OHSHC Fanfiction

Chapter One:

I stared sleepily at the computer screen in front of me as the light glared in my eyes. My clock currently said 2:03 a.m. Drat, I really need to get some sleep. I thought to myself, staring at the half finished paper in front of me. Just then, I heard shuffling from downstairs and I looked at the door in fear. In a panic I picked up my clothes off the floor, tidied my desk filled with papers, sat back in front of my laptop, and put on the emotionless mask my father had taught me to use. The door opened as soon as I did and I refrained myself from flinching at the sound of my father's voice.

"Athena, still doing homework?" He asked, staring at me coldly.

"Yes Father. I'm reviewing my work. I want to be completely ready for my first day at Ouran tomorrow." I said stiffly.

"Good. Work is more important than sleep. Work is more important than anything. Remember that Athena." My father said. He stepped back to leave the room but glanced over his shoulder at me.

"Oh and one other thing. They have uniforms but I find them absolutely disgusting so you may wear something appropriate that will represent us good tomorrow. I already talked to the head of the school. Everything's arranged." And he left without another word, his footsteps leaving echoes throughout the house. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and stared out my half-closed window. The stars shined meekly, as if they feared my father as well. I sighed, looked at my uncompleted page, shut down the computer, and plopped onto my bed. My father wanted everything to be perfect, and that is what's going to happen because when I do something wrong, well, it doesn't end well.

The next morning my alarm clock went off and I slammed my fist onto it in anger. I was never much of a morning person but as soon as I did a familiar streak of black whizzed in front of my face. I chuckled as my cat, Midnight, sat beside my face on the bed and was purring slightly. His light blue eyes looked into mine as if he was staring into my soul. I shook my head slightly and got up, ready to dress for the day. I grabbed long black khakis, a black shirt, black shoes, socks, and a nice black jacket. My father always suggested I wear all black. I looked into my bathroom mirror, taking in my appearance. I had short, messed up hair that was white and deep dark blue eyes. I wasn't that big and people often mistook me for a boy, mostly because of the formal way I dressed and how my hair was short and cropped. I didn't really care and it didn't help much that my chest was flat as a board.

"Good enough." I said to myself, grabbing my school bag and laptop along the way downstairs. I already knew my father wouldn't be home so I skipped breakfast, ignored the limo that waited for me outside, and continued my trek to Ouran. On my way to the school I grabbed out my hat and glasses. I didn't usually wear my glasses but today I didn't want anyone to pay attention to me so I also hid my unusual hair in my hat and I wasn't planning on taking it off.

It took me about 20 minutes to walk there but I had left early, resulting in me reaching the school half an hour before classes started. I figured I might as well get my schedule and hurry up to my first class before anyone noticed me. I walked up to the front office and glanced nervously inside. Thankfully, there was someone at the desk. I straightened myself, made sure all my hair was tucked in, and walked stiffly into the room.

"Good evening ma'am." I said to the lady currently at the desk. She looked up in surprise and smiled at me. "I just recently transferred her and I was wondering if you have my schedule yet?" I asked in a polite tone.

"You are Mr. Hana then? Yes I have your schedule and a map of Ouran. If you need any assistance let me know." She said, handing me two papers. I bowed in respect and quietly left, taking a look at the papers in my hands. My schedule had all the necessary courses with an extra period I would probably spend studying. I sighed when I saw that gym was added though. I wasn't very good with sports. I looked at the other paper: the map. Ouran was huge.

"What in the world…" I said to myself while looking through the map. It was the most confusing place I've ever seen.

"Are you lost?" Someone asked from behind me. I calmly turned around although the other student did surprise me quite a lot. There was a student standing in front of me, wearing Ouran's boy uniform. I didn't know why though: the student looked like a girl. She had short brown hair with concerned brown eyes. Her voice was deeper than other girls but lighter than any boy's I've heard so far.

"Sorry to bother you ma'am but I am a little lost." I said, bowing to her. Her eyes had widened when I had called her ma'am and she looked at me in panic.

"W-what do you mean? I'm a boy." She said in quite a hurry. I tilted my head at her in confusion.

"I didn't mean to offend you. I can tell you're a girl." I said to her, causing her eyes to widen slightly in fear. "But if you want…" I added quickly, "I don't need to tell anyone. We all have our secrets." She seemed to relax at this and she smiled at me.

"I'm Haruhi Fujioka. Are you a transfer? I've never seen you before." She asked as they started to walk down the empty halls.

"Yes. I'm starting today actually." I said simply, not wanting to give any more information about myself.

"That must be exciting. Could I see your schedule?" She asked, pointing to the paper in my hand. I handed it to her, careful not to touch her hand or fingers. I didn't like touching. The touching. Anything.

"Wow! You have a lot of classes with me. Everything but Math and Gym. I could show you around if you want." She said as she stared at my schedule.

"I would appreciate it if you did. Maybe you could even accompany me to the classes we have together?" I asked a little hesitantly. She smiled at me.

"Of course I can. We better get to our first class though." She said and she led me through the many halls of Ouran. By the time we had reached our first class I had memorized half of the school's halls and classes.

"I better inform the teacher of my arrival. Thank you Miss. Fujioka." I said bowing to her before she walked into the classroom.

"Please it was no problem and call me Haruhi. I'm not the type that likes fancy names." She said before she smiled at me and walked into the class. Just as she did, a bell sounded, signalling the beginning of class and people began to file past me and into the class, some casting curious glances my way. I straightened my clothes, made sure my hat was hiding my hair, pushed up my glasses with my first finger (which was a habit) and walked into the classroom. The teacher was sitting at his desk and looked up when I entered. He smiled at me and gestured for me to come closer.

"You must be Mr. Hana. I'll introduce you to the class." He said to me. There it is again. Mr. Hana. Do I really look like a boy? I thought to myself as the teacher tried to get everyone's attention. Everyone eventually quieted down and turned to look at me curiously. I noticed Haruhi in the back giving me encouraging smiles while on either side of her were twins who were staring at me with kinda frightening smiles on their faces.

"Alright settle down. We have a new transfer student joining us today." The teacher said and he gestured for me to introduce myself.

"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Athena Hana and I'll enjoy meeting each and every one of you." I said, bowing deeply to them all. When I looked back up some of the girls in the class were staring at me with dreamy looks in their eyes. When I made eye contact with some they turned brick red and looked away. Do they have a fever? I thought as I looked at them.

"Alright. Anyone have any questions for Mr. Hana?" The teacher asked. Almost every hand in the room was raised, including Haruhi's and those shady twins. The first student to ask was a girl who instantly reddened at the sight of me. I looked at her confused.

"Where are you from?" She asked. I sighed inwardly, knowing this would happen.

"I just recently moved from France."

"Are you single?" This question caused me to stiffen slightly.

"Yes. I've never dated."

"What's the hat for?" This time, it was the twins who asked that question. I stared at them coolly.

"I enjoy hats." I said simply, hiding the fact that I hid my hair because it would draw unwanted attention. They looked at each other before staring back at me with curious expressions.

"That's a lame reason." They said at the same time. I stared at them for a moment before the teacher cleared his throat.

"That's enough for now. Please Mr. Hana, take a seat behind Fujioka." I breathed a silent sigh of relief. At least I was going to sit by someone I knew, but that would mean that I would have to deal with those shady twins. I made my way to my seat, oblivious to all the fond stares I was receiving from the girls. I thought they had something in their eyes.

"How lucky for you! At least you know me right?" Haruhi said to me when I sat behind her. I gave her a small smile.

"Yeah. I guess I am pretty lucky." I said before she turned around, paying attention to the teacher. About 5 minutes into the lesson I was already bored out of my mind, though I didn't show it of course. Everything the teacher was teaching so far I already knew. I was about a year ahead of everyone around me but they couldn't move me to a higher class besides my math class which was for second years. Eventually, the class ended and much to my annoyance the twins turned in their seats and smiled at me.

"We're the Hitachiin brothers." They said at the same time, holding out their hands. I shook them both at the same time, grabbed my stuff, and started to leave the classroom. The twins stared at my retreating back with identical amused faces.

"Guys, you probably should leave him alone. He doesn't seem like a very social person." Haruhi told them coldly, also walking out of the classroom.

"Aw Haruhi! But he could be out new toy!" Hikaru said.

"Besides, we want to find out what's the deal with his hair and glasses. We can't even see his eyes with how dark they are." Kaoru added. They both followed Haruhi out of the classroom. Eventually the end of the day drew near. Athena had just got done with gym and was heading toward his math class.

"It's nice to meet you all. My name is Athena Hana." I said for about the seventh time that day. Thankfully this teacher didn't allow the students to ask me questions and she sat me near the back behind this blonde kid. As soon as I sat down he whipped around and studied me, his violet eyes shining brightly.

"I'm so excited! A new transfer student! I'm Tamaki Suou!" He said rather quickly, causing me to stare at him blankly before I replied.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Suou." I said. He waited for me to say something else and seeing that I didn't continued:

"I'm so happy you decided to come to Ouran! You'll enjoy it here that's a promise! OH! And this is my best friend Kyoya Ootori! Kyoya say hi!!" He said and this time he pointed to the person sitting next to me. I looked over at him.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Hana." He said simply, giving me a smile. My eyes narrowed ever so slightly, because I noticed that smile of his was a fake. Definitely a fake. I returned a small, fake smile to him.

"It's nice to meet you too." I said, before turning and looking up front. The teacher droned on and on and I felt myself drifting away. The bell rang loudly though, causing me to jump in my seat. I shook my head roughly, my lack of sleep from the night before distracting me greatly. My father would be late today so maybe I can find a quiet room in Ouran where I could catch up on some sleep. Apparently, fate had a different choice for me.

"Oh Athena!!!" Tamaki yelled from behind me, just as I was about to leave. I shut my eyes for a moment in frustration before turning to him with a fake smile.

"What is it Suou?" I asked.

"Please, call me Tamaki! I wanted to ask if you were busy this afternoon?!?" He asked, his eyes shining as he bounced up and down in front of me. I stared at him curiously.

"No I'm not. Why do you ask?" I asked back to him. I suddenly got a bad feeling about this.

"Why don't you visit our club this afternoon! It's in Music Room 3!" He said. I thought about it, tapping my chin with my pencil. I figured I wouldn't get much sleep anyway since my father would probably keep me up to ask about school.

"I might as well." I said, shrugging. What I didn't know though was what type of club it was. Before I could ask though, he had ran out of the room yelling: "He's coming! He's coming!" Down the halls. I stared after him in surprise before I steadied myself, heading the same way Tamaki had just disappeared. Fortunately, I had memorized the part of the school that had the Music rooms and libraries so I could find my way there easily. Of course, I stopped at the library before going to the music room, picking up a very interesting book I could distract myself with for about at least a week. Eventually I stood in front of the room labeled Music Room #3. I felt nervous about going in. What if it was the Dark Magic club I heard about? I didn't feel like doing any rituals. I stood there for a few more moments before I heard talking through the door. I pressed my ear up to it, listening intently.

"He is going to come! He told me so himself!" I head, recognizing the voice instantly as Tamaki with his whiny voice. The second voice I remembered as well. It was the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Come on boss. He refused to even talk to us in class! What makes you think he would come here?" They asked him. I could practically hear the machines in his brain working.

"Well, because he's so lonely!" He said simply. My eyes widened in surprise. I'm...lonely? Do I really look that lonely?

"Now that I think about it, he does seem lonely." A third voice said. My face grew from surprised to a small smile. That was definitely Haruhi's voice. Hearing her voice gave me some courage and I opened the door slowly. Red flower petals flew into my face and I grabbed one and studied it. Based on its shape and color I could tell it was a rose petal. I threw it up in the air and turned to look at the people currently in the room. Tamaki had Haruhi in a tight hug, probably because she had supported him, but he had stopped spinning her around when I opened the door. The twins were staring at me with amused looks on their faces. Kyoya had barely glanced from his laptop. The two in the back I had previously met in my gym class. It was Takashi Morinozuka and Mitsukuni Haninozuka although he preferred to be called Honey. They were staring at me with curious expressions. I cleared my throat and stepped into the room.

"I hope I didn't bother your club." I said politely, bowing to them all. By the time I looked up, Tamaki was running toward me. He engulfed me in a huge hug and spun me around.

"I KNEW YOU WOULD COME!!" He yelled into my ear. Causing me to wince as he continued to spin me. Touching. The touching. Touching traps. Touching, touching, TOUCHING. I thought this last thought and my eyes widened as I pushed Tamaki away from me roughly and as hard as I could. We both stumbled and he and I fell to the floor. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the impact soon to come. It never did. I opened my eyes slowly and saw that the twins had caught Tamaki while someone was holding me as well. I quickly got up, straightened myself, and turned around. Takashi was standing behind me, looking at me with a worried expression.

"Thank you." I said stiffly. He had touched me. I then turned to Tamaki and bowed low. "I'm sorry about that Tamaki. You surprised me." I said to Tamaki next. Tamaki's smile returned in a heartbeat.

"No need to apologize! I should be! It was rude of me to surprise you like that." He said, bowing to me in a princely manner. I smiled back at him slightly and said:

"No problem." Then I looked around at the room I was in. it was decorated with little tables and couches. The windows were opened all the way, causing the room to be a hundred times more brighter than the hall outside. "What exactly is your club Tamaki?" I asked him, uncertain of the answer. It didn't seem like a Dark Magics club. Thankfully the floor wasn't littered with blood and bones or something. Just with rose petals.

"My dear Athena, I have invited you here for one reason. I would like to ask if you would like to join our Host Club!" Tamaki said, making a big scene by spreading his arms out royally. I stared at him blankly for a moment. What in the world is a Host Club? Do they plan all the parties and stuff? The others must have seen the look of confusion on my face.

"It's okay Hana-chan! Lots of people don't know what the host club is!!" Honey-senpai said to me, giggling at my confused expression. I instantly straightened up. I didn't know something. That certainly bothered me.

"Can you explain it to me?" I asked him, leaning down to look at him. He smiled up at him and I swear I could see flowers pop around his face.

"We talk to all the pretty ladies here and make them happy!" He said. I stared at him even more confused. I placed my fingers under my chin and closed my eyes in concentration, thinking about what Honey just said to me. So, it's like they all discuss their problems? Like a...what was it...tutoring? Meanwhile Tamaki was making a big speech about the Host club while I was thinking. I didn't hear him. An interview? No, that's for reporters. Do they discuss their feelings? Wait!

"I got it!" I said loudly, alerting everyone. "Therapy!" Tamaki gasped and the next second, he was sitting in a dark corner growing mushrooms. I stared after him with a blank look on my face.

"I'm sorry Tamaki. I didn't mean to offend you but it wasn't exactly clear to me as to what a host club exactly does." I said, rubbing the back of my neck with worry. Tamaki suddenly got up and spun around with a huge smile on his face.

"Then I'll tell you what we do!" He said cheerfully and he spent the next ten minutes explaining what they do. Of course, I paid careful attention to see if this club was actually worth it. It sounded fun and it would help take my mind off things at home. Goodness knows I could use more friends, even if they were crazy. There was one problem though: I'm a girl and they don't know that.

"So! What do you think!?!" Tamaki asked me when he was done explaining. I looked at them all. They all seemed so nice, so...trustworthy. I decided.

"Yes. I'll join the Host Club." I said, standing up from the couch with a determined look on my face. The twins and Honey cried in joy and danced around the room. Kyoya and Mori had small smiles on their faces. Haruhi had beamed at me and Tamaki had tears in his eyes and was spinning me around in a hug again. This time, I didn't freak out when he touched me. I smiled to myself as I spun around with him, careful not to knock anyone down in the process.

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