Siren in the Deep

by Purple Mongoose/PallaPlease

Author's Notes



        Series:  One Piece, Sailor Moon

        Characters:  Roronoa Zoro, Ami Mizuno (respectively)

        Genre:  Action/Adventure, Romance

        Rating:  PG (crude insinuations), gradually moving to R (language, violence, sexuality)

        Continuity:  (One Piece) Before the series begins, (Sailor Moon) none at all (so far as I know…)

        Setting:  One Piece universe

        Beta Reader:  None at moment (accepting applications - *winks* - at

        Summary:  [One Piece/Sailor Moon]  Infamous bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro is suddenly thrust into a situation he never dreamed he would be: for a paid year, he must protect a young woman of a most unusual nature.  [an ami mizuno romance]

        Disclaimer:  Characters that did not come from my own imagination belong to their respective owners, as does the world I used as the setting.  The fic idea is mine, the story is mine, and I think the coupling might be mine, too.  0o;


        Notes:  I haven't seen one of these around on ('these' being One Piece/Sailor Moon fanfics), and since I had the oddest idea just appear in my head, I decided I might as well write.  While I'm holding out on writing 'Ayatsuriningyou' (my Shaman King crossover) due to apparent lack of exposure for the Mankin series, I want to post this.  'One Piece' does seem to be a bit wider spread than Mankin, so, after all, why not?

      Most characters that I pair Ami with in stories are either serious intellectuals or lighthearted goofs (all with a flirtatious side), but I have never attempted writing her with a character like Roronoa Zoro.  Zoro is relatively antisocial, prone to cruel sarcasm, violent outbreaks, and a derogatory attitude that could crush a lesser spirit.  However, don't make the mistake of assuming he's heartless – because he isn't.  He cares about people, he has a defined sense of right and wrong, and he is Badass.  And that, my readers, is why Zoro is cool.

        That and he can sword fight with his mouth.  I'd like to see Trunks try that. 

        Purple Mongoose/PallaPlease.

        March 17, 2003.