarts students, wind whipping through her black hair and making her cheeks sting with cold.

She narrowed her dark eyes, trying to spot the Snitch in the mass of flying robes of blue and bronze, yellow and black.

They were playing Hufflepuff today, and the poor Hufflepuffs stood no chance.

Not without Cedric, their former Seeker.


He had… passed away only last year. And everyone seemed to have moved on so fast. Sure, they had honored him, and they revered him, and they were inspired by him, but after the summer holidays were over… well, there was no more talk in school about Cedric.

Not even Harry Potter- who had actually witnessed his death- was willing to give Cho some closure about what had happened.

Cho didn't understand how everybody did it. How they simply forgot about him, replaced him with a new Seeker on the Hufflepuff team, made new friends in his stead…

She had been his date to the Yule Ball last year, and it had been one of the best nights of her entire life. He was so kind, and thoughtful…

And now he was gone.


Tears threatened to spill onto her face, and Cho willed them back- these days, it felt as if all she did was sit around and cry for everything that she had lost.

And she had lost so much, really- Cedric had taken a piece of her heart with him when he left, leaving a small space of pure emptiness in his wake… An emptiness that was filled with only hatred for the Dark Lord. Hatred for Voldemort, the one who had caused so much suffering to everyone she cared about.

"Oi, Cho!" shouted an annoyed voice.

Cho glanced up, meeting the eyes of Roger Davies.

"Pay attention!" Roger cried. He jerked his head violently to the left. "The Snitch, Cho, the Snitch!"


Snapping out of her thoughts, Cho's gaze focused onto the shimmer of gold across the field. Leaning into the breeze, she zoomed forward, the world blurring into a wave of colors and sound. She willed away all thoughts of Cedric, all thoughts of death. All that existed was the Snitch. Cho and the Snitch.

Reaching out with one hand, Cho stretched her fingers as far as they would go. She could… almost… reach… it…


She curled her fingers around the golden sphere, it's wings buzzing for a moment in her palm.

For the first time in a long time, a real grin spread across Cho's face as she sat up proudly on her broom, brandishing the Snitch in victory.

As the cheers and whoops and shouts and claps of the Ravenclaws, both in the air and in the stands, enveloped her, Cho forgot, if only briefly, of all the darkness that had worked its way into her life.

For now, she just beamed at the crowds.

For now, she was a winner.